Lab Rat One

Lab Rat One By Andrea K. Höst, Lab Rat One In the months since Cassandra Devlin walked onto another planet she has grappled with everything from making blankets to helping psychics battle the memories of monsters Not able to find a way home
  • Title: Lab Rat One
  • Author: Andrea K. Höst
  • ISBN: 9780980878981
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lab Rat One By Andrea K. Höst, In the months since Cassandra Devlin walked onto another planet, she has grappled with everything from making blankets to helping psychics battle the memories of monsters Not able to find a way home, she has instead gained friends and a purpose Unfortunately, that purpose brings with it the pressure of being than a little valuable, and those she has befriended are aIn the months since Cassandra Devlin walked onto another planet, she has grappled with everything from making blankets to helping psychics battle the memories of monsters Not able to find a way home, she has instead gained friends and a purpose Unfortunately, that purpose brings with it the pressure of being than a little valuable, and those she has befriended are also her guards, ordered to explore and control her abilities to find out just what it is a touchstone can do Test subject was not the career path Cass had been planning With no privacy, too frequent injuries, and the painful knowledge that she must always be an assignment to her Setari companions, Cass can only wish for some semblance of normality and control And as her abilities become and dangerous, tests and training may be the only thing capable of protecting Cass from herself.
    Lab Rat One By Andrea K. Höst,
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    1. Andrea K. Höst

      Born in Sweden and raised in Australia, Andrea K H st currently lives in Sydney She writes fantasy, but wanders occasionally into science fantasy.Her novel The Silence of Medair was a finalist for the 2010 Aurealis Award for best fantasy novel Her novella Forfeit won the 2016 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novella.

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    1. 4.5 stars but I m giving it 5 to make up for having rounded down the last time.Okay, at this point I don t think anyone, least of all me, expects an unbiased review for this one I won t even try, so I ll just keep it relatively short This is my third Andrea H st book and there s something about the way she writes that just clicks right in my head Does she make mistakes Is she the best writer on the whole planet Does she prepare good sandwiches I.justn tow.This is like when you hear the same comm [...]

    2. Second book of only, unfortunately, a trilogy I picked up the first book because it was offered for free on the Kindle and read it because a friend of mine did the same thing and read it and LOVED it She raved so much, I moved it up in my queue of books to read and then immediately picked up the rest of the trilogy and the Gratuitous Epilogue One of the rare times I have been thankful for an eReader so I could indulge in instant gratification Also one of the rare times a free book on Kindle was [...]

    3. Oh my gosh this book is driving me bananas Ruuel this and Ruuel that and waking up thinking of Ruuel and what is Ruuel doing I swear that his name is mentioned at least every other paragraph of this book I know the author wants us to realize that Ruuel is important but this is ridiculous, even for a teenager This review is going to be full of complaints wrongly or not Another thing that I m tired of is the constant headaches and falling asleep Then a long inner monologue about Ruuel, falling asl [...]

    4. Thanks to Reread function I no longer have to mark in my review that this is the millionth time I m reading this10th Read 03 07 17I m not sure if I should continue to include the times read in the body of my review or not, thanks to the lovely new re read function.9th Read 12 16 168th Read 09 28 167th Read 07 07 166th Read 1 9 16I seriously read this series entirely too much, it s a weird comfort food thing, when I m sick or melancholy or bored This is a new record for me though, I don t think I [...]

    5. 5 5 5 stars A This was a great instalment in the Touchstone Trilogy We learned about Cassandra s psychic talents and the ongoing war against the lonoth and massives The mystery of the planet Muina and various evil goings on was expanded I really enjoyed the further development of Cassandra s character as well as those around her I found her obsessing over her love interest really annoying but the context of an 18 year old it was probably a pretty accurate representation of what she would put in [...]

    6. My favorite thing One of the newly introduced secondary characters is named Inisar Can I just say that I have been called this so many times that I burst out laughing and had an immediate connection with this guy I so wish he had a bigger role in the story though he may yet in Book 3 I enjoyed this second book in the Touchstone series almost as much as Book 1 Cass is the kind of person who rolls with the punches She doesn t make a big fuss except when she really has to, and even then, she isn t [...]

