Storm of Arranon

Storm of Arranon By R.E. Sheahan, Storm of Arranon Beneath Erynn s petite build curly red hair and startling blue eyes lies a deeply hidden secret If the truth about her were revealed her life would be in danger Her dream to be a fighter pilot wou
  • Title: Storm of Arranon
  • Author: R.E. Sheahan
  • ISBN: 9781466234970
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • Storm of Arranon By R.E. Sheahan, Beneath Erynn s petite build, curly red hair, and startling blue eyes, lies a deeply hidden secret.If the truth about her were revealed, her life would be in danger Her dream to be a fighter pilot would tailspin, crash, and burst into flames Jaer s wise brown eyes reflect his smoldering strength An enigma, charismatic and moody, he is a physically powerful warrior who dBeneath Erynn s petite build, curly red hair, and startling blue eyes, lies a deeply hidden secret.If the truth about her were revealed, her life would be in danger Her dream to be a fighter pilot would tailspin, crash, and burst into flames Jaer s wise brown eyes reflect his smoldering strength An enigma, charismatic and moody, he is a physically powerful warrior who defends his world A warrior afraid to love because of mistakes in his past When the presence of a marauding alien society is discovered on their planets, a struggle of life and death begins Both Erynn and Jaer s worlds face annihilation A mysterious force plunges Erynn into Jaer s cold, dangerous, and beautiful world with its magical essence and living consciousness Both the alien enemy and this strange inexplicable power purse Erynn.
    Storm of Arranon By R.E. Sheahan,
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      445 R.E. Sheahan
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    1. R.E. Sheahan

      Before I wrote, I read Voraciously When I wasn t able to read, I listened to audio books on tape or CD Still do Hi My name is Robynn E Sheahan and I live and write from the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest I started to dabble in writing while working as a Paramedic Firefighter in Northern California Trust me, it s not like it appears on TV There was plenty of time for books Ideas from dreams follow me into warm sunny days or the quiet of falling snow What ifs feed a vivid imagination Even miss typed phrases may lead to an aha moment Brain storming sessions standing in windy, dark parking lots with fellow writers release thoughts that pry at the corners of my mind, grasping for purchase Sometimes the ideas pursue me, with persistence About three years ago the dabbling became serious when worlds and characters screamed for, no, demanded attention So I wrote my first manuscript Critiques and rewrites filled the next two years I now had STORM OF ARRANON, the first book in the series RESheahan author show facebook AuthorRobynntwitter RESheahanruleofthreepress e B005O1KE7O

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    1. I have seen Storm of Aaranon by R E Shehan around for some time now and was curious, so when this tour came up I decided now is the time My sister, Laura fuonlyknew had all the books, so the one I didn t have, I borrowed from her.I love covers and this is an interesting one There is a lot going on and I wonder who is good and who is bad.I didn t anticipate the story inside Intense from the opening sentence So you better buckle up because this may be a bumpy ride.Erynn is special, but she doesn t [...]

    2. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author R E Sheahan Erynn is special What people don t know about her is that she has a mixed parentage background, and that this seems to have given her special powers.Erynn s biological father is from Arranon, while he mother was from Korin Korin and Arranon are now at war with a powerful and clever enemy, and Erynn is training to be an Interceptor pilot.One day Erynn is kidnapped by some men on a spacecr [...]

    3. Well, since I wrote it, I should love it I should, and do, believe the story is great I worked hard, wrote, rewrote, let critique groups give their opinions and suggestions Some I took, some I didn t, and rewrote again I printed it in different fonts, I read it aloud, I read it in different places, until I was happy with the finished work Are there some typos Yes, but not many The biggest problem for me was formatting I m not happy with the formatting issues on the e books Still trying to get th [...]

    4. The story takes place in the future The daughter of a famous general, Erynn is in training to be an interceptor fighter pilot A sudden betrayal reveals an alien species has infiltrated the government at its highest levels They want to harvest the planets of Korin and Arranon for their resources, which means total annihilation With betrayal everywhere Erynn and her friends are not sure who to trust any.Forced to flee Korin and seek safety on Arranon, Erynn learns about the mystery of her origins [...]

    5. Ms Sheahan is a talented writer who easily drew me into the worlds she so expertly created It was exciting to follow along with Erynn as she discovered and about herself and her powers The characters on both worlds were interesting and in a few cases, they had surprises of their own There was so much in this story that pulled me in I loved that Erynn is constantly thrown into danger, I adored her connection with the animals and the fact that she has such incredible power is like the icing on t [...]

