A View of the Harbour

A View of the Harbour By Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Waters, A View of the Harbour Jane Austen Elizabeth Taylor Barbara Pym Elizabeth Bowen soul sisters all Anne TylerIn the faded coastal village of Newby everyone looks out for and in on each other and beneath the deceptively s
  • Title: A View of the Harbour
  • Author: Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Waters
  • ISBN: 9781844083225
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • A View of the Harbour By Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Waters, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Pym, Elizabeth Bowen soul sisters all Anne TylerIn the faded coastal village of Newby, everyone looks out for and in on each other, and beneath the deceptively sleepy exterior, passions run high Beautiful divorcee Tory is painfully involved with her neighbour, Robert, while his wife Beth, Tory s best friend, is consumed by th Jane Austen, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Pym, Elizabeth Bowen soul sisters all Anne TylerIn the faded coastal village of Newby, everyone looks out for and in on each other, and beneath the deceptively sleepy exterior, passions run high Beautiful divorcee Tory is painfully involved with her neighbour, Robert, while his wife Beth, Tory s best friend, is consumed by the worlds she creates in her novels, oblivious to the relationship developing next door Their daughter Prudence is aware, however, and is appalled by the treachery she observes Mrs Bracey, an invalid whose grasp on life is slipping, forever peers from her window, constantly prodding her daughters for news of the outside world And Lily Wilson, a lonely young widow, is frightened of her own home Into their lives steps Bertram, a retired naval officer with the unfortunate capacity to inflict lasting damage while trying to do good.
    A View of the Harbour By Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Waters,
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      Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Waters

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    1. Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Waters

      Elizabeth Taylor n e Coles was a popular English novelist and short story writer Elizabeth Coles was born in Reading, Berkshire in 1912 She was educated at The Abbey School, Reading, and worked as a governess, as a tutor and as a librarian.In 1936, she married John William Kendall Taylor , a businessman She lived in Penn, Buckinghamshire, for almost all her married life.Her first novel, At Mrs Lippincote s, was published in 1945 and was followed by eleven Her short stories were published in various magazines and collected in four volumes She also wrote a children s book.Taylor s work is mainly concerned with the nuances of everyday life and situations, which she writes about with dexterity Her shrewd but affectionate portrayals of middle class and upper middle class English life won her an audience of discriminating readers, as well as loyal friends in the world of letters.She was a friend of the novelist Ivy Compton Burnett and of the novelist and critic Robert Liddell.Elizabeth Taylor died at age 63 of cancer.Anne Tyler once compared Taylor to Jane Austen, Barbara Pym and Elizabeth Bowen soul sisters all, in Tyler s words In recent years new interest has been kindled by movie makers in her work French director Francois Ozon, has made The Real Life of Angel Deverell which will be released in early 2005 American director Dan Ireland s screen adaptation of Taylor s Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont came out in this country first in 2006 and has made close to 1 million A British distributor picked it up at Cannes, and the movie was released in England in 2009.

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    1. Elizabeth Taylor demuestra en esta novela tener un maravilloso don para la introspecci n y la creaci n de personajes tan v vidos como intrincados Sirvi ndose de una pintoresca localidad pesquera como escenario y los primeros a os tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial como contexto hist rico, Taylor despliega ante el lector un lienzo donde se suceden de manera sutil y siempre significativa hermosos brochazos que nos permiten acceder a los rincones m s secretos de sus habitantes Desde un oficial de la ma [...]

    2. I live in one harbour town, I work in another, and Elizabeth Taylor swept me away to another harbour town in another age To Newby, a small town on the south coast just after the war.Bertram Hemingway, a retired naval man, was a newcomer to the town He intended to spend his days painting views of the harbour He enjoyed the company of women, he enoyed being involved in the life of the town, but he gave no thought to the possibility that some would read much than he meant into the interest he show [...]

    3. This is my third Elizabeth Taylor novel and I think so far this must be the best of the bunch so far As in the previous novels written by this author it deals with the theme of loneliness In a nutshell the story is an observation of occupants within a small row of buildings in a coastal fishing town I could warm to all the characters in this novel even Mrs Bracey, who from the outset could be seen as a nosy busybody, however as the story developed I really sympathised for her having to spend her [...]

