Pecados na Noite

Pecados na Noite By Sherrilyn Kenyon Eduardo Fernandes, Pecados na Noite No universo dos Predadores da Noite existe um c digo de honra que at os imortais mais ousados devem seguir N o magoar humanos N o beber sangue Nunca se apaixonar Mas de vez em quando um Predador par
  • Title: Pecados na Noite
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon Eduardo Fernandes
  • ISBN: 9789897100130
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pecados na Noite By Sherrilyn Kenyon Eduardo Fernandes, No universo dos Predadores da Noite existe um c digo de honra que at os imortais mais ousados devem seguir N o magoar humanos N o beber sangue Nunca se apaixonar Mas, de vez em quando, um Predador parece achar se acima do c digo nessa altura que sou chamado Quem sou eu Sou a f ria que ter de enfrentar Nada me pode tocar Nada me pode deter Sou implac vel e insNo universo dos Predadores da Noite existe um c digo de honra que at os imortais mais ousados devem seguir N o magoar humanos N o beber sangue Nunca se apaixonar Mas, de vez em quando, um Predador parece achar se acima do c digo nessa altura que sou chamado Quem sou eu Sou a f ria que ter de enfrentar Nada me pode tocar Nada me pode deter Sou implac vel e insens vel Ou assim pensava eu, at me cruzar com uma Predadora da Noite conhecida como Danger e n o o apenas no nome, mas na forma como vive a vida N o confia em mim E quem sou eu para censur la Apenas ela sabe que estou aqui para julgar, sentenciar e, muito provavelmente, executar os seus amigos Danger St Richard uma distra o fatal Algo nela conseguiu despertar um cora o que eu julgava morto para sempre Nesta corrida contra o mal, a nica esperan a da Humanidade que eu cumpra o meu dever Mas como poderei faz lo se isso significa sacrificar a nica mulher que alguma vez amei
    Pecados na Noite By Sherrilyn Kenyon Eduardo Fernandes,
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      Sherrilyn Kenyon Eduardo Fernandes

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      Official Author siteOfficial Never siteOfficial Deadman s Cross siteOfficial Chronicles of Nick siteOfficial Silent Swans siteOfficial Hunter Legends siteOfficial Black Hat Society siteOfficial Witch of Endor siteOfficial Lords of Avalon siteOfficial Facebook siteNew York Times and international bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular at the 1 spot With legions of fans known as Menyons thousands of whom proudly sport tattoos from her series and who travel from all over the world to attend her appearances , her books are always snatched up as soon as they appear on store shelves Since 2004, she had placed than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels Her current series are Dark Hunter, Chronicles of Nick and The League, and her books are available in over 100 countries where eager fans impatiently wait for the next release Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures while Dark Hunter is also being developed as a television series Join her and her Menyons online at SherrilynKenyon and facebook AuthorSherrilynKenyonFan Run International Sites Argentinian FB Page Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Columbia Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Chile Filipino Fans on FB France French Italy Italian Portugal Soy Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter Spain Spanish

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    1. Alexion.Finally a winner I knew it d happen eventually Yeah, you re an ancient Greek all right What s that supposed to mean She shrugged Well, we all know about you ancient Greeks You were a friendly bunch with each other Wrestling naked, groping each other s heinies We were not he snapped angrily.Finally, she got some real emotion out of him She was actually proud of herself Please, it s all over the history books You guys were always shacking up with each other Even Achilles was shacked up wit [...]

    2. Danger or Dangereuse St Richard Hunter and Alexion Shade The Prologue of the book was quite frightening That s because I hadn t realized before that Dark Hunters can go bad And because I had not seen a bad Dark Hunter before in action Daimons were our usual good looking, disgusting human soul eaters.Later , I happily visited Katoteros, i.e the place where Acheron, Simi and Alexion live Alexion is the one that has been watching over Simi and kept her out of trouble for a few thousand years Where [...]

    3. This is another compelling and entertaining book in Dark Hunter series It had me hooked from the very start.The romance in this story is not as good as the previous one Although I felt no chemistry between Alexion and Danger, it wasn t important because the author kept me busy concentrating mostly on the Dark Hunters and the Daimons instead Moreover, the story was so intense and exciting that it pulled me into this story completely.After reading 6 books in this series, Acheron has never stopped [...]

    4. This book is the story of Alexion the boy , and Danger the girl That s right, Danger is her first name That s just not right Everyone knows that Danger is a middle name, not a first name Alexion lives with Ash in his weird ass castle in another dimension as his butler secretary But, it seems there may be a little going on than that since he is also known as Simi s other father I m Acheron s Squire it was kind of true Okay, not really It was a lie, but Alexion had no intention of letting anyone [...]

    5. Ay no s qu va hacer de mi no puedo dejar esta serie NO PUEDO Este libro si me sorprendi un poco sobre todo por Alexion que cuando descubr quien era me qued , no lo ve a venir y me alegr porque durante todo la serie me qued pensando en l y su triste final que bueno que no fue as.Me est gustando esa nuevas relaciones que no todas son humanas en este caso la protagonista es una Dark Hunter y Alexion mmm desc branlo.Este libro est lleno de traiciones y conspiraciones y el cabecilla es Stryker la ver [...]

