Downtown Green

Downtown Green By Judy Christie, Downtown Green When the short bypass around Green opens with much fanfare downtown dries up faster than cement on the roadway Businesses close and the hospital becomes a clinic Mayor Eva must decide whether to sell
  • Title: Downtown Green
  • Author: Judy Christie
  • ISBN: 9781426708992
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Downtown Green By Judy Christie, When the short bypass around Green opens with much fanfare, downtown dries up faster than cement on the roadway Businesses close and the hospital becomes a clinic Mayor Eva must decide whether to sell her historic store or close it The Holey Moley Antique Mall seems less like a dream and like a nightmare While the road is progress to some, it seems to be leading GWhen the short bypass around Green opens with much fanfare, downtown dries up faster than cement on the roadway Businesses close and the hospital becomes a clinic Mayor Eva must decide whether to sell her historic store or close it The Holey Moley Antique Mall seems less like a dream and like a nightmare While the road is progress to some, it seems to be leading Green toward a national trend a town that is merely a shadow of itself.With the town going backwards, Lois leans on her faith but is both intrigued and jealous when a fellow business owner comes up with a strategy to save Green But can her plan rescue the town from the path it s on
    Downtown Green By Judy Christie,
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      Judy Christie

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      Judy Christie is an author and consultant who lives in Northwest Louisiana.She writes inspirational fiction and nonfiction Her popular Green series chronicles the goings on in the small Louisiana town of Green and is part of Abingdon Press s new inspirational fiction line.Judy is also the author of the popular Hurry Less, Worry Less nonfiction series, published by Abingdon Press.Wreath, published in October 2011, is Judy s first young adult book Look for it and a free download on her books page Judy was a journalist for many years and is a frequent speaker at retreats and workshops She works with clients around the country on how to slow down and enjoy each day and how

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    1. Having read all five books in this series, I ve come to really like the town of Green and it s many citizens And I mean MANY citizens these people float in and out of each book, and sometimes it s hard to keep them straight The only big disappointments I have are that their all too real problems are presented in a too simplistic way and are too easily and quickly solved I know these books are supposed to be uplifting, but life just doesn t happen this way My other issue is that while most of the [...]

    2. Sad to be at the end of my Green AdventureI have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the characters of Green, Louisiana Lois the main character seems to keep the town on its toes I wished Ms Christie would have had this book a little longer so it did not end abruptly The chapter with Kevin s wedding flew past from engagement to wedding with no anticipation The story line with Bella I wish also was tied up better than it was All and all though this was a very good series I would like to see b [...]

    3. Green fans are you ready for the next installment from the friendly citizens of Green, Louisiana In the fifth installment of the Green series, the treasured small southern town is in danger of going to the wayside due to the construction of a bypass loop With the opening of the bypass loop, the traffic has decreased and has had a negative impact on the livelihood of the businesses in the town Lois Barker Craig, owner of the town s newspaper, The Green News Item, becomes the town s champion and t [...]

    4. Review originally published on my blog AWordsWorthBook provided by publisher for review.Note Downtown Green is the fifth book in a series about Green, Louisiana I somehow managed to miss this detail until I started reading, but thankfully it can be read as a stand alone.As Downtown Green opens, the town is just preparing to celebrate the opening of a new bypass loop one with opponents than advocates With a quicker way to get around town, downtown traffic drops off dramatically, with a direct im [...]

    5. Review on my blog christianbookshelfreviewsDowntown Green is the first book I ve read by Judy Christie and the fifth book in her Green series While some things were slightly confusing at first like the characters , I did end up enjoying the novel and didn t feel too lost.There were two things I personally didn t like in Downtown Green The first thing was how the preacher was a woman I believe a woman shouldn t be the pastor of a church i.e 1 Timothy 2 12 The other thing was how some scenes seeme [...]