    4. My third Taylor not as good as Mrs Palfrey, but better than Angel It s about the everyday family and romantic entanglements of a small English harbor village in the 1940s Beth is a preoccupied writer who doesn t notice that her husband, the local doctor, is carrying on an affair with her best friend, the divorc e Tory, who is also their next door neighbor Only Beth and Robert s daughter Prudence, true to her name, realizes what s going on Other main characters include a paralyzed woman on her de [...]

    5. Taylor is one of the least sentimental writers I know, and that s a good thing because sentimentality irritates the crap out of me She knows people are pretty sad and messed up and shallow and selfish and foolish most of the time, and she sees them with a steely clarity that can be a bit disconcerting at times She also feels no compunction to tidy up all her narrative threads there are no clear answers or tidy conclusions in this book, just people muddling on with things As we do but as fictiona [...]

    6. Interesting, he observed, what two people can make of the same view We all see places a bit different to what the next man does So, what other readers see in this book A brilliant study of a human loneliness A moving story about perfectly not perfect people Photo album with caught magic in every day life I see it all in this great book I am so much touched that is almost hard to write all I want to.Someone could say it is just a story about a sleepy town, somewhere on English coast, someday shor [...]

    7. He disfrutado mucho leyendo este libro, mi primer contacto con Elizabeth Taylor Me quedo con ganas de descubrir m s novelas y personajes de la autora.

    8. Read as part of the Elizabeth Taylor centenary celebrations of the Librarything Virago group fellow virago readers beware spoilers ahead.A View of the Harbour was Elizabeth Taylor s third published novel The setting is a delight, a rather down at heel seaside town, with a wonderful cast of characters There is the invalided and irascible Mrs Bracey and her two daughters, lonely, widowed Lily Watson, living above the waxworks, who goes to The Anchor to break up the evening Beth a writer living wit [...]

    9. Excellent Have been meaning to read Elizabeth Taylor for years and am so glad that I did finally get round to it This is a fabulous masterclass in brilliant writing Of all the 35 ish books I ve read this year, this is probably the most elegantly written, while remaining totally accessible The lives of a group of people in a small seaside town just after WWII might not seem the most promising material with which to work, but in Taylor s expert hands it sings.Anyone considering a career in writing [...]

    10. Miraculous technique The sweep of the lighthouse becomes the mover of the novel It compels the structure a series of fluidly interlinked scenes from lives in a backwater of the British coast and the circling progression of the novel There s something of Woolf in the structure, though not in the wonderfully wrought but conventional prose.I did not always find the psychology of the characters compelling, but the novel s quiet, shifting movement fascinated me throughout.

    11. I ve never read nor even heard of Taylor not the actress before and I was pleasantly surprised Taylor seems to fall into a category of crusty classed stuffy British authors that I ve always tended to avoid like Waugh or Amis , but she is anything but In fact, it s hard to pin her down by way of comparison Maybe the film Short Cuts Harbour is a sprawling but tight panoramic tale of the mostly unlikeable people living in a mostly anonymous English seaside town that lives in the shadow of its moder [...]

    12. La vista del porto del titolo non si riferisce solamente al quadro che Bertram, ufficiale della marina in pensione, cerca di dipingere, ma anche all affresco dell autrice dell umanit che popola la cittadina costiera di Newby Bertram qui perch vuole reinventarsi come pittore, ma finisce con il prestare pi attenzione ai suoi nuovi vicini di casa che alle sue creazioni artistiche, e la sua attenzione funge da catalizzatore per tutta una serie di situazioni Come dice Simon nella sua bella recensione [...]

    13. Elizabeth Taylor needs to be shouted about A twentieth century Jane Austen and so say all my book group.

    14. About a small, English beach town fading in post War modernity In so far as there s a plot, it revolves around an affair and the ways in which said affair affects the town s various persona an aging sailor, an elderly gossip, a miserable widow, a couple of other people, but really this is one of these books in which very, very little seems to happen I quite like Taylor, her novel Angel is a lot of fun and her collection of short stories that NYRB released has one of my all time favorite horror s [...]

