Fury of Seduction

Fury of Seduction By Coreene Callahan, Fury of Seduction New to the Nightfury pack dragon shifter Mac cannot understand the bond between his brothers in arms and their human mates until the moment he spies Tania and the energy bond between them blazes to l
  • Title: Fury of Seduction
  • Author: Coreene Callahan
  • ISBN: 9781612182964
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fury of Seduction By Coreene Callahan, New to the Nightfury pack, dragon shifter Mac cannot understand the bond between his brothers in arms and their human mates until the moment he spies Tania and the energy bond between them blazes to life Driven by a primal instinct, Mac will stop at nothing to find Tania, to keep her safe, to possess her He has no time to waste Ivar, leader of the rival Razorbacks, huNew to the Nightfury pack, dragon shifter Mac cannot understand the bond between his brothers in arms and their human mates until the moment he spies Tania and the energy bond between them blazes to life Driven by a primal instinct, Mac will stop at nothing to find Tania, to keep her safe, to possess her He has no time to waste Ivar, leader of the rival Razorbacks, hunts her, hungry for a new high energy pawn with which to destroy the human race Caught between the warring factions, Tania finds herself immersed in a world she never knew existed and bound by a love stronger than time.With Mac, her safety from Ivar and the perils of the human world is assured, but still she is left with a terrible choice forsake the independence she s fought so hard to achieve and reclaim the life she loves, or abandon the man who now holds her heart 2012 Coreene Callahan P 2012 Brilliance Audio, Inc.
    Fury of Seduction By Coreene Callahan,
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      316 Coreene Callahan
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    1. Coreene Callahan

      Coreene Callahan is the bestselling author of the Dragonfury Novels and Circle of Seven Series, in which she combines her love of romance and adventure with her passion for history After graduating with honors in psychology and taking a detour to work in interior design, Coreene finally returned to her first love writing Her debut novel, Fury of Fire was a finalist in the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Contest in two categories Best First Book and Best Paranormal She lives in Canada with her family, a spirited Great Pyrenees mix, and her wild imaginary world Visit her online at CoreeneCallahan and on Twitter coreenecallahan.

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    1. Overall I came down on the side of liking Fury of Seduction, I enjoyed the dragonshifter romance and liked both the leads, there is some interesting setup in the background for the next three books Where I had problems is with the bad guys, they are just so black, and their depravity and rapacious mind sets adds a yuck factor to the books which is made worse by thread switches breaking into the middle of up close and personal scenes with the leads And an issue that I have with the series but one [...]

    2. It s hard for me to rate and review this book because I have mixed feelings about it Love Mac and the rest of the Nightfury gang and want to know how this all ends but I feel like it s getting a bit redundant The same Dragon meets girl story from the first two books The variations between the couples isn t distinct or varied enough Will give the next one a shot but the repeated vocabulary, no matter whose point of view, is getting tiresome everyone should think and speak differently, at least a [...]

    3. 3.5 starsEverything is happening so fast for Mac, one minute he is just a regular detective livening a unfulfilling but normal life then bam a new reality smacks him in the face Not only are dragons real but he himself is half dragon kind.After surviving his change Mac seams to still have a few issues controlling his dragon half But when his woman is in trouble suddenly he no longer lives up to his fledgling title Mac finds himself falling for the beautiful Tania, and would do anything to protec [...]

    4. Have you ever come across a series that has all the elements it needs to make it a favourite but somehow it never quite hits the mark That s kind of how I m feeling about the Dragonfury books right now These books have so much potential but each book leaves me feeling like I m missing out on something I was willing to forgive the similarities between this series and the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Midnight Breed series during the first book, I even forgave them in the second book but I keep hop [...]

    5. 4hrs left in this audiobookSeriously, can we just rename this series Black Dragon Furyhood and call it a day This author is working my last nerve with the shitkickers, leathers, whatever the servants are called, and plethora of other similarities borrowed for this series.WAY too much internal dialog, too many tangents, Who the hell is Niall and where did he come from, WAY too many side stories, and WAY WAY too much internal dialog.The whole luke i am your father was a bit muchstory 1.5narrator 1 [...]

    6. Finally I have been able to sit down and enjoy this book Let me tell you it has been an extremely difficult week I had this book on my kindle and needed to finish other things as this is not in my reading nature, seeing this book sitting there and teasing me was not fun but oh was it worth it Coreene Callahan strikes hard and fast in the third installment of her DragonFury Series The world is opening up and there is just so much going on, total reader stimulation This was one of those books wher [...]

    7. I love this series I absolutely love it.And I think that the reason I love it so much can be summed up by this The characters aren t stupid They are smart in fact High Energy females are characterized by being smart and successful.So, this is Mac s story I would have preferred that Mac being a fledgling have to wait a little while for his story, but Tania really did need to come into the fold of the Nightfuries, so I ll extremely graciously let it go.So Tania goes to the prison her sister is in [...]

    8. Mac has recently joined the Dragonfury s He has just discovered that he is a shifter dragon, and a water dragon which is rare Mac always knew that there was something for his life than he ever thought possible Now though, he is a newbie, and as such his pack is not letting him fight which is what he is aching to do He craves a good fight but then he discovers that he has a mate and one that is in danger of being captured by the Razorbacks Tania, is determined to save her sister, who is in priso [...]

    9. Fury of Seduction Dragonfury Series 3 If you like the style of the works of J R Ward, then you might love much of this book If you liked the first two novels of this series, then you will most likely find this an engaging read Fury of Seduction is written so closely to J R Ward s STYLE that I almost immediately disliked this novel from the start Had I know of the similarities I would have not chosen to read this novel The Dragons speak with the same sort of slang that are in the other series, th [...]

