Fool for Love

Fool for Love By Sam Shepard, Fool for Love Set in a desolate motel room on the edge of the Mojave desert the play has something of the timeless universality of a Greek tragedy Like ancient classical drama too the action is at once brief and
  • Title: Fool for Love
  • Author: Sam Shepard
  • ISBN: 9780571133659
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fool for Love By Sam Shepard, Set in a desolate motel room on the edge of the Mojave desert, the play has something of the timeless universality of a Greek tragedy Like ancient classical drama, too, the action is at once brief and relentless By the end of the 90 minute play you feel you have lived through a cataclysm This is a tremendous play, bleak but savagely funny, apparently naturali Set in a desolate motel room on the edge of the Mojave desert, the play has something of the timeless universality of a Greek tragedy Like ancient classical drama, too, the action is at once brief and relentless By the end of the 90 minute play you feel you have lived through a cataclysm This is a tremendous play, bleak but savagely funny, apparently naturalistic yet also resonant and dreamlike Daily TelegraphFool for Love is accompanied in this volume by The Sad Lament of Pecos Bill on the Eve of Killing his Wife, a comic operetta by Sam Shepard and Catherine Stone, which takes an irreverent view of American heroes and heroics.
    Fool for Love By Sam Shepard,
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    1. Sam Shepard

      Sam Shepard was an American artist who worked as an award winning playwright, writer and actor His many written works are known for being frank and often absurd, as well as for having an authentic sense of the style and sensibility of the gritty modern American west He was an actor of the stage and motion pictures a director of stage and film author of several books of short stories, essays, and memoirs and a musician.

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    1. Sobe o panoCen rioUm quarto de motel barato, beira de uma estrada, no Deserto Mojave.PersonagensUm homem, uma mulher e um velho e, mais tarde, outro homem.Ac oO velho est sentado O casal move se, olha se, zanga se, odeia se, ama se,Desce o pano.

    2. It s a play about two character named May Eddie There are two other characters One an old man The other a man named Martin.That is all I will allow myself to divulge for you You must read this share in my enthusiasm.Did you just see that That was all the tables turning in this play.It s just damn good.Have fun enjoying this piece of wonderful.

    3. Read this in my college theater class, and saw the play It s a great play, and probably one of Sam Shepard s best.

    4. Fool for Love, pieza de enorme tensi n dram tica, le dice adi s al viejo Oeste al mismo tiempo que niega cualquier remembranza te ida por la nostalgia con los colores de la imaginaci n Sin embargo, su pareja de protagonistas aparecen tan plenos de humanidad que es virtualmente imposible resistirse a calarlos en todos los matices de su interioridad, sin considerar sentimientos y juicios tan contradictorios como el rechazo moral y la m s pura simpat a algo que llega a incluir al terrible entra abl [...]

    5. A very fine superb, even modern stageplay dealing with torrid midwestern honky tonk romance and family ghosts It s wild and rollicking volatile and rambunctious Earthy and edgy and comical American theater like this and hey, let s be frank here romance itself, really are just two things strangled to death and exterminated by the arrival of the cellphone Two of the most important things we ve lost, that s all Yep There was a point not too long ago when theater like this actually resonated with p [...]

    6. May, Eddie, and the Old Man are on stage when the lights come up the Old Man separated physically from May and Eddie either on a different platform or another dividing convention of the set In a low budget motel room on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert where May has been living, Eddie and May sit without speaking to each other she with her head between her knees over the side of the bed, and he in a chair The only sound is that of Eddie fidgeting with his glove and bucking strap The Old Man si [...]

    7. I love Shepard He is the quintessential American playwright He writes about America in gorgeous poetic language equal to Tennesse Williams.May and Eddie are lovers Passionate, angry, fighting lovers They can t live without one another The play begins with Eddie returning from a long time gone May is staying in a seedy western desert hotel The language between them is raunchy, real and sadly true There is much symbolism in the play including a large black Mercedez Benz May just knows that Eddie c [...]

    8. El escenario es un destartalado y decadente motel de carretera situado en medio de ninguna parte en el oeste m s profundo, un oeste plagado de perdedores y anacronismos como cowboys rudos que participan en rodeos intentando que ni se les caiga el sombrero Los protagonistas son dos animales heridos y orgullosos, un hombre y una mujer Orgullosos porque pr cticamente el orgullo es lo nico que les queda, con lo cual s lo dejar n ver sus heridas si esto sirve como arma arrojadiza contra el otro Parec [...]

