Kristen By Lisi Harrison Cassandra Morris, Kristen Kristen sets sail on the Love Boat With the rest of the Pretty Committee scattered across the globe Kristen is stuck in summer school at OCD making good on her scholarship commitments No sleepover h
  • Title: Kristen
  • Author: Lisi Harrison Cassandra Morris
  • ISBN: 9781607888994
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Kristen By Lisi Harrison Cassandra Morris, Kristen sets sail on the Love Boat With the rest of the Pretty Committee scattered across the globe, Kristen is stuck in summer school at OCD, making good on her scholarship commitments No sleepover horse camp, no Hawaiian spa, no Spanish vacation, not even a trip to Orlando But when Kristen scores a job looking after hang ten hottie Dune Baxter s eight year old sisteKristen sets sail on the Love Boat With the rest of the Pretty Committee scattered across the globe, Kristen is stuck in summer school at OCD, making good on her scholarship commitments No sleepover horse camp, no Hawaiian spa, no Spanish vacation, not even a trip to Orlando But when Kristen scores a job looking after hang ten hottie Dune Baxter s eight year old sister, Ripple, Westchester suddenly doesn t seem so bad It looks like Kristin is about to ride the wave of first love
    Kristen By Lisi Harrison Cassandra Morris,
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    1. Lisi Harrison Cassandra Morris

      Lisi Harrison is the author of the 1 New York Times best selling series The Clique , Alphas , Monster High, Pretenders, and her first adult novel The Dirty Book Club out 10.10.17 Lisi was born in Toronto, Canada, and lived in NYC for 15 years while she worked at MTV She now lives in Laguna Beach, CA and is a member or her own Dirty Book Club.

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    1. I don t think any Clique Summer Collection book has gotten than 3 stars from me, which is rare, because Lisi Harrison s books are definitely worth 5 stars But what I discovered while reading The Summer Collection is that Lisi is just trying to write a fun, quick story about the girls summer, so I expected them to be shallow I read Alicia and hated it, and when I saw Kristen was next I wasn t looking forward to it Kristen was probably my least favorite Clique character That has changed This book [...]

    2. I think this book was pretty good, because it kinda related to an everyday life thing when people stay to themselves or they have 1 group of friends that they hang out with.

    3. Though still a clich teen novel, Miss Lisi Harrison effectively paints the hardships of first love through Kristen s realistic character That being said, because Harrison s down to earth character resonates than the others with readers, they will undoubtedly enjoy this work of fiction than the previous series works Additionally, the final scene leaves readers giddy at the though of a future between Kristen and Dune.

    4. KristenPLOT It s a summer of love, revenge, and pranks, which turns out to be nothing like Clique member Kristen is expecting It all starts when through her Massie wanna be tutee Ripple she s introduced to her Ripples brother and her new crush Duane Which gains her an introduction into a whole new clique But Kristen isn t the only one feeling the waves of passion for Surfer boy Can she impress Duane, be accepted and respected in his world, AND win him from under the scantily clad clutches of eig [...]

    5. Again, much better than the other ones I don t like Dune I like Kristen Not as much as I liked Massie, but hey.

    6. This book was really enjoyable.cially for me since I like drama and romance.which this book totally had.I was reading about Kristen s summer story while her friends which are apart of the Pretty Committee have also been separated But poor ole Kristen got stuck in Westchester.The best thing I liked about the book was the romance between this hot surfer dude named Dune Dexter and couldn t get him out of her mind for basically the whole summer They spent alot of quality time together.which reminded [...]

    7. Kristen is stuck in Westchester for the summer like always, spending it as Ripple s math tutor The real reason Ripple hired her however, is to get info on Massie so she can transform herself into her as she wants to get her crush that has a crush on Massie Kristen decides to help her in exchange for info on her older brother Dune whom she totally loves Kristen tries morph herself into the opposite of an OCDiva the skater surfer boys call it and into a tomboy to get Dune when 8th grade alpha Skye [...]

    8. Massie is the first book of the Summer Collection, a group of side stories revolving around the members of the Pretty Committee from Lisi Harrison s The Clique series of popular and controversial books Each of the Summer Collection titles follows one of the characters through her summer vacation in between the seventh and eighth grades or, chronologically, in between Sealed With a Diss and Bratfest At Tiffany s in The Clique series.Plot Kristen Gregory has the distinction of being the only membe [...]

    9. I think this is the best book out of the summer collection series Though there are many spelling mistakes in this book, I like the plot idea This is about Kristen Gregory getting a summer job She gets hired to tutor a girl named Ripple every week, but when Kristen finds out that Ripple wants to use Kristen to learn to be like Massie, Kristen gets mad Just after Kristen decides to quit her job, Ripples drop dead gorgeous brother, Dune, comes home Kristen has as huge crush on Dune and will do anyt [...]

    10. Kristen by Lisi Harrison I thought was pretty interesting There just seemed to be much drama in the book, but it was only like middle school drama because it was talking about a girls life This book was about a girl named Kristen and she could not seem to get this boy out of her head the whole entire summer Considering Kristen had been tutoring his little sister she had to keep the job if she really wanted to get up close and actually get to know him better Kristen had gone everywhere with the g [...]

    11. Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadTooSo far in THE CLIQUE SUMMER COLLECTION series, this has to be my favorite ending of them all Kristen is the character in the CLIQUE series that I have always secretly rooted for, because she is realistic then some of her friends She wants so badly to have money, and works so hard to fit in with the group that has endless amounts of it This book really made her character come to life, and I loved every page Even though she s stuck at home, she still find [...]

