Laurie's Loves

Laurie's Loves By Lynnette Bernard, Laurie s Loves Alpha Jace Beckett is not willing to commit himself to a mate even if his hold on humanity is quickly slipping away without the grounding presence of the final member of his triad Jackson Scott is bet
  • Title: Laurie's Loves
  • Author: Lynnette Bernard
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  • Page: 500
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  • Laurie's Loves By Lynnette Bernard, Alpha Jace Beckett is not willing to commit himself to a mate even if his hold on humanity is quickly slipping away without the grounding presence of the final member of his triad.Jackson Scott is beta and triad partner to Jace Jackson knows they both need that one woman to complete their triad, love them, and give them a future filled with tenderness, caring, and cubs.LaAlpha Jace Beckett is not willing to commit himself to a mate even if his hold on humanity is quickly slipping away without the grounding presence of the final member of his triad.Jackson Scott is beta and triad partner to Jace Jackson knows they both need that one woman to complete their triad, love them, and give them a future filled with tenderness, caring, and cubs.Laurie Young is their fated triad mate a human who knows nothing of their world They need her to accept their wolves and their mating Her children would be theirs, and they would do everything to protect her from her abusive ex They just have to convince her to stay with them and accept that they were fated to share a life together She has to know that they loved and wanted her even before they realized she was carrying their baby.Note This book contains double vaginal penetration.Note There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.Genre M nage a Trois Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires WerewolvesLength 107,312 words
    Laurie's Loves By Lynnette Bernard,
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    1. Everyone was sh tting rainbows in this book The heroes were perfect and sweet and hung like horses The heroine was a gentle kind soul who everyone just loved except for her evil ex who was super super evil She meets the pack and they love her to death after one day All the kids think she is the bestest person in the world after she plays a game of football with them Barf I have a toothache from all this sweetness.The heroes meet the heroine and know she is their mate then it s all we will love e [...]

    2. Just a few complaints comments Everybody in this story is too perfect The men are hot, sweet, noble, giving, and protective The only hint of any issues from them died a very quick death Laurie is all sweetness and light She s everything that s good and kind, despite the hard life she s had And she cries at the drop of a hat, regardless of which emotion is manifesting at the time Her biggest problems are her self esteem and her need to protect everybody by shutting them out Her kids are strong an [...]

    3. 2.75 Stars This book was kind of ridiculous A m nage consisting of two male wolf shifters and a human female My rating is actually based on the fact this book picked up in the second half It was very sappy The Hero s were way too emotional for alpha men and the h cried for every little emotion, be it sad or happy I do love a book where the H is completely in love and will do anything to make his h happy, however this was just plain crazy Ok now let me mention the mating bondingWTF It was creepy [...]

    4. I finished it but really struggled I just could not get over the fact that this chick s eyes filled with tears or she cried over EVERY THING

    5. I hated this book Hate Hate Hated This was the fist book I ever sent back for a refund All the women do is cry in this book In every single scene Laurie is in she is crying Her eyes filled with tears Tears filled her eyes I tried to count how often these phrases are used but I lost count because it seemed like one occurred at least every other page The grandmother cries, the other women cry At a few points the men are even crying And the majority of the tears aren t even over the sad events of h [...]

    6. I liked the story s premise with the triad mates, the combined DNA, the Fatesbut, it didn t grab me the way that I wanted it to, and the sex was just ho hum I actually skimmed a lot of that It just didn t do it for me I wanted to like it , but there was just something missing I m not sure what it was, but there it is I will say that I was surprised to find that Laurie was just so helpless I feel like she would never truly be an Alpha female because she just didn t seem like enough of a fighter t [...]

    7. I would probably rate this story closer to a 3.5 than a 3 star I like the concept of the story with the triad mates It was interesting but there were a couple of things that kept me from rating the story higher 1 Laurie s vacillation between they want me they want me not irritated me It got old about the fifth or sixth time of her questioning their desire for her 2 None of the non shifters found the use of mate , alpha , or pack at all strange I don t think it was questioned even once Neither by [...]

