Solo pane

Solo pane By Judi Hendricks Valentina Daniele, Solo pane Dopo un matrimonio finito nel peggiore dei modi possibili e dopo un periodo di totale sconforto e confusione Wyn segue d istinto una traccia che emerge dal passato Il ricordo del felice periodo trasc
  • Title: Solo pane
  • Author: Judi Hendricks Valentina Daniele
  • ISBN: 9788884510617
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Solo pane By Judi Hendricks Valentina Daniele, Dopo un matrimonio finito nel peggiore dei modi possibili e dopo un periodo di totale sconforto e confusione, Wyn segue d istinto una traccia che emerge dal passato Il ricordo del felice periodo trascorso come apprendista panettiera in un paesino della Francia, durante gli anni dell universit Come una reminiscenza proustiana, il profumo del pane appena sfornato in una pDopo un matrimonio finito nel peggiore dei modi possibili e dopo un periodo di totale sconforto e confusione, Wyn segue d istinto una traccia che emerge dal passato Il ricordo del felice periodo trascorso come apprendista panettiera in un paesino della Francia, durante gli anni dell universit Come una reminiscenza proustiana, il profumo del pane appena sfornato in una piccola boulangerie di Seattle per lei un richiamo irresistibile l odore pungente del lievito vivo, il silenzio del lavoro notturno e il calore del forno le fanno capire che per sette anni di matrimonio non mai stata se stessa, ma quello che il marito voleva che lei fosse.
    Solo pane By Judi Hendricks Valentina Daniele,
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      302 Judi Hendricks Valentina Daniele
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    1. Judi Hendricks Valentina Daniele

      Judith Ryan Hendricks was born in San Jose, California, when Silicon Valley was the Santa Clara Valley, better known for orchards than for computer chips Armed with a degree in journalism, she worked as a journalist, copywriter, computer instructor, travel agent, waitress and baker before turning to fiction writing Her experiences at the McGraw Street Bakery in Seattle led to her first novel, Bread Alone and the sequel, The Baker s Apprentice The third book in the series, Baker s Blues, will be published in August 2015.A life long infatuation with the Southwest provided inspiration for Isabel s Daughter and her fourth book, The Laws of Harmony Hendricks fiction has been translated into 12 languages and distributed in than 16 countries worldwide Her nonfiction has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle and Tiny Lights, A Journal of Personal Essay, Grand Gourmet in Italy and The London Sunday Express Her short fiction has appeared in Woman s Weekly in Britain and AMERICAN GIRLS ON THE TOWN, an anthology, in the U.S and U.K She lives in New Mexico with husband Geoff and dog Blue.

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    1. I finished Bread Alone and thought Wow, I loved this book Why did I love this book It is one of those things I really should not have enjoyed as I did There were no huge dramas, conspiracies, or epic adventures In fact, most of it was simple conversations or private thoughts of the heroine, just everyday life There are many bread recipes for crying out loud And I loved every second of it My friend Mel gave it to me to read after I got my heart thoroughly broken Shattered, actually She said that [...]

    2. I really enjoy what I call foodie fiction And this one was a nice engaging read featuring home made bread Endings and the bumpy path to new beginnings came complete with some recipes for the bread featured in the book.And of course there were plenty of the inevitable analogies of bread to life I liked it well enough to continue the story with book number two, The Baker s Apprentice.

    3. Once upon a time I was housebound with a couple boxes of Harlequin Romance novels from the 60 s We had intended to use them as kindling though yes, burning books is very Fahrenheitwhatever.It was the dead of winter in an uninsulated cabin, what can I say except that, trust me, books don t give much heat when you burn them.Anyway, I read the books, all of them, before they went to their dreadful end And I discovered that there were about 6 plots in all 300 books.So, I think maybe there are around [...]

    4. Every now and then you come across a book that feels like it was written just for you, for this moment in your life This is one of those books It was like Ms Hendricks lovingly wrote me a novel, years ago, where it waited all this time until I finally pulled a used copy from a dusty shelf in a second hand store to be read when I would most strongly identify with her story And I did.This novel was a Seattle foodie love letter and I ate it all up in one sitting because it had all the things I love [...]