    9. FOOL FOR LOVE 1983 Sam Shepard I m not sure why, but this play is often described as a Western fantasy The setting is a motel room somewhere in the West, and one of the principal characters is a rodeo performer, but, beyond that, the play could be set anywhere and still produce the same results on the audience The play is about love, but a love that you won t encounter anywhere else, other than maybe in a Greek tragedy The main characters are The Old Man, who doesn t have a lot of lines, but ta [...]

    10. I don t think I will ever not love Sam Shepard s work I was first introduced to this one act by the way of a scene in one of my acting classes The beginning scene was one used to really challenge timid actresses into digging deep down to those guttural emotions And I was fascinated by that concept and where the play went after that Luckily I was not disappointed when I read the play in full Shepard is able to so easily show how complicated human life is and the human desire for love and affecti [...]

    11. Sam Shepard tiene algo en sus letras que para algunos puede resultar irritante y para otros es hermoso Por fortuna yo soy del segundo grupo La cosa es que Shepard es algo as como Tennessee Williams, pero con un uso po tico de las palabras, tanto y tal grado que por momentos se pierde un poco el sentido y la evoluci n de la trama que est narrando, pero eso importa un carajo cuando tienes pasajes tan intensos, personajes tan rotos y frases tan entra ables.Todos estamos fragmentados y en cierta for [...]

    12. My second Sam Shepard play, after True West, did not disappoint As a playwright, Shepard has an incredible sense of beats and energy and the whole play is charged from the start Conflicts revolve and the intentions of the characters turn over on each other in a play that is truly dynamic My understanding of script still in its infancy, I can see how each character is angling for a desire and the results of the discord build to a resolution that is both satisfying and morose But it s not all heav [...]

    13. I mean the polite and not unwarranted thing to say would be that this play deals in archetypes that s why everyone acts the way they do, why none of it precisely makes sense why dudes talk a lot, and women sort of complain or vamp Well, one woman complains and vamps The less charitable thing would be to say that this is everything the Big Lebowski narrator sort of anatomizes, dissects, then symbolically murders in about five minutes of screen time I am myself on the fence I guess if this is what [...]

    14. This is another Theater of the Absurd play, so what is real is not necessarily the characters on the stage, or their words and actions, but perhaps the underlying feelingsor perhaps not even those The emotionally tortured relationship between the two young lovers reminded me of the story in Plato s Symposium of the divided beings, desperately longing to be reunited with their other halves Humor mixes with desperation, and blatant lies mix with truth, as these characters struggle in deft and poig [...]

    15. Few American playwrights have exerted as much influence on the contemporary stage as Sam Shepard His plays are performed on and off Broadway and in all the major regional American theatres They are also widely performed and studied in Europe, finding both a popular and a scholarly audience short biography of Sam Shepard

    16. Equal parts tragic, grim, terrifying, and funny, Fool for Love is the story of two angry and thwarted lovers with a horrible secret I love the stage directions, which call for over the top dramatics, banging and echoing walls, lights that pierce the audience, and gasoline fires Probably not coming soon to the community theater near you, but kind of fascinating.

    17. falling in love is a dangerous thing to do you better get ready for any kind of lose cause once you love there is nothing else to do but being confussed between lies and true, reality and fiction, and not knowing who you are really lovingbut, what happens when sister and brother fell in love

    18. This play is to be performed relentlessly without a break, instructs Shepard on page one So I did myself the favor of reading the play without stopping It s not long about 65 pages Supposedly performances of it last around 90 minutes, while it took about an hour to read It s almost perfect, close as a perfect piece of writing gets without coming off as over polished Just a beautiful work.

    19. Elvis and Eve Humanity, as well as as all forms of life, is a circuit board of infidelity forever conducting inbreeding the same currents of that energy stuff called love that can t decide on either becoming disturbed when outside energy is brought in, or kept out.

    20. This play is one of the most heartbreaking of them all Though on the surface, it seems as though it follows two people in a very strange situation, it is really a play that is relatable to everybody Not many literary works make me cry, so congratulations Mr Shepard

    21. Favorite of the Shepard anthology I ve read It s gritty and heartbreaking, something that while indicative of Shepard s playwriting, is perfected in this play.

    22. It s mysterious it s quirky it s funny it s gripping it s Sam Shepard Here as elsewhere he draws you in, involving you almost against your will, and leaves you haunted.

    23. I saw this off Broadway with Kathy Baker It instantly became my favorite Sam Shepard play.And 30 years later it still is.

    24. Great theater, lousy romance Shepard has a way with amping up the dramatic tension, and with the right actors it s unbelievable But folks, please don t try relationships like this at home.

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