    8. Yikes that was so nauseating I had to push myself to finish this bookCharacters were as deep as puddles and just as interesting, way to perfect and annoying.There was a lot of repetition and usage of words which made me dislike this book even Its like the author was trying so hard to get people to like the characters it did the total opposite for me and made me hate them instead

    9. I wanted to love it but found it lacking Issues would come up but were never resolved The characters were too accepting of weird stuff I m sorry but people question the world around them then that I don t need all my questions answered but I do like to understand why Between the ex and the tea I was left wondering what was the point and what happened.

    10. I liked how the Hero s weren t controlling Most shifter Romance s have OTT controlling alphas that are really assholes These were really sweet and made sure she was fully informed before they claimed her I didn t like that they kept a secret about her own body for half of the book I was a little upset that they were taking advantage of her in the beginning with them being in wolf form Here was very sweet but cried in every scene Her emotional episodes from pregnancy were just the same as when sh [...]

    11. Title Laurie s LovesAuthor Lynnette BernardMenage Relationship ShiftersBook 1 of The Beckett Pack Triad MatesLaurie Young comes to the Circle Three Ranch for a long over due vacation As the mother of grown twins, stressed by the continual harrassment of an abussive ex husband who has left her feeling unattractive and worthless, Laurie has no idea her life is about to change forever Jace Beckett, Alpha of the Beckett Pack and owner of the The Circle Three Ranch is feeling restless and out of sort [...]

    12. Where to begin I hemmed and hawed about whether I should give this a single star or a double The plain truth is that this book is really not very good The premise is rehashed from thousand of others of it s kind The characters were cringeworthy The fuzzy warm feelings and love and kindness that flowed from all Laurie, Jace and Jackson knew was enough to make me poop a rainbow and give birth to a unicorn I am almost positive that Laurie has some sort of lacrimal condition because she tears up ove [...]

    13. I had recently be gifted a copy of Lynnette Bernard s Cowboy Series and fell in love with those characters and her writing style I made a comment that I wanted to check out her paranormal series but was concerned because I didn t know if her style would be enough for me to really invest in a paranormal book She kindly offered to give me the series in exchange for an honest review I mean let s be serious, if you can get a reader who doesn t understand or like shifter stories to like your book, an [...]

    14. I never like giving such a low review, but I have to say this book bored me to tears The drama was easily solved The connection between the H, H And h was superficial at best I found my self not even caring about the supporting caricatures I forced my self to finish this book due to the price I payed for it I can t say I d recommend this book And I won t be buying from this author again This could have been a really good book but it just fell flat.

    15. I get that this is an Erotic novel and thus the main topic s supposed to be the sexual relationship between the main characters but It got old really fast Don t get me wrong it was hot as he but most of the time I just skimmed through them in order to continue on to the next scene.This story had a wonderful plot and secondary characters which was what let me salivating for and wanting to skip the sex scenes in order to get to those This story would have been even incredible if there had been a [...]

    16. Marie s Tempting Reads ARC Review MINOR SPOILER ALERT Laurie s Loves happens to be the first book I have read by Lynnette Bernard, but it will NOT be my last This story was so powerful The writing was great with some major sexy alpha males and the one woman that makes both of them feel things that they never thought to feel Lynnette takes us into the world of wolf shifters who are looking for their one true mate Jackson and Jace are triad partners and now all they need to be complete, is the one [...]

    17. Laurie has spent her life loving and protecting her children from their self centered mentally deranged father, who has tormented her, her children and her only friend Nikki for the last fifteen year and made her life hell for the five years she was married to him She needs a break so she books a week, she can barely afford, at a ranch where she meets Jace and Jackson They are drool worthy but so out of her league besides the baggage she is carrying is enough to choke a horse and no man wants or [...]

