The Code

The Code By G.B. Joyce, The Code Brad Shade has been just about everywhere hockey is played He has ridden the buses in the minors shared dressing rooms with the legends of the game closed bars with guys destined for the Hall of Fam
  • Title: The Code
  • Author: G.B. Joyce
  • ISBN: 9780670066902
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Code By G.B. Joyce, Brad Shade has been just about everywhere hockey is played He has ridden the buses in the minors, shared dressing rooms with the legends of the game, closed bars with guys destined for the Hall of Fame, and dropped the gloves with journeymen like himself who ll never get near it Now that he s retired after fourteen years of bouncing around the league, he s living out ofBrad Shade has been just about everywhere hockey is played He has ridden the buses in the minors, shared dressing rooms with the legends of the game, closed bars with guys destined for the Hall of Fame, and dropped the gloves with journeymen like himself who ll never get near it Now that he s retired after fourteen years of bouncing around the league, he s living out of a suitcase and scouting for Los Angeles, where someone in management owes him a favour from his playing days.But when the brutally murdered body of coaching legend Red Hanratty turns up in the parking lot after an old timers charity game, Shade s job of scouting the local phenomenon starts to overlap with investigating the killing of the kid s grizzled old coach.From small town rinks to the draft tables in the big league, G.B Joyce introduces us to a character with a self deprecating sense of humour and an oversized will to win and weaves a story out of strands of resentment, greed, and fear that span generations and build to a surprising, thrilling conclusion.
    The Code By G.B. Joyce,
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      G.B. Joyce Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Code book, this is one of the most wanted G.B. Joyce author readers around the world.

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    1. The mystery story, for all its diversity, has three narrative structures, The police procedural, the private detective and the amateur sleuth Early series examples of the latter would be Miss Marple and Lord Peter Wimsey The modern twist on the amateur sleuth, however, involves giving the amateur a profession, generally one that has absolutely nothing to do with detection Recent examples of this type include such diverse types as Australian author Kerry Greenwood s Corinna Chapman series where t [...]

    2. The Code is two things I generally don t like an amateur sleuth mystery and a sports story and yet I d give it 4.5 stars if we could give half stars on GR How does this happen My beef with amateur sleuth novels is that the sleuth in question usually has no especially good reason to be investigating the crime at hand and usually no qualifications to do so other than being a busybody In this case, however, Our Hero L.A Kings hockey scout Brad Shade has every reason in the world to be involved his [...]

    3. I m a hockey fan but not a big fan of this book.I started this book with high hopes but my expectations went downhill quickly.Brad Shade the Shadow played pro hockey although never very well and is now a scout Shade never comes across as a very sympathetic character and it was a chore to make my way through this disjointed, boring story about two murders which should have at least added some excitement to it.I wouldn t recommend this to sports fans, mystery aficionados or anyone who wants to sta [...]

    4. This book was everything I was looking for an interesting mystery and a peek behind the curtain of pro sports scouting If you enjoy sports and or mystery novels, I d give this book a read.

    5. This is a tough review to write The Code, by sportswriter G.B Joyce, has a lot of things that I love a good mystery, a flawed hero, and a bit of action But it is all somehow a bit awkward.First, the story Brad Shade is a former hockey player with a sad luck story, now a scout for the team in L.A While scouting a particularly hot young prospect, a beloved coach and team doctor are brutally murdered, and while Shade isn t a suspect or even a witness, his scouting duties keep leading him back aroun [...]

    6. I liked G.B Joyce s first novel, but I also like hockey, which is a pre requisite for enjoying this hardboiled style story Brad Shade is an ex hockey player who managed to play in the NHL for several years, although he was never a big name Now he s working for a franchise, scouting out potential players to draft His work takes him everywhere, but he mainly concentrates on the big towns and small cities of Ontario, where hockey is the only sport that matters and the teen age players are a big dea [...]

    7. I picked this up as a gift for a Canadian friend who s a lifelong hockey player and fan, but as a big reader of crime fiction, I couldn t resist dipping into the book before wrapping it up I m not a big hockey person been to a handful of games in my life, never played, barely know the rules , but I was quickly sucked into the story and tore through it in a matter of days The narrator is Brad Shade, a scout for the L.A Kings who had a kind of journeyman career in the NHL, the highlight of which w [...]

