Die Meuterei auf der Bounty (Band I): Schiff ohne Hafen

Die Meuterei auf der Bounty (Band I): Schiff ohne Hafen By Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall Ernst Simon, Die Meuterei auf der Bounty Band I Schiff ohne Hafen MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY is the thrilling account of the strange eventful and tragic voyage of His Majesty s Ship Bounty in which culminated in Fletcher Christian s mutiny against Captain Bli
  • Title: Die Meuterei auf der Bounty (Band I): Schiff ohne Hafen
  • Author: Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall Ernst Simon
  • ISBN: 9783892255079
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Die Meuterei auf der Bounty (Band I): Schiff ohne Hafen By Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall Ernst Simon, MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY is the thrilling account of the strange, eventful, and tragic voyage of His Majesty s Ship Bounty in 1788 1789, which culminated in Fletcher Christian s mutiny against Captain Bligh.
    Die Meuterei auf der Bounty (Band I): Schiff ohne Hafen By Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall Ernst Simon,
    • [E-Book] ✓ Die Meuterei auf der Bounty (Band I): Schiff ohne Hafen | by ☆ Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall Ernst Simon
      381 Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall Ernst Simon
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    1. Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall Ernst Simon

      This describes the 20th century novelist, most famous for Mutiny on the Bounty For the 19th century journalist and author, see Charles Nordhoff.Charles Bernard Nordhoff was an English born American novelist and traveler.

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    1. The British and to a lesser degree the American Navy in the age of sail has become a staple setting of modern English language historical fiction, exemplified by the works of Patrick O Brian and others While Melville s Billy Budd and White Jacket are certainly forerunners of the trend, the main impetus to the subgenre was probably C S Forrester s Hornblower series but this novel by Nordhoff and Hall was roughly contemporary with Forrester s work, and also well deserves a reading by fans of the a [...]

    2. When I started this I was slightly worried because a it s written by two authors and I though it might be jarring when it switched from one to the other b N C Wyeth s illustrations had several top less ladies and c the books didn t seem very happy I knew almost for certain how it would end But I really enjoyed it A the writing is seamless from one to the other I truly could not tell who was writing Maybe because they both edited each other s writing B While the island ladies don t wear tops all [...]

    3. I kind of feel bad for giving only 4 stars I have a thing with the sea, as I often mention, and I have researched a lot when it comes to the nautical history in 19th century I was prejudiced Still, it lived upto the expeditions Not the perfect story of a voyage one might expect , but it was one heck of a voyage nonetheless.

    4. Okay, so I was in between books and decided to go back and read this one, which, if I am being honest, I never read in high school when I was supposed to It is a LONG read, but I am glad I read it The narrator s story is told plainly, with a fine attention to detail I can t say I loved how it all went down, and several of the character s stories were quite poignant Still, I am happy I chose to read this again as an adult, and recommend it for anyone who thinks they remember it from school It s f [...]

    5. There s something about a good story of adversity at sea to get the blood pumping Robert Louis Stevenson figured that out He made a name for himself by writing stories of pirates In Mutiny on the Bounty , Nordhoff and Hall have hit a home run by writing about mutiny Their novel takes place in 1789 1794 on board the British armed merchantman Bounty , which traveled from England to Tahiti to pick up a load of Breadfruit trees with the purpose of planting the trees in the West Indies to provide a c [...]

    6. Fascinating account of an open water journey across the south Pacific Bligh s crew mutiny and send him off the ship with a small crew of faithfuls An expert seaman, he demonstrates incredible leadership when he pilots this small rowboat and a handful of men across hundreds of miles of open ocean Their bravery and resourcefulness are surpassed, in my opinion, only by Earnest Shackelton who made a similar trek under conditions even trying.

    7. This is a stunning novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it It s the kind of novel you could reread because the scenes are so intense and so much happens I highly recommend it.Quite different from the Marlon Brando film version as I remember it I ll soon see how much it differs from the Clark Gable Charles Laughton version.

