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Body & Soul By Frank Conroy, Body Soul From the author of Stop Time and Midair comes a dazzling virtuoso novel The poor lonely son of a taxi driver mother is transformed by the gift of a piano that takes him from the drawing rooms of the
  • Title: Body & Soul
  • Author: Frank Conroy
  • ISBN: 9780395519462
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Body & Soul By Frank Conroy, From the author of Stop Time and Midair comes a dazzling virtuoso novel The poor, lonely son of a taxi driver mother is transformed by the gift of a piano that takes him from the drawing rooms of the rich and powerful to a performance at Carnegie Hall.
    Body & Soul By Frank Conroy,
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    1. Frank Conroy

      Frank Conroy was an American author, born in New York, New York to an American father and a Danish mother He published five books, including the highly acclaimed memoir Stop Time, published in 1967, which ultimately made Conroy a noted figure in the literary world The book was nominated for the National Book Award.Conroy graduated from Haverford College, and was director of the influential Iowa Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa for 18 years, from 1987 until 2005, where he was also F Wendell Miller Professor He was previously the director of the literature program at the National Endowment for the Arts from 1982 1987.Conroy s published works included the moving memoir Stop Time a collection of short stories, Midair a novel, Body and Soul, which is regarded as one of the finest evocations of the experience of being a musician a collection of essays and commentaries, Dogs Bark, but the Caravan Rolls On Observations Then and Now and a travelogue, Time and Tide A Walk Through Nantucket His fiction and non fiction appeared in such journals as The New Yorker, Esquire, GQ, Harper s Magazine and Partisan Review He was named a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French government.In addition to writing, Conroy was an accomplished jazz pianist, winning a Grammy Award in 1986 His book Dogs Bark, But the Caravan Rolls On Observations Then and Now includes articles that describe jamming with Charles Mingus and with Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman The latter session occurred when Conroy was writing about the Rolling Stones for Esquire Conroy had arrived at a mansion for the interview, found nobody there, and eventually sat down at a grand piano and began to play Someone wandered in, sat down at the drums, and joined in with accomplished jazz drumming then a fine jazz bassist joined in They turned out to be Watts and Wyman, whom Conroy did not recognize until they introduced themselves after the session.Conroy died of colon cancer on April 6, 2005, in Iowa City, Iowa, at the age of 69.Source enpedia wiki Frank_Co

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    1. Reading this evolution of a music prodigy pianist and eventually a composer who was born into a seemingly hopeless family situation was an ecstatic experience The reasons for that are beyond my ability or desire to articulate But I do want to say that, for some people, this book may be a magic pill There is something healing about reading a story a fantasy of good luck really that could so easily be hopeless, turned into something else because of a fantastical parade of good people who actually [...]

    2. A magnificent novel a rare portrayal of the redemptive role of music in the life of a troubled child youth It s actually a double story of redemption, and in a rare occurrence in contemporary fiction a story of redemption that actually focuses on the redemption rather than on what the lives are redeemed FROM The boy who is the main character is redeemed by music and by a mentor from a life of neglect by his single mother, who is herself a very troubled soul Meanwhile, the mentor a Holocaust surv [...]

    3. Reading Conroy s piano prodigy story had many elements I savored, but there was some skimming in the technical piano passages, reducing a potential A five star to a solid B Body and Soul is a potential re read, and led me to reread Queen s Gambit.The Queen s Gambit11 30 17 Beginning a re read Here s how it starts His first view of the outside was through the small, fan shaped window of the basement apartment He would climb up on the table and spend hours peering through the bars at the legs and [...]

    4. I guess I can t get enough of beautifully written bildungsromans I loved the journey this book took me on It s an old fashioned great read, a big novel with quirky characters, requisite and wonderful coincidences, and a sweep of decades It s a book that takes you through one person s life a creative genius, a musician Anyone with a creative fire will appreciate the inner workings of the protagonist s mind.Favorite quotes It was nothing less than the infinite story of life, and he attended Anythi [...]

    5. A friend lent me this book, describing it as grotesquely uplifting The style is very casual and easy to get through, reading like a novel directed towards teens, and does not generally stray into philosophical insight too often However, I find a great number of the ideas useful, but to what is likely a minority audience To me, the most important aspects are lessons that Claude Rawlings, the main character, has with his piano teachers As a pianist, I am intrigued at how these may be applied and i [...]

