A Body in Berkeley Square

A Body in Berkeley Square By Ashley Gardner, A Body in Berkeley Square London A Bow Street Runner summons Captain Gabriel Lacey to a Berkeley Square ballroom where a young dandy was stabbed to death during a society ball The prime suspect Lacey s former commander C
  • Title: A Body in Berkeley Square
  • Author: Ashley Gardner
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  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Body in Berkeley Square By Ashley Gardner, London, 1817A Bow Street Runner summons Captain Gabriel Lacey to a Berkeley Square ballroom where a young dandy was stabbed to death during a society ball The prime suspect Lacey s former commander, Colonel Brandon.Instead of denying the charges, Colonel Brandon allows himself to be arrested, and claims, to Lacey s shock, that the lady he d stayed protectively near at thLondon, 1817A Bow Street Runner summons Captain Gabriel Lacey to a Berkeley Square ballroom where a young dandy was stabbed to death during a society ball The prime suspect Lacey s former commander, Colonel Brandon.Instead of denying the charges, Colonel Brandon allows himself to be arrested, and claims, to Lacey s shock, that the lady he d stayed protectively near at the ball is his mistress Lacey realizes that he is the only person not convinced of Brandon s guilt all present, including Brandon s wife, believe that Brandon committed the murder Colonel Brandon s reticence to tell the truth proves to be Lacey s greatest obstacle in his race against time to prove Brandon s innocence As Lacey s relationship with Lady Breckenridge moves forward, his hunt for evidence to clear Brandon uncovers dark secrets that go back to the Peninsular Wars and involve the origins of Lacey s and Brandon s private battle.
    A Body in Berkeley Square By Ashley Gardner,
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      Ashley Gardner is the pseudonym for NY Times bestselling and award winning author Jennifer Ashley and nationally bestselling and award winning author Allyson James Her award winning Captain Lacey Regency mysteries have garnered top reviews and an enthusiastic following These books are now available as digital editions More about the series can be found at gardnermysteries

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    1. I loved how intricately twisted this plot was Colonel Brandon drives me bonkers and I was often frustrated by his stiff necked insistance to frame himself for murder This is one of those occassions where you slap yourself in the forehead in the last quarter or so in the book and say, OH THAT S why he s being an idiot because all the pieces of the puzzle are starting to click in your brain Ms Gardner has a gift for spinning her plots in such a way that you really can t be sure what in the world i [...]

    2. Review written April 16, 20164.2 Stars Clever wonderful for excellent mystery listeningBook 5My sixth audiobook in this series 8 hrs narrated by James Gillies and I m equally pleased that the five previous times London 1817 Captain Gabriel Lacey s former friend, Colonel Brandon is the prime suspect of a murder It seems very strange, surprising and truly completely unbelievable Of course our Captain need to be involved in the investigation This fifth full length part is as enjoying as always I lo [...]

    3. This was a solid installment in the Captain Lacey Mystery series When I saw the synopsis for this book Colonel Brandon stands accused of murder I knew everything was about to hit the fan If you ve read the series you will know why This book didn t shy away from the promise of that story line a main thread involving Captain Lacey s love life is resolved in this installment No spoilers all I will say is that I am one happy camper It read like a season finale of a tv show I m going to start the nex [...]

    4. London 1816 Ein Mord am Berkeley Square schockiert Londons beste Gesellschaft In einem Ballsaal wird die Leiche von Henry Turner entdeckt er wurde brutal erstochen Das Messer, mit dem er get tet wurde, geh rt Colonel Brandon Schnell scheint klar zu sein, dass nur er als M rder in Frage kommt Captain Gabriel Lacey glaubt jedoch nicht an seine Schuld und beginnt, Fragen zu stellenMein Leseeindruck Ich lese sehr gerne Krimis und mag diese Suche nach dem T ter sehr gerne Ich r tsel gerne mit und gen [...]

    5. At a ball in Berkeley Square a body is found, stabbed with the knife of Captain Lacey s former commander and friend Colonel Brandon.Lacey is determined to find the true murderer even without the help of Brandon Why What is Brandon hiding A good story, ready for the next one.

    6. In this Captain Lacey book, we learn about Colonel Brandon and the time period where he wanted to annul his marriage to his wife, Louisa, who hasn t able to bear Brandon children We get there by way of the murder of Mr Turner at a Season ball, for which Brandon is arrested At this particular ball, Brandon made a real cake of himself with a Mrs Imogen Harper, the widow of an officer who served in the Pennisular Wars with Brandon and Lacey And, a woman who had an affair with Brandon shortly after [...]

