The Sentry

The Sentry By Paul Jenkins José Villarrubia Jae Lee, The Sentry Your name is Bob Reynolds You know you were once a super hero You were the Sentry But then something terrible happened something that caused the leader of the Fantastic Four to betray you And now it
  • Title: The Sentry
  • Author: Paul Jenkins José Villarrubia Jae Lee
  • ISBN: 9780785121244
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sentry By Paul Jenkins José Villarrubia Jae Lee, Your name is Bob Reynolds You know you were once a super hero You were the Sentry But then something terrible happened, something that caused the leader of the Fantastic Four to betray you And now it s happening again, and the Sentry must return.On the edge of alcoholism and a failed marriage, Bob Reynolds wakes up to discover his true nature A forgotten hero, he mustYour name is Bob Reynolds You know you were once a super hero You were the Sentry But then something terrible happened, something that caused the leader of the Fantastic Four to betray you And now it s happening again, and the Sentry must return.On the edge of alcoholism and a failed marriage, Bob Reynolds wakes up to discover his true nature A forgotten hero, he must unravel the conspiracy to erase his memory from mankind before an evil entity returns.
    The Sentry By Paul Jenkins José Villarrubia Jae Lee,
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      182 Paul Jenkins José Villarrubia Jae Lee
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    1. Paul Jenkins José Villarrubia Jae Lee

      Paul Jenkins is a British comic book writer He has had much success crossing over into the American comic book market Primarily working for Marvel Comics, he has had a big part shaping the characters of the company over the past decade.

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    1. What if Stan Lee created Superman No, really Imagine an all powerful being beset by worldly problems, a do gooder with a heart of gold but also just a teensy bit of existential angst.I m not sure if this book is supposed to presage the dawning of a new age in the Marvel Universe, or whether it s supposed to retroactively explain the switch from the rather ho hum Silver and Bronze era Marvel to the darker Modern age of comics I think the latter, because in this book, something very terrible happe [...]

    2. I don t know how popular this story was when it came out, but I feel like The Sentry is a hidden Marvel secret that people need to discover It stole me away.

    3. A comic book superhero with multiple personality disorder, almost unlimited power, who the world has largely forgotten about Now there s a bit of a twist on superheroism It s a far different concept from what we re used to seeing in superheroes I love the idea that he was once this huge hero who did all this cool stuff, but because he was insane he went into hiding and the world completely forgot him Now he s remembering all this stuff that once happened, and the other characters in the Marvel u [...]

    4. I really should hate The Sentry.His introduction has all the elements of the ill conceived event that shocks readers and boosts sales in the short term, but ends up so ridiculously stupid that it must be ignored or explained away by the creators that follow It s a revisionist ret con of the entire history of a universe whose continuity is tight as a drum and doesn t need tampered with And worst of all, it started with a gimmick A hoax that he was a lost Stan Lee creation that pre dated the Fanta [...]

    5. Una de las cosas m s atractivas de este personaje fue la forma como fue vendido , a modo de hoax que dentro del contexto en que se nos presenta este personaje en esta novela gr fica funciona a las mil maravillas The Sentry o El Vig a en esta historia escrita por Paul Jenkins, nos muestra a un superh roe que misteriosamente hab a sido borrado de las mentes de todas las personas, a medida que una peligrosa entidad se acerca, su deber se centra en hablar con todos sus ex compa eros de batalla para [...]

    6. Los dibujos son buen simos, la premisa es muy interesante, y el guion est bastante bien Puntos extra a la edici n de Panini por la interesante introducci n de Toni Boix, que le despu s de terminarme el comic y me hizo replantearme varias de sus p ginas Para releer en contexto alg n d a.

    7. If the only comics I could read were by Paul Jenkins, things wouldn t be so bad This is the one thing I could never figure out when I started reading comics Who the hell is The Sentry Why does Avengers Tower have a spider on it and Why is the Sentry so schizophrenic This is where it all started Jenkins does a great job of handling The Sentry s character, his anxiety, and that on a knife edge question of Am I crazy or is it everybody else It doesn t always lie with the majority either The mystery [...]

    8. Fantastically inventive and moody story with great art Bob Reynolds is an unemployed, overweight recovering alcoholic who senses there s something off about his life The depression and frustration embedded in his subconscious are the imprints of a past life that he catches glimpses of, but can never pin down He dreams sometimes He dreams of being the greatest hero in the Marvel Universe friends and allies with the pillars of the hero community and an integral part of their lives But that can t b [...]

    9. Before there were the other heroic superheroes, there was one One that has been forgotten by time and men The Golden Guardian of Goodness The one that taught everyone else the art of superheroing The one everyone idolised The first of them, and the best Robert Bob Reynolds The Sentry.Bob wakes up one night, in his modest house, having glimpses and fleeting memories He is coming back Who His arch nemesis of course His memory is hazy, but what drives him is present His nemesis is the most dangerou [...]

    10. Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee again bring their moody,psychological examination to the Marvel Universe This time, an ordinary man named Robert Reynolds, struggling with alcohol and on the verge of demolishing his marriage, suddenly remembers he is The Sentry An almost omnipotent superhero with the power of the sun, who was the very first, original superhero in the New York of the Marvel Universe Except none of the other heroes his allies, friends, all those he mentored remember him at all Reynolds Se [...]

