Civil War: Punisher War Journal

Civil War: Punisher War Journal By Matt Fraction Mike Deodato Ariel Olivetti, Civil War Punisher War Journal He s back with a vengeance Taking no prisoners Literally With Civil War in full throttle mode Frank Castle is feeling the heat His safe houses have been raided and his munitions seized and he s squa
  • Title: Civil War: Punisher War Journal
  • Author: Matt Fraction Mike Deodato Ariel Olivetti
  • ISBN: 9780785127758
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Civil War: Punisher War Journal By Matt Fraction Mike Deodato Ariel Olivetti, He s back with a vengeance Taking no prisoners Literally With Civil War in full throttle mode, Frank Castle is feeling the heat His safe houses have been raided and his munitions seized, and he s square in the crosshair of a Marvel Universe big gun who always gets his man Covers 1 4
    Civil War: Punisher War Journal By Matt Fraction Mike Deodato Ariel Olivetti,
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      How he got started in comics In 1983, when Fraction was 7 years old and growing up in Kansas City, Mo he became fascinated by the U.S invasion of Grenada and created his own newspaper to explain the event I ve always been story driven, telling stories with pictures and words, he said.Education and first job Fraction never graduated from college He stopped half a semester short of an art degree at Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri in 1998 to take a job as a Web designer and managing editor of a magazine about Internet culture My mother was not happy about that, he said.But that gig led Fraction and his co workers to split off and launch MK12, a boutique graphic design and production firm in Kansas City that created the opening credits for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace Big break While writing and directing live action shoots at MK12, Fraction spent his spare time writing comics and pitching his books each year to publishers at Comic Con Two books sold The Last of the Independents, published in 2003 by AiT Planet Lar, and Casanova, published in 2006 by Image Comics.Fraction traveled extensively on commercial shoots Then his wife got pregnant So Fraction did what any rational man in his position would do he quit his job at MK12 to pursue his dream of becoming a full time comic book writer.Say what It was terrifying, said Fraction, who now lives in Portland, Ore I was married We had a house We had a baby coming And I just quit my job Marvel hired Fraction in June 2006, thanks largely to the success of his other two comics I got very lucky, he half joked If it hadn t worked out, I would have had to move back in with my parents 2009 Alex Pham Los Angeles Times.

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    1. Maybe what these Civil War crossover event books need is less rhetoric and Frank Castle Just maybe.The Civil War and the Registration Act haven t changed the Punisher s methodology he s a vigilante, above the law, and his goal is to kill as many bad guys as possible it s just put a crimp in his resources, as SHIELD raids his secret armories.Frank is single minded in purpose, so it doesn t matter if it s the hapless Stiltman, who s trying to turn over a new leaf There are no shades of gray with [...]

    2. Book Info This collection contains Punisher War Journal issues 1 4.ABSOLUTE RATING 2.5 5 stars Rounded Up STANDARDIZED RATING 2 5 starsFrank Castle aka the Punisher generally doesn t involve himself in the affairs of metahumans, and sticks to tackling street level crime Sadly for him, the recent enactment of the Superhuman Registration Act is stretching good guy numbers very thin, and giving supervillains the chance to capitalize on the chaos Apparently, some unknown benefactor is providing tech [...]

    3. This collection is a supplemental piece to the Marvel story arc that is Civil War In this one, we get to see the action thru The Punisher The Rhino is prevalent thru this volume so my review might be a little biased as he was one of my favorites as a child.I thought this was one of the better companion pieces to this event We get to see that The Punisher is a man of principles even though most people might not agree with them I thought this was a nice juxtaposition to Captain America since he is [...]

    4. One of the interesting Civil War tie ins, by no means required reading but a really enjoyable one Why five stars It wasn t Amazing per se it s really a four star book, but it was so much fun to read, I had to give it that extra star The Punisher is back why does it always seem like he s back Back from where Matt Fraction s script is full of action and has a lot of genuinely funny bits It s always fun to read the Punisher when it s as funny as it is violent.The three parter that kicks off this t [...]

