Stars By Mary Lyn Ray Marla Frazee, Stars Stars are everywhere Not just in the sky Look
  • Title: Stars
  • Author: Mary Lyn Ray Marla Frazee
  • ISBN: 9781442422490
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stars By Mary Lyn Ray Marla Frazee, Stars are everywhere Not just in the sky.Look
    Stars By Mary Lyn Ray Marla Frazee,
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      195 Mary Lyn Ray Marla Frazee
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    About "Mary Lyn Ray Marla Frazee"

    1. Mary Lyn Ray Marla Frazee

      Mary Lyn Ray is a conservationist and author of several picture books for children She was born in Louisiana in 1946 and grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas Ray has lived in New England since 1964, when she first came east to attend college She currently lives in a 150 year old farmhouse in South Danbury, New Hampshire, which she restored herself.

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    1. What a lovely book Pages shining with hope, support, and warmth Stars are everywhere We just have to look Look up Look down Look in the mirror The stars will always be there when we need them to guide, inspire, and wish upon Stars is a gorgeous story depicting a full range of emotions from hope and happiness to loneliness and fear Every page holds simple words packed with life and emotion Words that made me smile, think, and hope As soon as you see one, there s another, and another.And the dark [...]

    2. Marla Frazee could illustrate a cracker box and I would consider it splendid This is a gentle book about finding a star, keeping it close, and being one.

    3. Late one night while up at our cabin deep in the woods, I persuade my daughter and her friend to bundle up and come take a short walk with me out to the clearing Why they demanded, since it was so very cold and so very dark i.e scary outside For a great surprise I said they were not convinced We grabbed little flashlights and made our way tripping and giggling out to the clearing I told them to turn off their flashlights Well, that request was met with nervous no s , but I did finally convince t [...]

    4. I love this book I wish I had someone to give it to Because that s what librarians like to do with books they love.

    5. 28 October 2011 STARS by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee, ill Beach Lane Books, October 2011, 40p ISBN 978 1 4424 2249 0 Would you like to swing on a starCarry moonbeams home in a jarAnd be better off than you areOr would you rather be a mule Johnny Burke, Swinging on a Star 1944 I love hearing the Dave Van Ronk version from the late Sixties A star is how you know it s almost night As soon as you see one, there s another and another And the dark that comes doesn t feel so dark One of the really sp [...]

    6. This beautiful oblong book explores the beauty and versatility of stars There are the stars you see in the night sky Stars you cut out of paper and keep in your pocket, because sometimes you need to know it is there There s that special day marked on the calendar with a star Some days you ll feel as shiny as a star, but other days you might need to reach for that paper one in your pocket But the best way to see the stars is to find a place where the night is very dark Look up and you ll almost a [...]

    7. 4.5 stars.ok, yes.I can t quite recommend it as highly as some books that give me somewhat of a similar feeling, like the brilliant classic Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall, but it s lovely, and perfect for kids who are beginning to think they might be afraid of the dark because you can t always see the stars, but you know they are always there Frazee is already one of my favorites discovered via Clementine , but I didn t know Ray I ll look for by her.

    8. This book is all about stars It has some beautiful inspiring illustrations and is designed for the beginner reader It starts with a boy noticing a star in the sky He then explores and realises that stars can be found in all kinds of places and not just in the sky He finds stars on pumpkin vines and strawberry plants and even snowflakes He blows a dandelion and blows a thousand stars into the sky.I like this book because it gives children the imagination and creativity to go and explore their su [...]

    9. The illustrations by Marla Frazee were very charming but they were not enought to carry this slight story The text was trying to be vague yet qurirky, but the subject just too cutsey to be taken seriously I kept mentally comparing it to Neil Gaiman s Insructions, which is a picture book of vague mysterious suggestions instructions about navigating fairy tales and or life This story was just about pointy shaped things At one point the author talks about stars in the sky in a cute way catching the [...]

    10. I really liked this book, though I wanted to love it I do love Marla Frazee s illustrations She is one of my favorite illustrators, I love how real and yet how charming her illustrations are the little bare bottomed kid eagerly struggling into pajamas to go out and see the stars, haha I like the concept of the story, and I ended up loving the middle and end section, but the beginning felt a bit tedious and forced to me Oh well, once we got to the stars flowers turning into strawberries in summer [...]

