Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter's Son

Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter's Son By John Jeremiah Sullivan, Blood Horses Notes of a Sportswriter s Son Blood Horses Notes of a Sportswriter s Son
  • Title: Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter's Son
  • Author: John Jeremiah Sullivan
  • ISBN: 9780374172817
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter's Son By John Jeremiah Sullivan, Blood Horses Notes of a Sportswriter s Son
    Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter's Son By John Jeremiah Sullivan,
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      John Jeremiah Sullivan

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    1. John Jeremiah Sullivan

      John Jeremiah Sullivan is an American writer and editor He is a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine, a contributing editor of Harper s Magazine, and southern editor of The Paris Review.Sullivan s first book, Blood Horses Notes of a Sportswriter s Son, was published in 2004 It is part personal reminiscence, part elegy for his father, and part investigation into the history and culture of the Thoroughbred racehorse His second book, Pulphead Essays 2011 , is an anthology of fourteen updated magazine articles.

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    1. This is a book haunted by two ghosts the author s father, and the great Secretariat, winner of the 1973 Triple Crown The author tells us that the book grew out of the answer he got when, during his father s last illness, he asked him what he remembered best from his thirty years of sportswriting His father said Secretariat s Derby that was just beauty The answer surprised the author because horseracing had not been his father s favorite sport, or even seemed to have been important to him Thus, t [...]

    2. I learned that I think John Jeremiah Sullivan is a great writer He apparently writes or wrote for GQ, which I don t have much occasion to read, so I ve never read anything else but if this book is any indication of his work, I m a fan.Stylistically, I did find the organization of it a bit odd at first until I realized it read like a giant magazine article The book jumps around a bit abruptly and each little section starts under its own headline, which I found a bit jarring until I caught the rhy [...]

    3. Seven years ago, John Jeremiah Sullivan published an essay in Harper s magazine called Horseman, Pass By Glory, Grief, and the Race for the Triple Crown I like horses, and I like essays, so I read it It turned out to be one of the loveliest essays I d ever read I photocopied it and forced friends to read it A tiny footnote published with the essay said that John Jeremiah Sullivan was writing a book about fathers and horses A book long version of the 18 page article I had adored Although I never [...]

    4. While I have read a good bit on Mr Sullivan s work, I stumbled upon Blood Horses last week in a visit to Frankfort, Ky s Poor Richard s Book Store, one my favorite stops It was a chore to find it I spotted a book that been shoved behind a shelf of books on various horse racing subjects That seem an omen that I should purchase the paperback, and was instantly absorbed by a work that is the best book on horses and humans that I have read It s also a wonderful tale of fathers and sons, and the fact [...]

    5. As a 30 something expatriated Kentuckian, my shared background with the author strongly biased my reading of BLOOD HORSES Nonetheless, I will recommend this book to anyone, especially people who like PULPHEAD Despite being a memoir seemingly devoted to Sullivan s late father, the book lacks the solipsistic sentimentality that plagues most memoirs Who would normally be interested in a son s memories of his Louisville Redbirds beat reporter father Yet, this book is fascinating It takes a lot of in [...]

    6. If you are interested in horse racing as I am you will enjoy this book It gives a great background on the horse throughout history, which is based on what seems to be exhaustive research At times I found myself confused as to where the book was headed sometimes it was about the history of the horse, other times about horse racing, and still at other times a chronicle of a man and his somewhat absent sportswriting father It did however all come together in the end in a very satisfying book I woul [...]

    7. Words fail me This book explores many themes death, remembrance, and grief central among them, as Sullivan recalls his father but it does so as it faithfully follows the horse through history, its stints as food, idol, instrument of war, and finally the precious blood horses, bred first by Bedouins and later by Englishman to be fast and beautiful and very little else I have never read a book which describes Thoroughbreds with such a lyrical touch I loved every page.

    8. My first job after college was to take bets at the Saratoga Race Track It was.rable I didn t know much about horses, but seeing the hoi polloi gather each day to drink, gamble, and drink some was quite an introduction to the real world.Since then I ve always been intrigued by the horse racing world I loved Pulphead, JJS s book of essays, and thought this book about his father, and horse racing, would be a wonderful deep dive Indeed, the parts about his father, who was a sportswriter that often [...]

    9. The author is the son of the late sportswriter, Mike Sullivan, of the Kentucky Courier Journal BLOOD HORSES, is a uniquely conceived memoir It is an intense, free form chronicle of his search for connection to his father What does this have to do with horses In that uncertain but hopeful period after a serious operation, Mike shares a memory with his son His career had spanned the brash conquests of Muhammed Ali, and the stellar ascent of Michael Jordan The sport he loved was baseball But the in [...]

    10. A moving tribute to a father, a family memoir, a condensed history of the Bluegrass state, and a well researched tracking of the Horse and its relationship with Man, going back to prehistoric times It s a soup with a lot of ingredients, but with a solid base that holds it all together.Secretariat s triple crown achievement is the widely accepted gold standard for Perfection Setting all of the elements of his book against that standard, JJS researches an industry state culture and their pursuit o [...]

