Firethorn By Ronie Kendig, Firethorn Former Marine Griffin Riddell had found purpose working with Nightshade until he s falsely convicted of a murder that plants him in a federal penitentiary Is there anyone he can trust Amid explosive c
  • Title: Firethorn
  • Author: Ronie Kendig
  • ISBN: 9781602607859
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • Firethorn By Ronie Kendig, Former Marine Griffin Riddell had found purpose working with Nightshade until he s falsely convicted of a murder that plants him in a federal penitentiary Is there anyone he can trust Amid explosive confusion, covert operative Kazi Faron breaks Griffin out of a maximum security prison Then she delivers the death blow the Nightshade team has been dismantled Together KaFormer Marine Griffin Riddell had found purpose working with Nightshade until he s falsely convicted of a murder that plants him in a federal penitentiary Is there anyone he can trust Amid explosive confusion, covert operative Kazi Faron breaks Griffin out of a maximum security prison Then she delivers the death blow the Nightshade team has been dismantled Together Kazi and Griffin must rescue the others and figure out who s behind the sabotage Can two people overcome their mistrust of each other in time to save Nightshade
    Firethorn By Ronie Kendig,
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      285 Ronie Kendig
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    1. Ronie Kendig

      Ronie Kendig is an award winning, bestselling author who grew up an Army brat She married her own hunky hero, who s an Army veteran After twenty plus years of marriage, she and her husband have a full life with four children and a retired military working dog Ronie s degree in psychology has helped her pen novels of raw, broken characters Since launching onto the publishing scene, Ronie s Rapid Fire Fiction has hit the CBA Bestseller List, won the prestigious Christy Award, HOLT Medallion, IRCA, FamilyFiction s Readers Choice Awards, as well as being named an RT Book of the Year Nominee Ronie loves people and helping other writers through speaking, workshops, and or mentoring Find Ronie at roniekendig, on Facebook facebook rapidfirefiction , Twitter roniekendig , GoodReads, and Instagram.

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    1. I might not always get or understand all the tactical moves, I may not always follow the lingo and track all the players in the story But one thing I do get when it comes the Discarded Heroes is this the heart, the power, the faith, the drive, the conviction behind each of these men and women jumps through the pages and grabs me by the throat.This last installment is nothing if not fast paced and high intensity And I saw something I never thought would be possible Nightshade, special black ops t [...]

    2. Former Marine Griffin Riddell, framed for murder and sent to prison, trusts no one but his Nightshade brothers When treachery dismantles the team, the only person Griffin can rely on is the super efficient, icy spy, Kazi Faron But she has her own agenda and it might cost the lives of his teammates.I must admit, I requested this book based on the cover and the blurb I expected an exciting action adventure romance I had no idea it was the fourth book in the series and that it s under the label of [...]

    3. The Discarded Heroes series has been one WILD ride And I, for one, am sad to see it end I fell in love with all the macho heroes who made up the covert Nightshade team I cheered for them when they rescued victims and fought for justice, I trembled for them when their lives hung in the balance, I laughed at their boyish antics, cried at their pain and internal struggles, and smiled as each one fell madly in love Each man waged his own battle with himself and with God But what a joy it was to see [...]

    4. I read this book in a short time At least for me I have read the other three books in this series I must say, though, that I found parts of it quite confusing A lot of times, authors who write a series will include some background of each character in each book That way if you read the book as a stand alone, it would make sense, maybe not be as meaningful, but it would make sense I found I had some trouble remembering who was who, but it did not distract too much from my enjoyment of the book I [...]

    5. Great book I love the way Ronie Kendig writes However, I was pretty disappointed that this is the last book in the series I was really looking forward to reading books about all the other guys in the Nightshade Team.I wish that things had turned out differently for Marshall in particular he was one of my favorites and I ve wanted to read his book almost from the very beginning of the series.I confess, I did have tears in my eyes during some of the last pages Though the actual final ending wasn t [...]

    6. First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.Anyone who s read anything by Ronie Kendig knows that she can deliver rapid fire fiction , and she does not disappoint in Firethorn, the grand finale for the Discarded Heroes series Open this book and instantly you will be sucked into the latest adventure for the Nightshade team Except, instead of being sent on a mission they are the mission to regroup back together and hunt down whoever tried to permanently dismantle the Nightshade team.What I found m [...]

