Rent-A-Stud By Lynn LaFleur, Rent A Stud It isn t Jade Talmage s idea to hire a strange man to escort her to the hospital gala The absence of her brother Paul her usual companion leaves her with no choice but to accept her daughter s offer o
  • Title: Rent-A-Stud
  • Author: Lynn LaFleur
  • ISBN: 9781419954023
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rent-A-Stud By Lynn LaFleur, It isn t Jade Talmage s idea to hire a strange man to escort her to the hospital gala The absence of her brother Paul her usual companion leaves her with no choice but to accept her daughter s offer of hiring an escort.Enter Zachary Cooper, one third owner of Coopers Companions, a professional escort company Despite his good looks and sex appeal that make her hormones sIt isn t Jade Talmage s idea to hire a strange man to escort her to the hospital gala The absence of her brother Paul her usual companion leaves her with no choice but to accept her daughter s offer of hiring an escort.Enter Zachary Cooper, one third owner of Coopers Companions, a professional escort company Despite his good looks and sex appeal that make her hormones scream, Jade has no intention of being the next in a long line of the rent a stud s conquests.A weekend of mind blowing sex has Jade s heart crumbling Zach is exactly the type of man she wants in her life Yet she s sure a relationship with a man ten years her junior would lead to nothing but heartache.Zach doesn t care that Jade is older than he He wants a lifetime with the woman he s fallen for so desperately All he has to do is convince Jade that he s much than a rent a studhe s the man who loves her Although part of the Coopers Companions series, it is not necessary to read the entire series to enjoy this book.
    Rent-A-Stud By Lynn LaFleur,
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    1. Lynn LaFleur

      I was born and raised in a small town in Texas close to the Dallas Fort Worth area Writing has been in my blood since I was eight years old and wrote my first story for an English assignment The baby of four children, I was spoiled rotten and still am.I can t imagine ever writing anything but romances I enjoy writing about two people or sometimes than two falling in love If you like the story enough to smile in places, shed a tear at times, or get a warm and fuzzy feeling, that is my greatest reward.Besides writing at every opportunity, I love reading, traveling, scrapbooking, photography, and learning new things on the computer I m a software junky and like trying out new programs, especially anything to do with graphics.I moved back to Texas after living on the West Coast for 21 years, to a small town 17 miles from where I grew up I live close to my only surviving sister.

    582 thoughts on “Rent-A-Stud”

    1. Despite its unfortunate and provocative title, this book was than just the sex fest you d think it would be I m not one for the whole older woman younger man theme, but the heroine in this book soon to be 40 year old Jade was not so old and the hero 30 year old Zach was not so young that it didn t squick me out much, and I enjoyed it Let s say that the voluptuous Jade was a very youthful 40 and Zach was a very mature, experienced 30 The book had an unusual premise Zach was part owner along with [...]

    2. I loved the way the author make me believe that the hero and heroine really LOVED and LIKED one another The relationship with them was very sweet, even with the heroes professionI won t spoil it you have to read it Plus, the heroine is 10 years older than he is, and I thought that was a fresher storyline than normal.

    3. First of all, the whole mother daughter relationship NEEDS to be mentally switched out for a lady best friend relationship if you re going to read this one It just trust me SO uncomfortable to read I mean, I m all for openness between mothers and their daughters, and I m all for mothers teaching their daughters that sex and sexuality and their bodies and all of that are nothing to be ashamed of, and I know we re talking about an ADULT daughter and a youngish mother, but the second my daughter st [...]

    4. Meh This one really didn t do it for me I should have known better, first of all the cover I m not one for the rug chest in the first place but without the guy s head that literally looks like a gorilla And then with a title like Rent A Stud, what did I expect.Jade is an almost 40 year old woman whose daughter hired her an escort for a work gala Zack is a 30 year old who along with his brother and sister own a male escort service Zack is their most sought after escort and is scheduled to accompa [...]

    5. Truth be told, what attracted me at first in this book was the oh so smutty title That and the promise of a dirty talking hero Well, I got a dirty talking hero AND heroin, ain t life great And the book was cheap Then I started reading and liked the interaction between mother and daughter, like they re very good friends and I worried a little thinking my own daughters might talk to me like this one day Then Zach appeared and during the dialogue with his brother, he seemed a bit too good to be tr [...]

