The Beauty of Humanity Movement

The Beauty of Humanity Movement By Camilla Gibb, The Beauty of Humanity Movement Tu is a young tour guide working in Hanoi for a company called New Dawn While he leads tourists through the city including American vets on war tours he starts to wonder what it is they are seeing o
  • Title: The Beauty of Humanity Movement
  • Author: Camilla Gibb
  • ISBN: 9780385663236
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Beauty of Humanity Movement By Camilla Gibb, Tu is a young tour guide working in Hanoi for a company called New Dawn While he leads tourists through the city, including American vets on war tours, he starts to wonder what it is they are seeing of Vietnam and what they miss entirely Maggie, who is Vietnamese by birth but has lived most her life in the U.S has returned to her country of origin in search of cluTu is a young tour guide working in Hanoi for a company called New Dawn While he leads tourists through the city, including American vets on war tours, he starts to wonder what it is they are seeing of Vietnam and what they miss entirely Maggie, who is Vietnamese by birth but has lived most her life in the U.S has returned to her country of origin in search of clues to her dissident father s disappearance during the war Holding the story together is Old Man Hung, who has lived through decades of political upheaval and has still found a way to feed hope to his community of pondside dwellers.This is a keenly observed and skillfully wrought novel about the reverberation of conflict through generations, the enduring legacy of art, and the redemption and renewal of long lost love.
    The Beauty of Humanity Movement By Camilla Gibb,
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      From the author s web site Camilla Gibb, born in 1968, is the author of three novels, Mouthing the Words, The Petty Details of So and so s Life and Sweetness in the Belly, as well as numerous short stories, articles and reviews She was the winner of the Trillium Book Award in 2006, a Scotiabank Giller Prize short list nominee in 2005, winner of the City of Toronto Book Award in 2000 and the recipient of the CBC Canadian Literary Award for short fiction in 2001 Her books have been published in 18 countries and translated into 14 languages and she was named by the jury of the prestigious Orange Prize as one of 21 writers to watch in the new century.Camilla was born in London, England, and grew up in Toronto, Canada She has a B.A in anthropology and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Toronto, completed her Ph.D in social anthropology at Oxford University in 1997, and spent two years at the University of Toronto as a post doctoral research fellow before becoming a full time writer.Camilla has been writer in residence at the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto where, for the past two years, she served as an adjunct faculty member of the English Department s MA in Creative Writing Program.She is currently working on a new novel and divides her time between Toronto and London, England.

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    1. Onvan The Beauty of Humanity Movement Nevisande Camilla Gibb ISBN 385663226 ISBN13 9780385663229 Dar 297 Safhe Saal e Chap 2010

    2. Old Man Hung makes the best pho in the city and done so for decades The city is Hanoi and pho the national Vietnamese dish It is a flavourful broth poured over a mix of herbs, vegetables, vermicelli and meat if there is any In this novel, pho plays an essential role the soup comes close to being a companion character, echoing the ups and down of its cook s circumstances The story of the pho making cook seller and his popular soup are not only at the centre of events, they are also insightful ill [...]

    3. I truly loved this novel My Husband chose it for the book club at our Unitarian Universalist church, as we try to have a deeper understanding of other cultures I don t usually join in the novels that this group reads as their choices have not appealed to me, but I joyfully said yes to The Beauty of Humanity Movement and was not disappointed It was great to share the read of such a beautiful and sensitive story with my husband It s not another depressing Canadian novel It has too many redeeming q [...]

    4. I loved so many things about this book and it makes me want to read all the historical fiction I wanted to take some time to think about it but if I don t drop a blurb here now, I may never get around to doing so And I always feel guilty when I read a treasure and keep all the goodness to myself.First I ll start with the book s interesting cast of characters Maggie is a first generation Vietnamese American She and her mother are sent to live in America at the start of a war while her father stay [...]

    5. A tour of modern Vietnam that is still trying to shake off its murky past of Communist suppression.The story centres around Hung, creator of the most delicious pho noodle soup in the country The Pho is also a central character in this book and a metaphor that art can be created from the heart and from nature and is not dependent on technology Hung makes it from virtually nothing , by delving deep into the land and water to find scraps that can be combined to create a broth that melts the hardest [...]