    6. This is where Kenyon s Dark Hunter series jumps the shark, in my opinion This is NOT a romance novel, instead, is a book that expands on and expounds Kenyon s world and Kenyon s mythos Boring, and not what I wanted.Alexion real name Ias is a well, I m not exactly sure what he is A very powerful being that is second only to the gods He is Ash s right hand and it is his job to execute Dark Hunters who turn against Ash and start killing humans.He has no personality Except being horny And that s not [...]

    7. Book 8 in the Dark Hunter series gives us a break from New Orleans and all of the drama that goes down in that city Instead, we are in Mississippi with a much smaller cast of characters than in previous books Alexion is our hero, and he also happens to be Acheron s right hand man except he s not really a man, he s an other not going to be spoilery here, read it and find out Anyway, Alexion is sent in as judge, jury and executioner for a bunch of Dark Hunters that have gone rogue He meets Dangere [...]

    8. I thought this was a unique turn for the Dark Hunter series, bute end was kind of depressing A lot of the Dark Hunters died in this book, and what happened with Danger just wasn t the ending I wanted I tried to convince myself that Danger and Alexion are happy where they arebut everyone thinks that Danger is dead SOB I just think that Ms Kenyon, who can pull happy endings out of nowhere, could have ended this book on a upbeat note.That s why I can only give this one 3 stars Definitely not one o [...]

    9. Posted on Under the CoversHer name is Danger and she is a female Dark Hunter She used to live a life of sin when she first became a Dark Hunter, but now, her suspicious eyes land on Alexion, an unexplainable new pawn in this deadly game All Danger knows is that Alexion is a major threat to her and her friends It s very likely that he has been sent to execute them, but despite this threat, there s this inexplicable pull that lures her closer and closer to him Will he strike or will he succumb to [...]

    10. 2.5 starsI found this book somewhat interesting with regards to the overall storyline, but I felt no connection to the MCs or even between them I was really turned off by the hero s desire to get laid at all costs and just felt the heroine was serving his purpose I know they developed something , but I never felt it I don t think much was revealed in this one, but learned a little.Loved Xirena She and Simi will be hilarious in future books.

    11. Una de las novelas m s flojas de la saga, pero no por eso deja de ser tan adictiva como las dem s, que en cada entrega van develando m s misterios sobre todo el entorno sobrenatural de la historia completa y, principalmente, sobre la figura de Aquer n Por primera vez encontramos como personaje principal del relato a una Cazadora Oscura que, adem s, es relativamente joven s lo de la poca de la Revoluci n Francesa Por lo mismo, ella debe lidiar con toda la informaci n que le entrega uno de los Caz [...]

    12. OMG Kenyon had me scared for a bit with this one I couldn t believe the plot twists and turns that popped up throughout I definitely could have never imagined it but the entire plot came together seamlessly She had me both laughing and crying throughout At the same time, she continues to build her world and the mythology surrounding it, allowing everything to coalesce into something that you can picture yourself walking through.The lead couple in this novel was definitely unexpected I love the w [...]

    13. Horrible Absolutely horrible Maybe my opinion is skewed because I read this moments after finishing Tabitha s book, and Danger was another I kick ass for a living chicks too similar I now prefer Tabitha to Danger, wow Danger She s a myopic pain Alexion arrives says he s here from Ash to save the DH s and what does Danger doe stabs him before speaking to him and then for 75% of the book rants about her loyalty to her fellow DH s over everyone else She s like a child who plugs their ears chants la [...]

    14. Well, I was underwhelmed with this one The books in the series are starting to become too repetitive for me that I can predict what will happen next At the same time my curiosity over Asheron sorry, I listen, so spelling is probably wrong and the fact that there aren t many PNR books to read, I will probably continue on.Otherwise, this book was meh The insta love once again bothered me Yes, I did feel the connection between the characters, but I didn t feel the love when they declared it And it [...]

    15. This was definitely one of my faves in this seriesI seriously loved Alexion, Lex, Ias, hottest shade ever, whatever you want to call him He was just my kind of guy True, I prefer them living, but hey, I m not picky o Alexion and Danger what a great name were just too perfect together I loved their going back and fourth, the way they played of each other so amazingly I LOVED how little we get from other peoples POV in these books, but I guess I say that in every review I loved that we got a new D [...]

    16. Me ha fascinado totalmente Para ser el primer libro que leo sobre esta autora, debo decir que sin dudas me dejo encantada Y la verdad es que no le ten a mucha fe, pero como fue un regalo de parte de mi t o pos me dije bueno, no perdemos nada con darle una oportunidad , y bueno no me arrepiento en haberle dado todo mi tiempo a este libro y a esos encantadores personajes.