    7. This one is initially the same old, same old, predictable story, but the dream revelation shook it up quite a bit Interestingly, the writing is strongest when Cass is afraid She comes across as human, as less of an impartial narrator of a strange world I really liked those scenes they were exactly the right sort of disturbing and I loved the leak Way to break it up And I predicted that final scene, although its swift progression, as it were, surprised me a little And what is that ending Hint it [...]

    8. So Lab Rat One shows how Cass finds her own place in Tare and Setari life, how she manages to balance cooperation and communication of her own needs so that the Setari have an interest in accommodating her wishes as a matter of fact she cooperates a whole lot because she has common sense enough to know that she wouldn t have survived long on Muina on her own although she can be annoyed at the testing and exasperated, going as far as decorating her clothes with a drawing of a lab rat , and while [...]

    9. stream of consciousness review Ok, the world and everything is starting to make a whole lot sense now but wow there s a lot of romantic angsting and no, not a love triangle omg 11 LOVE LOVE LOVE what is happening how is it the end already

    10. Like any good sequel, Lab Rat One raises the stakes from the first book, deepens the characters but continues to deliver solid worldbuilding, exciting action and fully realized characters This is definitely a series that does not suffer from saggy middle Cassandra begins to develop powers of her own, in a slow and painful kind of way Her relationships also deepen.She also must deal with unwanted fame and the unending surveillance of the Tare State Still a virtual prisoner, Cassandra tries to ada [...]

    11. This book was even better than the first one I finished it and immediately purchased the third in the series.I loved Cass s development throughout this book I loved the insights into the Setari, and the gradually unfolding plot line, and than anything, I really enjoyed the diary style writing Cassandra is such a likeable protagonist, who just gets on with life despite the awful situations she finds herself in A particular highlight for me was the way she view spoiler deals with her crush on Ruu [...]

    12. Again, I m just so conflicted about how to rate or review this series On the one hand It s sort of boring No, wait, that s not quite right The story is interesting and clever and quite a mystery Yet, again, I hate that it s written as a diary because it lacks fire and emotion and a sense that characters are fragile and something bad can happen to them You always know everything is basically going to be okay because if anything truly bad had happened, the main character wouldn t be able to write [...]

    13. 4.5 stars because vindication Cassandra is still a lab rat, still living with the Setari but now she gets to explore Muina, their home planet.As much as I liked the first book, I liked the second even better, because Cassandra is not so passive here and actually takes part in the action and gets in trouble She is a active participant in the exploration of this new planet and discovers that she has a psychic power of her own I loved the new planet, and Cassandra s part in it She gets comfortabl [...]

    14. In this sequel to Stray, H st continues the Touchstone series with Cassandra having become a sort of honorary member of the Setari the group of psychic talents who fight the Ionoth in the Ena due to her enhancing abilities However, she has also assisted in re opening Muina, the planet on which she had found herself way back at the beginning, to allow Tarens back onto the planet It seems she has a whole range of talents and abilities that are extremely rare and all planets that started out with r [...]

    15. Congratulations Ms Host Most middle books in a trilogy seem to be the low point of the story Book one is shiny and new, book three has a climactic conclusion to the tale, but book two just sits in the middle trying to keep everything going Not so with Lab Rat One The interesting twists keep coming, and we delve deeper into the world of the Muinans and their history.There s boy watching in this book than the first, but it s still not romance In fact, the object of the protagonist s crush is quit [...]

    16. Cass s voice remains as engaging as ever, and this Touchstone installment takes the story in some really surprising directions It continues to be such fun to watch Cass as she learns about what she can do view spoiler A small reservation, which hit me during this reread than the first time although I was very pleased to see Cass and Kaoren get together, for me everything happened so suddenly and quickly despite Cass having had gradually growing feelings for him for so long that at first I stru [...]

