The New Foxe's Book Of Martyrs

The New Foxe's Book Of Martyrs By John Foxe, The New Foxe s Book Of Martyrs Updated In Modern Language More captivating than any novel this work shows the amazing grace of God that came to countless Christians at the moment of their martyrdom
  • Title: The New Foxe's Book Of Martyrs
  • Author: John Foxe
  • ISBN: 9780882706726
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New Foxe's Book Of Martyrs By John Foxe, Updated In Modern Language More captivating than any novel, this work shows the amazing grace of God that came to countless Christians at the moment of their martyrdom.
    The New Foxe's Book Of Martyrs By John Foxe,
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    1. John Foxe

      John Foxe was born at Boston, in Lincolnshire, in 1516, and died April 8, 1587 He is most famous for is publication of Foxe s Acts and Monuments of the Christian Church commonly known as Foxe s Book of Martyrs.

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    1. There is only one word that springs to mind on concluding a book like this grateful I am grateful that none of these terrible things have happened to me.t This classic book documents Christian martyrs through the centuries There are some updated chapters running to the publication in 1997 The details are gruesome but factual, they are not sensationalised They don t need to be as the terrible things that were done to some of these faithful people are shocking enough Why read a book like this The [...]

    2. I m learning what it means to truly stand for what you believe in, and that Christianity will not die no matter what Many men of power have hated true christianity and all those who followed Jesus Christ and His principles And they tried in vain to use their power and influence to erase christianity and the memory of it from the earth Men of power even today try to get rid of christianity through many means Some may use the means of execution and physical torture for any captured followers of Ch [...]

    3. Whoa This book blew my mind, in the best way possible Normally I am very disturbed by scary or gruesome details, but for some reason this book did not bother me in that way and I was able to go on reading, and in fact, be incredibly edified by the stories I suppose that in my mind, if suffering is explicitly for the gospel it feels different And indeed I felt strengthened by the stories of those saints who have gone before me I truly had no idea of the extent of the persecution for a thousand ye [...]

    4. The Renaissance of the fifteenth through sixteenth centuries, generally thought of in glowing terms of cultural and artistic re birth, had its dark side The development of political absolutism, which Niccolo Machiavelli prescribed in The Prince, combined with the crisis of the Reformation led to many shameful episodes of religious intolerance and butchery The Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, the Saint Bartholomew s Day Massacre, the anti popes, and England s Marian Persecutions have tainted, i [...]

    5. As a new Christian, a teenager, in 1969 I read Foxe s Book of Martyrs Those powerful stories ignited me, raised the bar of my commitment to Christ, and gave me a love for persecuted Christians I pray this wonderful book from Voice of the Martyrs will do the same for countless readers Hebrews 11 is still being written throughout the world may we learn from those stories And, empowered by Christ, may we live in such a way that our own stories might one day be worth telling.

    6. How can we not continue to serve Him, with so great a cloud of witnesses that have gone before us We have not resisted unto death, but many hero s of the faith have done so Jesus Christ is worth it all

    7. Well, if you ever want to know the depths of cruelty that humans can sink to, when people don t think the way they want you to, this is the book for you At least 9 of the original 12 apostles were martyred, beheaded, stoned, crucified, and worse, for their faith, and it only goes downhill from there.This follows history throughout the ages, as the church absconds, for lack of a better word with lands, money, and titles by accusing anyone, albeit, rich or poor of not being part of the church of t [...]

    8. A book about Christians killed for their beliefs14 November 2012 This is a book all about Christian martyrs and it makes pretty grim reading Basically, it is all about people who were persecuted for their faith and underwent incredible suffering and hardship before dying in some of the most gruesome manners possible In fact it is an incredibly depressing book and one that as a Christian I found very hard to read Mind you, it is not something that we of any faith or persuasion should ignore, espe [...]

    9. I m not going to sugar coat it, this book is extremely sad In the mid 1500 s, John Foxe wrote a detailed account of the entire history of persecution in the church up until that time This edition was updated through the 21st century Starting with Jesus, Fox gives details about the deaths of actual martyrs Did you catch that This isn t a made up story These are real people who gave their lives for Christ This book might scare you It might make you cry But I hope that is not all it does I believe [...]

    10. Great book to familiarize oneself with what our Christian ancestors have gone through for the Word of God Any time you feel like you are being persecuted, read some of these stories and you ll realize that we have NO persecution today.

    11. This was a very interesting book It is probably of a reference book than a piece of non fiction to pick up and read, but I really learned tons Since I don t own it yet , I wanted the read the entire thing before returning it This book recounts the lives, sufferings and violent deaths of all martyrs from Stephen in the New Testiment to Reformation England It is written by John Foxe during the reign of Elisabeth, so he know many of these events first or second hand He writes of the Spanish Inquis [...]

    12. Sorry everthing I write is long I m a very fast typist We often don t want to hear about the sufferings of the followers of Jesus, or be found reading about them because someone might think we re obsessing In any case, I look through this book every few years to remind myself how good I have it in America and that we may be losing our freedom of speech, we still can worship God openly with a congregation We can still talk about HIm to our friends without the threat of open persecution This is an [...]

