Il vampiro di Atlantide

Il vampiro di Atlantide By Gena Showalter, Il vampiro di Atlantide Da quando la sua amata compagna Susan stata uccisa Layel re dei vampiri vive solo per la vendetta E niente nemmeno il desiderio divorante che prova per l affascinante Delilah pu distoglierlo dai
  • Title: Il vampiro di Atlantide
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Brossura
  • Il vampiro di Atlantide By Gena Showalter, Da quando la sua amata compagna Susan stata uccisa, Layel, re dei vampiri, vive solo per la vendetta E niente, nemmeno il desiderio divorante che prova per l affascinante Delilah, pu distoglierlo dai suoi cupi propositi Del resto neppure lei ha tempo da dedicare a un emozione inutile come l a, anche se indubbiamente quel tormentato vampiro riesce a suscitarle dentDa quando la sua amata compagna Susan stata uccisa, Layel, re dei vampiri, vive solo per la vendetta E niente, nemmeno il desiderio divorante che prova per l affascinante Delilah, pu distoglierlo dai suoi cupi propositi Del resto neppure lei ha tempo da dedicare a un emozione inutile come l a, anche se indubbiamente quel tormentato vampiro riesce a suscitarle dentro sensazioni deliziose Finch si ritrovano intrappolati su un isola e devono scegliere se cedere a una passione che li unir per sempre, o restare separati per l eternit.
    Il vampiro di Atlantide By Gena Showalter,
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      Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels Her series include White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress and Intertwined.Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, and have been translated all over the world The critics have called her books sizzling page turners and utterly spellbinding stories , while Showalter herself has been called a star on the rise.

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    1. I was really looking forward to reading this, so I was pretty surprised when I realized I didn t like it that much I liked the whole survivor island thing, but not so much the rest of it There were two main stories running at the same time, the vampire and the vampire demon nymph My problem really isn t with the fact that there was than one story, it s just that both of the couples seem to have the same theme going in their relationships The woman is in total love and the man doesn t want anyt [...]

    2. If you re a big fan of the TV show Survivor , then you ll love Gena Showalter s The Vampire s Bride This is the story of the vampire king Layel and fans have been waiting for it since 2007 when she published her last Atlantis book You could call this one Survivor Atlantis or Paranormal Survivor and you d pretty much have it The gods have returned to Atlantis after centuriesd they re bored To amuse themselves which is NEVER a good thing , they decide to pit their creations against each other by s [...]

    3. I m bored Listen, I like human men Human Just normal, warm blooded, mortal men with all their faults and talents I don t need a vampire, werewolf, nymph, weredragon, or whatever to make me happy Why on earth would I want some supernatural being following me around, drooling and talking about how he owns me I don t find this appealing.This book is like a soap opera A weird one Layel is king of all vampires He s consumed by hatred ever since his pregnant human wife was gang raped and then killed b [...]

    4. Well this series ha some serious ups and downs I loved books 1 and 3 but didn t enjoy close as much books 2 and 4 And it s weird because I was so sure I would love this one as everyone seemed to do so.In this installment we get to read about Layel, king of the vampires, in a quest to kill everybody involved in the assassination of his past mate We see everything he went through and how he suffered While at the beginning it was sweet that he wouldn t let anything in between him and her memory, it [...]

    5. There s something missing for me in Gena Showalter s Atlantis series This is the fourth book in the series, and each one has received a three star rating from me On my scale, this equates to being pretty much an OK average read not bad, but nothing special, either a mildly entertaining way to pass some time.It s a shame, because the premise has so much potential The hidden city of Atlantis, populated by vampires, dragons, demons, nymphs, s, centaurs, minotaurs, gorgons and formorians the mistake [...]

    6. I didn t enjoy this book as much as the others from the series, I was over half way through the book before I really got into it and before that frankly I was bored and had to force myself to pick it up each time.