    11. A manic journey through horse history, with a special emphasis on thoroughbred culture, including some close ups of the 2002 and 2003 Triple Crown races The author protagonist is funny, likable and has a passion for obscure literary works that shed light on his subjects horses and Kentucky in peculiar ways The remembrance of his father was touching and felt real, without being schlocky The main drawbacks were a tendency to dabble around the events of 9 11 and Iraq without really forming a strong [...]

    12. It took me almost two years to read this, because my dad gave me this along with Sullivan s collection of essays, and the essays were so good that I didn t think this could compete Also a book about thoroughbred horse racing Meh.I WAS SO WRONG Not only because this book is about way than horse racing It s about the weird history of horse racing and the weird history of Kentucky and the weird people who orbit those worlds, plus the author s complicated relationship with his sportswriter father, [...]

    13. I found this to be a quirky mash up of a memoir, horse book, and odd tangents Based on the title, one would assume that it s just about Thoroughbreds or Arabians, but it ranges around quite a bit, at one point focusing on the dreadful fate of many horses used in war campaigns If you re a horse person looking for a horse y read, I don t think this will cut it for you If you re a sports person who follows sports writers, this may feel too narrow If you re looking for memoirs about parent child rel [...]

    14. I really, really, really wanted to be blown away by this book, but ended up being midly disappointed I m not sure why, as it has everything I could wish for The author covers mans relationship with the horse from the early days of the first doemstication to the huge thoroughbred racing circuit Maybe it s because I endulge in so many of these types of book, that there wasn t anything that surprising in here I did enjoy it thought, don t get me wrong I did absolutely love the collections of pictur [...]

    15. Excellent non fiction book that is about many things at once the writer s tribute to his sportswriter father and his father s own remembrances of the great Secretariat, a history of the Kentucky horse racing industry, an account of War Emblem s attempt to win the 2002 Triple Crown, a survey of the horse in literature, and finally and mostly an examination of man s relationship with the horse throughout history Beautifully written and as an reviewer noted, reminiscent of the style of W G Sebald.

    16. Another repeat author, Sullivan s Pulphead was one of the best books I read last year This one was still great, if not quite as good This book, Sullivan s first, is framed by his father s death and Sullivan coming to terms with it That part is excellent, magisterial The middle of the sandwich is horse racing, specifically the 2002 horse racing season Still great, still filled with nuggets from across literary sources showing Sullivan s strength as a writer, if not as excellent It s a fast read a [...]

    17. Loved the chapters on his father and modern horse racing I m very into Sullivan as an author However the asides and historical chapters seemed abrupt, off putting and a little self indulgent I ended up just skimming through those It s entirely possible poor formatting on the kindle made this harder to follow than it otherwise would have been But the chapters on Secretariat I loved, of course.

    18. I really enjoyed this bookI owned a Thoroughbred many years ago, who bowed a tendon at the track I knew some Thoroughbred owners and trainers and breeders I saw Secretariat win all three races of the Triple Crown I don t like the sport now because I know too much I lived a similar experience when the author s father dies and he doesn t really get it until his dog dies a year later And I loved the ending of the book.

    19. The great chain of non being lolzAbsolutely the best contemporary book about Louisville.The betting strategy that Sullivan uses in this book is ridiculous Even though it s a joke, I ve used it before and it s kind of amazing I won some money Now I have my own secret strategy that s inspired by his own rule of thumb.Also, if you have a father, you ll cry.

    20. Sullivan is a capable, passionate author, and once I got a grip on his disjointed narrative chapters I was completely swept away Blood Horses was riveting, but I don t think I ll feel the need to read it a second time.Recommended to any with interest in thoroughbred racing, or with interest in father and son dynamics Three and half stars, rounded up to four.

    21. It s a testament to Sullivan s writing that, even though the subject is one I m not particularly interested in horses and horse racing , I was thoroughly engaged I really love his style it s conversational, it s funny, it s sharp Sullivan can write with the best of them Start with Pulphead a collection of essays , and if you like that you ll also like this.

    22. Sullivan explores not only the rough history of the horse, but a deeply personal look at the relationship between horses and men Ranging from prehistoric cave art to the Triple Crown run of Secretariat and the not quite of Funnycide , Blood Horses is part memoir, part history, and wholly engaging.

    23. The combination of journalism and memoir could be terrible, or at least, convoluted Instead, Sullivan slings lines like this, In the history of profound absences the gaps in Sappho s fragments, Christ s tomb, the black panels of Rothko s chapel this is among the most beautiful I mean, just great stuff.

    24. I heart him And this It seems so sprawling as you read, so meandering, but it always comes back to some cohesive central point Having never thought much about horses or sports or sports writing, I must commend JS on writing a book about those or ostensibly about those that than keeps my attention I like the organization with sections of different lengths.

    25. I liked the way Sullivan blended his memoir with the history of horse racing This is clearly well researchedanda labor of love 5 stars for all the horse history 3 stars for Sullivan s occasional thoughtlessness when describing other people.

    26. A truly remarkable and strange book that is as much about family, sports, and writing as it is about horses.I read this a while ago, but I just thought I should add it here I m always on the lookout for new articles by JJS in GQ, but I rarely see his byline these days.

    27. This was really beautiful and well written I picked this up because I thoroughly enjoyed Pulphead, but was a bit uneasy because I have absolutely no interest in horses Not a problem Turns out Sullivan can gracefully carry me along through just about anything.

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