The Little Sister

The Little Sister By Raymond Chandler, The Little Sister Chandler s th novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores the underworld of glitter capital trying to find a sweet young thing s missing brother A movie starlet with a gangster boyfri
  • Title: The Little Sister
  • Author: Raymond Chandler
  • ISBN: 9780241954324
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Little Sister By Raymond Chandler, Chandler s 5th novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores the underworld of glitter capital, trying to find a sweet young thing s missing brother.A movie starlet with a gangster boyfriend and a pair of siblings with a shared secret lure Marlowe into the less than glamorous and than a little dangerous world of Hollywood fame Chandler s first foray intoChandler s 5th novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores the underworld of glitter capital, trying to find a sweet young thing s missing brother.A movie starlet with a gangster boyfriend and a pair of siblings with a shared secret lure Marlowe into the less than glamorous and than a little dangerous world of Hollywood fame Chandler s first foray into the industry that dominates the company town that is Los Angeles.
    The Little Sister By Raymond Chandler,
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    1. Raymond Chandler

      Raymond Thornton Chandler was an American novelist and screenwriter.In 1932, at age forty four, Raymond Chandler decided to become a detective fiction writer after losing his job as an oil company executive during the Depression His first short story, Blackmailers Don t Shoot , was published in 1933 in Black Mask, a popular pulp magazine His first novel, The Big Sleep, was published in 1939 In addition to his short stories, Chandler published just seven full novels during his lifetime though an eighth in progress at his death was completed by Robert B Parker All but Playback have been realized into motion pictures, some several times In the year before he died, he was elected president of the Mystery Writers of America He died on March 26, 1959, in La Jolla, California.Chandler had an immense stylistic influence on American popular literature, and is considered by many to be a founder, along with Dashiell Hammett, James M Cain and other Black Mask writers, of the hard boiled school of detective fiction Chandler s Philip Marlowe, along with Hammett s Sam Spade, are considered by some to be synonymous with private detective, both having been played on screen by Humphrey Bogart, whom many considered to be the quintessential Marlowe.Some of Chandler s novels are considered to be important literary works, and three are often considered to be masterpieces Farewell, My Lovely 1940 , The Little Sister 1949 , and The Long Goodbye 1953 The Long Goodbye is praised within an anthology of American crime stories as arguably the first book since Hammett s The Glass Key, published than twenty years earlier, to qualify as a serious and significant mainstream novel that just happened to possess elements of mystery.

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    1. A woman from a small Kansas town hires Philip Marlowe to find her missing brother What Marlowe finds is himself ensnared in a web of drugs, blackmail, and murderAs I ve said many times, noir fiction and I go together like a bottle of cheap vodka and nightmares about being chased by coyotes The Little Sister by the esteemed Raymond Chandler is no exception.It may be because it s been a few months since I ve read one of Raymond Chandler s oddly poetic noir masterpieces but I liked The Little Siste [...]

    2. She was a small, neat, rather prissy looking girl with primly smooth brown hair and rimless glasses She had no make up, no lipstick and no jewelry The rimless glasses gave her that librarian s look But, Marlowe, you surely must know what she would look like without the glasses, wearing her hair loose and a little make up and jewelry Beware A femme fatale in hiding This has always remained my very favorite Raymond Chandler novel And as far as The Little Sister goes, there is than just one femme [...]

    3. The Little Sister Philip Marlowe, 5 , Raymond Chandler, Esmail Fassih translator The Little Sister is a 1949 novel by Raymond Chandler, his fifth featuring the private investigator Philip Marlowe The story is set in Los Angeles in the late 1940 s The novel centers on the younger sister of a Hollywood starlet and has several scenes involving the film industry It was partly inspired by Chandler s experience working as a screenwriter in Hollywood and his low opinion of the industry and most of the [...]

    4. The book begins with an exciting chase scene Philip Marlowe tries to catch a fly Actually, I am kidding The PI, not having any case to work on is so bored that he starts hunting aforementioned fly When a girl shows up on his door he takes her case for a measly sum of 20 The girl came from Nowhere, Kansas the actual name of the place is Manhattan and I do not mean NYC location and she wants to locate her brother who supposedly lives somewhere in LA The routine investigation leads Marlowe to two d [...]

    5. Mostly a masterpiece 5 stars for the first 2 3 of the book, his best ever work, which then sadly rushes into the overly complex morass of a resolution Chandler s final denouement of the villains and their actions seems rushed in places, and unclear in others You will eventually follow and understand, but it s a lot of work.Marlowe expresses this towards the end Sometimes when I m low I try to reason it out But it gets too complicated The whole damn case was that way There was never a point where [...]

