Brighter Than the Sun

Brighter Than the Sun By Julia Quinn, Brighter Than the Sun When Charles Wycombe the dashing and incorrigible Earl of Billington toppled out of a tree and landed at Ellie Lyndon s feet neither suspected that such an inauspicious meeting would lead to marria
  • Title: Brighter Than the Sun
  • Author: Julia Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780380789344
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brighter Than the Sun By Julia Quinn, When Charles Wycombe, the dashing and incorrigible Earl of Billington, toppled out of a tree and landed at Ellie Lyndon s feet, neither suspected that such an inauspicious meeting would lead to marriage But Charles must find a bride before his thirtieth birthday or he ll lose his fortune And Ellie needs a husband or her father s odious fianc e will choose one for her AnWhen Charles Wycombe, the dashing and incorrigible Earl of Billington, toppled out of a tree and landed at Ellie Lyndon s feet, neither suspected that such an inauspicious meeting would lead to marriage But Charles must find a bride before his thirtieth birthday or he ll lose his fortune And Ellie needs a husband or her father s odious fianc e will choose one for her And so they agree to wed, even though their match appears to have been made somewhere hotter than heaven Ellie never dreamed she d marry a stranger, especially one with such a devastating combination of rakish charm and debonair wit She tries to keep him at arm s length, at least until she discovers the man beneath the handsome surface But Charles can be quite persusasive even tender when he puts his mind to it, and Ellie finds herself slipping under his seductive spell And as one kiss leads to another, this unlikely pair discovers that their marriage is not so inconvenient after all and just might lead to love.
    Brighter Than the Sun By Julia Quinn,
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      496 Julia Quinn
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      1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don t read or write romance, and in 2001 she did so in grand style, competing on the the game show The Weakest Link and walking away with the 79,000 jackpot She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British and literary, answered all of her history and geography questions correctly, and knew that there was a Da Vinci long before there was a code.In 2010, Ms Quinn won her third RITA Award in four years and was the thirteenth author to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame Her books have been translated into twenty nine languages, and she has been profiled in USA Today and TIME Magazine Her twenty sixth novel, The Girl With the Make Believe Husband, will be released in 2017.

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    1. Another Julia Quinn book that annoyed me to no end rather than delight me Are rambling characters supposed to be cute 1 Every single conversation the hero and heroine have consists of just bickering Nothing else It s always gainsaying the other, getting the last word in, correcting the other, arguing over nothing just to come off witty and smart looking at you Ellie dear Good Lord This sets me on edge like nothing else could And it s not even the good kind of heated verbal sparring adults have N [...]

    2. 4 Estrellitas Ten a ganas de leer un buen libro de Regencia, y Julia Quinn siempre es una apuesta segura, aunque los tiene mejores y peores Hace no mucho le el primer libro de las hermanas Lyndon, y aunque me gust , me falt algo, la Quinn en esencia pura, pero fue un libro duro y a la vez algo extra o que no me termin de cuajar Ahora he le do el libro de Ellie, la hermana menor de Victoria, y debo decir que no me ha decepcionado para nada Ellie apuntaba maneras en el primer libro, y lo consigui [...]

    3. What a delightful and funny book Julia Quinn can really put off funny Romances, and before I find my way to the Bridgertons, I want to be slowly introduced to this master of HR Her characters are always making me grin, giggle and laugh in a way that pulls me even into the story The story in this case is your typical marriage of convenience story, and I m a goner for that trope I don t care whether that makes me biased or not The characters felt real and even the secondary characters were funny [...]

    4. Do you know the feeling you get when your good married friends are bickering in front of you It s vaguely uncomfortable, there s no where for you to go, and you wish they would knock it off so everyone can get back to their lives That s Brighter Than the Sun.That really is the main reason for me not enjoying this book much The characters are cute enough, and it has a decent little plot But listening the the h h argue incessently for 275 pages is tiring.Ellie and Charles meet when Charles falls o [...]

    5. The second time around, it wasn t that great, but it s still worth a read December 2, 2009 5 starsSafe to say, I loved this book I wasn t even going in thinking I would like it, considering I have this bad habit of judging books by their cover Plus, it wasn t part of the big family, like the Bridgertons.Ok, I admit, the dialogue was fun, but the not really the height of wit, since Ellie tends to say I beg your pardon everytime she didn t have a retort Still, I loved the H H interaction They made [...]

    6. 3.5 starsI ve yet to read a Julia Quinn regency romance that I didn t enjoy They have always been extremely light hearted and emphasise the fun relationship between the hero and the heroine.