    18. When I first started reading erotic paranormal I read books like Lynnette Bernard s LAURIE S LOVES Oh, sure, they weren t always m nages but the stories were, and are, about werewolves finding their fated mates A little bit cheesy Perhaps, but I ve got to admit a guilty pleasure I still enjoy them, and I had fun reading this book.So, put your rational side in a box, don t look for everything to make sense as it would in your life, and accept that this is erotic fiction of the fairy tale sort I h [...]

    19. 2.5 stars.Unfortunately this one didn t work for me I liked the premise of fated mates forming a triad because I was in the mood for some hot shifter m nage but the details didn t quite work The heroine s lack of confidence was annoying and apparent for most of the book the I m not good enough they don t want me trope got boring after the first dozen times and since it wasn t a world that shifters were known to exist why did no one question the use of mates, alpha and pack before the big reveal [...]

    20. It was indeed sometimes a bit cheesy At times it felt like the author wanted to nail all the clich cornerstones of a romance good looking men she was riding that fact very hard with multiple explicit mentions of how they look who have some wealth and an insecure heroine tortured by her past What really started to annoy me was the constant expressions of the terms forever and for the rest of their lives Other than that the basic story was nice even though it was almost smothered by the aforementi [...]

    21. After reading this book, it had me hooked into this series because of the characters and because of how well written this book was I loved how Laurie wasn t your bottle blonde wanna be model type , by her description she was just your average woman I love how this book showed that even though the woman was an older woman, she was still able to find love, and in Laurie s case, loves.This book was a great beginning to a new series, I think it was amazing how you learn a little about the characters [...]

    22. Laurie had a very abusive relationship Out of that she had two beautiful children that are now out on their own She took a vacation to think about her life and possible reboot it Never in her dreams did she think two shifters would be hers.The Alpha and Beta of the pack, Jace and Jackson, have been waiting a long time to find their mate Now, she just walks through their front door They will do anything and everything to keep her and protect her and her children.A wonderful story of fate and love [...]

    23. I thought this was a good shifter book It has some drama and a little suspense I found it to be entertaining, and isn t that why we read them in the first place What I did t like is that the heroine was constantly getting teary eyed If I had to read how her eyes filled with tears one time I was going to yank all my hair outen grab a box a tissue because I would then be crying All in all a good book.

    24. Well, let me say that I really enjoyed this book.It was an extensive reading, but it s a good book.The only bad thing that I have to say about this book, is that the female character Laurie , was always crying.She thought of her past, she cried, someone tells her something nice and guess what She cries But other than this, it was a pretty good book.It had a little bit of everything It had passion, love, friendship, hot sex, hot guys, etc

    25. Wonderful readLaurie has been worn down by an abusive ex and loneliness She arrives at the ranch and instantly finds Jace and Jackson the alpha and beta of their pack Hot as only alpha and betas can be they soothe her and bring order to her world The story is warm and engaging The secondary characters are well written and truly add to the story Enjoyed this one immensely.

    26. I loved how romantic and loving the guys were Only issue I had was everybody crying at a drop of a hat Good story Really enjoy the story and the way each triad partner contributed to the relationship The characters were sometime sickly sweet Did get put off by the crying burly alpha guys but cos it easy n cheesy read I really liked it.

    27. DNF 36 n t do it If I read one tears filled her eyes I m gonna throw my fricken Kindle It s all a bunch of emotional mush and I feel like I ve been reading the same pages for the last 2 hours It s like a really sex filled Disney story.

    28. I love this book The Jace character is my favorite I absolutely love his gruff and guarded exterior, yet gooey interior This is a great romance I would recommend it to anyone who likes mate or werewolf stories.

    29. I swear to god someone needs to get this woman some Prozac She cries at the drop of a hat Every page has the statement her eyes filled with tears It got so annoying I couldn t finish the book This book was not worth the time to read.

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