    6. Written in the late 40s when RC was sick of Hollywood and depressed about his wife s health she was 17 years older ,RC was fretful and feeling insolent than usual So he used Movieland as his setting The titular sister, from the midwest,lands in SoCal looking for her missing brother as, we later learn, they both want to blackmail their Almost Famous Sis who s in Pix From real life RC borrows a scandal involvingmobster Bugsy Siegel who was allowed out of prison for a fewdays to visit his dentiste [...]

    7. This one is very hard to rate So let s call it 4.5 stars There are flaws The plot really is too complex, as Marlowe himself admits And at times, especially in the first half, there is an even deeper problem Marlowe is always has been and always will be see Chandler s letter to D.J Ibberson, dated April 19, 1951 38, but the author himself at the time of writing was already 61 and, quite obviously, none too happy about it That discrepancy of voice is sometimes too apparent On the other hand, Littl [...]

    8. Wonderful what Hollywood will do to a nobody It will make a radiant glamour queen out of a drab little wench who ought to be ironing a truck driver s shirts, a he man hero with shining eyes and brilliant smile reeking of sexual charm out of some overgrown kid who was meant to go to work with a lunchbox Out of a Texas car hop with the literacy of a character in a comic strip it will make an international courtesan, married six times to six millionaires and so blas and decadent at the end of it th [...]

    9. This novel used similes that were long and round and thin, like a rattailed file that has been ground smooth.This novel is a sort of sad whisper, like a mortitian asking for a down payment.This novel had a low lingering voice with a sort of moist caress in it like a damp bath towl.This novel felt like a nice leg.This novel was brought up straight, like the wicked foreman of the Lazy Q.This novel sounded like somebody putting aways saucepans.This novel flashed like lightening.This novel burned li [...]

    10. This is yet another wonderful hard boiled, crime noir novel featuring the original gumshoe, Philip Marlowe He s hired to find a young woman s missing brother but, this being a Chandler novel, nothing is ever that simple.I think this may have been my favourite of the bunch, so far I really liked how well Chandler expressed his protagonist s loneliness, ennui and overall vulnerability I feel like I know Marlowe a lot better now, in a way that I didn t from reading the previous four books Also, whi [...]

    11. My, was Raymond in a foul mood when he wrote this Fine by me as I was in one when I read it.I see this book s copped a bit on Unfair Totally unfair If you get the drift, the guy s got the shits and he is looking at life from the wrong end of the telescope, he does such a good job of that.There are two types of people in the world The ones for whom money is everything they need to get as much of it as possible, take it willynilly from whereever they can, make sure nobody else gets to touch it and [...]

    12. It was either the third or the fourth time a dame, in a fit of histrionics kissed Philip Marlowe that I became slightly exasperated.Don t get me wrong, Raymond Chandler is a good writer, his prose is packed with cleverness to the point of overflowing, the dialogue snaps, and everything has the cool sleazy vibe of old time Hollywood But even one of the characters points out how baffling it is that ladies just seem to want to lock lips with sadsack detective Philip Marlowe.Otherwise, the writing i [...]

    13. I love this series Absolutely If modern American crime writers could write like this, my tbr pile would be beyond overflowing If you want a little about this book than what I ve written here, you can clickhere and read about it at my reading journal Otherwise, read on Like all of the Chandler novels so far, The Little Sister has a plot that is once again overly convoluted and overly complex, but Chandler is in rare form here, having Marlowe spill his guts about the city, his job, the people and [...]

    14. This one had my head spinning I have read some of Chandler s short stories before, but I believe this was the first novel I d read from him The plot was a little too complex and convoluted for me, as by the time it was over I was just glad to be done It started out interesting enough, and of course it s very well written hard boiled fiction I just lost track of the many characters and their motivations Phillip Marlowe is the quintessential private eye, and a great character Really, all of the ch [...]

    15. Sin duda Chandler es una gran creador de personajes Qu grande Marlowe Este libro lo tiene todo, y eso que yo no soy muy de policiaca.

    16. Yet another fantastic Raymond Chandler book This time Marlow goes into Hollywood and we get his take on the the movie business in the late 1940 s His prose is top notch and one of a kind I marvel at the consistency of the writing and constantly colorful analogies and metaphors One of my all time favorite writers.The Little Sister deals with a young woman who is trying to find her brother and of course Marlow is hired to do the job He works his way through a labyrinth of high life sleaze trying t [...]

