Flashman and the Seawolf

Flashman and the Seawolf By Robert Brightwell, Flashman and the Seawolf Following the popularity of the memoirs of Harry Flashman the Victorian scoundrel who got himself embroiled in many events of his age this book introduces a new generation of the family Thomas Flashm
  • Title: Flashman and the Seawolf
  • Author: Robert Brightwell
  • ISBN: 9781466188600
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
  • Flashman and the Seawolf By Robert Brightwell, Following the popularity of the memoirs of Harry Flashman the Victorian scoundrel who got himself embroiled in many events of his age, this book introduces a new generation of the family Thomas Flashman, whose career covers the Napoleonic and Georgian era This first book covers his adventures with Thomas Cochrane, one of the most extraordinary naval commanders of all timFollowing the popularity of the memoirs of Harry Flashman the Victorian scoundrel who got himself embroiled in many events of his age, this book introduces a new generation of the family Thomas Flashman, whose career covers the Napoleonic and Georgian era This first book covers his adventures with Thomas Cochrane, one of the most extraordinary naval commanders of all time From the brothels and gambling dens of London, through political intrigues and espionage, the action moves to the Mediterranean and the real life character of Thomas Cochrane This book covers the start of Cochrane s career including the most astounding single ship action of the Napoleonic war Thomas Flashman provides a unique insight as danger stalks him like a persistant baillif through a series of adventures that prove history really is stranger than fiction.
    Flashman and the Seawolf By Robert Brightwell,
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      I am a firm believer in the maxim that history is stranger than fiction As an amateur historian there are countless times when I have come across a character or incident that has been so hard to believe that I have had to search out other sources for confirmation Thomas Cochrane who features in my first book is one of those, his real life adventures seem ridiculously far fetched for a fictional character The Begum of Samru from my second book is another a fifteen year old nautch dancer who gained the confidence of an army, had a man literally kill himself over her and who led her soldiers with skill and courage, before becoming something of a catholic saint.History is full of amazing stories and in my books I try to do my bit to tell some of them When I thought of a vehicle to do so, the Flashman series from George MacDonald Fraser came to mind Most of what I know of the Victorian era was prompted by his books The concept of a fictional character witnessing and participating in real historical events, while not unique, has rarely been done better.George MacDonald Fraser was an exceptional writer and he developed a character that he took from Tom Brown s School Days into a truly legendary figure While Harry Flashman might not have been a typical Victorian, he certainly brought the period to life For me the Regency Napoleonic era was one of even greater colour and extremes and so I have created a new earlier member of the family Thomas Flashman.There are similarities between the generations in that they both have the uncanny knack of finding themselves in the hotspots of their time, often while endeavouring to avoid them Thomas though is not exactly the same character as Harry Flashman, this is partly accidental and partly deliberate.For example Harry Flashman makes prolific use of the n word which will never appear in my work This is not just political correctness but reflects the different times the two fictional characters occupy While Harry Flashman in India thrashed and abused the natives in Thomas time many British were in business with Indian partners or had Indian wives The British Resident of Delhi went so far as to marry a harem of thirteen Indian women who used to parade around the city every evening on elephants In contrast any British man in Harry s time who married just one Indian woman was likely to find himself ostracised from the British community.As several reviewers have pointed out Thomas is not quite the vicious villainous rogue his nephew became, at least in the first book As this was mostly set on a very small ship there were few places he could hide while retaining the confidence of the commander, which was crucial to the plot I think the character develops in the second book and this trend will hopefully continue The genius of George MacDonald Fraser was to create a spiteful bully that the reader could still relate to I have tried to convey a character that lived in his time and who balanced cowardice, pride, lust etc with the need to bring the reader with him.

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    1. George MacDonald Fraser wrote the original Flashman series about the Victorian Harry Flashman This is a spin off about Thomas Flashman whose career covered the Napoleonic era The spin off is written by Robert Brightwell This is a historical novel The protagonist is placed in a historical situation that includes the real people One of the most famous was Admiral Thomas Cochrane 1789 1872 10th Earl of DunDonald Captain Cochrane was a daring Royal Navy officer in the Napoleonic War Napoleon called [...]

    2. As the author I cannot really review my own book, even though I do think it is a ripping yarn, but below are some of the reviews that have been posted on and unlike some authors I can assure you that none were written by me 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars A gripping and unbelievable adventure , 14 Feb 2012 By hunnybunny2 See all my reviewsThis review is from Flashman and the Seawolf Kindle Edition A well paced historical novel It has just the right balance bet [...]

    3. George MacDonald Fraser was one of my favorite authors When he died I both hoped and worried that someone would carry on his legacy, whether officially, or in spirit A couple weeks ago I did one of my occasional searches for Flashman and this book came up Wary, but hoping for the best, I downloaded the free preview and by the end of the two and a half chapters therein, was pretty sure I was going to like the book and bought myself the reasonably priced book As far as I know, this is Mr Brightwel [...]