    5. Meh Disappointing for sure Treated Frank like a joke and make him look stupid next to Cap Expected from Fraction.

    6. I wish there was and if there is, I wish I knew earlier a compendium of the Civil War that put the main story and all the side stories in order I know it would be a huge, multi volume set, but it would be nice to read parts of the story in the middle of Civil War instead of getting these glimpses back to different characters here and there after the fact I loved this one, but it s Punisher, and I own almost every Punisher comic released since I was a kid As part of the Civil War set, this is jus [...]

    7. I enjoyed Fraction s take on the Punisher This ties in loosely to rest of Civil War, but the connections make sense and it largely holds up as a separate story I dug the art style, too The last issue with Stilt Man s wake is especially fun It was drawn by Mike Deodato whose current art style is my least favorite in Marveldom, but his older style as seen here works for me.

    8. It was really interesting seeing things from the Punisher s viewpoint, I liked seeing about Frank Castle and his motivations I have no previously read any Punisher specific runs The volume itself was pretty short small though.

    9. This was one of the better volumes in the Civil War story arc, I thought I really liked the artwork, and the Punisher is an interesting character.

    10. After using Comixology Unlimited to read Civil War and Death of Captain America, I thought that I would use Comixology to read through the Punisher s connection to the event The Punisher isn t my favorite hero In terms of Marvel Comics, I usually frequent the stories of Captain America, Spider man, and the X Men The heroes who avoid killing The only time I have really ever seen anything with the Punisher in it is through crossovers or events Overall this wasn t a bad read I enjoyed seeing a litt [...]

    11. The Punisher joins team Cap in marvel s civil war Pretty good read I ve liked the punisher since I started reading it in the late 80s early 90s.

    12. Frank is feeling the pinch, as he says the good guys have gone underground and the rest are busy chasing them down so he feels he is the only one left to defend the common man He can barely believe it when he finds Spiderman being attacked by Jester and Jack o lantern in the sewer system but he comes to the rescue and takes Spidey to find Cap America and the rest of the anti registration heroes It takes some negotiation and discussion but eventually he agrees to work with Cap, whose main require [...]

    13. It s nice to see a return to form for the Punisher For the longest time, Garth Ennis provided some of the best Punisher comics of all time, but he eventually got stale Now, Matt Fraction injects some new greatness into the character Wanna see Frank shoot Stilt Man in the crotch with an anti tank missle How about Frank beating the crap out of the Rhino You ll also learn about Frank s first meeting with Captain America and how it effects his team up with the Secret Avengers during the Civil War Th [...]

    14. Nice artists, but the tales are bit internal monologue talky and clever for an action character like the Punisher who, by design, lives to serve justice by aiming a gun, shooting, and blowing up things I like Matt Fraction, but he seems an odd choice to succeed Garth Ennis on this character I think Marvel did fine by later employing Jason Aaron and Greg Rucka I haven t read Rick Remender s Punisher take so I m excluding him on purpose It s a bit odd how the first story repeats and is reprinted i [...]

    15. I read this back in 2011 when I was on a Punisher binge Without any context from the rest of the Civil War series I rated this 3 stars With that context, having read Civil War and some of the post Civil War comics now, I m still left with this as a 3 star story.The most important parts of The Punisher s story don t happen in this volume, they happen over in Civil War That makes this than just a side story, it makes it feel a little pointless Nothing exemplifies this than the section set in the [...]

    16. Not a bad arc in the Civil War storyline, but too short On top of that, the last issue was dissapointed and it s a quarter of the book.I like the Punisher as a character, having only seen him briefly in previous encounters most notably Spider man , and this volume has a similarly strong internal monologue as the Wolverine comics.That sort of strong narrative voice appeals to me, and made this comic shine.But overall Really nothing special I think I m finding it hard to jump around with all these [...]