    10. Dragon shifters Love em in both human and dragon form Face it, we all know they are HOT Coreene Callahan s dragons definitely fit the bill Mac is a newly turned, very rare water dragon who meets his emotional match in Tania, one of those rare human females with a special energy that dragons need The Razorbacks, an evil clan of dragons wants Tania for her ability to breed and her usefulness as a dragon plaything ck.While Mac and Tania try to avoid admitting they are than physically attracted to [...]

    11. Un 3 me tome en dessous du 2 me Le c t je t aime d s que je te vois, tu es ma moiti aucune force au monde ne pourra l emp cher commence tre un peu r p titif Il la voit il la veut il l obtient intervention du m chant combat blessures mais tout va bien la fusion magique est l pour tout r gler Une fois a va, une 2 me bon ok, la 3 me on soupire et on l ve les yeux au ciel.L alchimie entre Mac et Angela tait bien plus piquante dans le tome pr c dent L on est d j install dans une routine et finalement [...]

    12. This was close enough to 3 stars I figure what the heck, I ll give it the solid number The main reason for that is because the story is finally expanding out The writing didn t change much this time, but I think we re finally getting less and less slow your roll going on Finally Unfortunately, Tania seems to have this aversion to swearing so she says ridiculously immature things instead Like, I just want to bang her head against a wall they re so bad Like the other two books, the middle of this [...]

    13. This is Mac and Tania s story as they carry on with what they started in Rikar s book Just like book 2, this book delves a little bit deeper into the Dragonkind world but without overloading you with details.Mac is just the star of the show in my eyes the whole book just confirms what a complex but intriguing character he is Tania is the perfect female for him as she is not straightforward either They both have history that they need to deal with before they can be together so the question is wi [...]

    14. Based on the audiobookA story that suffered due to the narrator in my opinion I don t know if the narrator was trying to do a Jersey accent or what You know he was struggling when I couldn t tell when the conversation went from the Hero to the Heroine I think I would have enjoyed reading this book I liked the first two books with the narration I m just going to assume that the narrator had an off book.I like the story that is being built, however as soon as I saw a reviewer compare the dialogue [...]

    15. The third book in the Dragonfury series was the hardest for me to get into For one thing, I skipped over it to get to Wick s story, and after that story left me wanting, I had to work very hard to pick this one up.Mac is the Butch of the Dragonfury crew If you don t know who Butch is from the Black Dagger Brotherhood , then you will likely enjoy this story and have little problem reading and enjoying Mac is new to being a dragon and he is new to the Dragonfury clan Originally, he was the cop on [...]

    16. I really don t know why I m sticking with this series Oh, wait, yes I do I m waiting for Wick s story There s really no plot, nor is there any character development It s instalove Which if it s done right, I can tolerate, even enjoy If it s done like this gestures wildly at book It makes me cry and want to throw my kindle to the ground and curse for putting it on the asleep cover y all know what I mean right Also, if the dragons can t be around during the day, why the hell can t the women go off [...]

    17. D cevant je n accroche vraiment pas avec le monde des dragons Moi qui me faisait une joie de d couvrir un nouveau monde c est rat Je trouve le livre pleins de longueurs j ai carr ment saut des passages mais j ai bien aim s Mac, flic rebelle et Tania qui m me si elle est un peu trop effac pour moi une vrai place dans l histoire.

    18. I ve heard some say this series is like Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dragon style I d agree in that it s just as well written but Callahan s dragons definitely have their own unique style Still, anyone who likes one will surely like the other.

    19. The series is a good one However I have to agree with other reviewers This series is to much like the Black Dagger brother hood right down to some of the same wording The author needs an original idea.

    20. The full review will be posted here and at image error on November 13 RELEASE DAY It s good, you ll like it

    21. Oh That was good D Excellent story, strong characters, updates from old characters Kick ass action And new twists.This book has it all Can t wait till next year to read Wick s story.

    22. originally published thebooktart new fiction reQueen of Tarts Review ofFury of Seductionby Coreene Callahan Coreene Callahan has swiftly joined my list of top paranormal romance authors My personal favs include Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole and now Coreene Callahan too I love the intricate world building, the fantastic and yet relatable creatures that populate their tales and the the three H s that I look for, Humor, Heat and Heart Coreene s Dragonfury novels have all that and plus, double bonus p [...]

    23. Great readYet another great book in this series Mac becomes dragonkind and a rare water dragon at that he also becomes linked with Tania and their hot love story begins The plot also thickens with the introduction of new characters and sub plots appearing everywhere with Nino and the Archguard It makes fascinating reading can t wait for the next instalment.

    24. 2.75 read for me I switched between the audiobook and ebook The narrator did a good job I enjoyed the H h and the secondary characters in this book I like the story arc itself but the books in this series are long and wordy and I honestly got bored This series is told from multiple POV s and have a main story arc for H h along with other story arcs.

    25. I m really enjoying this series There is much humor, tons of heart wrenching action, steamy romantic scenes and that heart bursting eternal love that gets me every time What do you need than strong willed women and handsome men with anger issues Well let s throw in some dragons just for fun I m loving this series

    26. I am reading this series for the plot I have trouble getting past the writing though, the overly descriptive inner monologues and the weird way all the guys speak, like they are 12 and trying to be cool The world building, though, is pretty impressive.

    27. Corrine Callahan does it again The combination of Mac and Tania together was perfect Throw in a little danger from the Razorbacks A potential story with Nian about his intentions and the fact that there are Night furies headed home I m ready for book 4.

    28. Dragonfury Series Book 3I just happened to stumbled upon this series So glad I did Can t stop reading book after book It s great Each book ties into the next Hot dragons.ummm

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