    7. Excellent mystery Captain Lacey finds himself in the uncomfortable position of defending his former commanding officer and friend of murder charges To do so, he has to face his true feelings for Louisa In fact, this book seems to deal quite a bit with true feelings Grenville has to face his feelings for Marianne or risk losing her Louisa has to decide her feelings for Aloysius and whether she can forgive him Meanwhile, Captain Lacey faces on of his most difficult cases to date He s certain that [...]

    8. Holy Idiotic Brandon Colonel Brandon gets in hot water protecting a former lover and is arrested for murder Arrogant man Captain Lacy, in spite of all that Brandon has done to him, goes about trying to save Brandon from the noose Well we know Lacy was going to act honorable if only for Louisa s sake but seriously wanted to strangle Brandon.

    9. OMG my favorite book of the series yet All the characters have made real development and stopped being two dementional cut outs of Regency England time period people And have fully flurish, and shown interpersonal interaction and deep emtional connection Plus people are finally actually communicating and resolving issues It was amazing and is a high point in the series so far for me.

    10. Watching this dynamic friendship has been the ultimate in frustration I teetered so much on how i felt about him being in love with his past friends wife I am delighted in the Captains honor once again shining through no matter what.

    11. Captain Lacey has done it again He finds himself drawn into solving another murder, and this time he is trying to clear his former commander of the crime Definitely another strong entry in the Captain Lacey series and I have already started the next installment

    12. I liked this better than 4 Plot Lacey is back in London, lady Breckinridge Colonel Brandon is accused of a murder Found out that Grenville has a daughter.

    13. Harry Turner, a young man in his twenties who was attending a party being given by Lord and Lady Gillis, is found dead in a small room to the side of the main area in the party A woman, Mrs Harper, upon entering the room, discovered the dead man leaning over a desk with a knife in his side Prior to that moment, and earlier in the evening, Colonel Brandon had angry words with Turner What was most damning to the Colonel was that it was his knife that lay in the chest of Turner and which killed him [...]

    14. This was another enjoyable entry in the Captain Gabriel Lacey series There are so many characters thrown at you in the beginning though, I feel a bit sorry for anyone trying to read it without having read the preceding books For me it was a delight catching up with all the ongoing characters Lady Aline, Grenville, Pomeroy, Marianne Simmons, and Donata Breckenridge The I read and learn of her, the I like Lady Breckenridge I hope we find out a little details of her former marriage James Denis a [...]

    15. A Regency Mystery All About Relationships My friends, I reflected, were busily driving me mad THE STORY There is a murder at a ball and Captain Lacey s former superior Colonel Brandon is the prime suspect Lacey has a complicated relationship with Brandon, who believes that Lacey and Brandon s wife had an affair Lacey is determined to discover the true murderer, but worries that Brandon is the man he is seeking.OPINION This is one of my favorites of the series Because Brandon is a suspect, reader [...]

    16. Book 5 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mystery series I am loving this series and with each book I almost didn t read beyond the first book because I just didn t like Captain Lacey with his melancholia at every turn, etc I m so glad I continued with the 2nd and subsequent books because the characters grow and become fleshed out and real with each book.In this book, Colonel Brandon is accused of and arrested for murder and Captain Lacey seems to be the only one who thinks he s innocent Frankly I [...]

    17. Another good Lacey mystery, though I ve really gotten tired of this old and obnoxious situation with Colonel Brandon and Louisa The lies and deceit, much the ridiculous blaming the Brandon s lay at Lacey s feet for crimes never committed I was pretty much done with Louisa after she told Lacey off for something that wasn t even his fault The Colonel is just a horrific character and he shows that quite well here with his deception all at the expense of his wife who I still have a difficult time f [...]

    18. A BODY IN BERKELEY SQUARE Traditional Police Proc Captain Brandon Lacey England 1817 VGGardner, Ashley 5th in seriesBerkeley Prime Crime, 2005, US Paperback ISBN 0425207285First Sentence At two o clock in the morning on the fifth of April, 1817, I stood in an elegant bedchamber in Berkeley Square and looked down at the dead body of Mr Henry Turner Captain Gabriel Lacey is in the awkward position of proving Colonel Aloysius Brandon innocent of murder Brandon is Lacey s former commanding officer a [...]

