Double Threat My Bleep

Double Threat My Bleep By Julie Prestsater, Double Threat My Bleep Meggie begins her sopho year with one less best friend and a boyfriend who is over four hundred miles away Things couldn t be worse right Wrong Crappy grades a teacher who is out to get her and be
  • Title: Double Threat My Bleep
  • Author: Julie Prestsater
  • ISBN: 9781456403270
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Double Threat My Bleep By Julie Prestsater, Meggie begins her sopho year with one less best friend, and a boyfriend who is over four hundred miles away Things couldn t be worse, right Wrong Crappy grades, a teacher who is out to get her, and being grounded times than she can count, double threat her bleep With Alex being gone, Meggie relies on her girls to keep her busy with parties, movie nights, and tMeggie begins her sopho year with one less best friend, and a boyfriend who is over four hundred miles away Things couldn t be worse, right Wrong Crappy grades, a teacher who is out to get her, and being grounded times than she can count, double threat her bleep With Alex being gone, Meggie relies on her girls to keep her busy with parties, movie nights, and trips to Denny s Joining the crew this year is Travis, who is patiently waiting for Meggie to ditch her college boyfriend While annoying at times, Travis is funny and cute, and may just provide the temptation that Meg can t resist Confronted with gorgeous college aged girls in his dorm, distance and typical teenage boy desires, Alex s commitment to his young high school girl is threatened He is forced to make a decision he doesn t want to make Can Meg and Alex survive the long distance and temptations Should they even try This book has mature content intended for older young adult audiences.
    Double Threat My Bleep By Julie Prestsater,
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    1. Spoiler Free Review4.5 STARSGenre YA RomanceSeries Book 2 in Double Threat SeriesI m telling you this series gets better with each book It is soph year for Megan Miller and her bestfriends Keesha and Stephanie At last all three girls find love But circumstances get in the way for each couple causing breakups and heartache We get a new character, face an old enemy and mend some broken fences OH, and Amy is still a BEEYOTCH In Double Threat My BleepBrief SummaryFinally Meg and Alex are a couple ye [...]

    2. Imagine my surprise when I saw there was a sequel to the amazingly written So I m a Double Threat I was floating on Cloud 9 when I found this one Picks up during sopho year and things are once again different with this group of friends Alex is in college so he and Meg are navigating that while there is a new boy at school that has his sights set on Meg As the year progresses there is some loops thrown at the girls There are broken hearts and laughs and tears There is awkwardness and love and unc [...]

    3. Get this book Read it You ll love it This s the sequel to the first story I love how Julie Pretstater has such a real voice and doesn t stray from it while she writes You feel like you get these characters and although there s a few unrealistic situations, her pop culture references and humor outweigh any doubts you might have, the story centers around Megan, but you get to know her mom, her mom s friends and even the teachers My favorite part is that the author doesn t skimp on the book Seems l [...]

    4. Once again Julie Prestsater manages to draw you into the world of this group of teens just by showcasing the daily trials and tribulations of teenage existence Having fallen in love with Meggie and Alex in So I m A Double Threat , I was anxious to see where this adventure was going to take them and their friends We were treated to the highs and lows of relationships, both romantic and platonic, and how each of the kids chose to deal with them Another fantastic story by a fantastic author All I c [...]

    5. So cute and fun I love all the characters in this series Well not Amy and Eric of course I even love Ben who may have been a jerk to start but turned into a good guy Find the whole NKOTB funny I am a huge BSB fan and all my daughters friends find it funny I often make comments of Brian, Nick, Howie, AJ or Kevin I so know I could follow them around the world and make a club if I found other BSB fan mom s.

    6. Loved this follow up book Is a Junior Year book in the works The continuing adventures of Meg and the gang The author does an intricate weaving of dialogue with the petty trivialities that somehow seemed so important as a teenager are brought to life vividly and nostalgically Spoiler Alert I really loved the ending I really loved how Meg came into her own and realized that she can be herself, a happy individual, without being the Meg Alex hybrid entity.

    7. Loved it as much as the first one The real life happenings of Meg and her friends just keeping getting better and better.

    8. Does distance really make the heart grow fonder Maybe Maybe not.Megan has now entered her second year of high school and even drama is coming her way With the loss of one of her friends and her boyfriend being like a gazillion miles away, can she keep it together long enough for Alex to make his way home from school Then Travis shows up and all bets are off for her Can she keep from wanting to look at another guy or even show interest in him Can Alex be so far away from Megan and not be tempted [...]

    9. Double Threat My Bleep Double Threat 2 by Julie Prestsater5 out of 5 starsOn my second trip back to high school with the Double Threat Crew I got to live another year vicariously through their eyes Change is the theme of the second book in Julie Prestsater s series and man is it hard It s sopho year for the girls and with it comes a year of awkward They aren t the cute freshman any but they haven t reached upperclassmen status yet either Stuck in the in between they learn to rely even on each o [...]

    10. 5 StarsDouble Threat My Bleep, picks up right where book one ends We find Megan and her bff s, Keesha and Steph starting their sopho year of high school They have now established their place in school Classes are starting to get harder, but there are parties and dances to attend too Friendships continue to grow and are tested by miles and miles of being apart Yes, Alex and Megan, have finally found their way to one another But he is now in his first year of college and Megan is stuck in high sc [...]