    17. Rambling plot sometimes hard to follow, BUT the P.I Marlowe bittersweet voice teems throughout Famous metaphors work well The wrap up is pretty decent This book skewers the Hollywood glitterati.

    18. Marlowe Is Back Again, but in a Rather Bad MoodIn 1949, after a spell of almost six years, Raymond Chandler had his hero Philip Marlowe re enter the stage in The Little Sister, a weird case of multiple blackmailing and mob murder It all starts in a seemingly harmless way when Orfamay Quest, a rather prim looking, mousy young woman asks him to find out the whereabouts of her brother Orrin Marlowe, in a strange way fascinated and simultaneously revolted by the demure and holier than thou Orfamay, [...]

    19. There were so many characters in this that about the 76% point I just lost the main threads of the case looking for Orrin Everything else of mixed composite overcame the core And this one was super mean in tone The women were throwing themselves at Marlowe and rather nasty plus to each other, IMHO To a point that didn t make sense to me.Because this has some excellent phrasing and even within the overblown dialect of snark they stand out, it is toward a 4 star But Hollywood is so distasteful an [...]

    20. Turn left now go 3.15 miles south and make a U turn back.34 miles go right 5.34 miles and on and on That was how this hard boiled noir classic read for me from about half way through to the end When I thought I had everything in its right place, who did what to whom and why, everything got jumbled again and I m back to square one and not sure who did what in the last 20 pages I read It was a very complex novel but an excellent example of my favorite genre from one of my favorite writers and the [...]

    21. Mini ReviewThe most cynical book in Chandler s oeuvre, the quick wit of the initial books in the series had been modified into an unflinching bitterness It s almost as though the gloves are off, Chandler is weary off all the saccharine hypocrisy of the world and he calls it out as he sees it and it makes for spectacular reading.The corrupt city with its cynical cops, decadent dames with their starlet sisters and off course Marlowe himself round off an impressive cast The plot is turned and twist [...]

    22. I like the way Raymond Chandler writes his books have an easy flow, and every so often you run into a great simile, like The smell of old dust hung in the air as flat and stale as a football interview, or She jerked away from me like a startled fawn might, if I had a startled fawn and it jerked away from me If you just surrender to the flow, you can overlook his ridiculous characterizations of women, and the great unwieldiness of his plots I read two summaries of the plot after I d finished this [...]

    23. Dark, cynical and potentially deadly private detective Philip Marlowe is sitting in his office in a gray dumpy building in an area close to Hollywood Its been a while since he has had a client Eventually there is a call, a bit strange Its a woman from Manhattan Kansas and she is seeking the right private eye to help her find her brother But the woman isn t as simple as she tries to make out and its not just a case of finding a wayward brother Because along the way there are two deaths by an ice [...]

    24. The Little sister by Raymond Chandler.Philip Marlowe has a small and dirty little office Marlowe is a private detective some days he s on the side of the police and some days not One of those days Orfamay Quest walks into his office with a requestnd her brother Orrin He s been gone from home back in Manhattan, Kansas for a long time and his letters have stopped This begins Marlowe s long and complicated journey in finding Orfamay s brother The twists and turns that come with each character is on [...]

    25. This book is less well known and less admired than the four books that preceded it While it may not reach the heights achieved in that astonishing burst of activity, it s still really good By this time, Chandler had spent some time working under the Hollywood studio system most notably on the brilliant film Double Indemnity and, like most writers recruited by the Hollywood machine, he didn t much like it Add this novel to the list of good fictional treatments of the Dream Factory and the distort [...]

    26. I like reading these old noir classics They re a guilty pleasure I think that reading them is literary paleontology.Prose is written is short, almost staccato sentences Its interleaved with, some wry turns of phrase, such as, the carpet had the dull anonymity of a thousand wasted lives Things have certainly changed since 1949 The protagonist gets, US 40 per day, plus expenses , puts down a quarter for a pack of Camels and spends a nickel to make a pay phone call I actually had to research a few [...]

    27. For as long as I ve lived in Southern California, I have thought of Raymond Chandler as THE archetypal Los Angeles writer, and of Philip Marlowe as THE archetypal L.A noir hero The Little Sister is one of his later novels, and one of his most complex, yet it is a page turner almost, a page burner from start to finish.It all begins with a prim young lady from Manhattan, Kansas, named Orfamay Quest is willing to part with as much as twenty dollars to find her brother Orrin, who has disappeared int [...]

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