    6. What a wonderful read This book was reccomended to me by a bookseller from Wellesley Booksmith, a local indi bookstoreI am so grateful If you enjoy broad sweeping storytelling, Manhattan in the 40s,50s and early 60s, and music this is absolutely the book for you The story follows the growth and emergence of Claude into a world renowned composer and pianist His beginning life is fraught with much difficulty and abandonment but through the kindness of others, particularly the ever so kind and lovi [...]

    7. It was a bit like being on a bicycle journey with a slow puncture and arriving with a totally flat tyre It was the writing style so dull and lack lustre It was easy to read but there was no passion.Here is a satire Claude I am going to hit you around the head with a baseball bat Oh right, okay Then Claude I am going to pull every single one of your fingernails out You are, and then I will sit down and try to play the piano and will be mildly surprised that it hurts His life changed for ever.Real [...]

    8. I was recommended this book by an employee at Barnes and Noble, and it is the one worthwhile recommendation I ve ever received there I read this book usually twice a year, and bought a second copy because the first copy fell apart from lending it out so much If I meet someone and find out they are a reader, I immediately tell them to read this book It is such an involving and uplifting story that any person who can read English will enjoy it, regardless of whether or not you like music My main d [...]

    9. Amazing writer Conroy is a writer I would read regardless of the story he s telling because his style is so wonderful He wants to write about a genius musician growing up in the New York of the 1940s Great I m there He wants to write about walking down the street and catching a bus, I ll be there too More than a few of the passages from the book had me re reading them over and over Claude s story may not have been earth shattering, but Conroy s technical skills with the written word delivering C [...]

    10. Reviewed on wwadallday and can be viewed on under my page A wonderful book about a musician, about America in the mid twentieth century, about resilience For music lovers, lovers of musicians, and book lovers.

    11. My girlfriend handed me Body and Soul very shortly after we met I had recently moved out to New York and was blazing headlong into my first, feverish and consuming love affair with the city and this girl I found in it She said that from all she had already learned about me, that she was going to give me a book that she was sure I would love Aside from the fact that the book arrived at a great time in my life, and in such romantical circumstances as many of our cherished books do there was a real [...]

    12. This book remains one of my favorite books Conroy s ability to describe childhood is dead on, his descriptions of period New York City bring it to life, and the book has a reputation as being one of the finest descriptions of what it is like to be a musician.I love very nearly everything about the book Even after reading it many times, I still have to pause and put it down periodically after a particular phrase or passage strikes me.If the book has a weakness for me, it is in Conroy s inability [...]

    13. This book was recommended to me as a life changer by a friend I thought it started off really well, but lost steam, for me, about 2 3 of the way through But those beginning oarts, wow It s a sort of rags to riches story, with self awareness and a lot of luck thrown in The story begins when Claude is six, often left home, while his mother earns her living driving a cab I loved the view of New York City from ankle level via the window of the basement apartment, where Claude is locked in to be kept [...]

    14. What a beautiful, beautiful book Claude is a musical prodigy and is nurtured by some of the best teachers in the world, though he has little understanding of his talent or that he has happened into some remarkable luck He comes from nothing his mother is a cab driver and he has no knowledge of who his father might be, and his talent takes him into worlds that wouldn t be accessible to him otherwise He experiences the world with innocence and learns quickly that his life isn t necessarily like ot [...]

    15. Body and Soul is the first novel I ve read that deftly and eloquently captures music on the page Not just what it s like to listen to music although of course that s in there too but what it s like to be inside the music, learning to play it, playing it, mastering it, composing it Conroy follows Claude Rawlings from young autodidact to superstar piano soloist and budding composer, and along the way draws a beautiful, gritty portrait of New York City in the 40s, London in the 60 s and various pla [...]

    16. I can see why Body and Soul received the BEST BOOK award in 1993 by Publishers Weekly Its the coming of age story of 6 year old Claude Rawlings He lives in a basement apartment in NYC with his taxi driver mother He s home along most of the time and watches the people s feet as they walk by the living room window He starts playing the piano and that s when this story and his life begin There are several places where he really gets into it , his music where only musicians would understand what he [...]

    17. Body Soul was a rags to riches tale, set in the 1940s New York The protagonist, a gifted piano player, rises to fame starting from an out of tune piano in his alcoholic mother s apartment, works his way through several piano teachers sexually ambiguous, fat and brilliant, a gentle but haunted Jewish man a socially profitable but unhappy marriage, and finally to his destiny He was pronounced changed forever many times throughout I thought Conroy did a great job invoking New York in all its chaoti [...]

