A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier: Some Adventures, Dangers, and Sufferings of Joseph Plumb Martin

A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier: Some Adventures, Dangers, and Sufferings of Joseph Plumb Martin By Joseph Plumb Martin Thomas J. Fleming William Chad Stanley, A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier Some Adventures Dangers and Sufferings of Joseph Plumb Martin With a new afterword by William Chad Stanley Here a private in the Continental Army of the Revolutionary War narrates his adventures in the army of a newborn country
  • Title: A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier: Some Adventures, Dangers, and Sufferings of Joseph Plumb Martin
  • Author: Joseph Plumb Martin Thomas J. Fleming William Chad Stanley
  • ISBN: 9781101442111
  • Page: 227
  • Format: ebook
  • A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier: Some Adventures, Dangers, and Sufferings of Joseph Plumb Martin By Joseph Plumb Martin Thomas J. Fleming William Chad Stanley, With a new afterword by William Chad Stanley Here a private in the Continental Army of the Revolutionary War narrates his adventures in the army of a newborn country.
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      Joseph Plumb Martin Thomas J. Fleming William Chad Stanley

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    1. Joseph Plumb Martin Thomas J. Fleming William Chad Stanley

      Wrote the best memoir, 1830, about an ordinary soldier, in the American Revolutionary War.It was vital to future historians.

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    1. A Great Veteran s Day ReadI started a much longer review, but there is not enough that can be said about this, and, saying too much tends to water down the overall impact So, I ll keep it short and to the point, as much as i am able to anyway.The autobiographical story of Joseph Plumb Martin is a must read for any citizen of the United States Though it is relatively unappreciated compared to stories about Jefferson, Washington, Horatio Gates and even Benedict Arnold, this is the story of an ever [...]

    2. In 1775, Joseph Plumb Martin November 21, 1760 May 2, 1850 was a wide eyed fifteen year old boy who decided to leave his grandfather s Connecticut farm and join the Continental Army, first as a private then a sergeant, to fight the English during the American War for Independence During the next eight years, he participated in some early battles, such as White Plains, Kipp s Bay, and Redbank spent the famous winter of 1777 1778 near Valley Forge, though not in the camp itself but at Milltown bet [...]

    3. First published in 1830, Joseph Plumb Martin s Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier is a remarkable account of the Revolutionary War as experienced by Martin, who first enlisted as a private in 1776, was promoted to sergeant in 1780, and finally left the army after the war concluded in 1783 There are many memoirs, biographies, and histories that center on the generals and political leaders of the Revolution, but Martin provides us with the everyman s perspective, and does so with intelligence and h [...]

    4. One of the few books actually written by a veteran of the Revolution, and I appreciated that very much The book can be slow at times, funny at other times, and then very sad in others The first hand accounts of starvation and feezing is so unfortunate, but it should make anyone appreciate what those men did back then If you re looking for a book that has first hand accounts of violent battles where blood and guts are flying all over the place, then this is not the book for you There are very few [...]

    5. I was profoundly affected by this common soldier s account, to the verge of tears several times Working as I do in dispensing veterans benefits essentially as bountiful as at any time in our history, it served as a useful reminder not to let up in gratitude His generation literally served for nothing, and poor repayment ever after He restored a great deal of vibrancy to the history, including warnings to historians not to censure what they don t understand, and humorous anecdotes such as exchang [...]

    6. Joseph Plumb Martin reflects towards the end of his life on his days as a soldier during the Revolutionary War His thoughts cover his intense sufferings, particularly the struggle with starvation, but also with a few fierce battles, close calls, and the general mischief that a young adult is wont to get into Martin has a wonderful sense of humor and, provided that the reader can discern what he is talking about, is apt make one laugh on some of his hijinks or playful introspections, even when ac [...]