    4. There is always an element of risk involved in reviving a well loved franchise Fans of the original will inevitably make comparisons and if the revival is found wanting they will not be merciful I was a fan of the original series of books For those of you unfamiliar with the original Flashman novels, the late George MacDonald Fraser hereafter referred to as GMacF took the character of the bullying Harry Flashman from the Victorian novel Tom Brown s Schooldays, turned the schoolboy into an adult [...]

    5. Flashman and the SeawolfBy Robert Brightwell4 out of 5 starsReviewed by Nan Hawthorne Thomas Flashman, uncle of the infamous Harry Flashman, has adventures too, and they involve famous events and personages just like his wastrel nephew One advantage Uncle Thomas has is that his adventures come during a perhaps even exciting period, starting in about 1800 and covering the Napoleonic Wars and many of the other settings for Regency and Sharpe novel lovers Thomas is asked by a spymaster to take for [...]

    6. Well, this is interesting a new Flashman book but it s not written by George MacDonald Fraser and the eponymous hero is not Harry Flashman Author Robert Brightwell brings us Thomas Flashman uncle to Harry and another member of the Flashman clan adept at being in the right place at the right time to bring us first hand accounts of significant moments in history.Being Harry s uncle we re looking at earlier events than those witnessed by the famous Flashman This time we re dealing with the Regency [...]

    7. Robert Brightwell s foray into Flashman historical fiction is impressive to say the least Flashman and the Seawolf introduces us to Thomas Flashman, uncle to George MacDonald Fraser s Harry Flashman and while certain obviously genetic characteristics are common to both make no mistake about it, I d rather have Thomas with me instead of Harry Mr Brightwell lays a foundation early in the story that reads somewhat as though he intends Thomas to be Harry s model vice versa with respect to GMF , in p [...]

    8. Brightwell follows the Flashman formula faithfully, but he lacks the feel for the period that Frazer excelled at consider this With so many nerve endings on the sole, the pain was intense and could leave a man crippled Nerve endings Does this sound like something that would be said by a man writing in the 1870s, recalling events from the 1800s, a man of no great educational attainment at that Harry would have dismissed it with Deuced painful, I am told Unfortunately this sort of anachronism occu [...]

    9. George MacDonald Fraser Mr Brightwell is not, but then again this is not Harry Flashman but his father brother, Thomas Uncle Thomas does not disappoint, though this does seem to be about the adventures of Thomas Cochrane and his early career in the Royal Navy with that said this Flashman has many adventures with Cochrane, which will no doubt remind one of Sir Harry.There is a second book in the series already Flashman and the Cobra and once my reading list shrinks a bit I ll read that one as we [...]

    10. This is a very credible addition to the Flashman series The book follows Harry s uncle Thomas Flashman and his adventures with Thomas Cochrane the real life man Hornblower and Aubrey are modeled after Much like the original Flashman series, Thomas gets swept up as an unwilling participant in life threatening adventures when he d much rather be spending his father s money on booze and women This is a good read, fans of the Flashman series will definitely enjoy this and so will any historical fict [...]

    11. A fast moving yarn about Harry Flashman s uncle Thomas and his adventures with the real life British headcase hero Thomas Cochrane the Sea Wolf In true Flashman tradition there s also a nasty foreign baddie, a bit of wild sex and any number of near death experiences for oiur hero The prose is not as sparkling as GMF s, the characters don t really leap off the page like GMF s, but for pace, incident and a thorough knowledge of the times this is very good.

    12. British Naval exploits of the Sea Wolf, Captain Cochrane, as told by Thomas Flashman George MacDonald Fraser s Sir Harry Flashman s Uncle, circa 1800 Unfortunately, Uncle Thomas lacks his nephew Harry s outrageous life and times I will read subsequent books in this series though and hope for the best

    13. Not as good as the original Flashman, but a very enjoyable read Well researched and intriguingly plotted but the central character is less well formed and roguish than the original Happy to gradually work my way through the rest though A good find.

    14. I have also read Flashman and the Cobra I liked both of them very much Oddly enough, I have not read Fraser yet so I am excited to do so.Cobra is the better of the two It is much funnier but both books will really give you a lot of pleasure.

    15. One always worries when someone takes another s good idea in this case, the classic and hilarious Flashman series by Geo MacDonald Fraser , but this was a very good first effort.

    16. Not quite George McDonald Fraser, but a great read featuring one of the Greatest British sea captains Lord Cochrane.I highly recommend the book.

    17. To all fans of good ol Flash Harry Do NOT start the Thomas Flashman series with this book It is a thrilling read, but the character of Thomas Flashman is not yet fully developed and does bare little resemblence to the Flashman by Geoge MacDonald Fraser.I enjoyed the book, but I was of half a mind to leave it be and not continue the series because I missed the cowardice, slyness and pompousness of Harry Flashman I decided to give the series a try in the end and it paid of.The next book in the ser [...]

    18. I understand that I shouldn t compare this to the quite wonderful Harry Flashman books of George MacDonald Fraser, but even leaving comparisons aside, this simply wasn t a very good book It didn t grip me, I didn t find the plot even remotely interesting or exciting, Thomas Flashman was largely devoid of personality and there was no attempt to explain the events covered by the book in their wider historical context.It s possible that I didn t like it because it s mostly set at sea and I know not [...]

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