Second Reading: Notable and Neglected Books Revisited

Second Reading: Notable and Neglected Books Revisited By Jonathan Yardley, Second Reading Notable and Neglected Books Revisited For seven years beginning in the Washington Post ran articles by Jonathan Yardley that was modestly subtitled An occasional series in The Post s book critic reconsiders notable and or neglecte
  • Title: Second Reading: Notable and Neglected Books Revisited
  • Author: Jonathan Yardley
  • ISBN: 9781609450083
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • Second Reading: Notable and Neglected Books Revisited By Jonathan Yardley, For seven years, beginning in 2003, the Washington Post ran articles by Jonathan Yardley that was modestly subtitled, An occasional series in The Post s book critic reconsiders notable and or neglected books from the past Yardley s criteria for his selections was admirably informal books I remember with affection and admiration but have not read in many years, books IFor seven years, beginning in 2003, the Washington Post ran articles by Jonathan Yardley that was modestly subtitled, An occasional series in The Post s book critic reconsiders notable and or neglected books from the past Yardley s criteria for his selections was admirably informal books I remember with affection and admiration but have not read in many years, books I would like to encourage others to discover His choices, as one might expect, were eclectic Titles by Hemingway, Steinbeck, Dickens, Carson McCullers, and Anne Tyler rubbed shoulders with books on baseball, football, jazz, and film comedy This trade paperback collects these gems and it arrives with the best possible endorsement It is reading that will inspire you to seek out some of these classics.
    Second Reading: Notable and Neglected Books Revisited By Jonathan Yardley,
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      Jonathan Yardley is a book critic, journalist, and biographer, and the recipient of the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism.From 1981 to 2014, he was chief book critic for the Washington Post, where he combined scathingly frank reviews with an appreciation for new talent He championed the early careers of Michael Chabon, Edward P Jones, and Anne Tyler, among others.In addition to biographies of Ring Lardner and Frederick Exley, Yardley published Our Kind of People The Story of an American Family, a wry memoir about his WASP parents Second Reading, his most recent book, collects the series of Post columns in which he reconsidered notable or neglected books from the past.

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    1. For a long time Jonathan Yardley was my favorite book reviewer He was eventually displaced by Michael Dirda who for years dictated most of my reading His column in the Washington Post Book Review section, back when there was such a section on Sundays, was the first thing I turned to in the newspaper.Yardley has now published a collection of reviews from his column, Notable and Neglected As a librarian ret I love a good bibliography and this is a dandy Yardley calls it an autobiography of a lifet [...]

    2. SECOND READING 2011 Jonathan Yardley .This is a collection of sixty essays by the author that previously appeared in the Sunday edition of The Washington Post between 2003 and 2010 They appeared under the same title as this collection in the book review section Each essay is devoted to a specific book that Yardley considered both notable and neglected There were certainly some surprises here for me, since many of the titles were of books that I considered well known and well read Out of the sixt [...]

    3. In 1981 Jonathan Yardley was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Critciism for his book reviews You can well expect, then, that these are very well written reviews They are also, for the most part, reviews of books he read many times These are 60 of the reviews originally published in a series of articles he did while working for the Washington Post 2003 2010 Over half of the books reviewed are novels, but there is some non fiction as well as a couple of short story collections.One of the things that [...]

    4. Literary criticism is not entertaining It is the mulling of a mind over literary matters And whom it becomes important to are those who do a lot of reading A lonely business, reading Thoughtful reading, especially Here is a second person with something to say about a book that s been read, books in general, and connections that may have escaped us I use literary criticism to broaden and, with a good critic, possibly even deepen the experience of reading.Jonathan Yardley is a Pulitzer Prize winni [...]

    5. What a terrific find I hadn t expected to read this one so close on the heels of a couple of other similar books about books, but when your number comes up in the hold queue there s no choice Yardley s enthusiasm made reading about titles which I doubt I d ever read myself a real adventure over, he does a good job of alternating between well known and obscure authors Definitely recommended

    6. There is a special genre of books beloved to book junkies, and that is the category of books about books The world teems with talented writers but it requires a very specialized talent to render the books of others irresistibly appealing to a general audience There has been a modest plenitude of such titles published over the last century, two older personal favorites being Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Through the Magic Door 1907 and Robertson Davies A Voice From the Attic 1961 Notwithstanding the c [...]

    7. How on earth is one supposed to review a book of book reviews If my reviews are one day collected into a printed edition ha will I be kicking of some crazy infinite recursion of books of reviews of book reviews It s turtles all the way down Anyway, on to the actual book review I liked it Jonathan Yardley is a very engaging writer, even when he basically says the same thing over and over and over again With, I think, three exceptions, his review of a book is as follows This book is amazing, it s [...]

    8. Oh, how I miss my Washington Post subscription and, no, it s not the same reading the paper online Tried Can t If you re looking for some oldies but goodies, many of which you may ve never heard, read Yardley s collection of lively essays praising the notable neglected I m upset only because my to read list has grown to such an extent that I may have to rethink this cloning thing.

    9. It turns out that Yardley and I just don t have similar tastes I had high hopes for this book, but the author had very little to say about the books he wanted to discuss I came away without a strong impression of any of them, much less anything to add to my shelf.

    10. Some great and thoughtful book reviews More at neglectedbooksOnes I read Notes of a Native Son, by James Baldwin The Elements of Style, by William Strunk, E.B White really great review Black Boy, by Richard Wright

    11. This is an excellent book and a joy to read I really have not finished it per se because I keep doing some of my own rereading of it Very nice selection of writers and books some well known, others not so well known If you d like to revisit some books that you have read or take a look at potential books to read, this collection is a nice guide There is also a website in the book for other second reads that were not included in the book Highlights include Dickens and Jerry Kramer s book Instant R [...]