    8. This sporty, dudely tale features ex pro hockey jock Brad Shade, a ham and egger puckster with too few prospects, too much bitterness, and too many issues, though still reasonably intelligent He has a huge bitter streak he s divorced and his retirement nest egg was scrambled by some bean counting horror grrrr Without many shekels to rub together after a stint as a PI, he finds work as a hockey scout When a job scouting a wunderkind syncs with an old timer s game, Shade goes all in The bad news i [...]

    9. I ve been an avid hockey fan since about the age of 12, and was excited to read a novel taking us inside the hockey world My excitement, however, quickly dissipated For me, there was just so much wrong here.The overall tone is one of negativity The image given is one of an entire league of players who despise one another I have no doubt there are some who do, though I don t believe it s anywhere near as excessive and ubiquitous as this book leads us to believe.The main character is not likable H [...]

    10. The Code starts of with NHL scout Brad Shade having his old hockey coach Red Hanratty being murdered At first Brad isn t a suspect at all but then policemen started to question him It starts interfere with Brad s scouting job It s a real problem because the NHL Draft is coming and he has to decide who his team Los Angeles should pursue during the draft I really was interested in this book because it showed an insight of what it s like being a NHL scout You also knew the information was reliable [...]

    11. This is a mystery novel for the sports fan Brad Shade is a scout for the LA franchise in the National Hockey League with its eyes on a star amateur hockey player Billy Mays Jr In the period right before the NHL drat while he is evaluating this future star the player s coach and team doctor are killed after a game Brad s job is now twofold evaluating Billy as a prospect but he also takes it on himself to look into who murdered the coach The book move along well The characters are well developed a [...]

    12. Although not much of a hockey fan I am a mystery fan and I enjoyed The Code and have passed it on to the high school to add to their reading shelf Very interesting and surprising find Would like to read from G.B Joyce 3 stars from me My rating system is as follows 5 stars Excellent, Worth Every Penny, Made It Into My Personal Library 4 stars Great book, but not a classic 3 stars Good overall, generally well written.2 stars Would not recommend based on personal criteria.1 star Difficult to read, [...]

    13. I really enjoyed The Code by G.B Joyced I m not even a huge hockey fan In The Code Brad Shade, a scout for the LA Kings, former NHL player, and son of a detective finds himself in the middle of the murder of an OHL hockey coach The mystery aspects of the book are solid, the logical thought process of how Shade deduces the who dunnit part is well done even if the answer isn t hugely surprising What caught me was how much life and information the author, Joyce, added to the story about life in the [...]

    14. So I ve not actually finished this book yet I m around chapter 10 so far and put it down quite a while ago I WILL read the rest of it I won this copy through Giveaways and I appreciate that they give us these opporunities on here I entered to win this book because it sounded good and I thought it would be a good one to start with to open myself up to a new genre of novel I still believe that it could be a success, but so far it s been mainly focused on the sports side of it and it s a bit too mu [...]

    15. A unique voice that resounds well in today s big time hockey world with all its slang and idioms Hockey scout Brad Shade gets curious about one of his L.A teams upcoming 1 draft pick The curiosity grows and he uncovers bits and pieces leading up to some major crimes surrounding the June draft pick I didn t care for the 1st chapter or two but stuck with it and it turned out quite engaging If you re a hockey fan you ll recognize a few of the characters Interesting how scouting and its systems work [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book a lot It s got a real sense of insider information, like a sports journalist finally getting a chance to dish the dirt on all the things he s seen happen What really worked for me were the complex mystery, the locker room details, and the Canadian setting What didn t work were the huge, confusing cast of characters the stereotypical female roles and the flat ending Also, the hero was too perfect intelligent, well read, physically strong, sexually attractive, and the smartest [...]

    17. The main character was very negative he was obsessed with the lack of recognition he got despite having played in the pros for 9 years He could have come across as whiny but I kind of sympathized and I rather liked his self depreciating manner I didn t like his casual attitude toward his girlfriend but I m sure that was a realistic characterization of a large number of men Unfortunately I enjoyed the behind the scenes hockey world and the descriptions of the scouting procedure The whys and hows [...]