    15. Elizabeth Taylor s A View of the Harbour is another of the gorgeous books which I received for Christmas I very much adored Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont, and heartily enjoyed A Game of Hide and Seek, and so it was only natural that I would have high hopes for the novel Sarah Waters introduction in this volume is clearly sympathetic towards the author, and is very nicely written It is always refreshing, I think, to have an author who is so enthused about the book which they are introducing, and f [...]

    16. What a lot of unhappy people inhabit the fishing village chosen as the setting of Elizabeth Taylor s A View from the Harbour Loneliness and disappointment seep out from almost every house that sits on the sea front Even the town of Newby seems in its twilight years with few visitors since the focus moved to the new town around the point All that s left is a furniture shop with chipped china, a tobacconist whose windows are full of faded postcards and gifts that no one wants to buy, a wax works t [...]

    17. This is a wonderful book Elizabeth Taylor deserves to be widely read particularly by anyone who enjoys Barbara Pym, Anita Brookner or even Jane Austen so acutely does she observe her characters and with such biting humour There are no earth shattering events in this novel it is an observation of a small community in a decaying seaside town and the effect the arrival of one elderly man has on the small group Taylor focuses on Even that slightly overstates it he simply provides a lens through wh [...]

    18. Nothing wrong with this, it just took me a long time to read it It didn t hold my attention enough to get through it at any reasonable pace, and it wasn t uninteresting enough to put down Faint praise I know There was one very good storyline with good characters Tory having an affair with her best friend Beth s husband, and Beth s daughter Prudence s take on it and another storyline with Maisie and her dying mother that didn t go anywhere much that I could see the book didn t quite seem to be ba [...]

    19. Wow Amazing writing and storytelling A lot like Alice Munro in revealing the quiet but passionate lives of her characters Deeply feminist in that wonderful historical way First published in 1947 and reissued by New York Review Books last year I highly recommend So smart and nuanced.

    20. How beautifully crafted and rich this book is It is a rare pleasure to read Elizabeth Taylor s novels I am committed to going back and reading those I ve already read A real joy to read such subtle writing.

    21. This is an enjoyable read despite having very few likeable characters and having the quite depressing setting of a post war shabby coastal town in England.

    22. Delightful, if a little quirky and not exactly happy Set in a seaside town in the immediate post war period Some of the characters are not very likeable, but well drawn Not sentimental at all but there is a lot of quiet heartbreak here The two children are particularly enjoyable Edward s letters home from his first year away at school, and the doctor s younger daughter Beth the novelist spends a lot of time writing about funerals, but when she has the opportunity actually to go to one she is hor [...]

    23. One reaches the end of A View of the Harbour with a vaguely discontented, oh, surely not It seems that Elizabeth Taylor, the creator god of shabby quayside Newby with its four women, four girls, and two men and two boys, could have ordered things better Could have not left such a muddle On the other hand, why ought she when the Creator God of our own world doesn t seem to deign it necessary When you look at the closing scene again, it then seems a tidy stitch up Perhaps it is perhaps it isn t If [...]

    24. 3.75It doesn t seem like very much happens in this book, but it actually does It s my kind of book, but it left me quite empty, so that s why three stars I enjoyed Taylor s writing and I look forward to reading other novels by her but This novel is about a small town in the coast, now in decay, and it starts with the arrival of Bertram Hemingway a former sailor and now fully dedicated to painting, without much success to this little town I really loved how Taylor describes de characters, how the [...]

    25. Sometimes you want to read a straightforward, down to earth, unpretentious novel, and this is such a book Carefully drawn portraits of unremarkable people in an unremarkable seaside town form the backbone of an entirely remarkable novel The writing is quiet and subdued, but gradually draws the reader into its world The theme of art and artistry is woven through the book, as well as the pervading beauty of loneliness Although this book has very little in common with The Waves, it shares Woolf s f [...]

    26. This is an interesting book to read.It is set in a Cornish harbour town not long after the second world war.It portrays a picture of a certain time.It is fairly slow moving but I suspect the characters will stay with me for a long time.Elizabeth Taylor is a good author and if you like her perhaps well known books then you will also like to read this to find out about her as an author possible mild spoiler in next sentence if you havent read the book I like the ending at the very end you can so [...]

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