    6. With the new highway bi pass diverting people around Green, downtown is dying Can Lois come up with a plan to help save their small town It sure seems that everyone pins a lot of responsibility on Lois to get them out of a bind Chris and Lois now have a baby boy that keeps them on their toes Lois is a good momma to baby Eddie, but she needs to loosen up a bit, she takes overprotective momma to a new level There are changes coming to Green, the question is, will Green survive them Since coming to [...]

    7. Lois Craig, owner of the Green News Item newspaper, new mother, and proud citizen of Green, watches the downtown businesses wane without customers Zach Price, her ex boss, wants to acquire the newspaper to merge with his large one Major Wilson, newly released from prison, and Jerry Taylor fight to bring an industrial development to replace the main streets Meanwhile, the scenic lake becomes not as scenic as the weed, giant salvinia, doubles, rapidly covering it Lois and concerned friends struggl [...]

    8. See my profile for my star rating system.You could probably read this book as a stand alone, but I believe that you will enjoy it if you read it after enjoying the other books in the Green series Gone to Green, Goodness Gracious Green, The Glory of Green and Rally Round Green If you have already gotten a taste of Green and her unique cast of characters then prepare to come back to your favorite small town full of all the antics and turmoil that captured your heart in the previous novels.Join Lo [...]

    9. This book is actually number 5 in the series I have not read the others and feel like if I did I might have enjoyed the story even I loved the town and the characters and will be sure to pick up the others in the series and read them as well.This book centers on Lois the owner of the towns newspaper Changes are coming to the town and she has to decide whether she wants to support these changes or walk away from it all How the town people interact with each other and react to the different circu [...]

    10. I do enjoy my visits to Green Love interacting with the characters But Lois is the kind of new mom that makes the rest of feel inadequate Doesn t break down, doesn t feel frustrated from lack of sleep, husband always helpful Sorry too perfect Sure she says she is tired, but don t really feel it.Anyway, once again Lois called on to save Green Now highway bypassing downtown, that and salvinia destroying downtown And, of course, in this economy Lois and Chris are able to scrape the money to buy a h [...]

    11. Downtown Green was free when I downloaded it to my Nook library in 2013 This is the fifth book in the series I did not read books 3 and 4, and there was just enough backstory in this book for me to understand what happened in those books.I only gave this book 3 stars because I no longer have enough enthusiasm about this series to recommend it other readers I found myself disagreeing with the solutions Lois gave to the community Her imagined nostalgia, for what she hopes will be the childhood her [...]

    12. Although I did not grown up in a small town , the city I did grown up in during the 50 s and 60 s had a small town feel to it I guess that s why I related to all the books in this series However, I must say that this book was my favorite If you haven t read the other four, not to worry This could be read as a stand alone book, you just wouldn t have the rich history of the characters But the struggles of the small town of Green are ever present today in towns and cities across America The happy [...]

    13. Wonderful This is the 5th book in the Gone to Green series that I have read, and it was a wonderful conclusion to it Big city reporter meets small town Louisiana She inherited the local paper in the first book, and along with it, great friends and a growing faith in a God who is there in both the good times and the hard places Other great themes about this series are redemption and forgiveness The characters each have their own distinct voice These books are tough to put down I recommend

    14. I ve read all books in the series Fan of main character Lois I enjoyed the everything works out in the end storyline even if a bit unrealistic I want to escape from reality a bit and these books do that I think you would need to read past ones in order to appreciate this one As a stand alone this was a bit too simple I think it really needed depth to characters and story What kept me reading is that I cared about the characters and wanted to know what they would end up doing I would only recomm [...]

    15. I just couldn t get into this book I forced myself through it a few pages at a time, an experience equivalent to trying to slog through pluff mud, and it took forever but today I finally made it free at last Much of the book just seemed to ramble on and on about nothing, and I found it impossible to care about any of the multitude of shallowly drawn, uninteresting characters who populated this town This series seems to have run out of steam.