    7. Ketemu by accident karena Charles Wycombe jatuh dari pohon pas di atas kaki kiri Eleanor ellie Lyndon ngapain sih si Chareles kurang kerjaan mabok2 naik pohon Dialog2 nya kocak, dan mereka ga pernah gak berdebat, hari itu juga Charles melamar Ellie krn merasa dia paling pantas jd istri nya, krn Ellie cerdas.Cerita dua org yg putus asa, masalah nya uang, Ellie perlu menikahi Charles agar bisa mencairkan uangnya yg di pasar saham dan agar keluar dari rmh menghundari calon ibu tiri nya yg jahat Cin [...]

    8. Sequel to Everything and the Moon October 22 23, 2010April 8 9, 2010Cute, cute book Charles and Ellie are such a cute couple July 1, 2007It was SO CUTE The bickering between the hero and heroine HAHAHAH I was DYING laughing the WHOLE BOOK All this bad stuff keeps happening to them, and it s just SO FUNNY I loved it YAY for Julia Quinn And this book was DIFFERENT than others I was SHOCKED when Charles Wycombe Earl of Billington proposed marriage to Eleanor Ellie at the end of the FIRST CHAPTER Th [...]

    9. On the whole, there was nothing really wrong with this book It s old school Julia Quinn, with fast, witty dialogue and real sweetheart moments view spoiler I just personally didn t enjoy it as much as some of her newer work The last quarter, in particular, was so saccharine sweet with a villain that just comes out of nowhere The plot to kill the Earl, and then his wife, was so lately developed that I felt it didn t even need to be there it was complete with just Charles and Ellie s love story I [...]

    10. 1 StarI didn t like it.I ve been a member of this fine site for quite a while now and I ve noticed a 1 Star is for some reason very rarely handed out I for one have no problem handing down a 1 if I didn t like the book That s what these ratings scales are for, and that s why we re members here in the first place tell our true opinions on the books we read So with that said Brighter Than the Sun was as cornballish as they come The whole book went pretty much like this Yes you doNo you didn tOhhhh [...]

    11. I was looking for something light and frothy, and this started out promisingly enough The hero falls out of a tree, right at the heroine s feet, and they immediately begin bantering So far so good In fact, the following quote actually made me laugh out loud and as I was in the staffroom at the time, that was rather awkward as my colleagues then insisted I read out the bit that had made me laugh Lord Billington, I must insist that you use your cane On you He sounded intrigued by the notion.There [...]

    12. This book was much better than the first one of the series I didn t absolutely love it, but it was funnier and much interesting Ellie and Charles didn t make me frequently consider suicide, so I consider that a good sign.

    13. 3.5 StarsHusbands don t grow on treesbut apparently they fall from them, especially when roaringingly drunk This is something that Miss Ellie Lyndon finds out the hard way when Charles Wycombe, Earl of Billington, falls from an oak tree and straight on her toes, then not long after proceeds to make an offer of marriage Although completely foxed Charles thinks the very prickly but lovely Miss Lyndon will make a perfect wife, especially as he only has a few weeks to find one before he loses his fo [...]

    14. I enjoyed it Sure there are stuff that kind of overkill, because seriously I ve read better plot than this one But somehow the way Charles and Ellie first met is pretty charming for me and I liked it Almost like a dream come true, Ellie met Charles and he s in need of a wife And apparently Ellie also in need of a husband There you have it I adore how simple yet complicated plot, plus the way Julia Quinn write is simply mesmerizing Look forward to continue with this series Been a while since I re [...]

    15. Overall rating 5 Bright than the Sun stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler No hide spoiler Intimate pasts view spoiler First let me stay that the hero and the heroine meet literally on the first page of this story It is HINTED at that the hero was a rake PRIOR to him meeting the heroine This means that he had lots of casual sex with loose ladies The heroine was a virgin There are no descriptive scenes of the he [...]

    16. This is the second time I m reading this JQ novel I first read it many years ago than ten and remember loving it then, so when I discovered that my library had an e copy of the book, I welcomed the opportunity to read it again As you might expect of a Julia Quinn novel, the book is par excellence it s well written with an interesting storyline, and well developed characters Ellie and Charles make for an adorable couple Ellie is a redhead and is quite the stereotype for that hair color she s fei [...]

    17. Victoria Lyndon, our heroine from Everything and the Moon, has a younger sister Eleanor, who is equally independent and feisty Ellie is walking in the countryside near her home one day when a very handsome and very drunk man literally falls into her lap from a tree.Charles Wycombe, the rakish Earl of Billington, must marry before his upcoming thirtieth birthday or lose his inheritance and he decides that Ellie will fit the bill No, he has no intention to actually love her nor any other woman But [...]