    18. If I could give this book zero stars, I would Horrible writing This is the first book that I put down and refused to continue reading.The author insisted on talking directly to me and I found it quite annoying He d say things like I was driving down the highway and decided I better send her a text right away Don t worry I pulled the car over first I m not worried.d stop talking to me and, by the way, you should HOPE I m worried, because right now I m not feeling any emotions AT ALL about this bo [...]

    19. cute, but not too cute you ll enjoy it if you re even vaguely interested in hockey so if you re canadian so if you live in ontario self deprecating amateur sleuth, familiar w the parties in a murder case but not really, he has a license this was a weak addition to the story not fleshed out at all arbitrarily decides to solve it and look he doesrfect bath beach don t feel like thinking too hard read and i ll follow the series when i fall within the afore mentioned parameters.

    20. The last 1 4 of this book pushed it from 3 stars to 4 stars for me I had a hard time getting into this, although it had humor and a self deprecating protagonist The writing wasn t outstanding but it wasn t horrible I think the beginning was just a bit slow for me, but I thought everything tied together well in the end Perhaps a little knowledge as compared to none of all the midget, junior, professional hockey leagues would have helped me through the first part of the book.I would recommend thi [...]

    21. Part murder mystery part Hockey story it does both quite well Brad Shade is a very likable character sarcastic and funny A former hockey player turned PI turned hockey scout , he comments on both world s with a keen eye and a sarcastic wit He has a sense of justice and watching him piece together the mystery and make sure the villans get their comeupance is a quick fun read I would gladly read books by the author or about this character.

    22. I liked it I don t read many mysteries so I can t speak to the genre, but as a hockey fan I loved the subject matter As another reviewer said, the story definitely picks up in the last quarter or so, so give it time I don t think it s a novel for non hockey fans but wouldn t necessarily discourage them from reading it Really liked the ending Hopefully the sequel The Black Ace will be just as good, if not better.

    23. For me, I thought Joyce could ve made the book exciting As a hockey fan, I learned a little bit about scouting processes, but not as much as I might have liked I felt like he could have tied in sequences from earlier in the book into the endings While it was an fairly entertaining book in all, I wasn t left too surprised in the end It was ok.

    24. I m not a Hockey fan,lol,so it would be unfair for me to judge that part of the book but the rest of it I really liked and some of it was really funny.I surely didn t expect the end and had no clue of it during the whole book.All in all I would recomend it especially if you follow Hockey.I won it through Good Reads First Reads.

    25. I love hockey I love a good mystery I wanted this to be a good book because it combined two things I love It wasn t a good book It was just okay The mystery itself was pretty clever, but I thought the writing was mediocre I also thought that the obvious bitterness that the story s main character has by way of the writing style detracted from the story.

    26. Won a copy from the First Reads Giveaway.Good mystery novel I am not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy the occasional hockey game and I love mysteries This book taught me some things about hockey and the mystery portion was well done I would likely read other mystery novels by this author.

    27. A mixture of the hockey world and murder mystery Meet Brad Shade, ex hockey player turned hockey scout turned private detective When coaching legend Red Hanratty is murdered Shade starts to investigate I will say that this book was about the hockey world then mystery but all in all a good read I would definitely recommend it I won this from LibraryThing Early Review.

    28. This book was hard for me to get into I almost stopped reading a couple times because the tough guy Canadian voice was hard for me to get into This book also surprised me as a mystery The protagonist figured out who the killer well away from the end and yet there was really no twist Maybe I am twist addicted, but this made the ending fall pretty flat to me.

    29. The Code is a real funny and interesting sports novel It features Brad Shade a journeyman hockey player, now a scout P.I It doesn t follow a traditional mystery format, as he continues with scouting and the mystery hangs around peripherally Shade is a sardonic but likable character and it s fun to watch him piece together the answers.Free review copy.

    30. I received this book for free as part of the first reads giveaway This was a pretty good read about a former hockey player turned scout who attends a charity game where afterword two murders take place The story was a bit slow in places but overall very good, I would recommend this to fans of sports crime books.

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