Just Enough Carrots

Just Enough Carrots By Stuart J. Murphy Frank Remkiewicz, Just Enough Carrots Elephants rabbits and birds shop in this funny grocery store Can you guess what the little rabbit wants of Munchy crunchy carrots of course And fewer of Squirmy worms and chewy peanuts yuck So why
  • Title: Just Enough Carrots
  • Author: Stuart J. Murphy Frank Remkiewicz
  • ISBN: 9780064467117
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just Enough Carrots By Stuart J. Murphy Frank Remkiewicz, Elephants, rabbits, and birds shop in this funny grocery store Can you guess what the little rabbit wants of Munchy, crunchy carrots, of course And fewer of Squirmy worms and chewy peanuts yuck So why is his mother buying all those cans of worms
    Just Enough Carrots By Stuart J. Murphy Frank Remkiewicz,
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      289 Stuart J. Murphy Frank Remkiewicz
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    1. Stuart J. Murphy Frank Remkiewicz

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    1. Super cute book for young children Creates interest for children into eating things that they may not like If they are read to with this book they might think about eating things because everyone else is eating them.

    2. I love that this book has a story, while also teaching children math concepts And the visual aids are helpful.

    3. In this book a little rabbit and his mother make a trip to the store They decide to get carrots, and the little rabbit asked for They compare the number of carrots they have in their cart to those in the other animal s carts, some have fewer some have Then they decide to buy peanuts, the little rabbit doesn t like peanuts, and again they make comparisons Finally they buy worms, little rabbit hates worms, and they make comparisons again In the end there is just enough for the little rabbit, his [...]

    4. I would use this book to teach students about comparing amounts I will cut out pictures of carrots, cans of worms, and bags of peanuts I will give each students 12 pictures with different amounts of each item They will then sort and compare their items Which do they have of Which do they have less of They will then trade with their classmates to create piles that all have the same number of items.

    5. Just Enough Carrots follows a mom and son as they shop through the market place The son is very observant of what is in the other shoppers carts and compares how much each person has in their cart compared to what he has in his cart This can be used as a great tool in the math classroom to help teach students inequalities.

    6. This book discusses the concepts of most, least, and same amounts As I read the book to the students I would have them identify the groups that have the most and least Then for a center they can sort various items into groups For example I would have them make a group of eight crayons Then I would have them to make another group that is smaller, larger, and the same.

    7. This book is great for young readers or young fans of math concepts This book is about a bunny that goes to the grocery store with his mother The bunny just wants to buy carrots, carrots, and carrots This book is great for children who are interested in going to the grocery store or community places.

    8. Concepts taught Comparing the same, , fewerGreat book to introduce the concept and terms The book has a chart at the bottom that illustrates the amount of carrots.The story introduces various animals with their staple diet food ex carrots and rabbitspeanuts and elephantsStudents prek k

    9. I would not recommend this book for young students While the text does focus on comparing amounts and utilizes the familiar context of a grocery store, its lack of story line and flow is both disengaging and confusing for readers This story embodies too large a focus on vocabulary words and not enough focus on captivating the reader.

    10. As the rabbit and his mother shop for groceries, they mention the food that they have on their cart and they compare if other animals have the same or the same amount as they do Great book that demonstrates how to compare items using math vocabulary Lesson provide students with buttons and have the students compare if they have the same, or fewer than each other Grades Prek K.

    11. This is another good book about math This book is good for lower grades because they are fairly short This book focused on comparing amounts It also rhymes so it would be fun to read in the classroom.

    12. This was of a math book than a carrot book About a mother and son rabbit shopping in the grocery store and finding they are buying or less of certain items than other animals Simple clear words and nice illustrations Concepts book for preschool and up.

    13. Cute book comparing and counting carrots to other items at the animal s grocery store Little bunny wants and carrots Soon there is enough carrots for little bunny and a few extra items for others Ages 3 6.

    14. Little bunny boy in the grocery store complains about quantities of various food his mom is putting in the cart not enough carrots, too many peanuts They compare to what other animals are putting in their cart , the same, less Turns out to be just enough.

    15. This book is great for teaching children about the terms , the same , and less It is useful because the children are able to connect these terms to their experiences going to the grocery store.

    16. I also enjoyed this book You can use this book to assist you when teaching children about comparing the amount of items they have to the amount someone else have.

    17. This book does a good job at comparing amounts of different items.It introduces the early concepts of math I would use this book with Kindergarten and first graders, because of the content.

    18. Good book to use when introduced comparative concepts to young childrenally nails the idea of fewer, same, through a trip to the grocery store.

    19. This book is a great math book that discusses greater , least and equal I would use this book when I am introducing greater than least than and equal Stuart Murphy is the bomb

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