Break You

Break You By Blake Crouch, Break You Somehow Luther Kite has found them At long last the third installment in the Andrew Z Thomas series Following the events of DESERT PLACES and LOCKED DOORS Andy Thomas and Violet King are hiding out
  • Title: Break You
  • Author: Blake Crouch
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  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Break You By Blake Crouch, Somehow, Luther Kite has found them At long last, the third installment in the Andrew Z Thomas series Following the events of DESERT PLACES and LOCKED DOORS, Andy Thomas and Violet King are hiding out in the wilds of northern Canada, where Violet has a four month old son and a burgeoning romance with Andy On a cold, rainy night at their cabin in the woods, the promiseSomehow, Luther Kite has found them At long last, the third installment in the Andrew Z Thomas series Following the events of DESERT PLACES and LOCKED DOORS, Andy Thomas and Violet King are hiding out in the wilds of northern Canada, where Violet has a four month old son and a burgeoning romance with Andy On a cold, rainy night at their cabin in the woods, the promise of an idyllic life that seems just around the corner is shattered when a man from their past, a monster of pure malevolence, returns What he has in store for them will challenge their understanding of evil and stretch the fibers of their love to the breaking point.This ebook, a 20,000 word novella, is both the sequel to Desert Places and Locked Doors and the bridge between Locked Doors and Stirred, coming this year from Crouch and J.A Konrath It isn t necessary for you to read either Desert Places or Locked Doors to fully understand and be terrified by Break You Additional material includes a foreword, afterword, bonus interview with Blake and J.A Konrath, excerpts from DESERT PLACES and LOCKED DOORS by Crouch, and SHAKEN by Konrath.
    Break You By Blake Crouch,
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      441 Blake Crouch
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      Blake Crouch is a bestselling novelist and screenwriter He is the author of the forthcoming novel, Dark Matter, for which he is writing the screenplay for Sony Pictures His international bestselling Wayward Pines trilogy was adapted into a television series for FOX, executive produced by M Night Shyamalan, that was Summer 2015 s 1 show With Chad Hodge, Crouch also created Good Behavior, the TNT television show starring Michelle Dockery based on his Letty Dobesh novellas He has written than a dozen novels that have been translated into over thirty languages and his short fiction has appeared in numerous publications including Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Crouch lives in Colorado with his family.

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    1. For me, an unsatisfying conclusion to the trilogy This short novella is intense and as a short horror thriller story it works however it kind of leaves a hole relating to the entire trilogy involving Thomas and Kite relating to the conclusion of the story One of those things in horror movies that annoys me intensely is where the hero or heroine incapacitates the bad guy and doesn t follow through For goodness sake if you get the upper hand then use it to effectively conclude the problem and end [...]

    2. This third installment of the series proves that Crouch has many original ways to torture the victims in his books what he lacks are original story lines The bad guys force the good guys into killing people in an attempt to turn them into serial killers The characters trade off capturing each other, torturing each other a bit, and never quite just pull the trigger and kill each other And how many times can a character be incapacitated by drugged drinks without starting to be wary of anything the [...]

    3. Andrew Thomas thinks that after the events of the previous two books, he can rest in peace and enjoy life There s Violet and baby Max to take care of now, and his home in the Canadian wilderness BUTwell Luther Kite just won t die And therein lies the problem He s back, he adbucts baby Max, and forces Violet and Andrew to follow his instructions through murder, torture, and pain This book is shorter than the first two, but just as intense I can honestly say, I am completely engrossed with this se [...]

    4. I love Blake Crouch but this is the only book I ve truly disliked so far In a way, I was glad it was a short novel Too much extreme and senseless violence, not enough story and character development for my liking.

    5. Don t botherFalse advertising for one The story ends at 69% and the rest is interviews and excerpts from the previous books Not worth the price and frankly I was happier with the end of the last book I can t unread this waste of time, but it is in my past now.

