The Talisman Ring

The Talisman Ring By Georgette Heyer, The Talisman Ring The legend of the Headless Horseman and a proposed marriage de convenance both have their impact on the mystery of a golden talisman ring and Lord Lavenham s young heir Ludovic Neither Sir Tristram S
  • Title: The Talisman Ring
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Talisman Ring By Georgette Heyer, The legend of the Headless Horseman and a proposed marriage de convenance both have their impact on the mystery of a golden talisman ring and Lord Lavenham s young heir, Ludovic Neither Sir Tristram Shield nor Eustacie, his young French cousin, share the slightest inclination to marry one another, yet it is Lord Lavenham s dying wish For there is no one else to provide fThe legend of the Headless Horseman and a proposed marriage de convenance both have their impact on the mystery of a golden talisman ring and Lord Lavenham s young heir, Ludovic Neither Sir Tristram Shield nor Eustacie, his young French cousin, share the slightest inclination to marry one another, yet it is Lord Lavenham s dying wish For there is no one else to provide for the old man s granddaughter while Ludovic remains a fugitive from justice Yet again Georgette Heyer shows the qualities that made her one of the most successful and best loved romantic novelists of her age, and why her popularity endures to this day.
    The Talisman Ring By Georgette Heyer,
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      153 Georgette Heyer
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      Georgette Heyer was a prolific historical romance and detective fiction novelist Her writing career began in 1921, when she turned a story for her younger brother into the novel The Black Moth.In 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer, and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932, Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each year.Heyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Stella Martin.Her Regencies were inspired by Jane Austen, but unlike Austen, who wrote about and for the times in which she lived, Heyer was forced to include copious information about the period so that her readers would understand the setting While some critics thought her novels were too detailed, others considered the level of detail to be Heyer s greatest asset.Heyer remains a popular and much loved author, known for essentially establishing the historical romance genre and its subgenre Regency romance.

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    1. This Georgian period novel by Georgette Heyer, set in 1793, is a fun mixture of a romantic comedy and a mystery suspense novel Our main characters Ludovic Lavenham, the impetuous young heir to a baronetcy, accused of murder and on the run for the last couple of years, doing a little smuggling on the side, and whilst doing so bumping into Eustacie, an equally impetuous young French girl with wildly romantic ideas, who is running away from an unwanted arranged marriage with Sir Tristram Shield, th [...]

    2. On the menu tonight THE TALISMAN RINGAmuse BouchePour la table, we present a pair of charming Georgian romantics They are tr s amusant These light little treats will tantalize your taste buds and have two simple minded components a delightful if melodramatic young miss served la fran aise alongside a feckless and overwrought young heir Other lesser restaurants have served such dishes as a main course how droll Here they find their proper place as a lure to engage you in , shall we say, substanti [...]

    3. I found this vintage Georgette Heyer, The Talisman Ring, simply exquisite with its humor and wit, smooth and agile prose, with amusing and intelligent dialogues The mysterious plot is hilarious and full of wild adventures with smugglers, stupid Bow Street runners, an evil cousin and a malevolent valet Attempted murder, midnight house break in, and mayhem make for a fast and pleasurable read.Lovable and piquant characters and romance gives The Talisman Ring a special flavor that doesn t overshado [...]

    4. I don t have a shelf for Romance, but I m thinking perhaps I ought to make one I m such a bad boy for ignoring such a huge genre.Yes That s right I just read Romance I m challenging myself.But, to be honest and fair, this is really of an offshoot of the old Regency Romances and full of the whole comedy of errors that we all know and love Too good to be true Rich grandfathers, viciously maligned cousins, onerous duties, mystery, theft, and yes, of course, Marriage Marriage is what brings us here [...]

    5. If the rating system here allowed it, I would take off a half star for how annoying Eustacie and Ludovic were, and how little I cared about their fate I know they are a parody of young romantics and serve as a foil for the older and sensible couple, but I really wanted Ludovic to get slapped at certain points where he insists on recklessly endangering everyone else for no better reason than his own boredom and fecklessness.Fortunately for me, Heyer, though tolerant of young bucks than myself, [...]

    6. Quite different to anything else I ve read by Heyer Fantastic rip roaring comedy mystery farce, with not one romance, it two Recommended.