    6. R E Sheahan s, Storm of Arranon, is an awesome, action packed novel There is a lot of information that you get hit with throughout the novel, but having such a wide variety of characters that have so many different backgrounds makes it harder for you to see what is coming next because the characters are unpredictable We get to see Erynn s personality and powers grow as she tries to escape her status as prey with her guardian Jaer Of course, no story would be complete without a romantic interest [...]

    7. Fantasy, Science fiction, adventure, romance, magic all are the elements of the story The story is about a girl named Erynn who learned that she is a child of two planets Korin and Arranon and as a result she has abilities that is extraordinary She has powers beyond imagination, and hence the brutal aliens invades Korin and wants to take Erynn with them to make use of her special powers But, Erynn then like super hero is on her own mission to save her planets and its people.So a classic fantasy [...]

    8. Storm of Arranon by R E Sheahan is a breathtaking adventure that shows off the talents of a rising fantasy author Check out the description for plot points, but know that Sheahan s strong suit is world building We re talking about places filled with complex characters that walk off the pages and descriptions so rich, you feel as if you ve been to these fantastical places The author has an uncanny ability to have her characters wield incredible powers in ways that feel very realistic Storm of Arr [...]

    9. I loved Storm of Arranon by R E Sheahan The characters were believable The plot was great It moved along at a very steady pace and was action packed It kept me very interested I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series I would recommend this book for fans of science fiction and fantasy books.

    10. Storm of Arranon Book Tour Review Excerpt From Storm of Arranon Booking OneBirk rolled on top of her Leaves and twigs stuck in his dirty, windblown hair Dust swirled Debris from the windstorm dug into her back He straddled her One hand grasping her throat, he squeezed Erynn coughed, clawing at his hand, and arm Birk s laugh rumbled low and menacing from deep in his chest His strange pale eyes sparked and burned with anger His arm drew back, hand fisted In Erynn s peripheral vision, the jeweled d [...]

    11. At first glance, I really loved the look of this book The cover is a bit cluttered, but the typography of the title is beautiful and the description sounded like an exciting and unique story.The beginning starts off full of action When I first started reading, I told my sister, this is going to be one of those books I can t put down The author gives just enough history in the beginning so that the reader understands what is going on, but splits it up among exciting action scenes At first, the ma [...]

    12. For those who don t like to read long reviews, I can sum this up by saying Storm of Arranon is an incredible read, well worth your time.That said, Storm of Arranon follows Erynn, a military student on the planet of Korin and the daughter of one of Korin s most famous generals Her entire life, she has been forced to hide a major secret about her past as well as her mysterious powers that she herself does not even understand When treachery rears its head in the political powers on Korin, she sudde [...]

    13. I received a copy of Storm of Arranon from the author for an honest review I wasn t really sure what to expect from Storm of Arranon I m not a sci fi fan, per say, but I do love fantasy, and this book has a pleasant mix for lovers of both genres Erynn is a strong and admirable heroine, someone readers will relate to and root for Suddenly kidnapped from her home, she s thrust head on into a war on an unfamiliar planet with people who seem to know about her than she does She takes her fear and us [...]

    14. Erynn is the daughter of a powerful general and is training to be a fighter pilot But she learns that the man that died is not her real father Her mother is from Korin but her biological father is from Arranon Since Korin and Arranon are at war, Erynn is looked down on But then she is kidnapped It seems she has some special powers from her Arranon side and that others know of these powers and plan on using them Jaer is part of the crew that kidnaps Erynn Jaer helps her escape which lands Erynn o [...]

    15. Brought to you by OBS reviewer SammyStorm of Arranon is well written, exciting, fast paced, action filled, and a gentle love story with intriguing characters A great story, told at a perfect pace for young adults.The characters had interesting powers, Eyrnn was clearly an empath but the author wrote about it in a way that described it in pictures and she never needed to tell us she was an empath Her connection to animals didn t happen overnight so seemed a natural addition to her powers As for h [...]