    7. Things start to go terribly wrong for the Nightshade team Griffin Legend is wrongly accused of murdering a high up official He is in prison, depressed, wondering where he went wrong in life He doesn t know how he will survive the rest of his life in prison, but he is determined to do it with honor and pride like the Marine that he is.The Nightshade team are just back from a mission when their headquarters are attacked They are separated and taken to different locations around the world Two manag [...]

    8. The end has come too soon The last installment in the Discarded Heroes series is riveting fiction at its best Kazi Faron is faced with an insurmountable task reassemble the Nightshade team that someone in a place of power has single handedly destroyed With the team members all over the globe some near death her job will not be easy Breaking Griffin Legend Riddell, out of a supermax penitentiary is her first task Executed with precision and great skill, Griffin is stupefied that Kazi a pint size [...]

    9. When it comes to genres , I m not normally a military genre chick.For me , in order to get into it , it needs to be thrilling, fast paced and not too confusing I have enjoyed the likes of Lee Child , Howard Gordon, Douglas Preston and now I have a new name to add to my list Ronie Kendig His military book Firethorn was awesome and thrilling as we read the main character on the run for his life in a way Firethorn reminded me alot of the second part of the film The A Team which I loved that film an [...]

    10. I enjoyed the final installment of the Discarded Heroes series, but not as much as the previous 3 books.The action contained in these pages was never lacking and very fast paced The discarded heroes is dismantled, and we see various rescue missions to get the team together Due to this, the action jumps around between all the various locations of the heroes.I enjoyed Griffen and Kazi s stories Both had to deal with some very difficult issues, especially Kazi I actually would have like the story t [...]

    11. Wow My first Ronie Kendig book and it was fantastic Suspense from the beginning and non stop action This is the fourth book in the Discarded Heroes series, but Firethorn was great on its own I didn t feel like I was missing out on much having not read the first three.The Nightshade team was so cool They were so brave, going into dangerous situations and protecting others I loved each member of the team The banter between them was so funny I seriously laughed a couple of times, especially when th [...]

    12. WOW What an incredible conclusion to the Discarded Heroes series Ronie Kendig, you are amazing and without a doubt one of my most favorite authors Griffin and Kazi s story was phenomenal This book definitely had a different flavor to it since the team was split up for most of it I liked that It made it intense from the very beginning to the very end I loved the peek into the past with Griffin, I loved how Kazi s story developed and yes, I cried at the end because there is a really good reason fo [...]

    13. Action packed Black Ops adventure story that includes the pathos that typical war heroes and their families must deal with on a daily basis Includes crooked politicians, betrayals, redemption and the the emotional turmoil that threatens their very mission The operational details are authentically described and the inter group loyalty and sense of family are accurately portrayed It is a story that has you floating along as an invisible member of the team, sharing in their emotions as they charge [...]

    14. Excellent ending to this series Many intriguing angles to this story The reader becomes quite fond of the Nightshade team and their spouses As always a real page turner I always enjoy the characters relationship with God As always I m looking forward to reading by this author.

    15. Nightshade has been brutally attacked Some of the guys have been kidnapped, some are missing and it s even possible that they are dead Unlike other battles they ve encountered together, this time it s PERSONAL and whoever is responsible for this is going down Griffin Legend is serving a life term in prison for a crime he didn t commit when out of nowhere this beautiful and mysterious woman, Dr Kacie, breaks him out of prison with no explanation until they are safely underway The only thing Kacie [...]

    16. Nightshade is a team of highly trained military black ops specialists In the case of Nightshade, they are so black that they don t officially exist except that someone in power not only knows of their existence, but is out to destroy them One team member, Griffin, has been falsely imprisoned for murder, while the others are ambushed and taken prisoner by unknown assailants attacking their headquarters Their wives and children are taken to a government safe house, and their boss has disappeared H [...]

    17. This review was posted on my blog in March 2012nnhugginsblackburn.Do not, under any circumstances, no matter how tempted you are not open this book if you have anything urgent on your to do list.If you have to do laundry or you ll be going to a meeting in gym clothes If you have to buy groceries or everyone will be eating cereal for supper If you have a presentation to prepare handouts for umybe that just applies to me You have been warned.If you not that I would know from experience , decide to [...]

    18. Firethorn by Ronie Kendig is the fourth and sadly, final book in the Discarded Heroes series Firethorn follows former Marine Griffin Legend Riddel, who finds himself sitting in a maximum security prison facing charges for a murder he didn t commit.Covert operative Kazi Faron is hired to break Griffen out of prison and reassemble the newly dismantled Nightshade team.As Kazi and Griffen race around the world to rescue the Nightshade team, Griffen learns that Kazi has secrets Secrets that could get [...]