    5. This book was so hard to get through The first half of the book seriously about 100 pages is boring and nothing really happens Wyn short for Wynter, which is her middle name is dealing with a failed marriage And she mopes And acts selfish and self centered That doesn t change for the entire book She is not a likeable character She s not strong, she doesn t really do anything to make her stand out Was I supposed to feel sorry for her Was I supposed to be rooting for her to find love again and fin [...]

    6. Read June 2008, and at the time wrote Nice weekend read I decided to drop the book at Muddy Waters today rather than try the recipes I have my favorites for all the ones listed already, just lack the time inclination to make them Maybe I ll be inspired now.Don t know why Wyn was so surprised at the whole David vs Mac vs Gary thingyone with half a brain could pick the man most comfortable in his own skin, and with her leading a full and rewarding life.The best part about looking up this review, t [...]

    7. Now, if I went over a synopsis of the book, you might get bored Nothing earth shattering or original happens in the book It s simply a book about life The main character, Wyn, is basically thrown out of her husband s home and life She moves in with a best friend in Seattle to try to re coup She takes a job baking bread and starts to grow.What I loved about this book besides the baking and the recipes was that it was about family, friends, and growth Wyn is a sensible, loving woman who makes frie [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book because it was written so well that it was almost like sharing times with a really good friend The descriptive prose was engaging, at times humorous and in addition created a real sense of involvement with life in a bakery Even bread making recipes are included from time to time The main character Wynter Wyn takes us through all her trials and tribulations as she endeavours to cope with events which almost overwhelm her Her relationships with family, friends including [...]

    9. Yikes I can t think of anyone annoying, in my recent reads, than Wynter what s her name Self centered, self pitying little twerp who deserves a good smack in the head with one of her baguettes The novel is peopled by a host of paper thin characters and the thinnest of plot lines Not for me I did enjoy the recipes They saved the book from a 1 star rating.

    10. I read this while writing a story with a female main character Bread Alone was presented to me as a good example of developing a central female POV character, as done by a female author It showed me what I shouldn t do with my heroine.Wynter is a 32 year old Hancock Park trophy wife who gets dumped by the cheating rich spouse, weathers a series of mostly self inflicted misfortunes, then finds fulfillment making bread in Seattle and bedding a tall dark and handsome bartender Other than the recipe [...]

    11. This book is a must read for anyone who has had to reinvent themselves after being deserted by a spouse The main character Wyn, finds herself alone and abandoned in the cruelest of fashions when her husband David, kicks her out of her home and quickly moves in another woman She digs deep within herself as she finds solace in the menial task of baking bread The story is filled with recipes and illustrations of the bread making trade, both with her current job and those based upon her earlier life [...]

    12. Wyn loves her husband, but find out that he no loves her and actually, he leaves for another girl So 31 years old Wyn find herself alone, without a work, and without a real passion But then there s bread, and making bread is the first step to move from an old, boring life to start a brand new one.What I loved of this book is the fact that it express how simple things can change our life Making bread is, to me, one of the most relaxing thing in life, so I could perfectly understand some of Wyn s [...]

    13. This was a good book Like some reviewers have said, I liked it than I would think but the end could have been as detailed as the plot moves the heroine did begun Quite the view on how to go through a divorce, how tiring it can be and how depressing but life goes on.I d say this is 65% woman s fiction, 35% romance.

    14. Booooring Typical story of the woman who gets dumped by her husband for a exciting woman This one bakes bread to heal and meets another guy and Yupee every thing is super again

    15. Decent story But the protagonist kept making the DUMBEST decisions and I kept getting pissed off at her Also the spacing in the version I read from Scribd was a bit messed up so I got confused a few times.

    16. This book made me sad Not because of the story but the recognition that there is a large volume of women s fiction out there that is just not for me I ve started to read several women s fiction books lately, especially those that have a foodie angle What made me sad was that for many of these books written by women for women, I just couldn t get myself to like the protagonist Yes, of course I wanted the main character to get what she wanted, but there was no passion, no emotional attachment as t [...]

    17. Reading Bread Alone will give you that same warm and peaceful feeling you get the moment you catch the scent of newly baked bread Inhale deeply In this novel, the main character Wynter is faced with her husband s unexpected announcement that their marriage is over Wynter is at a life altering point.She moves from Los Angeles to Seattle, where most of the novel takes place You ll delight in reading about our familiar sights and culture She tries to analyze her life situation and make some decisio [...]

