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Ask Mariah By Barbara Freethy, Ask Mariah Joanna Wingate knows something is missing from her life something she never dreamed she d find in a handsome stranger s children mischievous six year old twin sisters who look up at her adoringly and
  • Title: Ask Mariah
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 2940012308214
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Nook
  • Ask Mariah By Barbara Freethy, Joanna Wingate knows something is missing from her life, something she never dreamed she d find in a handsome stranger s children mischievous six year old twin sisters who look up at her adoringly and call her Mama Since his wife s accidental death, Michael Ashton has struggled with his many responsibilities as a single parent to twin daughters who, though they cJoanna Wingate knows something is missing from her life, something she never dreamed she d find in a handsome stranger s children mischievous six year old twin sisters who look up at her adoringly and call her Mama Since his wife s accidental death, Michael Ashton has struggled with his many responsibilities as a single parent to twin daughters who, though they clearly love him, refuse to speak to him Then he meets Rose and Lily s new teacher, and his life turns upside down, for Joanna Wingate is the mirror image of his late wife Bizarre coincidence, a strange destiny or something althogether different has joined these four lives The twins believe Mariah a magical fortune tellerl has the answers But only Joanna and Michael s willingness to confront long buried secrets can unite them in a love that seems meant to be.
    Ask Mariah By Barbara Freethy,
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      Barbara s love of writing developed out of a love of reading Growing up in an all boy neighborhood, she spent quite a bit of time reading through her mother s large library, many of which were romantic novels After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, she went into Public Relations, but soon discovered that writing was her true passion.Barbara was traditionally published for many years, then formed her own publishing company FOG CITY PUBLISHING in 2011 and has since sold over 7 million books She has published 62 novels ranging from contemporary romance to romantic suspense and women s fiction Her book SUMMER SECRETS was a 1 New York Times bestseller She is currently writing THE CALLAWAYS, a connected family series The Callaways are a family born to serve and protect and many of the characters are San Francisco firefighters She also just concluded the Lightning Strikes Trilogy all three books are now available Beautiful Storm, Lightning Lingers, and Summer Rain For sweet romance fans, she is writing a 7 book series Bachelors Bridesmaids about 7 female friends who start out as bridesmaids and end up as brides The first six books in the series are available.When Barbara isn t writing or publishing, which isn t very often these days, she is playing tennis, hanging out with friends and family in beautiful Lake Tahoe or reading books

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    1. 3.5 starsMichael Ashton was having a bad day His 6 year old twin devils darlings had inadvertently set the kitchen on fire They had made a rash attempt to cook for their tea party That was after the girls had painted their nanny s chair in her bedroom green Needless to say, Mrs Polking their caregiver had given her notice but offered him a list of summer schools that might have two openings for new students Since Michael s wife had passed away a year ago, his scamps refused to talk to him Immedi [...]

    2. You can find this review in English below.2.5 stars.Ha sido todo demasiado improbable Lo mejor de la historia ha sido la pareja protagonista Con el resto de personajes he tenido alg n problema de credibilidad Y la trama es, como ya dije anteriormente, realmente dif cil de creer No consigo hacerme a la idea de que eso pueda ocurrir en la vida real.Es lo que ha hecho que me descuelgue de la historia La pareja protagonista es encantadora Los secundarios no han estado mal Las gemelas han sido los t [...]

    3. As Always with Barbara Freethy books I loved this one Barbara is truly a gifted writer and I am glad to have found her books.This book gives you what a reader looks for in a romance book The Plot was great, the characters I loved there is a small twist in the story The Twins are adorable Since his wife s accidental death, Michael Ashton has struggled with his many responsibilities as a single parent to twin daughters who, though they clearly love him, refuse to speak to him Then he meets Rose an [...]

    4. Michael Ashton is a widower with twin 6 year old daughters girls who take a page from the Von Trapp children terrorizing nannies and sending them packing Lily and Rose think their mother is coming back and haven t spoken to their father since their mother s death.He enrolls the kids in summer school and discovers the teacher Joanne is the spitting image of his dead wife The twins think their mother has returned.The book is predictable, with a few twists, but I never doubted the outcome I didn t [...]

    5. It took me a while to actually start reading this book, the whole woman in a crystal ball scene kind of put me off until I started reading and realised that it did not take up most of the story I feel sorry for Michael sometimes, he doesn t know what to do with his twin daughters and is at his wits end EnterJoanna a woman who looks very much like his ex wife who had previously died in an accident The relationship between Joanna and Michael starts pretty quickly and the twins are just adorable Af [...]