    17. Punisher War JournalI wish that the art work would be consistent with the original Civil War book I have the same issue with Civil War Wolverine The art doesn t match the original and I don t like it too much This one has some vintage Punisher violence, but it s pretty tame and a couple parts are kind of silly I expect a little gritty realism from the Punisher Yeah, I know it s a comic book Overall though, it is fun to see what Frank Castle is doing during this time in the Marvel universe If yo [...]

    18. When the goings get tough in the Marvel Civil War, Captain America decides to take the Punisher into his ranks to help fight against the registration act But the Punisher doesn t exactly fit in mostly because he keeps killing people If Front Line is Civil War s conspiracy thriller, and all the other heroes lend action to the conflict, then Punisher should be considered Civil War s dark comedy The art lends itself to the comedy without looking too silly, making the presentation feel complete Lot [...]

    19. A worthy addition to the major storyline enormous fun, keeps Frank both entertaining and credible in both the Civil War context and his very down to earth current incarnation, and best of all, gives him some gorgeous backstory with Captain America I LOVE Meghan R s comment, which I hope she doesn t mind me quoting in full here Frank Castle seems to be in a D s relationship with Captain America that Cap doesn t actually know about Yes, well Perfect Definitely a keeper.

    20. While not a big Punisher fan, he had hands down the best reaction to the super power induced tragedy think 9 11 that killed over 600 in Stamford, CT Stamford, Conneticut the Northernmost stop on your I 95 terror tourism triptik Purchased in 1640 for four dollars and a sandwich, it is now the cradle of a nascent shirt and ribbon industry symbolizing how you were personally affected by the deaths of Stamford s kids.

    21. Probably the best of the Civil War tie ins that I ve read I definitely want to read War Journal, though it s unfortunate that the series had to start with a crossover side story rather than be able to stand on its own two feet poor Stilt Man, R.I.P outside of the big continuity events first Fraction has an affinity for the Punisher that rivals Ennis, and unlike Garth, Matt actually seems to be in full possession of his mental faculties.

    22. An interesting Civil War tie in that elaborates how the Punisher got in with Captain America, got his superspy suit, and got kicked out of the anti registration heroes I like this iteration of the Punisher as a normal guy, only mad and with lots of guns, that goes after supervillains Stilt Man totally has it coming.

    23. I was hugely dissapointed with the Punisher entry on Civil War He just served to inflitrate the Baxter building, save Spiderman from some minor villains, and to get beaten by Cap for being who he is At least he got some treatment, unlike Daredevil who was just a cameo My two favorite Marvel superheroes eserved better.

    24. You can make me read a book about the Punisher, but you can t make me like it.Frank Castle seems to be in a D s relationship with Captain America that Cap doesn t actually know about This is probably the most interesting storyline that could theoretically be written and still have the Punisher in it.

    25. G.W Bridge is sent after castle In the mean time Punisher deals with Stilt Man The Rhino Finding Spidey and takin him to Captain America And some back story to Punishers part in the Civil War In the first 3 issues The 4th issue is one of the best comics Iv read with the super villain community having drinks in the memory of a fallen friend.

    26. Simply blown away by how awesome Punisher is, Frank Castle accidentally got himself involved in the Civil War and joined the side of Captain America, but his strong integrity made things a bit sticky for everyone This is quite important to the main storyline, not essentially, but provides some insight.

    27. It s a Punisher book, so obviously there is a pretty good body count I still can t get over Peter Parker being in the open especially since I know that he s not known by the time Spectacular Spider man comes around But hey it s Marvel, reasonable continuity is for other people Actually this was a pretty good book, if a little incoherent Frank s motivation is nice and clear 3.5 of 5.

    28. The whole Civil War series has gotten a little convoluted and over the top but I really enjoyed this portion of it I may also be a bit biased since Punisher is my favorite comic hero The story was well written and didn t involve a lot of nonsense twisting of storylines.

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