Uppity Women of Ancient Times

Uppity Women of Ancient Times By Vicki León, Uppity Women of Ancient Times In a witty and informative way Vicki Leon profiles women who made their mark around the Mediterranean between B C and A D years of history from a female vantage point Among those f
  • Title: Uppity Women of Ancient Times
  • Author: Vicki León
  • ISBN: 9781567312492
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Uppity Women of Ancient Times By Vicki León, In a witty and informative way, Vicki Leon profiles 150 women who made their mark around the Mediterranean between 2800 B.C and 450 A.D 3,200 years of history from a female vantage point Among those featured are the Assyrian queen of Babylon who is credited with inventing trousers and the Queen of Kish who began her career as a bar owner Photos illustrations.
    Uppity Women of Ancient Times By Vicki León,
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      A prolific author of non fiction, author of numerous books for young and old, Vicki Le n delights in unearthing unusual facts, fresh anecdotes, and uncommon statistics to create her books on the natural world and the flip side of history Her book have won rave reviews from a long list of media that includes People magazine Publishers Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, Voice of America, and numerous NPR stations.Her bestselling titles for 10 and up include A Raft of Sea Otters, The Secrets of Tidepools, and three titles in the Outrageous Women series.Her popular titles for older readers include Uppity Women of Ancient Times, Uppity Women of the Renaissance, and the other Uppity titles and the travel title Scenic Highway One.

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    1. I loved this book, full of short but fun and interesting biographies of the women who did sit idly by while history was being made around them They all, in some uppity way, were part of the making of that history.Edited to add If you re looking for some fun historical stories, check out the Uppity Women books Having spent so much time reading historical romance novels over the past couple of years, I ve come to appreciate these books even Each story is short so it s a great book to take with yo [...]

    2. I have mixed feelings about Vicki Leon s books On the one hand, her cutesy writing style is far too juvenile to my tastes, and she often writes about her subjects with a plethora of inaccuracies cropping up On the other hand, she usually manages to highlight some obscure snippets of information that have passed me by For that reason, I decided to read Uppity Women, taking the information contained within with a huge pinch of salt, mainly as a prompt that I could then find out further and accura [...]

    3. Come one, come all, and read this is little book In the pages you will hear stories concerning women posioning husbandswomen being torn to death by monkswomen avenging their daughters who were raped by cutting off people s hands and then building statues that are missing hands as warnings women as lawyers, poets, and the first 0b gynThrill to the story of the man who tried to hide in a pile of dog poo and then got ate by dogs Read about saints and Paul s sidekick Scream at the girl who become a [...]

    4. These are short and interesting biographies of women in history who did a little beyond being a wife and or mother Not that there s anything wrong with that, but in ancient history it was definitely unusual My favorites included Queen Aahotep of Egypt, so renowned for her battle skills she was buried with a ceremonial battle ax andQueen Tomyris of Massagete She laid the smack down on King Cyrus of Persia in battle in a big way and basically told his corpse how do you like me now.If you re a his [...]

    5. I think this book would be way awesome if it were written with detail and with a mature style I do think that it is very valuable, and realized that not a whole lot detail could be added for many of these women Props to her for doing all the research though

    6. This is light reading with a purpose to highlight the most fascinating women, both famous and obscure, or the first three millennia of world history Author Vicki Leon has compiled quite a list, and rather than simply listing the obvious choices Cleopatra, Helena, and Boudicca, she has scoured historical sources, gleaning whatever she could from women hostile ancient sources and presented a wealth of information despite her book s size and format.While her research is thorough and her accounts ex [...]

    7. This book was a fun read a great look at the many roles women had in the ancient world that we never hear about Lawyers, philanthropists, sculptors, novelists lots of variety here Some features are very brief, but I m assuming that it s because the information available about many of these women is very fragmented.I can only give this book 3 stars however Partly because many of the features are so sparse, but mostly because this book was written in 1994 and it SOUNDS like it The great flaw of th [...]

    8. Through researching inscriptions, court cases, letters and artifacts Leon presents mini biographies of 200 women didn t let being the fairer sex stop them from ruling over their lives These are not literary figures but real women who lived between 2500 B.C and 450 A.D Besides well known Cleopatra and Jezebel, there is the poet Korinna who beat a man five times in a poetry competition in the fifth century B.C Semiraris a Chaldean princess is credited with inventing trousers so that she could disg [...]

    9. A nice little resource book, offering about a two page summary of the doings of extravagant and famous women from Mesopotamia to the fall of the ancient world A bibliography of suggested reading is offered at the end A lovely volume to add to my shelf, and I m glad I picked it up.