    6. After their mother s accidental death, 6 year old twins Lilly and Rose don t speak to their father any and go through nannies like water When they meet their new teacher Joanna, they think their mother has returned and call her mama Their father Michael sees the uncanny resemblance, too, but also so many differences from his wife Now both Michael and Joanna must keep digging to uncover family secrets that might hurt others.A thought provoking story of how family duty, secrets and love can get so [...]

    7. I don t often say this I almost never say this , but the book would have been so much better without the supernatural element the lady in the crystal ball It s nothing than a handy plot device which saves the author from actually having to come up with reasons for why certain things happen, and it s also completely unnecessary The plot would have been just the same without it, and placed firmly in our world As it is now the book flounders between being a very good realistic romance and a very d [...]

    8. ok, 2nd attempt at review.It has been quite a while since I read one of Barbara Freethy s book and not sure why the delay This full length read reminded how much I enjoy her story development, the strong characters, and even though themes are there that you recognize, each time it seems fresh and enjoyable Love both primary and secondary male and female characters and the strong family ties involved The twin girls were so believable as close in age to my own granddaughter who has her moments whe [...]

    9. Cute, but a bit improbable Joanna Wingate, who is finished her PhD in history, decides to teach summer school to 6 year olds after the death of her father Lily and Rose, twins, show up and declare her their mother, who died a year earlier The girls quickly become attached to her, as does their nfather, Michael, who first sees his dead wife, but quickly sees Joanna The book is about the mystery of what links the two women and how that came to be It s a tad predictable, but I liked the story never [...]

    10. Very heartwarmingBarbara Freeethy creates characters that seem like friends you would want to hang out with This story has lots of different characters with human flaws that are very believable There is an element of magic that some will find a little corny but I m a believer of magic so I enjoyed it A little mystery and a happy ending make for a good read Highly recommend this book

    11. As an adoptive parent, I had a hard time reading parts of this book I almost stopped a couple of times The relationships explored in this story s pages are rich with thought provoking moments The attitude that adoptive parents aren t real parents and the notion that children are given away for selfish reasons brought a bad taste to my mouth I enjoyed the characters as they discovered what family means to them I have to give this book some thought.

    12. The Ashton s and the DeLucas and the Wingates Strong families deep in family values and pride in what family means But what does it mean when there are secrets among them that finally came out 40 years later Is Joanna part of the DeLuca s She looks like Michael s late wifee they relatedd what has brought them all together This is an amazing story of love and trust and what families do to stay togethereven if it means breaking apart Great read

    13. This book gives you what every good romance should but tops it by giving you a truly unique story that captivates you and makes you love the characters Joanna has lived her life as the only child to the Windgates but one freaky magic ball and two little girls gives her what she never knew she wanted It s a truly beautiful story Barbara Freethy is an excellent story teller.

    14. Just what I was in the mood to read Hooked on page one Easy read, predictable, but at the author s discretion I knew mostly what would happen from the beginningjust not exactly how It was fun A little love, a lot of family, a bit of drama, a bit of magic Now onto East of Eden for a change of pace.

    15. Another great book by Barbara Freethy I love how she develops her characters and their issues By the end of her books you feel as if you know them as well as your own family They are so believable, faults and all Again she tackled the difficult topic of adoption I always laugh a little and cry a little before I finish one of her books.

    16. it s a very nice story, funny,full of love, family loyalty, siblings moment rolled into all and i hope Ms.Barbara will write the story of Tony De Lucas and Kathleen Shannon this two are really funny.

    17. I liked the book I am a fan of Barbara Freethy, especially her Angel s Bay series It centers around six year old twins that have lost their mother and how the, suddenly single, dad deals with the girls and the loss.

    18. The issues in the book were interesting I do not know how believable they were, as I have never had much experience with the adoption issues Using magic to wish away problems seemed a bit contrived I think my ability to say maybe this could happen is not as strong as it used to be

    19. Great book This story has it all, cute kids, a very loving extended family with problems A handsome sensitive leading man who falls instantly for the leading lady who has some quirks of her own Loved the story You can t ever go wrong with a Barbara Freethy novel.

    20. Another mystery type romance story to solve Trying to find the answers to all the crazy secrets and lies that have been kept hidden from these characters Mystery, a touch of magic, surprises, secrets, and lies Still my favorite book by this author is Don t Say a Word.

    21. This is my favorite book by Barbara Freethy so far I stayed up way too late to finish it because I needed to see how the mystery surrounding Joanna was solved

    22. A recent widow with twin six year old girls and a teacher who looks like the deceased wife Add just a hint of magic and it makes for a pleasant read.

    23. This was a cute and well written book Love wins over anything A very good read but then I found you can go wrong with Barbara Freethy.

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