An Ace Up My Sleeve

An Ace Up My Sleeve By James Hadley Chase, An Ace Up My Sleeve Three very different people all out for the same thing and determined to get it that must mean high stakes But for a wealthy middle aged woman an international lawyer and a young American games of
  • Title: An Ace Up My Sleeve
  • Author: James Hadley Chase
  • ISBN: 9781842321003
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Ace Up My Sleeve By James Hadley Chase, Three very different people, all out for the same thing and determined to get it that must mean high stakes But for a wealthy middle aged woman, an international lawyer and a young American, games of bluff and counter bluff quickly become a deadly battle.
    An Ace Up My Sleeve By James Hadley Chase,
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      James Hadley Chase

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    1. James Hadley Chase

      Ren Lodge Brabazon Raymond was born on 24th December 1906 in London, England, the son of Colonel Francis Raymond of the colonial Indian Army, a veterinary surgeon His father intended his son to have a scientific career, was initially educated at King s School, Rochester, Kent He left home at the age of 18 and became at different times a children s encyclopedia salesman, a salesman in a bookshop, and executive for a book wholesaler before turning to a writing career that produced than 90 mystery books His interests included photography he was up to professional standard , reading and listening to classical music, being a particularly enthusiastic opera lover Also as a form of relaxation between novels, he put together highly complicated and sophisticated Meccano models.In 1932, Raymond married Sylvia Ray, who gave him a son They were together until his death fifty three years later Prohibition and the ensuing US Great Depression 1929 1939 , had given rise to the Chicago gangster culture just prior to World War II This, combined with her book trade experience, made him realise that there was a big demand for gangster stories He wrote as R Raymond, James Hadley Chase, James L Docherty, Ambrose Grant and Raymond Marshall.During World War II he served in the Royal Air Force, achieving the rank of Squadron Leader Chase edited the RAF Journal with David Langdon and had several stories from it published after the war in the book Slipstream A Royal Air Force Anthology.Raymond moved to France in 1956 and then to Switzerland in 1969, living a secluded life in Corseaux sur Vevey, on Lake Geneva, from 1974 He eventually died there peacefully on 6 February 1985.

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    1. Ace is the first Chase novel I ve read probably re read after many years I read most of the author s works during my teens I expected to find the book underwhelming and amateurish, reading it as an adult now I m happy to say that even after all these years Chase definitely gets the job done for me Ace packs an exciting plot with a whole lot of twists in a relatively short book The story is perhaps a bit slow to start off, compared to his other books and I wouldn t say it ranks among his best nov [...]

    2. Another gem from the Master of Suspense Though the story starts slow, it builds up towards a great climax and with its many plot twists thrown in, the book turns out to be good read Highly recommended to Chase s fans.

    3. This is the first Chase novel I readd if all of his books are like this one, I would gladly read the others This is a short one but full of suspense.

    4. Helga Rolfe is in her early 40s, and is married to a rich man in his early 60s She married him for his money, and to help him manage it, but he made her agree that if she had an affair she would be cast out Maybe because of this, she seems obsessed with sex In Europe she meets a young American, kind of a cowboy, a broke innocent abroad She takes him under her wing, so to speak, but there is to him than meets the eye, and she ends up being blackmailed by an investment agent who has skimmed milli [...]

    5. An Ace Up My Sleeve is the first book in the Helga Rolfe trilogy A quick, fast paced novel with breathtaking twists and turns, this dark thriller was exciting and kept me hooked till the last page The characters were all unsympathetic, but then that s the sort of people who get into the sort of mess that was the plot of the book I would have given it five stars, but I really did not buy the idea that Helga Rolfe, who is supposed to be a smart and steely woman, would simply fall for some random g [...]

    6. This was my fourth Chase and I really DID NOT like it Not only did it started really slowly, but also, when it got to the climax, it started to repeat itself over and over I found the characters to be alternatively disgusting and or incredibly stupid, making choices that someone in their position would not make.I couldn t find the magic from other chases in this one.

    7. I had long ignored Chase as kitsch and consistently looked past a shelf full of his novels in a library Now that i have read one, i must admit it makes for a real interesting read Racy would be an understatement but then again, he seems to have mastered the art of twists and turns, just when you think you have got the hang of it Formulaic, potboiler ish et al but nevertheless a very interesting read.

    8. As one of the characters of this novel used to say,I can explain this novel in that line story started off at the square A and at the end,it s still at the square A While the first half was good,with twist and shock,the 2nd half was a bore Complete predictable and plain plot 2 stars As there is a series of Helga Rolfe covering two novels,I wonder whether those are even worse than this or better

    9. This one is another beauty from JHC, I think the main feature about the maestro is his attention to detail, you get the picture in your mind of the way he describes all the characters and the scenery

    10. Wow this Jack Archer want to end Helger life by bluffing her but Yes Ma am the boy impeded the bluffing.

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