    11. Don t tell spider man, but this is probably my favorite super hero It started as a prank for April fool s day that even Stan Lee was in on He said he uncovered some old comics that were never distributed that he did with Jack Kirby in the 60s When they were released in 2000, they had the art from a modern artist and it featured some alcoholic schmuck who was having dreams of being a super hero He went insane trying to figure it out and when he finally realized who he was and became the Sentry ag [...]

    12. re read, formerly 5 stars This was one of the earliest comics I read and I adored it It s a fun framing twist on what is essentially a Superman pastiche I love the Bob Reynolds character for have such a human capacity for mental confusion and despair, but still retaining that beacon of hope persona and sense of limitless potential The tie ins drag a bit than I remembered and get rather text box happy with everybody s mental preparation for the final battle A lot of the powerful moments between [...]

    13. Fourteen years later, this book really shows its age It s a fairly creative, meta concept retconning into existence a new superhero who s pals with Mr Fantastic, Spider Man and the Hulk plus Angel, just because , but no one has any memory of him The early issues are great, full of dread and references to substance and pet abuse and marital strife, but gosh, the end doesn t deliver The four ancillary issues old stories of the Sentry palling around with his superhero buds don t do much, and the fi [...]

    14. For someone that s read as many genre short and long stories, anthologies and what not, I found myself guessing the ending to this story about half way through Still, it was dramatically well written and drawn beautifully The pacing seemed as if it were made for this format and didn t lag or feel rushed at any point The coloring matched perfectly with the line work.For a story that seems terribly familiar and a cast of characters I never particularly cared for, I found myself really enjoying the [...]

    15. A very interesting and unique title, telling the tale of a superman like hero who has been erased from everybodies memory including his own Slowly he and other key marvel characters Hulk, FF, spider man and the x men start to recall him, primarily through fantastic looking old fashion comic strips As their memories slowly return the mystery of why he was forgotten in the first place comes to the fore.I love the concept and really enjoyed seeing the memories of past adventures illustrated as gold [...]

    16. An interesting marketing scheme presented as a lost Stan Lee creation that supposedly predated the Fantastic Four the Sentry is Marvel s too little too late answer to Superman a being whose power is nearly limitless, and who can fly.Or, kind of like Captain America with a cape, since the Sentry has been lost and forgotten by all of the citizens found within the Marvel Universe.It s weird and it makes no sense.But, the writing found within is pretty solid.And it s fun to see how they retconned hi [...]

    17. I liked the miniserie of The Sentry, even though they didn t play a lot with the idea that he might be just a crazy alcoholic, the mystery of why nobody remembers him and what s the Void, answers that I already knew, where well devolped My problem with the comic came with the stories of Sentry plus other heroes, I felt Jenkins tried too hard to sell us the idea of the Sentry as the biggest superhero and the Void as the ultimate Villain.The end was too fast, I would ve liked focus on the Void an [...]

    18. You are Sentry Or are you Nobody seems to remember you, and you are not even sure you really were a superhero once.As always, the duo formed by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee raises the bar of Marvel comics The Sentry is an innovative superhero story told in second person with amazing art and great integration of Marvel lore I specially loved the recreation of the Golden Age style in some of the panels, used to great effect in this tale of memory and mental illnesses, because that is what this is at i [...]

    19. This is a wonderful little self contained story with an amazing sense of atmosphere The art by Jae Lee is different, original, and thrilling even frightening I never heard of this one before, but in my efforts to read comics via Marvel Unlimited, I discovered this through the Marvel Reading Order website presented on comicbookherald I am working through the Guide Part 1 1999 2004

    20. This book had me at the art Jae Lee is in my opinion the top artist in comics today Visually stunning stuff Paul Jenkins is a fine writer and puts this story through the complicated explanations he has to in order to fit the Sentry into the universe pretty well.Again worth it for the Art alone Recommended.

    21. I m including the one shots with Hulk Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and X Men in this, and ending with The Void.I ll be honest, for some inexplicable reason I was nearly brought to tears by this comic series I ve gotten through a significant amount of the Marvel Knights era and I think this is one of my favorites, along with Daredevil.

    22. I came to this after having read the Sentry s introduction in New Avengers and his eventual death I think at the end of Siege, so I was already familiar with him I don t know if I would have enjoyed this if I had come to it first, but basically I left the book feeling it was done better and with much better art later on.

    23. A fantastically original and, in the original presentation, cunning, in a Welles war of the worlds kind of way idea, and a highly emotionally charged mystery tale, giving the dark, frightened underbellies of many major heroes in the Marvel universe A very dark story, matched by Lee s shadowy artwork, but ultimately one of bravery and sacrifice.

    24. I have problems with the Sentry as a character and these issues have problems of their own But the art by Jae Lee goes a long way toward making up for those problems and this first Sentry story can t be blamed for the mess he s become in current continuity.

    25. It was an interesting story, but i just never really cared and not because i knew what was going to happen if anything it had to do with the cast i am just not that interested in Reed Richards, Spider Man, and the Hulk.

    26. Loved it I knew nothing going in and immediately went in search for the many books about the sentry dating all the way back I found there were none Points for being so convincing that I truly believed he was a deep hidden part of marvel history Great art too.

    27. I enjoyed the story, but I do feel like it could ve been shorter to accomplish the same thing At times I wanted the story to move along a little faster The ending was not very satisfying, but I assume everything gets a little resolution in the issue about the Void later on.

    28. Normally I won t review a book i couldn t finish but this time i have reason the first five issues the actual sentry mini series were very good and would have warranted a four rating but the extra stories in the book were very poor, i read parts of each of them and was not able to finish.

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