Wings of Love

Wings of Love By Scotty Cade, Wings of Love Devastated after losing his partner of fifteen years to cancer Dr Bradford Mitchell tries to escape the emptiness and loss by leaving his life in Seattle behind Traveling to the Alaskan mountains whe
  • Title: Wings of Love
  • Author: Scotty Cade
  • ISBN: 9781615817320
  • Page: 322
  • Format: ebook
  • Wings of Love By Scotty Cade, Devastated after losing his partner of fifteen years to cancer, Dr Bradford Mitchell tries to escape the emptiness and loss by leaving his life in Seattle behind Traveling to the Alaskan mountains where he and Jeff often vacationed, Brad reconnects with Mac Cleary, the ruggedly handsome and very straight floatplane pilot who had flown them to Hyline Lake many times in thDevastated after losing his partner of fifteen years to cancer, Dr Bradford Mitchell tries to escape the emptiness and loss by leaving his life in Seattle behind Traveling to the Alaskan mountains where he and Jeff often vacationed, Brad reconnects with Mac Cleary, the ruggedly handsome and very straight floatplane pilot who had flown them to Hyline Lake many times in the past Brad and Mac form an unlikely friendship and buy an old log cabin together, and as he and Mac begin to bring the old cabin back to life, Mac watches Brad come back to life as well, stirring emotions in him he s never felt for a man before.When fear, confusion, and a near tragedy threaten to force the two men apart, they ll face some tough questions Can Brad let go of Jeff and the guilt he feels about beginning to care for another man And can Mac deal with his fears of being gay and accept the fact that he is in love with Brad It will be a struggle for both men to keep their heads and hearts intact while exploring what life has to offer.
    Wings of Love By Scotty Cade,
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      Scotty Cade left Corporate America and twenty five years of Marketing and Public Relations behind to buy an Inn Restaurant on the island of Martha s Vineyard with his partner of over twenty years He started writing stories as soon as he could read, but just five years ago for publication When not at the Inn, you can find him on the bow of his boat writing gay romance novels with his Shetland sheepdog Mavis at his side Being from the south and a lover of commitment and fidelity, most of his characters find their way to long healthy relationships, however long it takes them to get there He believes that in the end, the boy should always get the boy.

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    1. Oh, I just loved this book No book has ever made me cry within the first 2 pages before But not in a horrible way to make me put it down I knew the MC s life partner was going to die, but the depth of his loss was expressed so emotionally that I just lost it Kudos to Scotty Cade, he got me hooked right away.I absolutely feel in love with both MCs, Brad and Mac, from the very beginning There was no insta love, which is what shifter mate stories are for, but their love progressed slowly and realis [...]

    2. OMG beautiful I got a story full of class and Scotty s steadfast Jazzdamn Dinah Freaking Washington s September song, and Im gonna live live,live till I die I just love the Sammy Davis version I also got a real Hospital duly noted My heart went straight to Zoe, and her lasting proud statement Scotty OMG auto buy thank you very much

    3. Wings of Love was for sure a good romance, but it had also the feeling of being true, not so pink glasses perspective as many other romances I read First of all the two main characters, Brad and Mac, are not so young, not so old even, but let say they are not new at the love game Brad has recently lost to cancer his partner of 15 years and Mac is a recent widower Mac has already had the time to adapt to the loss of his wife while instead Brad s wound is still fresh when Brad goes back to Alaska, [...]

    4. 3.5 starsBrad Mitchell is a 38 year old doctor who loses his partner of 15 years due to cancer Mac Cleary is a 46 year old pilot who uses to fly Brad and his partner to Hyline Like, Alaska in the past The two bond when Brad decides to stay there, especially because Mac also loses his wife due to cancer The friendship becomes something , when both finds they are attacted to one another Except Mac is straight, he never really looks at men before can he deals with the fact that this time, after his [...]

    5. I have read quite a few romances, ranging from m f, f m m, m f m, and m m yeah that s a lot of s What I have always found fascinating is when I see that a man has written a romance book Somehow I thought that they would be all butch and about sex, not in depth with discussion with their feelings And on the other hand, when I have read female writers writing m m, I sometimes thought, how can she really know how it feels to be gay That character sounds like a chick in a suit So enter Scotty Cade I [...]

