Time's Fool

Time's Fool By Patricia Veryan, Time s Fool Captain Gideon Rossiter must do battle in words and with arms to clear his name and win back his fiancee after a six year absence earns him penury and misfortune in Georgian England
  • Title: Time's Fool
  • Author: Patricia Veryan
  • ISBN: 9780449220771
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Time's Fool By Patricia Veryan, Captain Gideon Rossiter must do battle in words and with arms to clear his name and win back his fiancee after a six year absence earns him penury and misfortune in Georgian England
    Time's Fool By Patricia Veryan,
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      Patricia Veryan

    About "Patricia Veryan"

    1. Patricia Veryan

      Patricia Veryan was born in London and moved to the United States after the Second World War she now lives on the West Coast and is the author of many historical novels.

    961 thoughts on “Time's Fool”

    1. Oh my, what a wild ride this was and can t wait to get my hands on book 2 Quite the romp, mystery and adventures in Georgian England as our band of characters try to solve the mystery of a couple of jeweled chessmen and who or what is behind it all Note this is a six book series, and while there s a nice HEA ending, there are still many mysteries left unsolved.

    2. I m finding it really hard to rate this book You see, each book in this fantastic series of 6 books has its own romance and plot, and books 1 5 I d rate individually at a 3 4 But the romances between two different couples, as well as the overall quest to uncover and stop whoever is plotting to overthrow England THAT is what makes the series altogether 5 star.It all begins with Gideon Rossitter when he comes home from fighting Napoleon to discover that his father s fortune and reputation has been [...]

    3. An eventful book One is sure, a reader isn t bored I would even say, that sometimes a twist of the plot or jump to the next event was almost too fast But thanks to this, it was very entertaining and fast reading.It was also funny The character of Morris was charming and he made me smile many times Faith, but I marvel Lieutenant Morris survived the war He is a perpetual disaster And I confess, I would read the whole series just for the last part the story of Falcon Yes, I love Falcon In short, th [...]

    4. This is the first of six books dealing with a few noble aristocrats and their ladies as they defy all odds to unravel and stop a plot to overthrow the English monarchy in the 1700 s True heroics, wonderful bad guys, wonderful romances that uphold morality If you are into period pieces, you will truly enjoy to plots and characters This was one of the best of the series.

    5. Having fun with the English slang Kind of all over the place, but fun to read I couldn t pass it up 10 cents at the library book sale Much cleaner than I had expected Will be loaning to one of my young women who love English love lit Going to have to hit the library for the next book, kinda hooked on the mystery now.

    6. Not my favorite but Veryan s not as good is still excellent Gideon is a greta hero and Naomi comes of as kind of bratty sometimes, but is as true as any heroine I love the rescue scene toward the end As always, lots of humor balances some really exciting and really romantic moments

    7. First I ve read of this author and series Characters remain consistent, acting in character They also act as people would have acted in the 1700 s for the most part.

    8. I decided to try another Patricia Veryan series Boy I sure wish they would put different covers on the front This book was okay, but I hope the series picks up a little .

    9. I enjoyed this book It does set up the following books in the series, but the story doesn t exactly leave you hanging It was a fun romance mystery adventure.

    10. Originally read this series as a teenager, 20 years ago I have a tendency to prefer the colorful side characters to the main couple and that hasn t changed with time.

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