Esau By Philip Kerr, Esau In his most dazzling thriller to date Philip Kerr spins a tale of high adventure in which science politics and human frailty combine to take us on a stunning foray into the nature of man Clinging t
  • Title: Esau
  • Author: Philip Kerr
  • ISBN: 9780805051759
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Esau By Philip Kerr, In his most dazzling thriller to date, Philip Kerr spins a tale of high adventure in which science, politics, and human frailty combine to take us on a stunning foray into the nature of man Clinging to the Southwest face of Annapurna, the climber cuts another handhold Suddenly everything goes still then the mountain roars, shaking loose its killing load, tumbling theIn his most dazzling thriller to date, Philip Kerr spins a tale of high adventure in which science, politics, and human frailty combine to take us on a stunning foray into the nature of man.Clinging to the Southwest face of Annapurna, the climber cuts another handhold Suddenly everything goes still then the mountain roars, shaking loose its killing load, tumbling the climber before it In an ice cave high in the Himalayas, a perfectly preserved skull is found A fossil from a long ago era, it is neither ape nor man.Three hundred miles away in the Punjab, Pakistan and India rattle their nuclear arsenals, edging ever closer to catastrophe And in a lab on the Berkeley campus, a paleoanthropologist learns that what she took to be a fossil find of the first order is in fact the scientific discovery of a lifetime proof of an alternate line of hominid development Missing Link Yeti New Species Hairy Man Call it what you will Call it Esau.
    Esau By Philip Kerr, Esau biblical figure Britannica The Middle East Fact or Fiction An emirate is ruled by a baron At birth, Esau was red and hairy, and he became a wandering hunter, while Jacob was a shepherd Although Esau New World Encyclopedia Esau Definition and Meaning Bible Dictionary Esau N H S hairy, Rebekah s first born twin son Genesis The name of Edom, red, was also given to him from his conduct in connection with the red lentil pottage for which he Who was Esau in the Bible GotQuestions Jan , Esau s name means hairy, which described him at birth Genesis Esau s twin was born holding Esau s heel and was named Jacob, which means supplanter someone who tricks another out of something for personal gain The twins birth story served as a prophecy about their future. Esau About Bible Prophecy Esau was the first of the twins to be born He was covered with red hair, and was called Esau Some scholars believe that the word Esau means hairy Esau became the ancestor of the people of Edom red , which was a country near Israel during ancient times. Jacob and Esau Jacob
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      Kerr has published eleven novels under his full name and a children s series, Children of the Lamp, under the name P.B Kerr.Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.

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    2. This was a fantastic book that delivered magically It interwove science with adventure and was a great piece of fiction I thoroughly enjoyed learning about hominoids as well as imagining the abominable snowman, a little differently from the Scooby Doo version I wish there had been a little character development, some of the characters were flat and unecessary, but was still a great book.

    3. Esau is a book about Yeti and anthropology and though to an extent very educative but in my view it is somewhat boringI give it 2star.

    4. It s been a while since I read anything, fiction or non fiction, about the yeti, or Abominable Showman, or Bigfoot, or whatever you want to call the mythical ape like creature I don t know if such a creature exists I doubt it but if it does, it s probably in some secret valley or underground chamber, hidden from humans, safe from detection.That s Philip Kerr s theory in this pleasant and readable novel Renowned mountain climber Jack Furness an unfortunate name for a protagonist finds a skull dee [...]

    5. You just don t get a lot of Yeti fiction, and certainly not of this quality Until I get around to writing my Paranormal Romance side project where a Sasquatch and a Mummy battle it out for the affections of a coquettish Chupacabra Do you know how huge the Paranormal Romance market still is you won t do better than this.This Michael Crichtonesque thriller is a romp The discovery of a skull by a climber leads to an expedition to seek out ol Big Foot himself Much action ensues.I prefer Phillip Kerr [...]

    6. Adventure in the Himalayas, this one gives you the thrill of high peaks, high espionage, high international tension that may or may not result in nuclear war and, if that s not enough, say hi to Esau and his relations a colony of yeti, living in a hidden valley that the adventurers stumble across.

    7. The book was fascinating to me It was humorous at times, and had me laughing aloud I don t think that it is a book for everyone Readers who are interested in anthropology, should enjoy the novel.

    8. Painless way to pick up paleoarcheology and mountain climbing facts trivia Very interesting and thought provoking hypothesis.

    9. As the blurb promises, we have a hunt for the yeti, a crisis between nuclear states and an out of control American agent working under cover.I must confess that I skipped through some of the awkward chunks of exposition Academics rehearse sequences of previous research and theory Members of the expedition are introduced one after another, with too many biographical details to memorise Equipment is listed with technical details, probably authentic but overpowering to read.The climbing sequences s [...]

    10. I loved the detail and science that went into this story It is obviously well researched and this adds to the suspense and action A mountaineer, his sherpas, and an adventurous group of scientists set off on a mission to capture a Yeti abominable snowman Not everyone on the journey is who or what they say they are Lots of adventure, suspense, and excitement There are quite a few good characters, but I ended up rooting for Rebecca and Esau

    11. Solid, colorful science fiction, but I like Kerr s straight ahead mysteries better This was a bit predictable.

    12. Great read, highly recommend to anyone with an interest in cryptozoology, or just an interest in great thrillers The yeti comes alive in these pages, as a monster, and a man.

    13. A good read, and an interesting idea The characters are somewhat one dimensional and predictable, but that s okay for an escape read like this.