    8. More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.Continuing on with my reading challenge I m nearing the end I chose Mutiny on the Bounty for the category of a A book with multiple authors It also had the added benefit of allowing me to cross off a book from the list I have pinned up by my desk of every book Rory Gil reads, mentions, etc during the duration of Gil Girls What s important to remember about Mutiny on the Bounty is that is a fictionalized account of the in famous mutiny my [...]

    9. Like most people I can recall many times when I would stay up late in bed as a child reading a book by torchlight under the blankets Escaping to foreign lands between the pages there was, at the time, an absolute need to read just one page Whilst I no longer need to read under my blankets, that feeling of unabated joy was something akin to what I felt when reading Nordhoff and Hall s historical novel of the most infamous of mutinies.Set in the late 18th century, there s probably very few people [...]

    10. nwhytevejournal 2927397mlMutiny on the Bounty, is narrated by Byam, the fictional midshipman played by Franchot Tone in the film the Bligh of the book is if anything even monstrous than the Bligh of the film, and the confusion of the mutiny itself a ten minute spurt of late night impulse which had long lasting effects better conveyed The Tahitians are referred to invariably as Indians , but otherwise treated as a dignified culture which the English sailors disrupt by their presence the only can [...]

    11. This book fulfills part of my goal to read 5 book from my 2017 Rorie Gil reading list One to go before the end of the year 3.75 starsI listed to the audio book version which was so well done Charlton Griffin did an exceptional job The music and the sound of the waves add to the story I am half tempted to read the real story of the Mutiny of the HMS Bounty but this satisfies my needs.I know the sea was a career and a escape from England, but being stuck, days, weeks and months on end, with all t [...]

    12. I keep coming back to this beautifully haunting re telling of the Bounty mutiny every year or so, and every time it s like a call to the sea, as if in an earlier life I had sailed the oceans of Bligh and Christian The book, much like a voyage, starts slow but after the first fifty pages it has transformed itself so thoroughly into a dramatic sea adventure that the one way back to reality is sailing forward and be it through the hell that are Bligh and the Horn And then there s the characters and [...]

    13. This is a pretty good sea story, based on a 1789 mutiny If you have time for just one mutiny, read The Caine Mutiny instead.The edition I picked up at the library is full of typos, almost to the point of detracting from enjoyment It has none of the usual copyright, publisher and Library of Congress info, so I assume it s a Kindle edition or something like it Strange

    14. The first book of the HMS Bounty Trilogy, a historical account, as told in the voice of a fictitious character, Roger Byam, who as a retired naval officer tells the exploits aboard the ship under the command of Captain Bligh that led to the mutiny, and the outcome of all involved A seaworthy tale well worth the read.

    15. A truly excellent novel, which is hard to do when basing fiction off of historical events Beam comes off as well balanced and believable I like how the novel ends, as well again, not an easy thing for writers to decide where to end when the characters are real people Recommended.

    16. The definitive story of the most famous mutiny ever, still fascinating after than 200 years Could sea captains really get away with being this barbaric Didn t the sailors have any other recourse, besides mutiny The debate still goes on.

    17. A rip roaring tale leaving me eagerly anticipating the reading of parts 2 and 3 of this remarkable story.

    18. Re read this classic for a project in 2016 Great read, but totally biased I recommend reading The Bounty Mutiny by William Bligh after reading this to hear the Captain s side of the Mutiny.

    19. One of the best books that I ve ever read Very suspenseful What the crew endured is unbelievable Great descriptions, adventure and historical information.

    20. Mutiny on the Bounty was a riveting book There s no surprise here that it was far beyond both versions of the movie.

    21. This is a novel based on the mutiny against Lieutenant William Bligh, commanding officer of the Bounty in 1789 I consider it the original legal thriller Re read the last half of the book that deals with the trial and execution of mutineers, and you ll see what I mean James Grippando bookish articles jame

    22. This version was published in the 1930 s Roger Byam, a midshipman, is the narrator He joins The Bounty at the suggestion of Sir Joseph Banks, as Mr Byam who is about to start at Oxford has an ear for languages His task is to complete a dictionary and a grammar of the Tahitian language The story follows The Bounty s trip from England, which seems doomed from the start Bad weather delays them sailing from England until December 23, so they miss the window of good weather crossing the Horn Unable t [...]

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