The Tragedy of Today's Gays

The Tragedy of Today's Gays By Larry Kramer, The Tragedy of Today s Gays Book by Kramer Larry
  • Title: The Tragedy of Today's Gays
  • Author: Larry Kramer
  • ISBN: 9781585424276
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Tragedy of Today's Gays By Larry Kramer, Book by Kramer, Larry
    The Tragedy of Today's Gays By Larry Kramer,
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      385 Larry Kramer
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    1. Larry Kramer

      Larry Kramer born June 25, 1935 is an American playwright, author, public health advocate and gay rights activist He was nominated for an Academy Award, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, and was twice a recipient of an Obie Award In response to the AIDS crisis he founded Gay Men s Health Crisis, which became the largest organization of its kind in the world He wrote The Normal Heart, the first serious artistic examination of the AIDS crisis He later founded ACT UP, a protest organization widely credited with having changed public health policy and the public s awareness of HIV and AIDS 1 There is no question in my mind that Larry helped change medicine in this country And he helped change it for the better In American medicine there are two eras Before Larry and after Larry, said Dr Anthony Fauci 1 Kramer currently lives in New York City and Connecticut.

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    1. If a friend asked me what this book was about I would say It s about how Larry Kramer is both justifiably pissed at the apathy, stupidity, and inaction of the gay rights movement, and about how he is so blinded by his own white male privilege that he manages to insult the entire GLBT community with his complete lack of understanding of how racism, biphobia, and sexism intersect with homophobia and cause activists to not always do what he wants He is full of righteous rhetoric about getting off y [...]

    2. Really important and pertinent content for today s LGBTQ community As it is a transcript of a speech, it isn t the most elegant read, but it is very short and easy to get through.

    3. We went to the Reference Library to buy some cheap a books at their book store Ten cents a book, for select books But the book store didn t open for another half an hour, so we looked up into that beautiful building, and decided to hit the gay and lesbian section The directory said it was on the 2nd floor, and so we headed up I asked a bored looking librarian where the gay and lesbian section was, and he kindly and rather excitedly lead me to the section, all the while explaining that if I wante [...]

    4. The Tragedy of Today s GaysBy Larry KramerForeword by Naomi WolfAfterword by Rodger McFarlaneReviewed by Alina Oswald WE HAVE LOST THE WAR AGAINST AIDS, Larry Kramer announces in his new book, The Tragedy of Today s Gays Based on Kramer s Cooper Union speech just five days after the 2004 election, The Tragedy of Today s Gays offers an encore, a second chance to learn from the 69 year old activist, the one who s always been the first to voice issues threatening the LGBT community Today, Larry Kra [...]

    5. The points Kramer makes herein are valid and bear thinking about.This is as much praise as I can muster to give The Tragedy of Today s Gays The book is a transcription of a speech that Kramer gave in 2004, warning of the damage that HIV AIDS and continued unprotected sex could do to the gay community However, don t expect a rousing speech to the masses, or the voice of reason.No, this is not a speech so much as a tirade, a sheer outburst of Kramers spite and loathing Herein, Kramer sits in terri [...]

    6. I originally wrote an extremely lengthy review Perhaps it s for the best that it got deleted due to internet problems Kramer s not wrong My problem was that his argument fails He wants to fight HIV by building movement around a very exclusively defined gay identity Unfortunately, lots of MSM who don t identify with that term for reasons Kramer subtly denigrates instead of recognizing as a valid difference and gasp people besides gay men are a huge part of the HIV positive population these days Y [...]

    7. While there are issues w much of what Kramer states as historic truth, I genuinely believe this speech as well as the foreword and afterword is a must read for anyone who is GLBT or Q supports gay rights and is determined to aid in the ongoing struggle for both visibility and relevance that too few have been fighting for, for too long Much of what he says you may already know, and some of his words may shock and even insult, but by the end of his speech it is undeniable that you will question yo [...]

    8. I m sure much of this was better as a speech, but I am very interested by a lot of the claims that Kramer makes, like that Ed Koch is gay, and what to make of the lack of response of the NYC government in the early 1980 It really makes me think of the claim that just as things get better, they can t get any worse, and that is for sure the state of AIDS and the some aspects of the gay community that Kramer is putting forth.

    9. This was a quick rant in which Larry Kramer complains that Gays are concerned about sex while not doing enough to fight against the conservative agenda or support others in the community with HIV AIDS He comes off as rather crotchety but highlights aspects of the Gay Liberation struggle that were meaningful, like the early days of ACT UP, and reminds us that the fight is not over.

    10. A must read for everyone Larry Kramer doesn t mince his words He s really frank about gays in regards to how they treat each other and how America treats gays Be prepared to be smacked in the face with Larry s brutally honest words After reading this little book 100 pages , you won t be able to just read it and move on to the next book You ll read it and do something I hope.

    11. Makes you think real hard about dedication and apathy He was wrong on his prediction for gay marriages, and possible the courts, but his insight and passion is nonetheless important and relevant still.

    12. This book inspired me to do my best to go out and change the world, because apparently no one else is Larry Kramer must be one of my greatest heroes.

    13. pretty good tirade about how the gays are truly better than other people but are wasting our potential by not kicking enough ass.

    14. This speech was delivered in 2004 and published in 2005 While I agree with some of what Larry Kramer says I m amazed at how far the LGBT community has come in ten years.

    15. A very important look at gays in America today Larry Kramer should be seen as one of our founding fathers instead of the outcast he has been rolled as.

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