    6. this is the fourth book of hers that i have read and there seems to be a sharp division between the first two and the second Gibb has become a serious writer her first two, Mouthing the Words, and the Petty Details of So and So s Life are personal stories stories of an individual simple and compelling stories, simply told Sweetness in the Belly, and her most recent, The Beauty of Humanity are set in Ethiopia and Viet Nam respectively in other words, foreign lands and she takes on political and s [...]

    7. This is a truly wonderful book It offers insight into life in Vietnam both before and after the communist movement took hold in the northern part of this country The city that is at its epicenter is Hanoi We get a first hand look at what life is like for the ordinary people as their country is brought under communist rule Ms Gibb uses beautiful language to develop her no holds barred look at how difficult life is for the people during the turmoil The book is woven around the life of Old Man Hung [...]

    8. I received this book as a First Reads book winner, but I thought I had been forgotten due to the expanse of time it took for the book to reach me But finally, it arrived I have to admit that I initially felt let down by cover art as it illustrates a scene of a Vietnamese male on a sampan The title alone hints at the intellectual challenge that awaits the reader between the pages Fortunately, while there is much that presents difficulty in its explanation of the political history of Vietnam and i [...]

    9. I enjoyed this a lot than I thought I would I now know something about Vietnam, which is a vast improvement on the minuscule knowledge I had before The historical events presented in this book show how complicated culture and politics are, and yet it was easy to understand I also really enjoyed the intergenerational discussions on identity and one s place in the world For being an easy read, this book made me ponder many things, which is always a good sign I m interested in reading Gibb s other [...]

    10. The Beauty of Humanity Movement is a story about Vietnam about one of its warring times that the United States had nothing to do with In fact, the better known US Nam war is only mentioned in passing almost because it actually happened, not because it had any connection to this story Old Man Hung serves pho to his faithful customers every morning, although he doesn t have a license to operate a business nor does he have a decent location to set up shop He keeps moving and sets up his stall in an [...]

    11. Finished this book earlier today and it was fabulous a very satisfying read I loved Old Man Hung and everything he stood for hard work, dedication, loyalty, resilience and an appreciation of the beauty in everything I can t recall a likable character in any of my last 10 reads at least His commitment to the Pho he made every day despite all the obstacles he faced symbolized a lesson all of us need to learn life is what you make of it and you need to continue to do what makes you happy, even thr [...]

    12. What a wonderful book Humanizes Vietnam It could have turned into an anti American rant, but it does not It simply lets us know what this poor country has suffered through from the Chinese and French occupations, to the war s , to communism to the slow return to capitalism And it presents a lovable 80 year old protagonist a maker of pho, a Vietnamese breakfast soup who has lived through most of it He is surrounded by a solid supporting cast There is a plot, but that is almost secondary to the ch [...]

    13. What is art ifwe can no longer use it to comment independently on the state of the world p129 Recorded history routinely can be erroneous, distorted, misinterpreted, rewritten or lost, perhaps sometimes all of those things More reliable to trace the life history of an individual, including their origins and offspring The events of the times stand out in their impact on the generations that, each in their turn, struggle for dominance.This has been a common practice since mythologies elevated thei [...]

    14. Absolutely beautiful.I was stunned by this novel As a Vietnamese Canadian, unfortunately I ve never delved into Vietnam s past on my father s side of the family After reading this, I have a newfound spark to discover through books and first person accounts of their experiences And being in this situation, I sympathized with Maggie, who is on a journey to find out who her father was after their separation, but is labelled as an outside I ve come to care about all the characters in this novel Old [...]

    15. As someone too young to have understood the Vietnam War when it happened, I found this an engaging introduction to the history and culture of Vietnam At first I was annoyed that author Camilla Gibb assumed I knew the basic geography of the country such as where Hanoi and Saigon were , but that shortcoming was easily rectified on the internet I also reviewed the major events in the country s history, which oriented me to the political climate during the different periods in the book.After that, I [...]

    16. How does a person who is not a native of Vietnam write so realistically about a nation, the way Amy Tan writes about China I had to check the author bio to make sure I was not mistaken in thinking she was not from Vietnam This is truly clever writing The only thing that irked me slightly is the adulation and idolisation old man Hu ung receives, even though he spurns the love of his life at an early age and in so doing makes her life a misery This is depicted as principled behaviour but is it rea [...]