    18. Brighter Than the Sun is the first book of JQ s earlier works where the brilliance of her later works shines through And it was awesome Suddenly, reading in 15 or 30 minutes snippets just wasn t enough.One, Charles is a character from a previous book, and that always earns extra points with me I adore characters that carry through in other books series and who get their own stories Plus, reformed rakes do hold a special place in my heart, even when their rake ish ness is talked about than shown [...]

    19. I was literally bent over laughing at the slapstick comedy in this romance Eleanor is clobbered by a drunken man who falls out of a tree and lands on top of her As the daughter of a vicar she is a sensible, friendly, spinster However this event which involves a lot of physical damage to Charles leads to a marriage proposal This book has romance, humor and a mystery as Ellie makes an intellectual choice to leave her home when her father s witchy fiance makes the situation unbearable I guess the f [...]

    20. Predictable That about sums this up.I always go into romance novels expecting the familiar, but this book was predictable down to the word In fact, I suspect that I ve read a variation of this book at least three times But it wasn t bad I liked the characters Enjoyed them, really Their first encounter is charming and they have great chemistry Though I found their lovey dovey moment at the end to be this side of cheesy I think Ms Quinn could have done better with this story It has the feel of a h [...]

    21. Falling out of a tree, dead druink, and on the feet of your future bride is a great beginning for Ellie and Charles Not a proper courtship between them, but time is of the essence She runs into some problems at first when trying to become the lady of the manor, but the culprit is identified and she is welcomed with open arms by everyone His life and title become almost taken by his greedy and murderous cousin, but they work together to save both of their lives Love develops and life returns to n [...]

    22. The hero in this book is delightful The Heroine is a pain in the arse Too much bickering, she never shut up Several times I did find myself covering my mouth laughing but not enough to have really enjoyed this story I told like tales that have a lot of fighting, it gets very tiresome Still love JQ but this isn t one of her best.

    23. I read the first 30 pages and stopped I can t take the story seriously Maybe I am just not in the mood for a fluffy read.

    24. 3,5 Un libro allegro e molto leggero, che mi ha addolcito un paio di serate.D accordo, la trama in s molto banale il solito conte libertino che deve sposarsi entro quindici giorni se non vuole perdere titolo e fortuna, la figlia del vicario dotata di linguaccia e cipiglio che non ha proprio uno stuolo di pretendenti, eccetera.Matrimonio combinato e i due che non posso dire inaspettatamente, perch ormai la regola si scoprono pazzi d a l uno per l altra.Peccato che oscuri nemici tramino per far sa [...]

    25. Es una historia entretenida para leer en una o dos tardes Este segundo libro me ha gustado bastante m s que el primero en el que se cuenta la historia de Victoria,la hermana de Ellie y el Conde de Mcclesfield.El argumento del libro no es nada nuevo, no es una historia muy original y lo que va sucediendo es bastante predecible Enseguida se adivina qui n esta detr s de cada uno de los incidentes que ocurren en Wycombe Abbey y a la pareja protagonista La mayor a de los di logos entre Ellie y Charle [...]

    26. Kelar baca dalam sehari dance Oke, cukup senang senangnya, harus darimana kumulai revie ini ya elus dagu Eleanor Lyndon Ellie adalah seorang perempuan yang mandiri, cerdas dan cenderung bersikap diluar dari kebiasaan seorang perempuan pada umumnya Namun ayahnya yang berniat untuk menikah lagi dengan seorang wanita yang bertekad membuat hidup Ellie sengsara Wanita itu berniat memperbantukan Ellie di rumah yang ia tinggali bersama ayahnya selama ini Ia harus segera mencari tempat tinggal baru, seb [...]

    27. The main reason I love this book is because of Charles He is a positively hilarious character, always finding humor He is so charming, which made him the successful rake of reputation, that it feels unreal that Ellie is so reluctant to him She comes off as petulant, not someone to admire Once she finally realizes she is married to a wonderful man she becomes fiercely loyal but it takes her a bit long to get there for someone who values their intelligence as she does.I don t really like Ellie She [...]

    28. Another Historical Romance Fiction by Julia Quinn.Sepertinya saya memang benar benar menyukai selera humor Julia Quinn, tidak terkecuali selera humornya di buku ini Buku yang ringan, lucu, dan cukup menghibur ini bercerita tentang pernikahan yang didasarkan pada sebuah kesepakatan.Charles Wycombe, Earl of Billington,terancam akan kehilangan warisannya kalau ia tidak juga menikah saat ia berusia 30 tahun Itu artinya ia hanya punya waktu 2 minggu untuk menemukan mempelainya Eleanor Lyndon, seorang [...]

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