    6. The conclusion to the Andy Thomas trilogy focuses on three central characters Andy, the writer portrayed as a serial killer to the broader community, Violet, the tough ex cop now shacked up with Andy largely due to them surviving a harrowing ordeal with a crazed killer in LOCKED DOORS, and Luther Kite, the sadistic serial killer who still mourns the loss of Andy s twin and like minded killer Orson The novella s premise is simple test character s endurance by subject them to horrendous physical a [...]

    7. As much as I loved Desert Places and Locked Doors, Blake Crouch somewhat blew it for me in this conclusion story I understand how he wanted to explore the philosophical implications of the tribulations of his characters but I kept kringing at some of the author s choices and saying What out loud Characters that had pulled through horrific events didn t seem to have learned from them They made the same mistakes The ending in particular didn t work for me at all The main character made a huge but [...]

    8. Fascinatingly horrible and this is the end of my reading this genre, because I simply can t handle any after a certain point, there s no longer thrill or tension, just a wish for it to end, already.When Luther first reappeared on the scene, I could only think that Andrew Z was severely lacking in any sense of self preservation, and this bothered me for several chapters Then things began to get progressively insane, and I just soldiered on to the bleak, hopeless end Have to say that there s no [...]

    9. It was always going to be difficult to conclude this series after the first two hard hitting novels, if indeed it has been concluded Andrew and Violet just survived the ending of the previous book and have stupidly returned to Andrew s remote cabin where Luther Kite can easily find them And of course he does Cue sadistic mayhem After listening to the trilogy back to back, it is beginning to lose its sharpness, especially as the characters continue making stupid decisions to satisfy the plot Ove [...]

    10. Barely a new story here More torture, killing, the protagonists are no smarter than they were the first time around You d think after being poisoned several times and leaving the killer alive the last go around, you might be expecting his return, maybe even have some protection in place But no They are captured easily, have no plan in place and run solely on emotion These characters are shallow and hard to like because they are so foolish What kind of thrill writer, who has been kidnapped TWICE [...]

    11. To me this was the least book of the trilogy Such a shame I thought the ending to be quite ridiculous but the author probably thought he was clever.Nah The amount of torture a person can receive is not as much as in this book.Very unrealistic and you know I like the real thing, yes even in fiction That being said it was definitely not bad There were some clever things in the book, above the tower which I quite liked Still not having enough of this writer and thankfully I do have books of his on [...]

    12. Bridge between two novelsI m getting ready to download STIRRED, the last novel in this awesome series Blake Crouch is phenomenal at striking terror into his readers page after page Taking that next step.

    13. Break You is the third book of the Andrew Z Thomas trilogy I was hoping for a much happier ending but there is still another book Stirred, a Jack Daniel s book is a collaboration of Crouch and Konrath that is the series ending for both.

    14. I agree wth the False Advertising labels This is not the conclusion Lots of exhausting torture and stupid decision making I read Stirred because I want to know what happens but I am frustrated that Break You was not actually the conclusion

    15. Say what Okay I still like this 3rd installment by but it was only of the same I get it cold, murderous, pain For me I would have liked to see just a little hope written in Just an opinion.

    16. The end of this series I found both annoying and yet satisfying, even if only in a small way Of course I want .Without giving too much away, I found the way this novella began MOST satisfying Happy that Andy and Violet are together in the most basic and un basic of ways, however, no one seems to be able to double tap this villain in the head Luther has hung on for dear life again and is torturing this family with the kidnapping of Violets 4 month old son, which is so traumatic, especially for me [...]

    17. I actually read the Thicker Than Blood version of this not sure that there is a difference Anyhow, my full in depth review, which includes mini reviews of each book in this series can be found here Shivers of HorrorThis is a very short 20,000 words, or 12% story From what I ve read it is a prequel to the final story Stirred about Andrew Thomas Stirred is also the final book to the Jack Daniels series by Jack Kilborn J.A Konrath So for me, I d like to go back and read that series before picking u [...]

    18. amazing book but I didn t like how it ended I was lead to believe that I was reading the conclusion to the Luther Kite series but at the end of this book I come to find out now there s one in which Crouch teamed up with JA Konrath it s called Stirred and it s going to contain both authors famous characters I m not sure how I feel about this considering I don t know this author or his series character This novella was really good but totally left me on the edge again now I have to buy another eb [...]