    11. My big old boys 8 and 10 climbed onto my lap in the middle of the day so that I could read them this lovely, soothing bedtime book that is a meditation on stars, wherever they appear and whatever they signify.

    12. I didn t think Marla could top All The World but this might just do it for me I want several of the illustrations enlarged and framed They are amazing and the text compliments the illustrations so beautifully Can t wait to get my hands on a final copy of this.

    13. Loved it What a great concept a celebration of stars in the sky, as shapes, in nature I like the different dimensions of the book, because there is so much room for the sky.

    14. I can easily see why this book is so tall The grandeur of the night sky as it deepens after the twilight hour and the pinpricks of stars beginning to grow in the velvety blackness could not have been captured as well if this book were of normal height I ve always thought that Marla Frazee was a good artist, but she really outdid herself in Stars The beginning and ending scenes of the twinkling stars studded majestically in the dark reaches of space are enough to really inspire some feelings of a [...]

    15. A star is my favorite shape I like looking at stars in the sky I like making wands with stars when I need magical wishes to come true I like taking pictures of stars I just like stars Which would make it no surprise that I wanted to read a book about stars.This is a quiet picture book I don t think I would enjoy reading it to my story time kids as much as I would enjoy reading it one on one Mostly because it talks about all kinds of starske stars that you give to others and how stars can make yo [...]

    16. Beginning with a boy noticing the first star of the evening, this book explores those particular stars, but then moves into a message of self empowerment and self worth Readers are encouraged to draw and cut a star to keep in their pockets as encouragement during tough times, and then taken on a tour of the many places where stars might appear in nature on pumpkin vines, on strawberry plants, in the form of snowflakes, and even this wonderful phrase Blow a ball of dandelion and you blow a thousa [...]

    17. For a book that could be trite, this one hits all of the notes perfectly It talks about stars in the sky, stars in nature, and carrying a star around in your pocket to remind you that you are a star too The language is perfect, gentle, reassuring, hopeful Frazee s marvelous illustrations are expansive, lovely hued, depicting the full range of children and their familiar experiences You know, and perfect, gentle, reassuring and hopeful It s delightful to find such a perfect pairing This one s a w [...]

    18. This is a sweet, calming story about stars The narrative has a lyrical quality to it that begs to be read aloud, slowly, savoring each word The illustrations are colorful, with a different color dominating many of the pages I like how the illustrations alternate between bright, colorful pictures and small illustrations with lots of white and little background It adds a nice contrast and complements the story nicely We really enjoyed reading this book together and it s perfect for a bedtime read. [...]

    19. Kids sat still for this but adults get out of this hopeful, beautiful picture book It s a good choice for teaching metaphor and symbolism, as stars both present emotional states and stand for other natural phenomena that amaze us A good addition to story time Mo Willems Waiting Is Not Easy would be a good pairing or a lovely gift for a grown up star in your life.

    20. Stars is a marriage of writing and illustrations that enhance, rather than distract or overwhelm, the other Mary Lyn Ray tells a tale of watching, discovering, and being stars Marla Frazee provides adorable, evocative drawings of children and the wonderous world around them.

    21. This book reminds me of the book Fancy Nancy Sees Stars You can work with your students a lot of vocabulary and descriptive words when talking about stars I would definitely use this book next time I have to work the out of space theme in my classroom.Beautiful illustrations too

    22. This one is so beautiful What a combination of words and illustrations Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee work well together

    23. Lovely I m not sure if kids will appreciate this book or not, but I love everything Marla Frazee does, and I loved this

    24. This is a beautiful book The essence reminds me of the way Bird Baylor s picture books speak to the value of simplicity, the natural world, and the balance of life within it.

    25. I liked that you can make a star and put in your pocket so you can always feel happy The pictrues are cool to look at.

    26. Beautiful, serene text by Ray and illustrations by Frazee work so well together This will be a joy to read aloud to primary grades.

    27. This is a BEAUTIFUL book with thoughtful imaginative text and STELLAR illustrations Also comes in e book per LOC page.

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