    17. I liked this book It is set in present day Vietnam and touches on the history and conflict between the North and South.The plot is about people living a difficult life in poverty However they live with integrity and create a community of people that they can count on and who help each other It is heartwarming to read about.The book is intertwined with scenes, scents and foods of Hanoi It brought me to a world that I was not that familiar with and really felt like I was there It is beautifully wr [...]

    18. This is not an American soldier war story The awkwardly titled Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb is a novel that illumines Vietnamese social cultural history and is set mostly in Hanoi featuring mostly Vietnamese characters I will never forget Old Man Hung who gives the novel its heart and one of literature s most vivid fictional characters.Camilla Gibb recommends UNDERSTANDING VIETNAM by Neil Jamieson 1993 for readers interested in learning about the history of Vietnam.

    19. This was a lovely book The characters and the story are very rich While this book is obviously based on Gibb s research about Vietnam rather than her own experience of Vietnam, it all worked very well The characters were three dimensional and the story mixed the quirky personalities of the characters she created with a complex history and polictical context And you cannot read this book without craving a good pho.

    20. I really enjoyed this story about Old Man Hung and his pho I don t know much about Vietnam or its history so this book was very eye opening and interesting I almost felt like I was in Vietnam when reading it and it has made me add the country to my travel wish list.

    21. I love reading this historical type of novel, it feels like a window into a certain period in history where you get to read a beautiful story, and learn a whole lot A lot about pho I really shouldn t be writing reviews I enjoyed the book, was freshly depressed by the effects of communism on nations and the creative spirit, and found the relationships between the various characters and families beautifully and delicately portrayed.

    22. This novel offers quiet satisfaction There is nothing awesome or monumental about the plot or Gibb s writing It is an engaging story written with care and honesty, without pandering to bestseller lists or in search of a specific audience.Beauty, set in contemporary Hanoi, offers a fresh perspective on well worn themes the search for cultural identity and the meaning of home Gibb weaves together three narratives Maggie Ly, a Vietnamese American curator searching for information about her deceased [...]

    23. Canadian author Camilla Gibb offers here a hopeful contemporary novel that reaches far back into the twentieth century history of Vietnam A young American woman, Vietnamese by birth, takes a job as an art curator in Hanoi so that she can explore her own history and find clues to the father she barely remembers So many stories of Vietnam are heavily influenced by the Vietnam War as Americans understand it This, however, is about the Vietnamese people and how they lived during the war years of Ch [...]

    24. Rating 3.5Heading From the Future to the Past to the PresentI had myriad of emotions while reading this heartfelt story I was grateful to the author for writing a book which focused on the people of the northern part of Vietnam and their need to free themselves from the colonial presences and in the end retained a different yoke on their souls I was sadden to once again be reminded that war damages people far longer than the conflict itself and is never ending I was amazed by the resilience of t [...]

    25. I was reluctant to read this book at first I had spent the summer reading a lot of chick lit, so this was a switch mid genre I m glad that I opened it up I love the characters in this book The author does a fantastic job of portraying the difference between characters who share a cultural history and yet are culturally different themselves As in the relationship between Maggie and Tu Both share a Vietnamese background and cultural history, they are the same and different both at the same time Ho [...]

    26. Whew A bow is drawn slowly across a violin and a single note plays through the air, then the bow begins to weave a tune that picks up tempo until one is swept up in the glorious music Thus, this story begins as a softly paced tale, then picks up and develops depth and power that sweep one along with it A marvellous novel In Hanoi, old man H ng is an itinerant seller of ph from his rickety cart, but those who want the best always find him H ng had a ph shop in 50 s Hanoi, but it was the meeting p [...]

    27. What a beautiful tale A story of belonging and not, of success and not, of love and abandonment, of finding your history and your place.

    28. UGH, Camilla Gibb Please be concise Yes, Vietnam is rich with history and yes, their food is intricate and fascinating and yes, your characters are deep But come on Her plot meandered all over the place and, what s worse it never actually came to any satisfying conclusion and her characters often repeated themselves pages or chapters later Much attention was given to details that didn t particularly matter This wasn t a terrible book, but it was pretty boring.

    29. Gibb reminds the reader of the harsh realities of rebuilding in the aftermath of war in her historically accurate novel She carries the aroma of the country s traditional soup throughout the story of an American Vietnamese s search for the artwork of her father, an enemy of the Communist state who has disappeared It is the story of a group of brave individuals upholding independent thought and freedom of expression in art and poetry during VietNam s Wars seeking independence.

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