    7. First published in 1936, this is one of Heyer s last Georgian romances Set in the south of England at some undefined time shortly after the French Revolution, it includes romance, adventure, random French words and phrases, Bow Street Runners, a missing heirloom and an heir who must be cleared of murder before he can resume his rightful place in society A parody of the romantic adventure genre, the novel is an inspired piece of fluff The ing nue, Eustacie, is lovely, smart, and a lot less annoyi [...]

    8. I m struggling ever so slightly with the review on this book as I read it at the start of my holiday If I feel I have to add I may edit this later.In spite of a slow start, the always inventive GH excelled herself with this one.Her variations this time were I think this is her only book this late in the Georgian period view spoiler two romances of nearly parallel importance hide spoiler just for once the villain actually view spoiler will face the British justice system hide spoiler Fast paced [...]

    9. I do believe this was almost funnier than Faro s Daughter Miss Sarah Thane and her brother have stopped at a little inn for a brief respite when she is awoken in the middle of the night by smugglers Sumugglers who have barely escaped the Law After that Sarah is determined to keep her brother tied to this spot so she can do some investigating and maybe clear an innocent man s name, but she can only do that with help, help that comes from an unlikely source.Eustacie has, after knowing her cousin T [...]

    10. This book manages to be both a Regency comedy of manners and a swashbuckling romance in the vein of Heyer s earlier set Georgian books This is one of those books where the hero manages to be perfect but not irritate me, the dumb Beauty character inspires an affection in me, the lesser hero makes me smile, and I wish I could have a cup of tea and laugh over the world with the heroine Very well drawn, very well remembered Also has one of my favorite proposal scenes

    11. Rbrs 1A few goodreaders got together to read romances for funsies so I joined to giggle along Romance where chests are deeply muscled or deeply cleavaged but always sweaty and pressed together Fantasy wish fulfillments with silly love scenes I ve read a handful of romances as in, I could hold them in one hand and figured they were like soap operas, where you can jump in the middle of an episode or read any romance and be up to speed There was a scene in the show 3rd Rock From the Sun, where the [...]

    12. This is one of the least substantial Heyer romances I have read, with little insight into the psyche of our hero, but it was still a fun read.Eustacie is 18 years old, French, and romantic The kind of girl who almost regrets having been rescued from The Terror when she thinks of the tragic, pitiable figure she should have made when led to the guillotine, dressed in a white gown, of course.Sir Tristram is older, practical and sober, and Heyer spends a few pages making you think that the two of th [...]

    13. I m bumping this up to five stars on the most recent reread The banter between Tristram and Sarah is just way, way too good and bonus points for the subtlety of the romance And I admit that much of my attachment is to Sarah I love how she throws in with Eustacie so eagerly and yet still develops an appreciation for the polar opposite in Tristram And I particularly love that they complement each other so well with Sarah mitigating some of Tristram s reserve and him supporting her fully and eagerl [...]

    14. I was feeling a bit stressed, so it felt like the perfect time to revisit The Talisman Ring and maybe also The Grand Sophy, if I get the chance Heyer s books are the perfect light reading to my mind relatable characters, witty dialogue, entertaining set ups In this one, two cousins are supposed to get married, despite being completely unsuited hijinks and a few cousins joining in ensue.The joy is really in the exuberance of the two heroic characters, as I think of them, Eustacie and Ludovic, co [...]

    15. Ah, now here is a worthy successor to Mary Stewart for my bathtime reading For god s sake, tell me which other Heyer books are like this so I can besiege the library for them It s funny, it laughs at itself, the characters are ridiculous, the hero initially seems forbidding and then turns out to be a good sport after all, in a rather severe and cautious way I fell for him totally Eustacie and Ludovico weren t my interest at all Miss Thane and Sir Tristram were much my speed and I did enjoy back [...]

    16. My 18th Georgette Heyer This book was a perfect delight This is one of the rare Heyer novels where I like both of the couples, the humor was spectacular What starts out as a marriage of convenience plot evolves into a part rom com part murder mystery The b0ok was not in the least interested in even attempting seriousness when talking about Romance or the absurd coincidences, but after embracing the farce, this book managed to transport me into several giggle fits and a satisfied sigh at the end. [...]