    7. Yooookkkk Baca adegan kejer2an disini huahhahha Ceritanya aga beda dari 3 Atlantis sebelumnya yang ini Fuuullll of Adventure aga cape siih bacanya tp lumayan bikin penasaran hoohoohoh image error Layel Sang Raja Vampire berjanji kepada dirinya sendiri bahwa dia akan menghabisi Kaum Manusia Naga Janji itu terucap saat sekelompok Manusia Naga membunuh Istrinya secara kejam, beserta dengan Anaknya yang belum sempat di lahrikan image error Dendam itu berlangsung selama ratusan tahun sampai akhirnya [...]

    8. Let me start by saying, I love Gena I cut my PNR teeth on the Lords of the Underworld last year and have ravaged many a PNR series since then I read the first 3 tales of Atlantis last month to get ready for this new one For me, the Vampire s Bride was anticlimactic.1 I never liked Layel in any of the books To find find him as a likeable character was a stretch for me, but I made the journey.2 My favorite parts were the minor plot of Shivawn and Alyssa In my opinion, that would have been a strong [...]

    9. Loved it It was an Atlantean version of Survivor and it was of course to the death I loved the s and I hope we get to see Nola s story next.Not only were they fighting their desires, fighting for their lives, and fighting Layel s the vampire king memories of his dead mate, they were unkowingly fighting for the gods It was a great read and an exciting book that was than just boy meets girl or vampire meets they deny love, they fight their desire, and they live happily ever after It was one of G [...]

    10. Even when I say I won t read Gena Showalter again, I tend to pick up her books because I KNOW that i have to finish this series It was hard to engage myself at the beginning I literally forced myself to read the chapters until I found something I enjoyed, which ended up being Alyssa and Shivawn s story I then found myself skipping chapters to read their story instead of Delilah and Layel s Survivor Paradise story Their story was boringIt s all I hate you because I want your body which means i se [...]

    11. This was the final novel in the Atlantis series and I confess, it was the one I was most curious about because it was the challenge of turning the bad guy into the good guy or at least a guy who would wasn t all bad Truthfully, I have never really looked on Layel, the Vampire king, as the bad guy He had something horrific happen in his life and it broke him I hated many of his actions, but I ve mostly just felt pity And pity isn t something I like for the most dominant thing I feel for my heroes [...]

    12. I must have a soft spot for vampires because it seems to be hard for me to read a book about them and not enjoy it From the beginning, I had a hard time pulling myself away from The Vampire s Bride There s a real story going on, not just a love story The Gods have decided to wage a competition that involves all the races of Atlantis People s true feelings for each other are revealed in the process, making friends enemies and enemies friends Well almost They have to learn to live with each other [...]

    13. AUTHOR Had I read this book BEFORE having read Gena Showalter s Lords of the Underworld series I would probably be done with this author The Vampire s Bride is book four of the Atlantis series Continuous incessant and boring dialogue coupled with extreme sex scenes make the book dull and dryNOPSIS Two of the strongest from the various mythical characters living in Atlantis, vampires, dragons, demons and other legendary creatures, are pitted against each other They have been transported to an isl [...]

    14. I ve been waiting for Layel s book since he was first introduced and he didn t disappoint He s tormented, bloodthirsty, strong and caring all at once Of course, the tormented thing was mostly his own doing I mean, there comes a point where you have to let things go Right If you don t it ll eat you alive and turn you into a shadow of the sexy vamp hunk you should be Poor Layel All angry and brooding and not getting sexed up for 200 years Come to think of it, that would make me both brooding and a [...]

    15. waah,, akhirnyaaa gena nyeritain ttg vampir heheceritanya kali ini ttg Layel, raja para vampir di dunia atlantis nah si Layel ini di novel2 sebelumnya terkenal jahat sadis banget karna obsesi dia yg pengen ngebunuh semua manusia naga.ut punya usut nih, karna 200 tahun lalu, manusia naga ini ngebunuh istrinya manusia bernama susan sejak itu Layel cuma hidup buat ngeberantas manusia naga tapi pas di tengah misi hidupnya itu, dia malah ketemua Delilah, wanita , ras yg terkenal haus darah dan kuat w [...]

