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The Warning By Jonas Saul, The Warning The Warning Sarah Roberts Book Two Sarah Roberts has spent the last four years helping people stay alive and escape near death experiences as messages from the dead come to her She receives a daunting
  • Title: The Warning
  • Author: Jonas Saul
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  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Warning By Jonas Saul, The Warning Sarah Roberts Book Two Sarah Roberts has spent the last four years helping people stay alive and escape near death experiences as messages from the dead come to her She receives a daunting communication from the Other Side regarding her sister s murderer and where she can find him The message isn t clear enough to confirm the man s identity, causing Sarah tThe Warning Sarah Roberts Book Two Sarah Roberts has spent the last four years helping people stay alive and escape near death experiences as messages from the dead come to her She receives a daunting communication from the Other Side regarding her sister s murderer and where she can find him The message isn t clear enough to confirm the man s identity, causing Sarah to wonder about the veracity of the messages coming through When she receives The Warning, Sarah decides to disregard it The tables turn and now Sarah s being hunted instead of being the hunter How many people have to die to catch one murderer How far will Sarah go This book explores the intense violence that she must endure and the absolute horror and reality that has become her life as an Automatic Writer The Warning begins as a flame, sparks to a fire and explodes with a violent climax in the life of a girl who talks to the dead in order to help the living.
    The Warning By Jonas Saul,
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      Jonas Saul is the author of over thirty novels with over 2 million copies sold On multiple occasions, he has outranked Stephen King and Dean Koontz on the top one hundred Most Popular Authors list.Two of his bestselling series have been optioned for Film TV Saul has traveled extensively throughout the world to scout settings for his thrillers Currently, he s writing in Canada.He s available for speeches and presentations at conferences anywhere in the world.Contact Jonas Saul directly for inquiries at, jonassaul icloud.Jonas is represented by Gandolfo Helin and Fountain Literary and Dramatic Rights Management Sarah Roberts is one in a million If you re her friend, she ll crawl through Hell to protect you If you re her enemy, she ll send you there Reviewer

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    1. I very stupidly, accidentally, read this book, totally unaware that it was the second in a series that ll teach me to download Kindle books without reading the blurb Anyway, I found this a fast paced and very original thriller with a supernatural twist not so supernatural to take a turn towards fantastical, either, which would have put me off The heroine, Sarah Roberts, is about as strong a female character as you will find only 22 and quite adept with firearms and hand to hand combat you can sh [...]

    2. From hero to zero I even remarked in my review of the first book in this series that it was a joy to read since it had hardly any errors what happened This one is unreadable I ve given up at 22% in Not many people were loitered means nothing to my way of thinking and neither does Jack lie curled up just appalling Then we have int he instead of in the, misuse of apostrophes especially managing to have parents then parent s and lastly parents Last straw was seeing torn at the base like Jacks was A [...]

    3. If you have not yet sampled his books, Jonas Saul is the best author you aren t reading This book is a page turner from start to finish with plenty of twists and turns tht make this a heart pounding read Sarah Roberts is an unforgettable character and without giving away any spoilers a heroine that keeps you glued to your seats This is a five star thriller with a paranormal edge and a book that leaves you wanting Jonas Saul is making his own mark as a stellar author Read the first few pages and [...]

    4. I was browsing through my thrillers reading list on my kindle looking for some thing refreshing, exciting and quick to immerse and came across the intriguingly entitled The Warning, which I had downloaded some months earlier by an author called Jonas Saul, who I d not come across before, but had come recommended via How delighted I was to find not only all three criteria immediately taken care of, but also a truly engaging heroine, who has a secret power that is just genius with a personality wh [...]

    5. I went through this book rather quickly Not because it was that good and I just had to know what happens next but just to be finished, It reads like a one woman Rambo with Sara Roberts jumping out of burning buildings She s a regular Houdini at repeatedly escaping her captors all with total disregard for her wounded, exhausted body Quite a feat for a petite 22 year old Wonder Woman fighting the bad guys Local police and FBI are portrayed as inept Appearing only to clean up the mess Sarah leaves [...]

    6. This is the 2nd book in the series and I m done I gave the first book a little higher rating because it was the first in the series and I had hopes things would get better, however, the writing is poor There are too many inconsistencies The author writes as if he s writing for an audience with short attention spans The story line is good and could be very promising, but unfortunately I don t care any I don t care about Sarah Roberts or anyone else in the books I have already purchased the third [...]

    7. WOW What a page turner Got into it from the very beginning great characters, loads of action, and good plot It s a shame that the identity of the baddie was revealed so quickly though I haven t read the first book but this one contains all necessary background info so you don t feel at loss Enjoy

    8. Overall, really enjoyed this Great little twists I just wish I would have known it was a series that s the thing with free e books and the Kindle you don t get to read the synaposis before reading the book At least I don t know how if you can Great book and can t wait to get the third.

    9. I have read the entire Sarah Roberts series from 1 19 back to back over the past 4 months and I am anxiously awaiting the release of book 20 Jonas has become my favorite author My first suggestion is to start with this book The Warning as books 2 and on feature an adult Sarah and are action packed Jonas writing style is very crisp and the stories move quickly and soon you will wonder how Sarah or other characters could possibly survive to the next book It can be an emotional roller coaster A ge [...]

    10. Finally It s about time a novel is written without the authors perverted personal views being exposed for consumption This is a candle burner that will keep you up until the wee hours of the morning And well worth it Great characters with a superb plot and non stop action What could be better Follow this author into whatever type books he wants to pen I assure you it will not be a disappointing trip.

