Slabscape: Reset

Slabscape: Reset By S. Spencer Baker, Slabscape Reset Take the most sophisticated A I designed mind that has ever existed encase it in over fifty million cubic kilometres of diamond nano rods and send it off on a twenty thousand year odyssey towards the
  • Title: Slabscape: Reset
  • Author: S. Spencer Baker
  • ISBN: 9780956738707
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Slabscape: Reset By S. Spencer Baker, Take the most sophisticated A.I designed mind that has ever existed, encase it in over fifty million cubic kilometres of diamond nano rods and send it off on a twenty thousand year odyssey towards the centre of the galaxy Then screw it all up by allowing thirty two million humans to go along for the ride
    Slabscape: Reset By S. Spencer Baker,
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      S. Spencer Baker

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    1. S. Spencer Baker

      S Spencer Baker Steve was born in September 1956 in Nottingham, England He fled formal education and family at 17 and refused to ever return to either He spent many years exploiting the intellectual property of others, first by setting up an indie record label which failed, and then a management company that struggled for far too long before finally finding international success and then a design, film and advertising company which, after a shaky start, thrived in Europe, the US, and Japan He woke up one morning in Tokyo and remembered that his childhood dream was to write Science Fiction.Ten years later, Steve published his first novel Slabscape Reset The novel is a web back a work of fiction which is published in printed as well as e book format with addenda, back stories and tangentially linked information available through an online wiki Slabscapedia.The second book in the series, Slabscape Dammit was published in Kindle format in November 2014 The paperback followed six months later Dammit extends the webback concept with a surprises hidden online.The next book in the series, Slabscape Reboot, is currently in progress.

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    1. There is a trap that SF is always in danger of falling into that of the too weird, too ridiculous, too far fetched At the best of times it s a genre that whether in movies, TV series or novels dances on the knife edge between Oh, okay, I understand that, it s pretty cool and Huh I don t get it Not to mention that any SF runs the risk of retreading old territory without doing it in a new and interesting way sort of like what the movie Carnivore was to Jurassic Park.It s not often that an author n [...]

    2. Typos fixed 1 Oct Slabscape Reset by S Spencer Baker refers to a regenerated reset improved human on spaceship Slab aimed to the destination where our soul energy flows upon death The novel concept wears thin under techno babble ad nauseum Morals, be careful what you wish for, definition of success, work in a subtle cute aside, when fingers lengthened and thinned suit musician instead of non existent basketball This is a menopause cynic male Utopia s pubescent damp daydream, to start all over, t [...]

    3. Despite being a newbie to the world of science fiction literacy, Baker hooked me in and has left me eagerly anticipating the arrival of the second book in the series I found all the science fiction thoroughly interesting and it left me awestruck at the imagination of Baker Though the idea of Slabscpedia was lovely, it was not needed as I learned when Dielle learned Slabscape Reset has than just science fiction going for it though Bakers subtle humour kept me chuckling throughout the book and af [...]

    4. An interesting cross between Neuromancer and the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy The author was sometimes silly, sometimes sarcastic, and sometimes prophetic.

    5. From the first couple of pages I was pretty sure I would enjoy this book, and I wasn t disappointed I finished and can t wait to get my hands on the sequel finish that draft Dammit I initially started making comparisons in my head to Douglas Adams, Grant Naylor with a dash of Banks, but that was just a superficial impression Slabscape was it s own unique style and Baker has his own story to tell I should reveal that I was provided a free electronic copy in exchange for a review, which I think is [...]

    6. Full disclosure i was given a review copy by the publisherFurther disclosure i greatly enjoyed this bookI m not the type to write long winded reviews with full plot summaries, so instead here are some of my thoughts it get s compared to Douglas Adams a lot, but that s not quite right it s Douglas Adams and John Scalzi writing what happens when you mix House of Leaves with Hull Zero Three The webback thing is really interesting to me or properly the epub with embedded links to Slabscapedia in th [...]

    7. I found out about this book here on and instantly liked the description plus the fact that the author S.Spencer Baker seems to enjoy the Culture novels by Iain Banks based on the ratings he s given them So I was thrilled to get a copy of this from the publisher However, I haven t read much humorous science fiction since the Hitchhiker s Guide and wasn t sure what to expect.But I loved this book And most of all I loved the world of this book It was fascinating, very well created and detailed I al [...]