    16. Prima di tutto FINALMENTE ARRIVATO IL TURNO DI LAYEL Se dovessi descrivere questo libro in pche parole direi la versione di Hunger Games per creature soprannaturali visto che i partecipanti sono due per razza e solo uno alla fine rimarr in piedi anche se pi incentrato sui rapporti sentimentali tra i personaggi che sulle sfide Comunque quando il Dio che ha dato il via ha detto Benvenuti in Paradiso, abitanti di Atlantide Che i giochi comincino io tra me e me mi sono detta Possa la fortuna essere [...]

    17. I think that The Vampire s Bridemight be the Atlantis series book that I appreciated the most Generally speaking I enjoyed this series but I must confess that part of the rating I gave to these books is based on my predisposition to like everything Gena Showalter writes than in my actual valuation of the books, sorry my bad.The Lords of the Underworld series and Alien Huntress series have a complex and interesting universe and on the whole I consider them to be superior to the Atlantis series [...]

    18. I ve never been tempted to watch Survivor before, and after reading this book about Layel Vamp King and Deliliah I m still not going to make the effort Interesting concept to use in a book, but I felt it was maybe a little bit TOO like the show and less creative than Gena s other books, based on mythology as they are.

    19. 3 1 2 stars to 4 stars.Not quite as good as the previous three in my opinion, but good none the less Finally a female lead who isn t a virgin Hallelujah Poor tormented Layel, caught between the pain of losing his past love and moving on with his new found lover.

    20. Layel ve Delilah n hikayesi, tanr lar se ilmi baz vatanda alr bir adaya yar mak i in g deriyor ve bizimkiler e lerinin buluyor D G zel kitapt ger ekten, hele sadece bir ifte odakl kalmamas daha g zeldi Brand a ne olacak ok merak ediyorum XD.

    21. Setting hidden island for the gods Atlantis Forest of Dragons and Nymph s castle Theme releasing one s outdated selfimage outdated path to embrace a future one s deep, hidden wish falling in loveCharacters Layel, King of the Vampires hated son of Atlantis lost his beloved, pregnant mate 200 years earlier to 8 dragons, who tricked him away from home, raped, tortured, and killed his mate in the name of forcing him to take command of his vampires Layel killed them, and has vowed to kill all dragons [...]

    22. The Vampire s Bride by Gena ShowalterFourth in the Atlantis series4.25 starsLayel is the king of the vampires and he has seen deaths than all of the armies of Atlantis combined have and he has been the one giving it After the dragons viciously murdered the woman he loved he vowed to destroy the entire race for the death of his mate and unborn child Layel meets Delilah during a battle between the dragons and s that he decided to join Delilah is one the fiercest warriors and she longs for love Af [...]

    23. Not my favorite of the series story wise I liked the characters, but the story setting felt too forced.The whole trapped on an island in a Survivor meets Hunger Games style test seemed like she was out of ideas inside actual Atlantis I would have rather seen the gods interfere in the city and cause political intrigue and war within Atlantis.Also, the 2 other love plots felt like an attempt to fill pages They were stuffed in there because there wasn t enough story to fill the book alone If done c [...]

    24. Niente da fare.Ultimo volume di questa serie finalmente.Neppure questo mi ha sorpreso noioso,scontato e soprattutto questo continuo no non ti voglio,ma si che ti voglio,per poi mi sento in colpa,quindi niente baci sulla bocca ma ben venga tutto il resto alla lunga,stanca.Peccato perch Atlantide si poteva sfruttare meglio,cos come l idea delle sfide sull isola che,nemmeno i protagonisti,hanno capito se sempre nel loro mondo o in superficie figurati il lettore L unica cosa di buono che hanno quest [...]

    25. I loved the fact that the main character was struggling with accepting even the slightest possibility of finding a love equal with that which he felt for his first wife as this showed that he could not just move on after her death like so many other book characters because he just found a new girl that intrigued him Also i liked the way that the author played with Greek mythology and the presentation of the gods as representatives for each species which lived it atlantis.

    26. I enjoyed this novel The vampire was mourning the loss of his mate when he s thrown into a live or die situation with the other races of Atlantis The steamy romance, great plot line, good flow and memorable characters make this a wonderful story.

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