    6. I m torn between 3 and 4 on this, so I rounded up This was a steamy older but only slightly woman younger man story With an escort Jade is almost 40 and was divorced a couple of years ago She needs to attend a function, and her regular escort, her brother, is out of town So her daughter hires her a real escort, Zach, who is 30 ish While Jade thinks Zach is charming and gorgeous, she can t help but question every word out of his mouth Is it practiced seduction Does he know exactly what to say bec [...]

    7. I m giving it 3 stars, it had promise and failed to deliver I like to suspend belief when I m reading, but the dialogue between mother and daughter was pushing it too far She buys her mother sex toys And not just a fun vibrator, but an entire box of stuff and wasn t she a hard up student anyway and then talks in detail about mother s sex life Sorry, I don t buy that.And I did some numbers in my head Zach has been a popular escort for 10 years, so lets say he has sex with one new woman every 2 we [...]

    8. Good grief on a stick Zach did everything and ANYTHING I was sweating bullets reading this book which I read in one day He was just SO YUMMY TO THE BONE And a gorgeous male escort that had a big package too Un freaking believable Mercy me.Jade s daughter arranges an escort date for her to a party at her place of employment Zach, the escort, is 30 and Jade is 40 and this concerns her when the escort date turns into much, much and they both begin to realize they have feelings for each other Jade [...]

    9. This Kindle freebie was just all kinds of wrong for me The set up is this 21 year old daughter sets up 39 year old mother with an escort for a special gala and specifically asks said escort to ensure that sex is included in the deal That s WAY too much information for my comfort There s a lot of mother daughter interaction that I thought was kind of weird I don t want to buy lingerie for my mum and I DO NOT want to see her model it I certainly DON T BUY HER SEX TOYS seriously, there was a whole [...]

    10. I found the relationship between the Jade and Zach very sweet Its seems all to perfect sometimes, but I think I like it because of that Zach is the perfect man and Jade, despite her age, I find her easy to understand.Somehow, possibly hehe for the graphic sex and the age difference, this is classified as erotica, but its quite romantic, so I prefer to classify it a romance novel.

    11. A great read with a lot of really hot scenes The passion between Jade and Zach burns up the pages from the moment they meet A great erotic romance that s heavy on the erotic Happy reading

    12. Great older woman younger man romantica story I almost did not read this one because of the creepy cover picture.well, ignore the cover because the story is a hot one.

    13. Book SynopsisIt isn t Jade Talmage s idea to accept her daughter s offer to hire an escort for the hospital gala But the absence of her brother Paul her usual companion leaves her with no choice Enter Zachary Cooper, one third owner of Coopers Companions, a professional escort company Despite his good looks and sex appeal that make her hormones scream, Jade has no intention of being the next in a long line of the rent a stud s conquests A weekend of mind blowing sex has Jade s heart crumbling Za [...]

    14. In the words of Gertrude Stien, There is no there there Meaning there is no story First off, the cover art Others have written about this, so I won t bemoan it too much But his upper arms are too big and aren t in proportion to his forearms For the artist, perhaps keeping a copy of Grey s Anatomy book not nighttime hospital drama handy might help The man s face can t be seen due to the long sweeping hair Hands are scary The addition that I purchased looks as if there is some type of double expos [...]

    15. Rent A Stud by Lynn LaFleurI enjoyed reading it The book though not very long, has a storyline with just enough beginning, middle and end dialog to feel complete, not rushed The story was warm and so was the sex The next book in the series looks interesting.The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book I m adding it because I believe the one on the page does not depict the stories First in the Coopers Companions seriesIt isn t Jade Talmage s idea to accept he [...]

    16. After reading this book, I have to say that this book could ve been should ve been better My advice to those who are thinking about buying this book 1 Please save your money2 Consider buying or instead All 3 are much better alternatives to Rent A Stud In my opinion, an excess amount of Smut does not make up for a weak storyline, nor does it make up for characters that are underdeveloped.Overall, I really wanted to like , but in the end, I just ended up fast forwarding to the end and eventually I [...]

    17. First of allwho comes up with these book covers , some are so disturbing that they actually affect my reading I like a bit of hair on a mans chest but this reminds me of Paranormal Shapeshifter hairter going through the change The story itself wasn t too bad but not very believablerhaps if I didn t put myself in the heroines position and how I would feel, maybe I would have liked it I should have known right away by Zach s profession that it wasn t going to rate very high with me as I almost al [...]