    6. This was a great story about some very real men coming to terms with emotionally difficult situations Brad has lost his partner to cancer, and has a hard time dealing with that Mac is beginning to realize he s very attracted to Brad, which confuses him since he thought he was straight.I liked the thoughtful pace of the book, the slow development of friendship, deepening attraction and finally love The setting and descriptions of the Alaskan mountains were beautiful.

    7. Loved this story, it is beautifully written and I read the whole thing in one day I couldn t put it down and I can t wait to start the next in the series.I love to read M M romance, some how they seem romantic than most M F romances out there today or maybe there just different.Brad and Mac were great together, the beginning was hard to read without crying and I wasn t sure if I wanted to continue I m glad I did The story just got better and better as I got further into it I found it a teeny bi [...]

    8. Wow So this book had me tearing up 2 pages in We know from the blurb that Brad is mourning the loss of his long term partner, but the emotion and pain for Jeff dying is written so beautifully that I couldn t help but cry Brad decides he needs to get away from everything so he takes off to Alaska where he and Jeff used to go often He finds the pilot that always flew them and who had become a friend and who had lost his wife a few years earlier and their friendship grows through their grief Eventu [...]

    9. Bradford Mitchell s lover, Jeff succumbs to his long battle with cancer and the devastation sets the tone for Wings of Love Brad goes to Alaska, a place he and Jeff enjoyed together both loved It s the one place he feels closer to his lover and can also hide away from concerned freiends and family and try and deal with his grief Mac Cleary, a pilot and widower, who knows first hand what loss of a loved one is like, becomes fast friends with Brad Not only do they share the loss of their lovers th [...]

    10. I loved this book This is a story about loss of loved ones and the journey to a happy and fulfilling life.Grab your tissues readersBrad and Mac started their relationship as friends, this friendship developed into something even though they would not acknowledge this Mac struggled with his decisions and feelings, as he was traveling into unchartered territory and Brad was than willing to teach him the ropes And I must add, Brad is an absolute sweetheart I loved traveling this journey with Brad [...]

    11. Love happens, and sometimes in very unexpected quarters as Brad and Mac find out Brad has just lost the man in his life and in an attempt at recovery flies to his favorite spot in Alaska Mac lost his wife several years ago but is really still going through the motions of his life when Brad shows up needing a flight into the interior An unlikely pair in an unlikely situation who find that just maybe they need each other to heal A very compelling read that keeps you turning the pages from beginnin [...]

    12. This book is bad and stupid and stupid The dialogue is bad The characters are two dimensional The writing is cliche and cheesy Oh, and it is a bi phobic gay for you storywhich is always such a pleasure to read At one point I had to put my kindle down so I could literally bang my head against the couch because the story was so over the top cringe worthy clicheis book is bad and stupid and not worth your time or money000000000000000001 stars

    13. Ok, so I was crying before I even finished the prologue and I knew I was going to be on an emotional roller coaster ride with this story and I was right.Mac the straight pilot who lost his wife about 6 years ago and Brad the openly gay man that just lost his partner of 15 years to cancer do not seem like they would be the couple in this story but they so are After Brad lays his partner to rest he decides to go to Alaska where they vacationed to feel closer to him, upon his first day there he stu [...]

    14. My Review I bought this book on a high recommendation from a friend While I enjoyed it, I didn t enjoy it quite as much as she did The premise is interesting one guy, Brad, who s gay and his partner of fifteen years just died of cancer the other guy, Mac, who s in his 40 s, been straight his entire life, but can commiserate with Brad because his wife died They ve both suffered catastrophic loss and bond and become friends over that commonality To the point, where they decide to buy a very remote [...]

    15. Scotty Cade s Wings of Love story starts off with the death of Bradford Mitchell s long time partner, Jeff Devastated by grief, Brad goes to the place Jeff and he loved Alaska Once there he finds friendship with bush pilot Mac Cleary, a widower, whose never really gotten over the loss of his wife 14 years earlier As the two men grow closer, Mac realizes the feelings he has for Brad aren t just platonic and they decide to explore their attraction to one another.Wings of Love is a heartfelt romanc [...]