    14. Originally published on my blog here in March 2003.A Himalayan climbing accident leads Jack Furness to discover a humanoid skull in a mountain cave the first uncontestable evidence for the existence of the Yeti When he returns to the States, he gives it to a friend and occasional lover who also happens to be a researcher into human evolution This is Swift s big chance for academic fame, so she begins investigating the skull and putting together a grant application for an expedition to the Himala [...]

    15. Bergsteiger Jack verliert im Himalaya einen Freund, findet dort aber gleichzeitig einen Verwandten den Skelettsch del eines Hominiden, der doch nicht so fossil ist, wie es auf den ersten Blick scheint Wie praktisch, dass seine Freundin Pal oanthropologin ist und er damit gleich ein tolles Mitbringsel hat Schnell wittert diese eine Sensation Eine Expedition ist schnell zusammengestellt, doch auch andere Parteien verfolgen ein bestimmtes Interesse im Schatten des Annapurnas Und wie soll damit umge [...]

    16. I bought this used book from a store that I don t remember the name of, but I know they donate to those in need a very long time ago when I was still in my teens I bought quite a few books because they were all so cheap and then I proceeded to get home, stick them on my shelf, and I never read any of them I was too busy reading Harry Potter, Twilight, Cirque Du Freak, etc and I forgot about them.Fast forward to the year 2014 I was 22 then I needed a book to read and plucked this from my shelf an [...]

    17. NO SPOILERS The synopsis not he dust jacket is what captured me I have a severe fascination with the idea of a yeti or sasquatch living among us so I naturally had to grab this book It was a good read no about it The story itself is pretty straightforward a climber finds a skull in the Himalaya and brings it back to his colleagues Of course, they mount an expedition to search out the origin of the skull and the story takes off from there There s an interesting element to the story regarding the [...]

    18. While it was a good story about a significant archeological find in the Himalaya s there were some flaws elsewhere in the book Character development was almost an afterthought, that with the large cast of characters could lead a person to get confused as to who was where at times And with the expedition to go back to the mountains in an attempt to find something we get a spy story thrown into the mix that I felt could have been left out Overall a very good premise in a well written novel with s [...]

    19. A fun and enjoyable read, a modern take on the Yeti of the Himalayas An American adventurer stumbles across a yeti skull, and subsequently leads an expedition to uncover the truth about the yeti The CIA is involved, towards the end of the novel we learn that a downed spy sat crashed in the yeti living space, and that it must be recovered Intrigue and violence ensue The story tells of climbing, a bit of science, and is entertaining It is well constructed, logical in development, and an easy read [...]

    20. Could have been worse Hard to complain about a thriller that references Jared Diamond But the stereotypical treatment of the female scientist what is it with genre writers and women with long red hair and emerald green eyes, oh, and sensual mouths Brilliant AND sexually available Awesome and the fact that the climber character could not think of a mountain in any other terms other than assaults and conquests meh, meh, meh End was a bit anticlimactic Obvious who the secret bad buy was from the mo [...]

    21. Starts out scientific and interesting, but rapidly devolves into a cheesy, preposterous Saturday afternoon movie Hot rock climbing dude and hot female scientist don t really want to admit they are in love with each other but end up doing so anyway go to the Himalayas to find the yeti I shouldn t really have to say any than that, should I But from there the story goes downhill believable probable unlikely improbable preposterous ridiculous gimme a break finally ending with c mon that s just stupi [...]

    22. I like this guy Literate, well written entertainment I read some of his Berlin Noir stories a few years ago, about a non nazi cop in Berlin in the 30s, good stuff a scan of the shelves at my local library shows he s been writing all kinds of entertaining stuff, some of it near and far future science fiction this one is a sort michael crichton type thing about a climber in the Himalayas finding a skull and his Berkeley anthropologist girlfriend figures out it s a missing link hominoid, AND it s n [...]

    23. I would give this 3.5 stars It started out a little slow and boring, with big scientific words But towards the middle of it it picked up I was able to predict a little bit of what would happen, or I was able to guess which character ended up being the bad guy There were some pretty cool and interesting parts, and I did laugh a couple of times This was about finding Yeti So they find the yeti in the end Or not You ll just have to read it to find out LOL

    24. I continue to amuse myself with Kerr, reading his Bernie Gunther series, which I enjoy very much, and reading his one off experimentals, which are fascinating for why did he do all this work than for the actual stories.Here it s a group of rock climbers and scientist on the hunt for the abominable snowman in the Himalayas A straight forward thriller with vivid mountain scenes, interesting characters, and a pretty ridiculous premise.

    25. Somewhat fanciful thriller that combines archeology, paleontology, extreme mountain climbing, and spies The climbing scenes in Nepal were by far the strongest element of the novel, and coupled with the paleontology angle would have actually made a tighter, cohesive story Throwing in the spies doesn t effectively add to the narrative and just takes the whole story from plausible thriller to a stew with too many ingredients.

    26. Mountaineer finds a skull in a cave on a forbidden peak in the Himalayas Shows it to anthropologist girlfriend who is exited and when dated it is shown to be very recent She mounts an expedition to find a living YETI, does, and decides to withhold her findings to protect the small remaining tribe There is an unlikely add on which is a person trying to recover a fallen US satellite Not one of Kerr s best or even better novels.

    27. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this scientific thriller, since it was on my tried but couldn t get into shelf Maybe when I tried it before I was just not ready for this book This time it read like a Bourne novel, full of intrigue and international spying Like all good novels, it felt closer to real than to imagination.

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