    8. Slabscape Reset had me hooked from start to finish It explores life aboard an interstellar spaceship and the peculiaralities that occur there The characters are believable and incredibly well thought out Dielle s struggle with coming to terms with a new world is the central theme of the book and plays out in a hitchhiker s style comedic fashion Baker adds humour and whimsy to all aspects of the story and uses it to bring his unbelievably well thought out world to life And I mean well thought out [...]

    9. Firstly, I got this book as a GoodReads giveaway, chosen out of over 1000 people, so thank you.The blurb on the back was punchy and hooked me in but I got the feeling that perhaps that meant that the book would be predictable Fortunately, I was wrong.I liked the viewpoints from the two characters Dielle and Drago , which wasn t expected, did think it was going to be just Dielle s story to be honest Kiki was a little annoying but I think she was meant to be Some unbelievable concepts but also som [...]

    10. The first and hopefully not the last Slabcscape is one hell of a book and S.S.Baker is one hell of an author.I enjoyed every page of it The book was fun to read and always kept me asking for The characters are all unique and believable I enjoyed the idea of Dielle and Drago technically being the same person yet both having conflicting opinions What I really enjoyed tho, so than the characters, was the world in the they lived in The technology used in everyday life is quite mind boggling at fir [...]

    11. the author S.Spencer Baker is a brilliant author and has made probably one of the best sci fi books I have ever read Slabscape Reset is a amazing book, based in a futuristic world built into a ship where everything and anything is possible at first the reader might be confused by the new slang that is incorporated into the novel but soon becomes like second nature The world of slabscape is one of pure amazement where anything you what to know is just a thought away the characters in this book ar [...]

    12. Slabscape Reset is an intriguing read and kept me enthralled from the first word to the last Although this novel is not the style of novel I would usually read It s setting in space is one of my favorites places for a story to be.I really enjoyed the rich variety of technology imagined by S.Spencer Baker and how the slab was effectively run by an adaptive and completely evolved A.I Even though she is not directly a main character I really am interested in how Sis has an effect on the story and l [...]

    13. I keep seeing reviews comparing this novel to Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, which I totally get, but for me it was even like a sci fi Alice in Wonderland it starts you off halfway down the rabbit hole, and you scramble to find your footing in an increasingly absurd but somehow completely believable world where many things are literally upside down There s a disgruntled hologram, a mysterious war, an ever evolving spaceship on a singularly fantastic intergalactic mission, and a society in wh [...]

    14. Pleasantly enjoyable lightweight sci fi.I d been equally intrigued but dubious with the various reviews comparing this to Hitchhikers but having read it, I can see the point Equally, there s seems to be a lot of Bill Gibson, WJW et al influencing the writing style too.An easy read, fun and enjoyable While a fair mention is made on the online resource Slabscapedia which gives information, background etc possibly adding to the HHG2G parallel I read the book without feeling the need to refer to it [...]

    15. I was thoroughly delighted by Slabscape Reset The world itself was utterly fascinating and kept my interest Slab as a technological haven and the lingo that came with all that, at first utterly confused me and I thought I was in over my head but with help from Dielle and Kiki and of course Sis, it became no problem How easy everything would be if you pretty much had a superior Google in your head Once i started it was hard for me to put down i was so interested It kept my imagination on the go n [...]

    16. An interesting take on future society with a large portion of tongue in cheek humor Dealing with a bizzare future set floating through space on board a gigantic space ship or Slab , although calling it a ship is an understatement, The protagonist awakens in a different world to the one he left behind But is it better This twist on modern future society full of strange new technology and with obvious parodies of some of today s popular phenoms is a trip into a dark and strangely twisted new world [...]

    17. Slabscape Reset was a great read It was funny, interesting and the technology on Slab was believable and exciting S Spencer Baker has a brilliant imagination His descriptions of Slab and its inhabitants were vibrant and made Slab almost tangible I really enjoyed Drago as a character Although he was out of his body, he was not out of his element Not even the most ruthless and savvy of Slab s business people were a match for his negotiating ability I thoroughly enjoyed Slabscape It includes many t [...]