    19. BLOWN AND DISMANTLED NIGHTSHADE IS READY TO REPAY THE FAVOR The Nightshade group are recouping in The Shack when they find themselves infiltrated and fired upon No matter where they hid, they were found out except for Max and Dighton Not only are they infiltrated, their complex is imploded The men are then scattered all over the world Who How The Shack was secure Nightshade team member, Griffin Riddell aka Legend , finds himself in a maximum security prison, charged with the murder of a Senator [...]

    20. Before I say anything about this book I have to say this if you ve followed this series at all you re probably like me and have fallen head over heels for the guys of Nightshade and gone through than your fair share of tissues Firethorn, the conclusion to the action packed Discarded Heroes series is absolutely bittersweet in so many ways that you will want to have the tissues at hand even if you have never cried while reading a book I can honestly say that Ronie Kendig not only writes the best [...]

    21. Ronie Kendig s Firethorn keeps action pouring over each page The Discarded Heroes series encompasses four books in all While I m sure they all share many of the same characters, Firethorn stands alone as its own story I admit, I was a little concerned reading book 4 when I hadn t read any of the others I shouldn t have worried Ms Kendig makes sure to cover all of the pertinent information about the characters, giving little bite sized pieces at just the right times.Shifting between two main stor [...]

    22. FIRETHORN is the finale to the Disarded Heroes series about the Nightshade team This is the story of Griffin, the big guy that helped Olin Lambert, the Old Man, put the team together Griffin was unfairly charged and found guilty of killing a congressman that he happened upon after someone else killed the man He was sentenced to a supermax prison facility At the beginning of the story, the remaining team is returning to the Shack after a mission when they are attacked by an unknown group of assai [...]

    23. I enjoyed this fourth and final book in the Discarded Heroes series but was sad that the series had come to an end.Griffin Riddell, also known as Legend, is the main character in this book When the Shack is attacked, the heroes are scattered, and a female outsider strong and determined Kazi is brought in to rescue them Imagine the worst possible stuff that could happen to the heroes, and well, there you have it But it makes for a great story.Just to warn you, there was at least one major shocker [...]

    24. Emotionally Wrung Out.That s how I feel The high s and low s are extreme and adrenaline inducing While my head is spinning from all the action and pounding from the tears, I m telling myself this isn t real It didn t happen Really It seemed real Gut wrenchingly so I thought nothing could outdo Wolfsbane in this series I was wrong Firethorn, while not heavy on romance, brought together two people who seem so opposite but who have so many hidden similarities Griffin is one tough dude Kazi is one t [...]

    25. I have read some very famous military thriller authors who seem to live by the motto, If you can t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with acronyms At that point it ceases to matter how edge of your seat breathless the action is, because I lost track of who the bad guy was.This is not the case with Ronie Kendig s Discarded Heroes series Ronie, an army brat and wife of military retiree, has captured all the intrigue of an international covert cloak and dagger operation without unnecessary j [...]

    26. I ve become a fan of romantic suspense What can I say There s something about the danger and a man of honor willing to lay it all on the line for his team, his country and the people he loves This series looks at a group of men assembled for black ops Undercover international operatives that are not acknowledged by the government but go in and do the dirty work no one else wants to The name of this team is Nightshade also title of the first book and is made up of men with dark pasts who have bee [...]

    27. First of all, my sincerest apologies to Ronie Kendig for taking so long to post this review Ronie has taken the top spot in my favorite authors list I had been talking to her about this series for awhile, as I fell in love with the Discarded Heroes with Nightshade by Ronie Kendig I was fortunate to read this book as a galley and have had a hard time not discussing it openly so as to not ruin the book In this gripping conclusion ok, can I hope not to the Discarded Heroes series, Legend finds hims [...]

    28. Title FIRETHORN Discarded Heroes 4Author Ronie KendigPublisher Barbour BooksJanuary 2012ISBN 978 1 60260 785 9Genre Fiction Christian SuspenseOnce again, author Ronie Kendig takes us deep inside the world of the US Special Forces in this fourth installment of the Discarded Heroes series She remains true to her passionate portrayal of operators who operate outside officially sanctioned parameters, facing incredible odds with a bemusing smirk and a nonchalant, What Again attitude.In this volume, T [...]

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