    19. This book reminded me of Saw quite a bit Quite a lot a bit Andrew and Violet wind up in the hands of Luther once again, lost in an industrial complex without any knowledge of where they are Luther speaking in their ear as they try to figure out how to survive This really was just a bootleg version of Saw It was also pretty short There was a 6 year span between the release of the second book and this one but if that break hadn t have happened this could easily fit on the end of Locked Doors Good [...]

    20. This story was short but definitely not sweet You get all the torture and sadism from Locked Doors with only a third of the reading time Luther is like Kenny from Southparkyou think he s dead at the end of each episode but nope, there he is again alive and well There isn t much I can tell you about the story if you read Locked Doors then I ll give something away and if you re new to the series you ll wonder why a sane person would be reading this horrorshow of a book All I can say is it s all ab [...]

    21. I came to this after reading Run, the first Blake Crouch book I ve read, which I enjoyed That novel had a filmic, edge of your seat feel which kept me gripped despite some misgivings This, however, was a different kettle of fish Barely half an hour of reading in I was questioning whether I could should finish it The gratuitous violence, the sickening scenes and cliched good versus evil dilemmas made this feel pornographic and objectionable Still, I questioned myself and thought that I should per [...]

    22. This Cannot Be the LastI actually took a star away because of the ending I never, ever do that.I have read the first two, Desert Places and Locked something, sorry old age is bad for the memory I knew there had to be I ve read Serial Killers Uncut and Shaken both books got five stars Now I need to go back and read them again to get the REAL ending.You simply cannot read this as a stand alone You have to read the others first Mr Crouch is an amazing writer, so that s no problem I have, I know, S [...]

    23. Okay, so one thing very much learned during the reading of the Andrew L Thomas Luther Kite series is that Blake Crouch has a sick twisted mind which reaches its dizzying heights in this short story To call it barbaric is an understatement When I was supposed to imagine what Kite would do with the magnet I failed and for my own sanity I m kind of glad I did This is torture like no other.However, as thrilling as it all was there was a lack of storyline It seemed to centre solely on Kite s torture [...]

    24. 3rd part, not sure if you could read this as a stand alone as suggested by the author i know i couldnt i would have too many questions very gruesome and heartbreaking as you now feel for the main characters not sure i could endure all that pain even for love the ending is very very creepy and leaves me wanting to read the finale Stirred with another great author who has a multi personality JA Konrath Really enjoy Couch and how he pushes you to the edge as a reader makes me feel a bit sick tho

    25. Break You is the last book of the Andrew Thomas trilogy It was a quick read as it is a novella I wasn t real thrilled with the ending Without giving anything away, I guess I was wishing for something different He did leave it open somewhat so maybe the Andrew Thomas story can continue Blake Crouch does such a great job on descriptions of the people and the surroundings that you feel like you re there with them, but glad you aren t

    26. Ok, so I gave this one only 4 stars It was still an awesome book, but had a lot torture than story this time Crouch is a fantastic story teller,so I missed his usual proficiency on that end of things Still a great read I m now going to make my way through the Jack Daniels series to get to the collaboration of Crouch and Konrath that is the series ending for both, called Stirred Can t wait to see who wins I have truly enjoyed this little escapade

    27. Well I didn t like the conclusion to this trilogy it seems that every trilogy I read lately has an unsatisfactory ending Blake Crouch does keep my interest as to how the characters handle going from finally feeling freed from there horrific experience for a few months and then going into another nightmare I don t know if I like it Endings like this one is meh This book I did the audible experience and I m not sure I like it I suppose it takes getting use to.

    28. I ve read Desert Places and Locked Doors, and by the ending of Break You, it broke me This book and the other two are so exhilarating that I couldn t stop reading and I just had to find out what happened to Andy and Violet It s a thrill ride from Desert Places all the way to Break You, and by the ending I was skimming it to see what was coming next If you love reading thrillers, horror, and suspense, you ll love all of his books like I do

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