    7. I actually wanted to give this book 3 1 2 stars instead of just 3 It is a definite read for anyone studying the American Revolution Joseph Plumb Martin was an enlisted soldier during the length of the war Though he doesn t give a personal hand by hand account of the major battles he was involved in though there are some details , he is able to give us a glimpse into the world of what the ordinary enlisted soldier had to endure while serving our new nation Most of us have heard the infamous stori [...]

    8. My son recommended that I read this He is a history buff and was captivated by this narrative written by a revolutionary war soldier not during the war but years later I approached it with some trepidation, but I also found myself amazed to be reading such an honest work some 200 years after it was written finding opinions and situations that might be similar to those of a soldier or veteran today The introduction and afterward give depth and understanding along with a credibility afforded by sc [...]

    9. One of few personal accounts of the Revolutionary War written by the common soldier in the ranks of Continental Army What makes this book the best is that it covers almost the entire war and is well written, with humor and keen observations I read this book over 30 years ago, and the two things that stand out in my mind are Martin s descriptions of always being hungry and the time he saw a white woman living with a black man, as he described, in a husband and wife situation, in Virginia It surel [...]

    10. I ve always enjoyed reading diaries and or narratives they always make me wish I could have be there to live the events with them but not in this case This narrative is the unique perspective of a young man as a private in the Revolutionary War I ve read many books on this war from the perspective of Washington or other leaders in the war but this is the first I ve come across it through a simple foot soldier s eyes and what a difference there is between those perspectives While he had many adve [...]

    11. An interesting narrative of Joseph Plumb Martin s service during the American Revolution It s not filled with details of battles as much as it is with scenes from a soldier s daily life One thing I wish he wrote on was why he endured all those hardships He mentioned love for the country, but wonder what that exactly means At the end, he describes the broken promises made to the veterans I had read about with passing interest, but this made it much personal A large debt of gratitude is owed to [...]

    12. What a treasure of a book Joe Martin was a teenager when he joined the Continental Army in 1775 and spent the next eight years suffering as most of the soldiers did until they won our independence We re lucky this soldier took the time to pen his memoirs about his experience in the war of independence It s one of the best descriptions we have about the war maybe the best and its a great reminder about what our veterans of the American Revolution went through both before and after the war Martin [...]

    13. This short book is apparently the most complete of the few first person accounts of an ordinary American soldier during the Revolutionary war You will not get the sweep of battles or strategy but only the recollections of what happened to the Joseph Martin I did use to look up some of the incidents and battles and they are as he describes The information is eye opening and the story is told with amusing and fanciful language that it is a pleasure to read An example We ve this forenoon passed thr [...]

    14. Here we suffered again for eatables This single sentence sums up the bulk of this rather dark story Martin was a Continental for the duration of the war, and his memoir encompasses the whole of the revolutionary soldier s experience This book is one of the best possible resources for someone wanting to peel back the veneer of patriotic fervor attached to the period The commentary essays point out that never once does Joseph mention life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness He takes it for gran [...]

    15. Joseph Plumb Martin s adventures are accessible and relevant than 200 years after he penned them He writes with wry humor and a keen memory, which brings the suffering of private soldiers all private soldiers, regardless of which army they serve into intimate focus He spends very little time writing about battle most of the book deals with the struggle for basic life sustaining things like food, clothing and shelter Hunger stalked Martin and his companions constantly He and his fellow soldiers [...]

    16. A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier by Joseph Plumb Martin tells the trials and tribulations of a private soldier during the United States war for independence One thing that occurred to me while I was reading this narrative is that wars and soldiers differ little through the centuries The weapons change, as does the geography but the soldiers seems to just stay the same The vast majority of a soldier s time is spent in marching and standing watch and his mind is always on his empty stomach t [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book I find the time of the American revolution very interesting but never have had a clue what the day to day tasks and hardships for the enlisted soldier consisted of It is hard to believe that men could live on the verge of exhaustion and starvation for such a long period of time Don t pick up this book thinking it will be action packed and battle filled It mainly focuses on the daily sufferings of a soldier There are plenty of close calls and battles but the author dist [...]