    16. A young girl s mystical journeyYoung Erynn Yager is a cadet on her home planet of Korin She keeps a secret, which is that she is a child of two worlds, Korin and its sister planet Arranon This is taboo, but, as a result of this mixed birth, she has abilities she can sense the emotions of others can bend time for brief moments can manipulate the electro magnetic field around her and can see the future These abilities are not as secret as she imagines and when a brutal alien power invades Korin, i [...]

    17. Here s one of those books that prove you shouldn t judge a book by it s cover We are not saying we didn t like the cover It s just we thought it was a bit busy and were afraid the story would also be too complicated But we were wrong.R.E Sheahan does a wonderful job bringing you into two different worlds you will fall in love with It s set in the future with the good vs evil story line This book has just the enough description that helps you imagine it and doesn t overpower the story We loved th [...]

    18. Did I enjoy this book I had trouble with the details There were plenty of them, don t get me wrong, but I feel like they were in all the wrong places I know, for example, every distinct color Erynn sees in the water, but I m still not sure exactly how old she is I could feel the tension between Jaer and Erynn while they were bantering and flirting, but the scene in which they kiss for the first time felt, well, like it was missing something Their gentle kisses don t jive with the life and death [...]

    19. I liked this one It starts off in such a way that had me intrigued so reading on was a must Erynn is just a determined girl, or so she thinks Beneath all her normal is something extremely unique Her powers have always been something she has hidden and thought were a big secret I liked the different planets and the war between the two and the alien race The story overall is very good and I like the mix of genres here The author did a great job with her characters I liked Erynn pretty much all the [...]

    20. Erynn is petite of build with curly red hair and electric blue eyes behind which lies a deeply hidden secret If the truth about her is revealed her life would be in danger and her dream to be a fighter pilot would crash and burn Jaer s brown eyes reflect his strength He s an enigma, moody and charismatic A warrior afraid to love because of past mistakes When a marauding alien society is discovered on their planets, a struggle begins of life and death Both there worlds face annihilation A mysteri [...]

    21. I have mixed thoughts about this book although I can assure you that most all of them are good My complaint is that there were a few too many times where I found myself wandering away from the story and focusing on my surroundings Other then this factor I really did like this book as a complete whole The genre of YA science fiction fantasy is the perfect genre for this book I wanted to mention this because there are times when I have read a book and the genre does not fit Back to the book Erynn [...]

    22. From the first moment you start reading this book, it is incredibly descriptive, which is really great since it lets you immerse yourself into the story When you re introduced to the character of Erynn, you can start to tell how awesome she is, but she keeps getting cooler the you read She has secrets and talents she didn t even know about, which is always entertaining The book has a lot of information to get through, and some of the action sequences will really have you on the edge of your sea [...]

    23. Lieutenant Erynn Yager lives on Korin yet her true heritage is that she s part Korin and Arranon with special gifts When Erynn is asked to be guide for General Cale Athru she doesn t understand why Erynn is strangely attracted to Jaer When assassination attempt against General Athru fails Erynn is taken by Major Birk Erynn must use her wits to keep alive Will Erynn accept her heritage Will Erynn admit her attraction Your answers await you in Storm of Arranon.I thoroughly enjoyed this story I lov [...]

    24. Another fantasy book that drew me in Is Erynn Yagers story of war and powers to overcome Like the way the author wrote and the characters as they developed Is a tale of aliens seeking to capture a Korin and Arranon Eyrnn has abilities she doesn t understand and is sought after by the aliens She is a strong woman with insight to animals that are dangerous to humans, but not to her She has issues with her birth father and the dad that adopted her Is filled with adventure and relationship struggles [...]

    25. There were things I liked about this book and things I didn t Overall, I think this novel is great for science fiction fantasy young adult fans It s definitely unique, so it s not lot any other novel you re gonna pick up when browsing through the young adult section Read the rest of this review here Paperbacks and Frosting

    26. I enjoyed this book The author did a good job showing the struggle, emotionally and physically,faced by the protagonist I was drawn into the story and was emotionally vested in Erynn s plight and the outcome of her struggle I look forward to reading of this author s works.

    27. Great bookSuper great read I love a good love story that always hints at something going awry And I love even when it is a happy ending.Now on to book 2

    28. I was really enjoy this until about half way through The story slowed down The end was dull I felt the characters were almost great They were just about real, but still fell flat Jael bothered me I can t love her, no wait I can No I can t It was really annoying The book could have been great The story line was original, and I really liked the planet life Hopefully the next book is better.

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