    18. This is my favorite book The characters are multi dimensional, real and intriguing A great lesson I learned from Conroy is he gradually peels back the layers of a character over the course of the novel, no one is splat before the reader upfront Very realistic And effective.His writing is concise, clear He is a true wordsmith telling so much in so little and so well I fell in love with his writing due to one sentence in Mid Air, and I then I had to read everything he wrote.Also, the plot is caref [...]

    19. After several friends called and said This book has your name on it I was compelled to read what, in my view, was a total gem Yes s a page turner YesI couldn t put it down from the very first sentence As the main character is first seen, a lonely boy with an artist s soul.e reader gets to witness his transformation as a musician, a thinker, and one who struggles against his own sense of existential lonliness as he seeks a sense of identity Read it if you love music Read it if you don t Don t wor [...]

    20. I loved this book My test for a good book is that I want to read it quickly and then I don t want it to be over because I will miss it It passed my test I miss Claude and his world I was given this book by an adult piano student years ago but never was in the right mood for it I should not have waited so long to read it You do not have to be a pianist to understand and appreciate the characters but since I am a pianist I could relate to Claude He is a piano prodigy back in the 1940s in New York [...]

    21. Wow I read this long book through within a few days, hardly wanting to put it down It s a post WW2 book about a boy born to a very poor family in New York He has an extraordinary musical gift and is helped along the way by a number of very generous people From a musical point of view, it s pretty technical In fact, the music becomes a character in its own right, fully equal to the other characters I had a stray thought that the main character might be autistic or have Asperger s he s that intens [...]

    22. This is a beautifully written and researched book, containing detailed descriptions of what goes on in the mind of a musical prodigy as he learns, thinks about, responds to, or plays music It is also a coming of age story, telling about the life of Claude Rawlings from the time he is a very small boy until he is an established adult talent I found the book very engrossing and gorgeous in detail and desciption I can t wait to give it to my daughter, who is a pianist also Highly recommended.

    23. Let me first say that I liked this book It read well, was fun and was pretty true in musical terms at least to my knowledge The author painted a good picture of New York in the 40s and the struggles of any artist, musician or other I also felt like the book was very predictable Nothing major ever shocked me It was almost a diluted version of one of my favorite books, The Fountianhead Replacing architecture with music and loosing all the tension of a man with his own ideas against the world.

    24. I really liked this book in fact I read it until 4 00 in the morning The author was head of the Iowa City Writer s workshop It s fascinating I think to anyone who likes music and not just someone like me who has studied music Takes place in Brooklyn and at age 6 is in the apartment alone while his mother drives a cab His loneliness compels him to explore the piano in his bedroom and that is just the beginning

    25. a good story thus far about the power of passion, in this case for the piano, and especially interesting to those musically inclined Frank Conroy is a great writer and creates an omnicient sense of the continuity of time past the end of the story I find myself wondering is happening to Claude now.

    26. This was a compelling novel and Conroy is a very good writer I liked all the musical vocabulary but I m not sure everyone would The world of New York City in the 1940s seemed true to life and a little boy s insecurities were very believable.The later events as he is grown were a little too expected but the ending leaves lots to think about and discuss.

    27. The first third of this book is wonderful If you didn t learn and love the circle of fifths in music class, don t read past page 150 or so because you ll be completely entrenched in music speak The characters fade away into the technicalities of keys, clefs, and trebles only a music nerd can appreciate It s one of the rare books that I didn t finish once I started reading it.

    28. Body and Soul reminded me of novels I read in my teens by authors such as Somerset Maugham tender, I guess, and incandescent Claude s early years, spent in the basement miasma of his mother s dispair, were especially well done There was a muted quality to the emotions throughout the entire book except for one quiet, bubble burst of sadness when he read paragraph 23.

    29. This should be required reading It became a very emotional read once I became fully immersed around halfway Amazing character development, and the relationship between Claude and his teacher was just touching beyond words This book will stay with me a long time.

    30. Hmmm, while this is a well written and well researched book, I just don t get the rave reviews The detail was excruciating and the plot thin The only aspect of the story I enjoyed following throughout was the father and son relationship between Claude and Weisfeld In summary YAWN.

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