    18. I picked this book up at Valley Forge I learned so much about the life of a soldier during the Revolutionary War I know there is no way I could have done what those men did They suffered for my freedom Joseph Martin spent spent 8 years as a soldier He was only 16 when he first joined the army He suffered extreme hunger, nakedness, exposure to the weather and cold He marched for days without rest or food He came near to death many times What a trying time What a miracle America finally won

    19. The story of Joseph Plumb Martin is an incredible account that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interesting in having a better idea of what a soldier s life is like More than just so, the author doesn t escape the idea he is narraring a history book which at times can be tedious and even a boring reading, so he makes sure that his account besides touching sounds hillorious as well I enjoyed so much reading it

    20. Wow What a an amazing book This is a first hand account of the Revolutionary War as told by a lowly, private who helped with the grunt work of the war that won our freedom Such a unique and heart wrenching perspective This is not an ode to General Washington, or a discussion of strategic moves by the contending sides It is just the story of one man s experiences during the war Loved the humor and and the sarcasm sprinkled throughout.

    21. This is a great book It s a quick, easy read, and you really get a good I guess that can be good and bad understanding of the kinds of horrible AND miraculous experiences the soldiers of the Revolutionary War experienced Many experiences he shared were again strong confirmations that this country was prepared and protected by the hand of God for freedom especially and specifically, freedom of religion to be established for all who would serve Him I really enjoyed it.

    22. A firsthand account of the Revolution Written by a soldier from Connecticut who was in the army for the majority of the war Humorous, interesting and sad it s amazing what those men suffered for their country Starving and freezing is an oft repeated phrase.Very similar to Yankee Doodle Boy from what I gather this is a full account It seems like Yankee Doodle Boy is a trimmed down version of this book.

    23. This book took me quite a while to finish it wasn t real easy reading, but it was very worth the effort I feel like I gained a better understanding of what the beginnings of our country were like from the view of an average person And the view short glimpses of George Washington, while not given any special attention, were most interesting.

    24. I can t believe I forgot to add this book Joseph Martin s account of his experiences in the Revolutionary War from Long Island to Yorktown are a must read for any history buff Martin got through the war using his sense of humor, and it comes out pricelessly in his memoirs If I could recommend one book on the American Revolution, it would be this one.

    25. A visit to Yorktown battlefield prior to reading this book made for a much nuanced understanding and appreciation of the narrative provided by Martin Despite the weighty subject, his sense of humor added a lightness to what amounts to an adventure story set in the context of real war and the soldier s trials of hunger, morality, and exposure.

    26. Although often viewed mistakingly as a journal of a revolutionary soldier, it is actually of a memoir as Martin wrote his story after the war Regardless, this is incredibly interesting Plumb Martin fought in the Continental army for the duration of the 7 year war, and he shares some amazing stories about life on the front lines, and some of the high command, including Washington.

    27. I LOVE this book I think my Connecticut Revolutionary War ancestor was probably along with him in these marches and adventures It s new to get the enlisted man s version of life in the Continental Army, to be sure And this guy is funny too, and he would fit right into a family picnic around here.

    28. Joseph Plumb Martin was a young man that served in the Colonial Army during the American Revolution Years later, Marting decided to write down his experiences, which have now become one of the most important sources of information on the experiences of common soldiers It is a very entertaining and eye opening read.

    29. A wonderful historical document, but Martin has no flair for either the dramatic or the humorous and we never get to know anyone who served with him For instance, he goes on for pages about a foraging party in Pennsylvania in 1777 but only a short paragraph or two on the surrender at Yorktown.

    30. Fascinating account of a man who served in the Revolutionary War I was especially impressed with how educated he was The writing is fabulous You will get great insight as to what our soldiers went through during those terrible but necessary days of war.

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