    16. This was like 2.5 for me The premise for the story was a good one but the MCs felt flat and the chemistry was not really thereI didn t really feel the heat they were supposed to have I am all for slow building romances but there was a lot of telling rather than developing and that always gets old after a while I don t care for it when MCs weep that is the word the author uses , a little weeping goes along way seems to be a lot of weeping and tears trickling and eyes welling in the 2nd half as t [...]

    17. Wings of Love has a lot going for it I loved that the two MC are older, Mac is 46 and Brad is 38 It s refreshing to read about gay men with a few miles on them The pace of the story is on the slower end of the spectrum, but it works well and adds to the story The story takes place in one of my favorite places, Alaska, and living as Brad and Mac did in a small off the grid cabin high in the mountains has always been a fantasy of mine I m ready to go, but I have to find the guy who s got the same [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this first story in the Love series It s about loss but also about finding love again I loved Brad and Mac together I lived in Alaska for three years and it s a beautiful place if you can ever get there It gets really cold but still beautiful

    19. 3.5 4 Stars I thought the idea behind this book was a good one as was the story I think for me the dialogue was just too basic I like deeper I guess.

    20. I tried I really did I wanted to like this story, but it tore me to pieces Not only did the MC s narrate the book and TELL me what was happening, but I also just didn t really like the story Allow me to explain This story takes place in Alaska at what is apparently a remote lodge I may be wrong, but it appears to me based on this story that Scotty Cade has never been to Alaska I live in Alaska See the problem I think when people are intimately familiar with elements that an author is writing abo [...]

    21. This was okay.The emotional punch in the beginning was the most powerful.I know it had been 6 months, before they started to explore a relationship, but it didn t feel like it It felt like it had only been a couple week after the death of his partner So that was a little weird for me.Still, I liked their relationship progress.I did think that the OMG you almost died, resolution was a bit of a cop out worked, it just felt to easy and convenient This is not a negative review It s not glowing, but [...]

    22. Gerry B s Book Reviews gerrycan.wordpressThe above blurb fairly well covers the outline of Wings of Love by Scotty Cade Dreamspinner Press, 2011 , and so I can get right to my views.I particularly enjoy wilderness settings, especially in and around Alaska and the Yukon Territory There is something inherently masculine about them, as well as primitive, and so these make an ideal setting for an M M story In this regard the author did not disappoint with his choice of Brad and Mac, two fairly hunky [...]

    23. Originally reviewed for The Book VixenIn a Nutshell Highly enjoyable MM romance with two mature leads finding love together in the Alaskan wilderness Just my kind of book Why I Read this Book The synopsis and cover totally captured my attention Additionally, I m searching out MM romance that is written by men as I find them story less erotica than some female authored MM.What I Liked I love both Brad and Mac They re both in their forties and have full lives with good and bad life experiences be [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book, just what I was in the mood for fabulous characters, lots of love and a bit of drama thrown in Brad is devastated after losing his partner of fifteen years to cancer He runs to the place where he and Jeff had spent many a wonderful holiday The location is an isolated cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, a few miles from the lodge where they used to stay.Mac runs his own business, flying guests to the remote lodge in his floatplane He knew Brad and Jeff casually and unders [...]

    25. I flew through this book it was a quick and easy read Dr Bradford Mitchell just lost his beloved partner to cancer The truly sucky part Brad is an oncologist Devastated by the loss and by his inability to save his partner within his own specialty, Brad sells his practice and goes to the one place where he and Jeff were always happy Alaska Hiline lake is a place where they often vacationed and had dreams about one day retiring They also made some friends there Jake and Zander, the owners of the l [...]

    26. This is the first book I have read by Scotty Cade and by the time I finished I was determined to read all of his books He has a wonderful way of writing real, grown up characters who are very likeable We first meet Brad Mitchell as he is going through the heartbreak of losing his life partner to cancer after 15 years together Scotty Cade drew me in and made me care about Brad from the very first page of the book and I was hooked.After his partner dies Brad decides to go to Alaska, a place they b [...]

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