    17. Fluffy, Georgian romance which is totally charming and delightful There are mysterious rings, murder, cousins in exile, dying uncles, arranged marriages, runaway heiresses, smugglers, excise men, someone getting shot, upper class prats, priest holes secret passages, evil cousins, Bow Street Runners, a marriage proposal, breaking and entering, fist fights, attempted murder, quizzing glasses, bad guys getting caught, romance and much hilarity What could you possibly want A wonderful and cheering [...]

    18. You dare.As previously and delicately observed by Miriam Eustacie and Ludovic were a pair of fuckwits.I mean, honestly.Also quite astutely noted by Miriam the pleasing story arc of the older and not utterly moronic romantic pairing, which managed to be novel in that their appeal as characters really did increase as they came together, turning them into an engagingly sardonic duo of considerable if deadpan hilarity.The scene at the inn, after Sarah pretends to succumb to the Vapours, and Tristam [...]

    19. This was a re read for me and I enjoyed it just as much the second time round It all or less took place in an inn but that just added to the story I didn t much care for Ludovic I thought he was a selfish brat who went his own way regardless of advice and without caring what the consequences would be Sarah and Tristram were made for each other She would probably have been called a bluestocking in her day.I loved Sir Hugh He was a man who had simple needs and wants and made random observations w [...]

    20. Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsAnother delighful foray into Georgette Heyer s romantic imagination While it has a very similar feel to Sprig Muslin in both character types and plotline, I personally found The Talisman Ring to be far superior of the two, mainly because the young ingenue Eustacie was far likable and far less silly then the one in Sprig Muslin But the shining star of this Georgian romp was clearly the older, mature Sarah Thane Sarah is my favorite type of Heyer heroine older, seren [...]

    21. The word that captures this book for me is fun Or delightful I am not a romance reader, but I stayed up all night reading this because I was having such a good time Heyer transcends what I think of Romance because she doesn t take herself too seriously but just wants to give us a grand old time Which she does There are the usual stock figures, but she manages to imbibe them with breathe and scope so they leap off the page full of life It s usually the ingenue who manages to piss me off the most [...]

    22. Smugglers, murders, Bow Street Runners, hidden cellars, priests holes, damsels fleeing home at night through snow, and a double romance This is a highly amusing and entertaining entry, nicely balancing the adventure with the personal interaction, and a particular standout for Sarah, who is an awesome character, both eternally calm, and taking delight in tweaking at her over serious match s staidness.

    23. I love this novel so much It is such a madcap comedy, with a fast paced plot definitely one of the funniest Heyers There is also a romance, of course, even two, but they are not the main focus All the characters are great, even the secondary ones which is typical of this author This time around, I listened to the audiobook narrated by Phyllida Nash definitely recommended.

    24. Read for the Bodice Rippers.When I was a girl we turned up our noses at romance novels In fact, if I remember correctly, Mills and Boon was a sort of general epithet My first adult contact came in my late thirties, during a lengthy recuperation when I badly needed escapist literature I think I started with contemporary romance novels,and didn t even consider historical romance until someone mentioned Georgette Heyer in the same breath as Jane Austen I ve read several Heyers since, but this one i [...]

    25. I love this book I love the characters I love the plot I love Sir Tristram, with his lack of sensibility and sweet heart I love Sarah Thane, with her wry sense of humor and blend of practicality and romanticism I want to be her I love Eustacied this third or fourth reading, I finally even loved Ludovic.But you know who the real unsung hero of this novel is Sir Hugh Thane I always viewed him as a clueless character but he really isn t He is just as subtle and brilliant as any of them I d marry hi [...]

    26. This is an hilarious regency romance that will have anyone with a pulse chuckling if not laughing out loud The dialog is superb Reminds me of Gil Girls or the old black n white Thin Man movies I wish someone would make movies of all these funny Heyer novels.

    27. Just hilarious Sarah is one of my favorites of Heyer s heroines I do believe even her status as such is stealth, much like most of her comments and opinions

    28. So much fun Phyllida Nash did a good narration, especially for Eustacie Beau Lavenham I am glad that I broke down and bought this audio edition of one of my favorite Heyer novels even though I already owned a paperback copy.

    29. MUCH FUN The second half needed a little banter, but STILL, much fun I even liked the younger couple, which I wasn t sure I would from friend reviews.

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