    18. Okay, the ending is predictable Every novel I have read about how a woman copes when her marriage ends has ended in the same way, so no surprises there But other than that this is a very good book, very readable, and almost pornographic in it s descriptions of bread Oh how I wanted to eat some of the bread that she was creating I particularly like the turns of phrase in the book I d quote an example, but I have left the book upstairs The experience of the woman in this book is fairly true to the [...]

    19. This is another one of those books where I was torn between 2 entirely different ratings and had to choose a compromise between the two, but which ends up reflecting neither of my sentiments.I enjoyed the writing style and the recipes in this book though have yet to make any However, the story line, which may be considered to be realistic or even familiar to some, I find to be incredibly damaging The disrespect between certain characters, as well as some poor choices that were made, really impac [...]

    20. This is not a book which will linger within your heart and soul for days or months after reading it, BUT, it is a book well worth reading for the simple yet significant lessons it brings home again growth through adversity, triumph after failure, and heartbreak as a springboard for challenging new beginnings There is no momentous climax or any unique adventure within the story that gives one pause, yet the writing and main character Wynter , someone so credible she could be my sister, neighbor, [...]

    21. Now here s a setting I can hang with the Pacific Northwest Oh how I longed to be a pained divorcee, who could up and leave everything about her current metropolitan life and start anew in a small, rainy town Romance novel Yes, of course it is It has all the makings But it s a pretty damn good recipe Plus, the book is filled with real recipes, from scones to muffins to genuine french bread I actually keep this novel on my kitchen counter with my cookbookshoping to one day pry it open and attempt [...]

    22. Just finished this book and I really, really enjoyed it It made me feel like I wanted to work in a bakery, making all those lovely breads, feel the texture of the dough, smell the yeast This book also has some bread recipes and bread baking tips written into the narration I only had one small quibble with it I was waiting for Wyn to just GET OVER her snake of a husband in spite of the fact she had two nice guys interested in her But she still kept hoping to see him come crawling back to her Othe [...]

    23. I m really surprised because I thought that I would love this book, but I found it rather boring The character talked about bread making or her time in France than she did her marriage, when that was supposed to be what spawned her whole life transformation She talked in detail of the present state of things with her soon to be ex husband, but I felt completely detached of detailed information about her marriage itself The author clearly is a good writer, but I didn t think the story was woven [...]

    24. What an enjoyable read The story about a 31 year old woman who gets dumped by her husband is neither new nor original But in Ms Hendricks capable hands, we are treated to the tale of a wonderful character who comes into her own when she relocates and takes a job at a neighborhood bakery Great secondary characters, witty dialogue and terrific recipes I liked it so much I couldn t wait to dive into the follow up The Baker s Apprentice Treat yourself to two great reads Ms Hendricks has now become o [...]

    25. A 3.5 for me An enjoyable read I desperately wanted to like this than I actually did, particularly since I was intrigued by the subject matter The entire book is well paced with a lot of internal dialogue of the heroine However, this is not surprising considering that we are taking a journey with the heroine as she attempts to redefine her sense of self in her new life The bread recipes peppered throughout the book were a quirky touch I may definitely try one out So why not a higher rating I ge [...]

    26. Really a different kind of romance novel I thoughly enjoyed the passion the heroine has for baking all the characters she meets along the way and her little guest cottage that she fixed up while living behind the old Victorian mansion How s that for getting you interested in reading this first novel by Judi Hendricks

    27. I liked this book I liked reading about a character who was resistant to change, but who adjusted her expectations to suit her altered circumstances I felt immersed in the dampness of the Pacific Northwest, and took joy in the periodic exposure to sun The baking was very appealing to me, and I enjoyed the descriptions of the process immensely.

    28. This book reminded me why I need a good foray into chicklit every now and then While Bread Alone will not be a candidate for the Pulitzer, it was an easy, nostalgic read on a snowy weekend Be warned though, you may find yourself eating large quantities of baked goods, longing to drink champagne with your best friend, craving Van Morrison tunes, and flirting shamelessly with blue collar men.

    29. I felt bad because my boss loaned me this book with such regard, and I just couldn t get through it It s based mostly on a woman going through a sudden divorce, and I really could care less The bits about bread were interesting, but few and far between.

    30. I thought this book was just ok.I didn t like how weak spineless the protagonist was throughout the book.

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