    18. After reading this book multiple time I still feel excited every time I pick it up , each time is a new experience where I notice something new and exciting about life with slab , the crazy science portrayed annoys me in the worst Possible way ,it makes me hate time we will in Hopefully someday I can get into one of those cryo chambers Slab here I come Slabscape is a book for anyone who loves fantasy , science fiction especially for the avid Doctor Who fan This book leaves you wanting and I can [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book The technology was believable and aptly explained using Dielle Kiki was a tad annoying to begin with but by the end of the book was fine I would have liked to have seen of the Slab culture but I hope that will occur in the next book.I couldn t give it five stars though because at times it was quite predictable where it was heading and in other parts it moved a little too quickly Overall though it was a great book and I d recommend it to anyone with a sense of humour.

    20. This novel was a very good read a nice blend of sci fi, comedy and drama, with the character of Louis Drago causing me to laugh quite regularly with some of his jibes It slowed a bit in the middle, with the characters just going about their seemingly day to day business without much drama and at that stage it became very lingo heavy However the book as a whole is easy to recommend and I am beyond pleased with the stage that has been set for the next novel Roll on Slabscape Dammit

    21. For me this is the kind of book I would love on principle It has everything that a sci fi fan could want The setting and characters are fresh and intriguing and the dark dry humour contrasts beautifully with the sobering seriousness of the situation presented I grew up reading and loving Ian M Banks and for me Slabscape feels like Banks at his best.

    22. This was a really light read, with a thread of humour running through it and with some very creative and interesting ideas I liked that it touched on social, political, religious and technological aspects of society, and not in any depth that made it heavy, but enough to make you wonder what society might develop into.

    23. Seems like an interesting sci fi read I m a fan of how little the book description gave away I d much rather learn things as the author decides to present them than be waiting for an event mentioned on the book jacket.

    24. From Musings of a Starving Author Delicious, savory science fiction It s admittedly a favorite treat of mine, so I was quite excited to see today s meal slid out in front of me that and all I had for breakfast was a thin rice gruel It promised fascinating science fiction spices mixed with that dry British humor mix Did it deliver or did it just dry out in the oven Before we begin, put your hands over your hearts and recite the Starving Review oath 1.I attempt to rate every book from the perspect [...]

    25. This was a book provided by the author s publisher for my reading and review This review is fully my own, in my own words It is good that I have my PHD in quantum physics and social dynamics of alien species I m lying Neither of which helped me a bit in understanding this book Don t get me wrong, this book is very, very entertaining, an excellent read, but, you better be a very, very dedicated science fiction book fan or your head will split open after reading the first several chapters Oh, chap [...]

    26. Guy wakes from rejuvenation cryofreeze amnesia He is aboard a big ass starship Everything is all post scarcity whuffie economy sparkles and orgies happy time Nothing happens.Most of the book is classic Walden 2 utopia tour boilerplate, with only the barest hint of plot to move things along the hint being Does the guy s girlfriend cum PR manager, no pun intended, care about him half as much as her cut of his take As an old term revivee, he is famous, meaning rich The book studiously limits itself [...]

    27. Slabscape Reset is quite imaginative In fact, it made me think of Neal Stephenson s Snow Crash several times No, it isn t a rip or similar story, but the feel was there and that is a good thing Thirty plus million humans fueled by advanced technology and A.I are on a journey from Earth to Home to deliver a colossal message, in person, to an alien race that hosed humanity at the turn of evolution Baker creates a rich, unique culture and environment for future us to live, relive, play and work.Put [...]

    28. S Spencer Baker was really nice to me a while back He took the time to answer some noob questions I had, and gave me some really good advice I bought this book as a thank you , then basically forgot I had it.On my recent vacation, I almost ran out of Kindle books, and finally got to the page Slabscape was on I really wished I had bumped into it sooner.Now as you should know by now I do not describe the story Everybody else has already done that dozens of times At first, I thought Spencer was tak [...]

    29. Slabscape Reset is not my usual type of read, but I was very impressed with the level of imaginative realism in this sci fi outing The plot and characters are very believable, humour was weaved throughout the plot and it reminded me a little of the Red Dwarf universe There were times when the pace of the book slowed but overall the book was well paced, and as such I was left wanting at the end.I liked the idea of an online resource providing additional information and value to the book, and whi [...]

    30. Funny SF is a small subset There s the farce of Adams, the slapstick of Harrison, Holt s skewed institutions, and now this a mix of hard SF, societal SF, and fun Think Wilt in space and you re halfway there.It s an easy read with plenty of good ideas, some memorable characters, and a sense of otherness that leaves you gently and agreeably boggled.An enjoyable romp It spotlights, amongst other things, the current western world trend towards casual narcissm.

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