    11. I just can t get enough of this series, as I dove straight into this one I could tell that it was just going to be as awesome as the first one I love how I can picture everything that s happening in the book as that s what a book should do every time you read one Julie Prestsater knows how to keep her readers entertained and hooked to the end It s been a year and everything seems to be going well for Meg, however she has lost one of her closet friends who she thought she could count on The last [...]

    12. 4.5 Stars againOnce again Julie Prestsater takes us back to high school and reminds us all that things were tough no matter who was at our sides and that no matter how much we wanted things to stay the same everyday things were changing for the good and the bad.Once again there were scenes that were laugh out loud histerical I even had tears in my eyes with these funny moments Hoever in high school not all things were happy and funny This book also had me crying for not only Meg bu Keesha too Th [...]

    13. Ok, so I downloaded the first book in this series because it looked like a quick, easy, junk food for the brain kind of read I m far from a teenager, but I still enjoy some good YA drama I didn t care for the title and really didn t think I would care for the book, but I wound up loving it Or I think it might be accurate to say that I became so involved with the many unique characters that I fell in love with them Even though the first book stands on its own and it s not necessary to read the o [...]

    14. This one was just okay for me I still enjoy Meggie s character and will continue with the series to watch how things progress, but I m really hoping happens This book seemed like just a bunch of situations, it did not really have a major plot It was still entertaining though I think I like this series because it makes me remember my high school years, lol.There is a gripe I have and that is how it is written I over looked it in the first book however, now that it is still a problem in this boo [...]

    15. ABOUT THE BOOK its about megan,alex,and travies were this couple try the way they could go out its also of this boy travis hows into megan and dosnt like the idea were megan is going out with alex also megan is going out with a collage freshman who know is going to be a sopht and problems that alex could bring to megan at school and at her grades being a a student going down to a f student.i thought it was amazing book because talks about relationships arnt possible and about highschool and how [...]

    16. When i fount out Alex and Meggie was back together in this sequel i wasn t surprised, it did have a few surprises but i thought it was just too predictable and the ending didn t really bother me, if anything i was happy for the girls and that they all had each other and there SLY But then i started reading the first chapter of the last book and OMMMGGGG IM LITERALLY DYING TO KNOW WHATS ABOUT TO HAPPEN NEXT, why couldnt this have happened in the ending of Double Threat My Bleep This is why i hate [...]

    17. The second book in the Double Threat series was much like the first If you liked the first, you will like this one If you hated the first, why are you reading the second LOL I actually thought this might have been a little better than the first The main characters have depth after reading this and I thought it dealt realistically with the problem of one member of a love affair being off to college while the other was still in high school I went off to college totally in love with the girl just [...]

    18. Continuing with my mission to read all of Julie Pretsater s books, I completely ate up Double Threat My Bleep Our little Meggie has managed to get through her first year of high school Sometimes I wondered how she endured the crazy that was her Freshman year but then I remembered my experiences and that like Meg family and TRUE friendship can help you endure almost anything Meg continues to face major life decisions that seem to be almost too much for such a young girl, especially when the cutie [...]

    19. These books are awesome I love alex as usual, he s just so floppy The only thing I didn t like was that megan went off on amy so much She caused too many scenes and did too much, and frankly it was really irritating me I did not like vanessa, and I was still secretly holding out hope that meg would get with ben Speaking of ben, what happened to that nickname He said the guys call him b.j but no one ever Does.

    20. It was about a girl name megan and a boy named alex who were in love when they first meet when alex became boyfriend of megan problems became to happen because megan droped her grades to a a to a d and f making alex fell sad he told her to brake up with him also a boy name travies is really into her.I LOVED THE BOOK and i thought it was really good by the way it talks about high school and how it really happens when you get into highschool.

    21. Hmm What to say Loved it and hated it Ok I lie Loved it but wanted to beat Alex up With Alex in college and Megan still in high school there s all that separation that usually breaks most couples up They have their hardships and a moment of almost complete brokenness that had me not putting it down until I finished it In One sitting.

    22. Megggie is just turning 16 and Alex is 18 which leads them facing tough decisions and life altering events that may cause them to go their separate ways Their friends also go through changes and breakups as well Who is left standing and will friendships still be in tact in the end

    23. This book does a great job showing the true struggles of a high school teenager The author does a fantastic job developing the characters into personalities you can relate to Book is full of laugh, moments of sadness, and exceptional joy Great read

    24. Loved Loved Loved I love everything about this book Prestsater is an awesome storyteller, and an equally amazing author I can t wait to start on DOUBLE TIME, which will be in exactly two seconds.

    25. I love young love Reminds me of mine but this story has variation to it Loved how it interlaces with the teachers story too I downloaded the first book and ended up buying the whole series Loved it Read on

    26. Definitely five stars for me the continuing with Meggie, Stephanie and Keesha The story continues with them entering their second year of high School Just a brilliant read all the character still had me wanting

    27. Oh BLEEP the ending Wow long distance relationship are DIFFICULT but Alex is A TOTAL SWEETHEART LIKE OH MY BLEEPIN GOODNESS I really like this series and the relationships it contains cant wait to read the next book And can t wait to finish the series so I can start all over again LOL

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