    17. Sins of the Night is the eighth book in Sherrilyn Kenyon s Dark Hunter series and one of my favorites, by far In Sins of the Night, we get the story of Alexion, a former Dark Hunter doomed for Shadedom that Acheron manages to save, and Danger, a feisty French Dark Hunter, betrayed in her human life by her very own husband Alexion is sent by Ash to judge the Dark Hunters of Mississippi, deciding which will die and which will live, and he is sent to stay with Danger during his ten day stint as a h [...]

    18. Cada vez mais se justifica o t tulo de rainha do paranormal de Sherrilyn Kenyon A cada livro que passa consegue sempre surpreender nos e trazer nos uma nova hist ria original repleta de emo o.Em Pecados na Noite conhecemos Alexion, o bra o direiro de Acheron, que se v deparado com a miss o de julgar os Predadores da Noite que conspiram contra Acheron Mas depois de tanto tempo afastado de qualquer contacto humano, Alexion n o tem problemas em discernir sem sentimentalismos quem que tem boas inten [...]

    19. Este libro tiene todo, acci n, romance, traici n, cosas paranormales, misterio, intriga y adem s tiene un protagonista masculino que esta para comerse Alexion ven a m Y Danger es una protagonista fuerte.Me encanta este mundo que crea Sherrilyn Kenyon

    20. Posted at yummymenandkickasschicks When I first read that Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon was about Alexion, I thought who Thanks to my Book Brain Fart Syndrome , I couldn t place him right away But once I started reading it I thought Oooooh, that guy I must say that at first, I found it a little odd that this next Dark Hunter book was about Acheron s assassin savior dude I mean, with all those Dark Hunters that we ve only just met, there were so many other possibilities But as I read on I [...]

    21. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not sure where to start w this one.I didn t feel the connection w this book like I have w the others and that s a first.I was confused as to what Alexion REALLY was and it was never told to us I know he s other but WHAT exactly What was Danger at the end What I liked about this book was story on Ash and Simi, that s always a plus but the rest of the book was just ok w me.This book felt so different then the rest of the books Almost like all the previous books were a close k [...]

    22. May contain plot spoilers Book 8 was not as good as the last 2 Dark Hunter books I ve read, but that might be because it centered around a female Dark Hunter And who do we really read the books for The men Well, I read them for the men Danger, the female Dark Hunter, just didn t endear herself to me like some of the other female characters e.g Grace and Amanda but the story receives 4 stars because of all of the information it gave on Acheron, who is my favorite character in the books The plot i [...]

    23. Read May 9th 14th, 2014Read July 25th 26th, 2011Read March 28th 29th, 2010Read January 26th, 2009Read November 2008Read May 2007Read February 1st 5th, 2005Book status It s complicated Some novels you freakout fangirl flail over, some you want to violently cram into a paper shredder and someme you don t know how the frack you feel This book hella epically falls under that third category Okay, so, quick run down, Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon a paranormal urban fantasy romance set in moder [...]

    24. I m not satisfied with this book Sins of the Night is a mediocre installment of the Dark Hunter series, both in storyline, characters, and style It is not bad, but not good enough for me either.The story starts good Given a paradoxical situation and a man, or actually a being, without equal, that makes you expect something peculiar.Sadly, it becomes boring The situation is revealed to be an ordinary rebellion, the latest attempt to win over Acheron.The story is of full of repetitions Not only ph [...]

    25. Ini kisah tentang Ias aka Alexion,sang asisten nya ASh dengan DH perempuan bernama Dangereuse St.Richard Danger.Diawali dengan turun nya Alexion ke bumi untuk melindungi Danger dan membasmi para DH yg meminum darah manusia which is sangat dilarang dalam peraturan perundang2an Dark Hunter.Siapa lagi dedengkot tukang fitnah nya selain taklain dan tak bukan, si Stryker, bokap nya Urian.Sempat di tikam dan di kira Daimon oleh Danger karena Alexion pirang , Danger suka juga nih sama Alexion yg lugu d [...]

    26. I m torn on this book I like that we get to see another side of Ash and that Alexion is not your typical Dark Hunter but I wasn t as engaged with this book as I had been with previous installments in the series Alexion s story is rough and I wanted him to have his happy ending, don t get me wrong, but I never got that punch to the gut feeling that the other books gave me.That said, I do think we learn some interesting things about the overall world here However, you have to wade through the lies [...]

    27. I love Acheron, he can t help but spoil Simi, it s so sweet, a demon with a shopping addiction I didn t much care for the female lead in this one, Dangereuse, I just couldn t get into the character and connect with her Acheron is in the line of fire in this with Stryker a daimon god, out to turn the Dark Hunter s against him and destroy him Alexion is a Shade sent to protect Danger with some pretty nifty tricks, like being able to warm up his body temperature just my thinking it and the ability [...]

    28. I have to admit that Danger and Alexions story was not my favorite For starters there was relatively no action and what there was, was very brief.I missed the interaction from the other dark hunters from New Orleans and although we got a little snippets about Ash, he really had little to do with the story.And was it just me or did the hero and heroine pronounce here love for each other after like 2 days That is just not cool.Danger was cool Being the first female dark hunter to have a book, she [...]

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