    13. My experience with this book was that so many brief descriptions on the martyred saints lives followed by the death that they died actually began to numb the reader to the tragic and heroic nature of each instance The author s constant railing against Romish and popish belief systems that led to the martyrdom of Protestants leads one to wonder how many Catholics were martyred by Protestants in later years The best part of this book was when it went into a little depth in describing famous live [...]

    14. Some day, I really will finish this book Really, I will I think i ve started it 3, maybe 4, times I think the caustic combination for me is the ancient language combined with the heart wrenching subject matter I usually scorn the adaptations for the modern reader and have thousands of pages in the original works Les Miserables, Shakespeare, and The Counte of Monte Cristo come immediately to mind but this is one work I would recommend a modern adaptation

    15. These are people whose faith supersedes pride, who willingly accept the literal fire in the name of God I may never have faith like that It s frightening to think of a world in the near past that people had to make a choice between death and lies, between telling the Truth and submitting to a false religion This stuff is real Christians now don t think of this often enough.

    16. I held off on reviewing this book in that I haven t sat down and read it through I have read in it This book can be a bit much if one simply sets out to read through it I rate it highly for those who have suffered, those who still suffer Google Voice of the Martyrs and their witness This is probably another book that should transcend the good or bad , enjoyable or not label.

    17. This book is true history and inspirational Gives clear understanding to the apostles letters in the bible and Jesus words about persecution and foresaking all for the Love of Christ This is a must read

    18. One of the top three books everyone should read The Bible, Foxe s Book of Martyrs, and The Pilgrim s Progress One doesn t even need to be a reformed protestant to read it Story of Rogers is striking All true stories that have implications today in our lives.

    19. This book was required reading at the private high school I attended I have absolutely no interest in re reading it I can still remember the overwhelming sense of guilt I felt as a teenager because I d rather pretend to be a heathen than stand up and get my head chopped off for Jesus.

    20. I ve read this so many times now I have lost count You wouldn t think a book with the word martyr in it would be uplifting, but it really is When you seem people who are so sold out in whom they believe they would give their life, it helps life seem black and white than it usually seems.

    21. Tough to wade through but definitely worth the time, especially if you are feeling sorry for yourself in your walk with the Lord

    22. The repetition of so many horrors consecutively is still deadening, which speaks to how much of my heart has not been quickened yet Nevertheless, if we can honor surrendered lives by living differently because of them, at the least they offer this in common 1 a certain holy feistiness which would be most useful in resisting the enemy s devices and GROWING by it rather than growing weary, and 2 a commitment to ingesting God s Word so that Scripture is what came out under stress or when they had t [...]

    23. My beau and I began reading this book back in the spring and have now finished it It sparked many amazing discussions and lots of deeper research This book has made a great impact upon me and upon him.

    24. Beberapa tahun lalu nekat ambil baca buku ini ternyata di gudrit ini belum ada edisi Indonesianya tambahin ah Kisah kisah di dalamnya lumayan bikin gak bisa tidur, adegan adegan berdarahnya bikin mengernyit sendiri pas baca Cara penceritaannya brutal abis Dan yang lebih ngerinya lagi, ini kisah nyataEdisi ini merupakan edisi modern, yang bukan hanya berisi Book of Martyrs tulisan Mr Foxe, tapi juga laporan laporan kisah para martir Kristen dari seluruh penjuru dunia di abad modern ini Salah satu [...]

    25. During the passover, the scribes and Pharisees put the Apostle James on top of the temple, calling out to him, You just man, whom we all ought to obey, this people is going astray after Jesus, who was crucified And James answered, Why do you ask me of Jesus the Son of Man He sits on the right hand of the Most High and shall come in the clouds of heaven Hearing this, many in the crowd were persuadedand glorified God, crying, Hosanna to the Son of David Then the scribes and Pharisees realized they [...]

    26. Foxe s Book of Martyrs, once a book revered as second only to the Bible, has of late lost a presence on Christian s bookshelves and hearts thereof Never has a book led me to tears so often Foxe gives an account of many of the Lord s martyrs, primarily those during the time of the Protestant Reformation, revealing their godly lives and noble sacrifice For those lacking an appreciation for the access to the Word we have today, and of its clear truths concerning the justification of men, remembranc [...]

    27. I expect to have my eyes opened to the horrors of many Christians brothers and sisters who have been stoned, beheaded, sawed into, boiled alive in oil, flayed and stripped alive, crucified, exiled and many atrocities that have been done to them in years past As Cain slewAbel and his blood cried up from the ground for justiceand mercy of GOD to avenge his death, I believe all of these Christian martyrs will also cry for GOD to avengetheir blood that was spilled by the hatred of others agaisnt the [...]

    28. Very hard read I read the audio version I was lost in the details of who, when and where but perfectly understood the what and the why Protestants were being persecuted and martyred because they refused to believe the Catholic doctrines concerning mass, indulgences and purgatory They were cruelly tortured and burned at the stake They were separated from their families or forced to watch their loved ones tortured and killed This was a very lengthy book and it was the same story time and again The [...]

    29. 3.5 STARSA interesting book on the history of the church and those that died to help bring about needed change As a book it is interesting but hard to read due to the way it is written Would recommend Jesus Freaks DC Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs Stories of Those Who Stood for Jesus, the Ultimate Jesus Freaks or Jesus Freaks, Volume 2 Stories of Revolutionaries Who Changed Their World Fearing God, Not Man instead.

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