    11. This is a fine book The plot moves the reader along swiftly The protagonist is most interesting, The antagonist is a match for the protagonists.Adding a supernatural bond between Sarah and her murdered sister adds to the plot.I hope to read from this series

    12. The WarningThis was a so so mystery I didn t the characters enter action It was unbelievable storyline what can I say didn t like.

    13. Good readThis is a good read I haven t read the first book but this one is good I plan to read the first and next one.

    14. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

    15. I picked up the Sarah Roberts series with Book 2, The Warning Although I have not read the first book I had no problems falling into the story and picking up what had occurred previously Sarah s sister Vivian was murdered leaving Sarah to find the person responsible She believes she finally has a good lead and may finally discover who that person is She trusts this lead because Vivian has been leaving her clues through the use of Sarah s ability in automatic writing.The Warning is a good blend o [...]

    16. Okay, I confess I wasn t prepared for a female super hero Seems I ve read several books lately that include a very strong feminine lead, but this one is beyond strong And, unfortunately for me she is also prone to using a lot of 4 letter words strong language, but the story line sucks you in quickly and the added interest here is the link between the sister she lost as a baby who now communicates to her from the other side She doesn t fail to follow the clues sent by her sister and in special op [...]

    17. This is my first Jonas Saul book I am already reading my second It was that good There were some things I thought I had figured out and then at the end when the shoe dropped I realized I didn t know everything I thought I did This book flew by for me and even when reading something else I found my thoughts going back to Sarah Roberts She is full of courage, wisdom and strength But what Saul does a great job of conveying is the pain and anguish she feels also When she talks about some things she [...]

    18. I have a set of books 1 3 of Jonas Saul s Sarah Roberts Series I have chosen to review the books, one at a time This review is for Book 2 The Warning I really enjoyed reading The Warning However, I found Book 1 Dark Visions to be a much better read Dark Visions had meat to it, as it introduced us to Sarah, her obsessive compulsive need to pull her hair out, and her psychic ability to channel her deceased sister, during automatic writing The most interesting part of The Warning is the plot, as S [...]

    19. Book 2 Sarah RobertsSecond book in the series is as strong, but not as impressive as first bookd that s OK I learned about Sarah, and followed her as she saved people with her ability Then the author throws the next twist a message about her sister s murderer, and suddenly this reader was on another quest to track this personal down I really am liking the author and He could have stayed safe and just wrote about interesting people Sarah has saved, but instead, he writes this twist that may [...]

    20. This was the first book I ve read by Jonas Saul and it was pretty good there were a few typos in it but hey, what book hasn t got those The story that deals with human trafficking is always something that will reach a person s soul because of how disturbing, disgusting and cowardly it really is and the damage it does to the ones taken and sold into this kind of life unfortunately it s a reality in this world and so I think the realism of this helps to bring a reader into the story To see exactly [...]

    21. This is book two of the series on Sarah Roberts.Sarah is an Automatic writer, which means she blacks out, and in thattime she writes things that are going to happen.In the first book, Sarah found out that she had a sister that she never knew that was kidnapped, raped and murdered before her birth and her parents had never told her.Sarah wants to find the killer of her sister and get revenge She receives a message from her dead sister to go meet a man Jack Tate who has just been taken in for ques [...]

    22. I LOVED this Sarah Roberts thriller I wished I had started with book one Dark Visions simply for the background element instead of book two but The Warning works well as a stand alone If you are familiar with and like the new hit series Believe, you will like Jonas Saul s thriller collection about an Automatic Writer who is guided by her dead sister to eliminate evil But be prepared While some loose ends are tied up when the book is over, the culprit from book one survives causing you to seek ou [...]

    23. I do not normally read thiS type of book, but I found myself wanting to go back to it again and again.This is the 2nd Sarah Roberts book Her sister, Vivian, was raped and murdered when Sarah was a young child Four years prior to the start of this book, Sarah became an automatic writer she would black out and her sister would write messages to Sarah through her body Sarah spent the four years helping other people because of these messages.In this novel, Sarah goes after her sister s murderer, onl [...]

    24. I as a rule do not care for female leads generally because they are written in such a frustrating way One minute they are bad ass and then the next they are crying coweringwell girls They also seem to make the most irrational decisions but I will allow that it is probably because the author is male writing a female character.That being said I generally enjoyed the book but I admit that I skipped over all the parts like I mentioned above and just read the action parts The other thing that detract [...]

    25. Although I m giving this 2 stars, it s like 1.5 stars The concept is really interesting a girl who gets messages from her murdered sister via automatic writing The plot of this book is even interesting as the main character tries to decode the messages in order to find her sister s killer, she is targeted by an evil gang who wants to use her abilities for their own purposes The problem In two words clunky writing I felt as if I was simply being marched along through the sometimes hard to believ [...]

    26. The Warning book 2Well Sarah is a vigilante for sure, and with the help of her late sister they will find Vivian s killer But what is the cost, who will die and will it be enough Sarah is still alive with many wounds and the death toll is rising.With the FBI, her cop friends and her sister, Sarah is destined to save lives, return stolen girls to their families and make sure the perpetrators don t get away When she wakes up in the hospital a month later she learns the truth, is he dead Is it over [...]

    27. Another exciting Sarah Roberts mystery thriller by Jonas Saul Once started compelled to continue reading to learn how Sarah Roberts extricates herself from one situation to another.Started with book three because it was free at the time Just finished books one and two and off to read book four, The Hostage All within a week.I like Jonathan Kellerman, John Saul, Dean R Koontz stories For the Sarah Roberts stories, I feel Mr Saul s writing style and story telling to be similar.

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