    12. I definitely liked this book, but it could ve been MUCH better The conflict was kinda It was very simplisctic, and could ve been a lot complexed and detailed Kristen crushing on Dune was a very cute story to hear about However, Dune seemed a tiny bit jerky Ripple was a total , who I didn t like very much She s only NINE Kristen was the sporty, smart, but stylish girl The ending was cute, but far too short It was a sweet gesture for Dune to give Kristen his neckalace But I wished the story would [...]

    13. This book is one of the summer series Kristen is a tutor for a little girl with a hawt older brother named Dune But Dune s little sister only hired her to get Massie info Massie is the alpha and Dune s little sister wants to be just like her Kristen only took the job because she wants to get info on Dune from his little sister Dune has started hanging out with the 9th grade alphas Kristen feels totally not as pretty as them so she feels like she is losing Dune But then Dune tells the 9th grade a [...]

    14. I never realized how complex Kristen could be until I read this book I was already aware of the fact that she could be very impressionable and I thought that made her fake But she s not She can be friends with all sorts of people and each group can bring out different parts of her, good and bad I already read the first three 8th grade books and the first two Alpha books and I kinda wish I hadn t There would ve been a lot ah ha moments if the summer collection was available to me earlier.

    15. Kristen is part of the pretty committee, and all her friends are across the globe She is poor, and has to stay in westchester, NY for the summer CRAP Right Well, she is stuck tutoring Ripple younger girl in math, which turns out to be a class in being Massie LOL You have to read the first clique books, ALL 9 so far to read the summer collection You should read the summer collection in order MASSIE, DYLAN, ALICIA, KRISTEN, and then CLAIRE Finally I am putting a spoiler on this so if you are readi [...]

    16. Unlike all her friends, Kristen is stranded in Westchester County since her parents aren t rich like the Pretty Committee s parents She ends up babysitting and tutoring Ripple, a big Massie fan and starts crushing on her big brother Dune This family of surfers starts inviting Kristen to the beach and wave surfing which has Kristen s heart in a whirlpool Will she try to keep Dune by her side or hide what is going on with her anti blue crush friends.

    17. Kristen was pretty good, but seemed short Okay, I know it was a short book, but the way it only spanned a few days made it doubly short I loved the Witty Committee thing and finally being able to see the clique world in Kristen s eyes I also heart the fact Layne who is awesome is accepted by two PC members now This book was worse than Massie just barely but better than Alicia , Dylan , and Claire I ll give it four stars.

    18. 12 19 2016 I really enjoyed reading Kristen s summer She had to go through a very different kind of struggle It was a struggle to know who she really is She had to know if she s the girl who her parents know she is the girl who her friends know she is or the true her, the one that doesn t have to lie and hide things from anyone.

    19. Well would you look at that Kristen having a summer fling with Dune Do I hear some waves and surfing or what She will stop at nothing to get noticed by him even if it means taking down the super popular, super pretty Skye Hamilton Will it end badly or will Kristen get the boy of her dreams Surf s up dude

    20. This book is of a teenager girl who tutors a little child, and one day she falls in love with the child s brother Read the book if you want to know about the adventure they go through I thought this book was okay It was not the best, yet not the worst I would recommend it to teens who are into romantic novels and teenager s lifestyle.


    22. This was by far the worst Clique book ever, well maybe it s tied for worst with Bratfest at Tiffany s Anyways, this book hardly has a story In Massie, Dylan, and Alicia, the stories actually had different things going on and they were good books, but Kristen ironic how it s also my name was 1 word HORRIBLE

    23. Kristen is not 1 of the main characters, but she is 1 of the PC members u don t want 2 mess with She might not be rich but she is a double threat She is smart x10 and she can rock a boy hair cut Even with or with our the hair cut she is a blonde beauty Now she has a crush on 1 surfer cutie, will she be able 2 date him or hate him

    24. Blah Blah BlahThis book has the same exact plot as the other books in the clique summer collection series The only reason i read them is to criticize their errors Like how white iClassics don t exist DUUUUH

    25. I wasnt looking forward to reading this book about Kristen alone at home, but it was actually one of the better ones to read because I could actually relate to her staying home and being poor and creating her own type of fun.

    26. Interesting I do have to say that I liked Kristin s secret society of friends I didn t, however, think that Dune was that believable Like seriously, what kind of guy confesses his love to a girl so openly

    27. I love this one, with one left in the series I can easily say that Kristen is my favorite in the Clique Summer Collection I enjoyed every bit of it, I just wanted to join the Witty Committee the whole time.

    28. This was such a good book Taking a girly girl into a beachy trouble maker This was a good typical romance book but it was a little diffrent than all the rest It did have a lot of conflict in it buth Lisa always found a way to clear it up unexpectdly Fantastic book to read to keep you occupied

    29. in the book the cliuiqe Kristin it was ok and a little to easy for me The book is mostly about this girl named Kristin and how she goes through her summer without her pretty comittee there with her.I gave this book a three because the book was not so enjoying and I got a little bored with it.

    30. this is a really good book if u r really into love books and some ways to look at ur self if u hang out with people and u r a part of the group and u dont wanna get out of the group cause ur popular then here r some ways to look at the other side of u and not just the popular side of u.

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