    16. I loved this entire series My grandmother and grandfather owned a newspaper in a small town up north and I used to spend summers there Sitting in the love seat in the apartment over looking main street Helping to fold papers for the insert to the Sunday edition.The bypass went through and no one is coming into down town Green Lois ends up buying a business, she has a baby boy now, and she gets up to her ears in trying to save down town Green from extinction

    17. I just loved the Green series and hope there will be a 6thThere are loose ends, so I feel confident we ll see another While this series takes place in the computer cell age, the hometown spirit takes one back to a childhood in the fifties when life was simpler and children played outside till nightfall Delightful read highly recommended to those who appreciate hometown concerns, warm friendships, and Christian values.

    18. Easy read No major surprises, but I find that these books are less about surprises and about, Oh, yeahybe I shouldn t think like that either I mean, really, they ARE Christian fiction And even though it s Christian fiction, you are not beaten over the head with it s IN the book because, guess what It s a part of LIFE I feel like I ve gotten to know the characters after five books.

    19. Really enjoyed the Green series I m kind of sad it s not going to continue, to see what happens to some of the secondary characters, but Christie did a great job wrapping up the various threads And I can t be too sad, as I look forward to the continuation of her new Sweet Olive series Christie s books got me out of my two year long reading funk if you re looking for feel good, genuine reads, look no further

    20. I enjoyed this series, this being book 5 I wasn t as impressed with this one The characters are still wonderful, but I though the storyline jumped too much and wasn t cohesive like the other books I would have liked the ending to be a bit less vague, I was a bit confused There is supposed to be another book it the series, so we will see.

    21. This has been a good series to read I have enjoyed following the growth of the characters I do not read many christian novels, but this series was not overdone Lois is a good female character to follow in this day and age Love the fact that there were many good family connections Very good read.

    22. Last of the 5 book series delightful conclusion with revitalized downtown, romances for secondary characters, and a new business venture for Chris and Lois and their baby, Eddie, who magically appeared between book 4 and 5 The series had a lot to say about the value of small town living, working together on a common goal, and faith in oneself, one s friends and God.

    23. I have loved the entire Green series It depicts a small town and its townspeople and things with everyday life It also deals with a lot of difficult issues that may or may not be resolved in quite the way the books depict but they are excellent easy reads I have grown to love the characters in these stories and hated to see it end.

    24. The drama in Green, Louisiana is always over the top and the influence of newspaper owner Lois is no doubt overplayed, but I still love visiting Green every time a new book in the series comes out The characters are real, quirky at times, and as some favorite characters leave, new ones arrive so that each book is fresh and interesting and much anticipated.

    25. Another lovely book about the lives of those in Green, Louisiana As Lois Barker Craig sets out once again to solve the problems in their small community, we become better acquainted with some of the characters and say goobye to a few dear friends I am hoping that this isn t the final installment though, because I still have a bunch of unanswered questions.

    26. I just finished reading the entire Green series books 1 5 and loved the strong character development including flaws that real people have and story lines and how well they meshed and felt real Loved the News Item bits at the beginning of each chapter throughout the 5 novels, and how Judy blended real faith issues into the storyline without bonking the reader over the head.

    27. Glad to see the town comes together but I think I m done now as well This series has just hung in the mediocre range for me the whole time I just want to move on to something that really feels like a retreat to an oasis when I sit down and read it.

    28. This is a charming story about likeable characters Because there s so much going on with various plot developments, there s not much emotional depth I would have preferred fewer story lines if, in exchange, we could get into Lois head and learn about her feelings.

    29. I have enjoyed the other books in this series, but this one I could not finish The main character has lost her characteristic features and become a scattered maternal blob Motherhood and sacharrine Blech.

    30. I loved this seriesally got to know each character, entered into their world, shed some tears laughter, too I will miss Green LA , would really like to stop in for a chocolate malt at the Freez Thank you, Judy, for putting these fun thoughts into stories to be enjoyed by all D

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