    17. Really pretty stoked after that ending Very happy with this second installment in the series Not at all the let down of most YA trilogy book twos The plot advanced in major ways, the romance or longing for thereof was about as non angsty as you could hope for, and the heroine remains pretty thoughtful and awesome Excited to finish it up

    18. Already said I love this series right I can t say if it s because of the writing, the world, the characters or anything I just love it.That is all.

    19. Without reading Stray, the first book in the Touchstone Trilogy, the following review may not make much sense and will likely spoil some of its developments Lab Rat One improves on its predecessor, Stray, and is my favorite of the Touchstone Trilogy While most sequels falter by failing to raise the stakes set up in the first volume, Lab Rat One builds upon its foundation Cass s friendships with the Setari strengthen, the crumbling of the spaces make the Ena dangerous, and Cass s minor romantic [...]

    20. Deze recensie is als eerste geplaatst op Carpe LibraWow, WOW en nog een keer WOOOW Normaal gesproken is de regel dat vervolgen me minder boeien dan eerste delen De nieuwigheid is er dan een beetje af Lab Rat One is echter een hele dikke vette uitzondering, oftewel WOOOW Ik ben nu nog bij aan het komen van deze leeservaring en het kan zijn dat ik een beetje aan het stamelen ben, maar Lab Rat One was gewoon WOW Met dit boek gaan we op ontdekkingstocht op de planeet Muina De planeet waar Cass aankw [...]

    21. Rating Solid 4 StarsAnother great book in the touchstone trilogy Couldn t put this one down either and read it even faster than book one, definitely addicted to this story.I have started book three already and am eager to get back to it so I will make this one quick.Just as good as book one, in fact I really feel like this trilogy reads like one big book rather than three separate ones as the author describes, a diary in three parts.One thing I didn t talk about in my review of book one is the [...]

    22. Much of what I have to say about this series as a whole I already covered in the first book, so let s just jump right in.First off, hooray for further exploration of Muina I did like, among other things, the tantalizing hints we re given as to the disaster that led to the planet being abandoned, and as always the setting itself is beautiful Plus I would really, really like to know about the Cruzatch now Also liked the brief glimpses we got into Ruuel s character and what life is like for him fa [...]

    23. Smoothly continuing the story from part 1 Stray Mostly well paced and descriptive, though a few frustrating bits Enjoyed learning about the planet Muina but wish there had been on that view spoiler Main frustration was the obsessing over Ruuel I know the book is written diary style so obviously concentrates on the feelings of the person writing it than the details of what s going on everywhere in general, but I was getting really sick of the endless references to Ruuel by the end of the book [...]

    24. Very much like the first part The spaces play less of a role in this one, with Cass spending time in the real space of Tare and Muina and not being sent on rotation with the various squads There were some moments when the squads were brought together to fight massive ionoths that felt very much like an episode of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion anime which will mean nothing to anyone who hasn t seen it , with the same desperate quality of knowing that though they may neutralise this threat [...]

    25. 4.5A bit angsty than Stray, Lab Rat One deals with Cassandra s interpersonal relationships as she integrates further into the Setari community The book blurb does a pretty good job of setting the stage for this chapter of the Touchstone series It was fun to see Cassandra coming into her own and exploring her growing abilities as a Touchstone I am so happy with these books I was really pleased that this book picks up right where Stray leaves off both event wise and in writing tone It seems lik [...]

    26. I read through the whole series in a weekend, but Lab Rat One is my favorite of all three books, possibly because, in spite of Cass s never ending trips to medical, this story really is of Cass s journey from being simply the stray to being Caszandra to the Setari, who endure a lot of guard duty babysitting where she is concerned It was very satisfying to see, through Cass s eyes, the way she is slowly enveloped and accepted by most of her companions And I absolutely love that romance isn t the [...]

    27. I came across the first book in this series and enjoyed it so much that I was actually EXCITED to download the next volume and get reading Once again, I was thoroughly impressed I loved the development of the story and the characters I even appreciate the way that the author handles the numerous characters and cities and other SciFi terminology lots of subtle reminders of who everyone is, which was HELPFUL for a non SciFi reader like myself There is a glossary of terms in the back of the book, b [...]

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