    12. I enjoyed this It s interesting and well done I haven t read most of the books it discusses and I probably never will , but I enjoyed hearing about them Some of the second readings made me want to check out the books myself A small number I even added to GoodReads Obviously I don t want to read them all e.g I don t care how well written it is, a book about baseball is not going to be something I have any interest in I didn t expect to read them all But I really enjoyed the collection.One observa [...]

    13. What a lovely little book and so well written I thoroughly enjoyed this especially the pages on The Great Gatsby , Strunk and White s Elements of Style, and the Bridge of San Luis Rey, which I d really like to read.

    14. I d always thought that, from a book reading perspective, the very best thing to stumble upon was a list of Must Read books from a trusted source wherein one knew and loved 30 40% of the list and hadn t heard of the rest.After finishing Second Reading, I now know that this is the SECOND very best thing far better is finding a book full of beautiful essays from a great lover of books on which ones are worth a re read Because what says must read better than a book one is delighted to read again Wh [...]

    15. I read this book in hopes of finding recommendations, and especially, to discover forgotten writers that I might enjoy Unfortunately, of the 60 books reviewed, Yardley has only persuaded me to try two or three Now to be fair, there were a number of books or authors that he praises that I ve already read Still, I found his enthusiasm for most of the books to be non infectious There are several reviews where he provides an excerpt of the book as an example of peerless prose, and the excerpt left m [...]

    16. I borrowed this from the public library but one could easily have a place to look for ideas about something to read from time to time.This is a collection of relatively short essays published in the Washington Post Book World as they appear in this book, they are usually four to six pages The author is commenting on the pleasures or lack of re reading the sixty books described, but alas I had not read most of them even once.I had a checklist approach to this book, looking through the table of co [...]

    17. I have been asked to review this This however is not that review, just my musing so far The book comes out this month If you like reading books about books this is good stuff Really, really good stuff By turns the reviews are humorous, insightful, accessible, good hearted and bold He dares to say what the single greatest work of American literature is, plus what the single greatest American short story is I won t say which works they are, but you can might be able to guess the first, but probabl [...]

    18. Jonathan Yardley was the book reviewer at the Washington Post until his retirement in 2014 In Second Reading, he revisits books he enjoyed at an earlier time The authors may have fallen into neglect or the book did not rate as well as some of the better known ones The reviews were published between March 2003 and January 2010 Yardley is precise and eloquent about the merits of each book and, he weaves in personal experiences or social and biographical comments to situate the book in its period F [...]

    19. I read a little of this book while Adam was still reading it, and couldn t wait for my chance to steal it.Lots of fun, and thought provoking too I want to read nearly every book Yardley reviews here I m not sure history of baseball is really my thing , and I ve had a great time talking over the reviews with Adam.Not a problem with the book, per se, but a point where I definitely disagree with Yardley to the point where I think he might be deliberately baiting us How can a person dismiss Steinbec [...]

    20. Second Reading is a book about books, and its all about taking a second look at my kind of books Book critic Jonathan Yardley pulls books from his bookshelf that he read twenty, thirty, forty years ago and rereads them Most of these are small books, almost forgotten now, and I love it that he brings his magnifying glass to each of these rather than the big bestsellers that are always in the limelight anyway Yardley s tastes run a bit to suspense and adventure than mine do, but I was still able [...]

    21. Jonathan Yardley has a palpable passion for books.This book is a compilation of his reviews which appeared in the Washington Post over 2003 2010 There is a website he has set up regarding some of these neglectedbooks that include of these published reviews that include novels, non fiction and a few short story collections.Reading each review is a mini lesson in literature I highly recommend picking up this book.

    22. Yardley s compilation of reviews offers an excellent second look at some often overlooked books along with some classics, but it also gave me a first look at some fascinating books I would otherwise have missed completely Not only does he manage to avoid formulaic reviews, but the context he provides for each book is at least as interesting at the books themselves and sometimes even so This book is a must read for avid readers and a terrific tool for book clubs looking for variety.

    23. I think I ve read only 10 of the books Yardley reviewed in Second Reading It made the book hard to read because a if it sounded good, I didn t want to spoil the book for later, and b I didn t have an opinion to contrast Still, a good book to read and I found a number of things to add to my TBR.

    24. I sadly did not feel the intense desire to run back and forth between my wish lists and the book That s what I always hope for when I read reviews of books a writer liked Yardley and I clearly have different tastes, not only in books we did have some overlap but in what we like about them when we like them.

    25. Quite enjoyable easy to put down, pickup, skip around though I ended up reading it all , and mostly, great for discovering some new books that would never have occurred to me Very excited about the new baseball books, especially I enjoyed most when you could tell that he loved the book Even if its not one I want to read, I appreciate when someone falls in love like that.

    26. I don t quite know how to describe this book other than to state the obvious Mr Yardley has reviewed books for the last 40 or so yearsis book is a compilation of those books, often under noticed, that deserve a second reading My to read list has spiked because of it as has my inability to be productive due to so many good titles waiting for my attention

    27. Collection of Jonathan Yardley s series of essays for the Washington Post on re reading favorite books from his past I ve read about a third of his choices, now want to read another third, and have confirmed that I have no interest in the other third Not all of his essays were reprinted in the book but all of them can be read at this great book blog neglectedbooks page_id 315

    28. I only read the reviews of the books I ve read on his list so that s not a lot but I think the concept of the book is greatok reviews read by me catcher in the rye, great Gatsby, Cyrano, and elements of styleI think is a book that you can definitely comeback to.

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