    19. These books are just too short I find them very well written and everything happens fast and is solved quickly, but they are just too short This book is about friends There is a murder, of course, and every friend of Captain Lacey s is involved and for one moment or is considered a suspect.Every friend has secrets and every secret makes them a suspect in the murder Captain Lacey s love for Louisa comes to the front, and his depression does not even appear He has a new person to help him solve c [...]

    20. A Body in Berkley Square 5 Colonel Brandon is accused of murder at a society ball Lacey, despite the evidence against Brandon and their ongoing feud, does not believe Brandon guilty of the murder Although there is some re hashing of the Brandon Lacey past which I tired of in the first book in the series , at least Brandon is actually part of the current plot.Lady Breckenridge s role is further developed, and she is willing to do what she can to aid Lacey in his investigation A mystery document i [...]

    21. This is actually the fifth book in the series with a novella making an additional story of mysteries featuring Captain Lacey and a thoroughly enjoyable series it has been too The books are well written with myserties that you can follow but are full of twists and turns and red herrings There is also a great cast of recurring characters in support The mysteries are set in Regency England, mainly in London If you enjoyed any of CS Harris Sebastian St Cyr books I think you will also enjoy the Capta [...]

    22. I really like the characters Ashley Gardner has created in the Captain Lacy series The mystery is interesting and keeps the book well paced but honestly I would happily read about these characters mystery or no mystery They are likeable and complex and their relationships are what I enjoy most about this series.This is book number five in the series Here are all six titles in order The Hanover Square AffairA Regimental MurderThe Glass HouseThe Sudbury School MurdersA Body in Berkeley SquareA Cov [...]

    23. Fifth in the series Lacey must investigate a fatal stabbing in a sideroom that occurred during a fancy aristocratic ball, and his old mentor Brandon is the main suspect He doesn t deny having an affair with a mysterious woman who was the shrieking soul who found the victim How will Louisa brandon s wife bear the shame What about the smoldering love just beneath the surface that Lacey and she have struggled with for years A mysterious letter, a French agent, and a blackmailer or two add some intr [...]

    24. This time Col Brandon is accused of murder he had motive, means, and opportunity Of course Lacey agrees to investigate his quondam friend, now bitter enemy, for the affection Lacey has for Mrs Brandon In this volume we see what imprisonment in Regency England was like and how important it was to have money and influence not that that has changed over the centuries The Brandons marriage continues to be troubled, and though Lacey ultimately clears his colonel, this new debt merely acerbates the Co [...]

    25. This series is addictive I really need to slow down, or I ll be caught up and have to gasp wait for the next book to come out I must admit, the back and forth between James Denis and Capt Lacey is getting a bit tiring, hence the four star rating,rather than five Denis never loses, and it s irritating watching Lacey squirm because Denis has information he needs I m wondering if when Lacey will have to completely sell out to Denis in order to gain some vital piece of the current puzzle he s invest [...]

    26. What I like about Ashley Gardner books is that they re predictably good mysteries with characters that I enjoy, plus a bit of romance thrown in for good measure Captain Lacey is his usual bluff and troublesome self We get to see a good deal of Lady Breckenridge in this book as her relationship with Lacey progresses Not nearly so much of Grenville, though, which is disappointing, as I have a bit of a tendre for him I d also like to see of his interactions with Marianne, as sparks fly whenever t [...]

    27. Since I have read the first five in short order and am currently on the six book, I ll just write a bit about how I feel about them all I love historical fiction and these are thoroughly enjoyable reads It is a great era too with social etiquette still highly regarded though not always behind closed doors Captain Lacey, Mr Grenville, and the supporting cast are well written and well rounded I love Lady Breckenridge and Lady Aline I recommend these highly to my friends who love a good mystery wri [...]

    28. I m really enjoying each of these mysteries, and I like Capt Lacy a lot He s a man of integrity and honor, with a sharp temper and a curious streak My only complaint is his admittedly complicated relationship with Aloysius and Louisa Brandon I finally have a clear picture of their history and falling out, but I still can t figure out why he hasn t written off Col Brandon completely, even for Louisa s sake It s messy, but intriguing I guess I m excited to see things progressing with Lady Breckinr [...]

    29. Aaaand we re back to the gay culprit motif At this point, I feel like banging my head against the wall particularly since the author has obviously realized that this is the third book in which gay characters are the villains, and tried to set things right by adding a memory of a perfectly nice gay couple from Lacey s army days But it was too little, too late for my taste I ll finish the next two books of the series hey, now I got them, might as well , but I m afraid things will have to change dr [...]

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