    10. I enjoyed this very much As the title implies, it is a fun and lighthearted read, not necessarily a scholarly work It felt like a fascinating conversation with a friend than a lesson plan You get to know the author through her writing style, and I, for one, liked her.

    11. Oh look at me, with my new found freedom to not finish books This is fun to flip through, but I didn t feel like I was getting much out of the brief bios, and I don t have much motivation to read every single one It might make good bathroom reading though.

    12. I first read this book in 8th grade or so, when one of our progressive media center ladies handed it to me because you will be in a book like this one day On a reread, I have to say she was oddly spot on While the super 90s, gossipy style add deeply uninclusive and somewhat bigoted in there too but is off putting to my modern sensibilities, I did find it easy to read and enjoyed the catalog of interesting historical figures Thank Goddess we have google now so we can get the facts pith to the s [...]

    13. Overall, it s okay, but the girlfriend tone voice that the author uses gets really annoying, so it took me a long time to read this book because I could only take so much at a time It sparked my interest in learning about some of these women, but the accounts of the ones I already knew a lot about were especially annoying The tone is really off putting, but I love that there are so many ancient women in this book that I had never heard of Another potential drawback is the shortness of the bios, [...]

    14. This book is laid out as a series of one page articles highlighting different uppity women from the past It begins in pre Biblical times and mentions some women you may have heard of in your history class, but a good number of the subjects in the book were new to me It s interesting to read about how some women managed to make a name for themselves in patriarchal societies that viewed them as inferior creatures, and surprisingly their memories survive until this day.Very interesting read, of par [...]

    15. I was pretty excited for this book and was somewhat disappointed I understand that women living in ancient times is not necessarily a mainstream topic While I applaud Ms Leon for trying to bring these women and their lives to modern day readers her simplistic and often juvenile by this I mean silly and childish, not merely written for children manner of writing is annoying and grated on my nerves I do not know if this was the author s attempt at updating the material and making it accessible to [...]

    16. Not sure what her criteria was for choosing some of these women but I had a hard time trying to appreciate Shibtu for inventing interoffice memos It felt like the author was grasping for names to fill out the sections which is broken down geographically and then chronically Without proper footnotes and a style that tries to be down to earth than academic, this book fails to deliver and I found myself skimming ahead to see if it would get better To be my bitter disappointment, it only marginally [...]

    17. Along with many of my reviews from Examiner, this review has been plagiarized at a place called atom basher I ve contacted the web master and have heard only silence in return.

    18. I m reading one portrait a day out loud to my partner, and they re really fun and fascinating Many of the women featured are from Assyria, Babylon, ancient Persia so far most are outside the ancient Greco Roman world, most predate that world Leon s breezy, tongue in cheek style sometimes goes over the top into cutesy, and sometimes her portraits themselves are so breezy that much is left out e.g the wife of Mithradates the great , and no specific sources are cited so I can t do any follow up But [...]

    19. I was quite excited to receive this book but was slightly disappointed it is written in a really informal style which does not serve the content well If it s purpose is to take women s role in history seriously, it has failed If it aims to be Horrible Histories for adults then I suppose it s successful The majority of the content is really interesting, although could have done with in depth information proper referencing Some stories did not fulfil the brief of Uppity Women I do not believe th [...]

    20. Fantastic short stories about real women who might have been forgotten about if it wasn t for this book Her writing style is a little cheeky and slightly juvenile but I like the concept of short stories that touch upon history I feel like this book series opens the door for women s history that could be forgotten and dismissed over time If you find a story you like you can always research it .

    21. I really like this series collections of small biographical sketches of women through history, some famous, some infamous, some obscure, but all spirited women who made their mark The very short sketches are told playfully, which makes them fun to read This volume, however, contains some very little PG 13 details about sexual homosexual practices and materials that may make it inappropriate for younger and sensitive readers.

    22. While I have to agree with previous reviewers, that the writing style is a bit juvenile, I did find the stories to be very interesting, and would recommend this to anyone who loves reading about women in history who broke the mold These sassy women are worth remembering, and I m glad the author took the time to research and compile their stories.

    23. Short and sassy biographies of 200 strong and influential women of ancient history I knew some of the Egyptian, Roman and Greek women but many others I learned about for the first time thanks to this book Will read in the series.

    24. Do NOT read this book I expected short vignettes of women of the ancient world based on historical fact What I got was folksy stories, with many inaccuracies If you love history, run If you are a feminist, and want information on early feminists, run even faster.

    25. The author s sense of humor can get a little grating lots of cheap puns and cliches And with so many women in one book, they all start to blur together But still, it was an informative and fun read.

    26. Sort of a nifty book of feminist proaganda relating to antiquity I only wish the author had paid a little closer attention to transliteration of ancient names some of them seem a bit sketchy to me but maybe she had a system.

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