    18. The premise is good sexy male escort, older woman needing a date for a work related night out Older woman doesn t want to sleep with escort, just go out for the event you know where this is going The sexy escort, Zach, falls for older woman, Jade, after her ever thoughtful and understanding daughter organises the date and fun and games on her mum s behalf.This book is good for a romantic quicky If you like sexy guys that massage, are incredibly thoughtful, charming and romantic, with lots of sex [...]

    19. This book is erotica, so if that s not your thing, stop reading.This was a sweet, happily ever after, romantic erotica book If it weren t for the explicit descripitions of the sex scenes, this would have been a nice little contemporary romance story about a 40 year old divorce who gets set up on a date with a 30 year old hunk and they fall in love There s a lot of sex, though, of the slightly daring vanilla variety The heroine discovers she likes anal sex and toys, but that s as crazy as it gets [...]

    20. this was a freebie and a really pleasing novel Jade is 40yr old divorced mother who was arranged to go out with a stud Zach him and his siblings own an escort service he shows Jade a great time and they have the chance to get to know each other Jade has some hang ups about being with a younger man which makes a struggle in their relationship Zach s siblings and Jane s daughter are good side characters they make the novel fun as well i ll definitely be reading by this author.

    21. I read this book a while ago Someone recommended it when I asked about older woman and younger man The title wasn t quite appealing but didn t deter me to pick it up From the title and cover I was expecting a so so erotica romance story But it was than that I enjoyed it a lot There s some angst and believable issue in the book The relationship between H and h was sweet The unusual premise made this book an unique one Great love story between male escort service and his client.

    22. I enjoyed this book It wasn t quite deep enough for me, but I read it because it s the first book in the series and I wanted to read the second book, Michelle s Men If I know about it I will always choose to read a series in order, so that s why I read this one I liked it, fine, but the character depth just wasn t there for me Some of the choices the characters made also weren t believable to me.

    23. Good read I m not a fan of the older woman younger man plots generally they have WAY too much angsting by the woman but this one works Not that the heroine doesn t go on and on, she does, but she eventually figures out that the problem is NOT him and his age but her and her fears of abandonment Thoroughly likable characters.Coopers CompanionsRent A StudMichelle s MenAlmost Perfection ebook Ellora s Cave

    24. Rent A StudJade s daughter hires an escort, Zach, to escort her to a function.Once Zach begins a relationship with Jade he falls for her and wants to continue to see her Jade has feelings for Zach but has issues because of their age difference.She ends things between them because she feels she can t give Zach what he wants She eventually sees how miserable she is without him.

    25. This was a quick, entertaining and erotic read The writer has done what so few can written erotica which captured my attention with the sexy storyline, but included enough information and story so that it wasn t just a huge sex fest I genuinely loved the characters in this story, and will look for this writer s work again in the future.

    26. I will start off with this is a very HOT STEAMY book I was very shocked at first but it got me really fast I read this in a few hours because I just could not put it down It was an ok storyline, older women gets involved with younger man what got me were the steamy sex scenes it was extremely hot I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a little hot and bothered.

    27. The description don t fit what the story is about.Jade s daughter, Bre hires her mother an escort for work function read to find out why The escort, Zach, ten years younger than Jade.Best synopsis I can give anyone would be MILF Cougar story that has touching meaning behind it Cute, sexy erotica story

    28. When Jade s daughter hires an escort to take her mother to a work function, she is hoping her divorced mom will rejoin the dating world Only Jade and Zach are wonderful together Hot and sizzling But the age difference scares Jade too much and almost destroys their chance of happienss All the right elements make for a great story.

    29. 3.5 starsI thought this was a cute story The chemistry between Zach and Jade felt realistic and I thought their feelings were each other were genuine However, Jade did annoy me with her reasoning on why she shouldn t be with Zach The writing was good, making this a quick and easy read, I am looking forward to reading the next one in this series.

    30. Fun, but kinda cheese The sex was hot Loved the first love scene and the switch she pulled The story was reall predictable, but still enjoyable This was a free read for kindle and one of the better freebies I have read.

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