The Three Ninja Pigs

The Three Ninja Pigs By Corey Rosen Schwartz Dan Santat, The Three Ninja Pigs Practice makes perfect in this kick butt fractured fairy tale Why does this wolf think he can come to town and blow all the houses down These three little pigs just aren t going to take it from that b
  • Title: The Three Ninja Pigs
  • Author: Corey Rosen Schwartz Dan Santat
  • ISBN: 9780399255144
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Three Ninja Pigs By Corey Rosen Schwartz Dan Santat, Practice makes perfect in this kick butt fractured fairy tale.Why does this wolf think he can come to town and blow all the houses down These three little pigs just aren t going to take it from that bully any The first starts aikido lessons he ll make mincemeat out of that wolf His brother learns a little jujitsu he ll chop that guy to pieces But when the wolf acPractice makes perfect in this kick butt fractured fairy tale.Why does this wolf think he can come to town and blow all the houses down These three little pigs just aren t going to take it from that bully any The first starts aikido lessons he ll make mincemeat out of that wolf His brother learns a little jujitsu he ll chop that guy to pieces But when the wolf actually appears, it turs out these two pigs aren t quite ready after all Good thing their sister has been training every day to master some serious karate moves that save the day KIYA Corey Rosen Schwartz serves up a fun combination of smart aleck dialogue and tongue in cheek rhymes that ll have kids howling, and rising star Dan Santat s spunky illustrations are sure to pack a punch
    The Three Ninja Pigs By Corey Rosen Schwartz Dan Santat,
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      Corey Rosen Schwartz Dan Santat

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    1. Corey Rosen Schwartz Dan Santat

      Corey is the author of HOP PLOP Walker, 2006 , THE THREE NINJA PIGS Putnam, 2012 GOLDI ROCKS AND THE THREE BEARS Putnam, forthcoming and NINJA RED Putnam, forthcoming Corey has no formal ninja training, but she sure can kick butt in Scrabble She lives with three Knuckleheads in Warren, NJ.

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    1. A wonderful spin on a long ago crafted tale What if the three pigs took some martial arts to hone their skills ahead of the wolf s visit This rhyming story looks into that, with two slacker pigs relying on the third When it comes down to it, the wolf is outsmarted and the brother pigs learn the power of their sister Neo laughed and thought it would be fun to see a pig chop bricks.

    2. Consider this the King Fu Panda version of The Three Little Pigs I have never had a popular successful reading at storytime The kids were on the edge of their seats and cheering and gasping with every turn of events I credit the exceptional writing the rhythmic rhyming is very tight and flows effortlessly I also liked the moral of practicing and working hard to succeed, and that it s the girl pig who saves the day and says, watch where you re steppin I m a certified weapon She s badass.

    3. This book gets points for being an excellent and funny story that actually uses rhyme to good effect unlike a lot of the picture books I ve been reading lately A retelling of the Three Little Pigs, these 3 pigs decide to go on the offensive and prepare themselves for a wolf attack by taking classes in martial arts The first little pig dabbles in Aikido, the second little pig takes Jujitsu but only masters the basics , and the third little pig becomes a dedicated practitioner of Karate advancing [...]

    4. This fractured fairy tale twists the well known story by arming the pigs with martial arts ninja skills Pig One studies aikido, but gets lazy with drills Pig Two tries jujitsu, but gets overconfident before he s ready and Pig Three goes with karate, mastering the art with grueling training Naturally, Pig Three is the only one who s ready to kick the wolf s butt when he comes to blow her house in Plus, as in the original story, she s the only pig to have built a sturdy dwelling in this case, a mo [...]

    5. A new look at the 3 little pigs story But with a nod to Miss Piggy if you will, a hearty hie ya Each of these little piggies decides to take up the art of self defense Each in their own fashion One by one they take on the wolf, yet still manage up at partying the house made of bricks.This is a smartly done, well illustrated, rhyming fun take, on and old story, that just brings it right up to date and makes it so much fun to read and engage the kids in the story I wish all re do s were even half [...]

    6. A thoroughly enjoyable adaption in terms of plot and language The incrementally solid building materials in the original tale become the focus and dedication of each pig s training And in the true spirit of self defense, the third pig s demonstration of prowess is enough to scare off the wolf without any actual combat Impeccable rhyme, brilliant comic book manga style illustration Great work from two picture book black belts.

    7. I suppose it s not easy to take such a well known tale and make it fresh, funny, original and unexpected, but that s just what the author has done in Three Ninja Pigs And the rhyming is so fun The illustrations really add, and adults will notice some other martial arts characters in them My kids want me to read this book over and over, which in this case, is actually a pleasure.

    8. What do you get when you cross a martial arts film with the three little pigs This book Great art with a story that will help young children beginning the martial arts understand the value of diligent practice over a long period of time.

    9. Loved the flow and rhyme of this re imagining of the classic tale I think the Girl Scouts I got to read it to enjoyed it as well Nothing like a bad ass sister pig to put the wolf in his place.

    10. When you are a pig and you hear all sorts of awful things about a wolf going around and huffing and puffing and blowing down houses and eating pigs don t you think you would want to do something about it Well these three pigs do They decide to go to school to learn how to be NINJAS Two of the pigs don t practice or really learn the art of being ninjas They just pick up a few good moves and think that they will be able to teach that wolf a lesson But, seeing how they still have straw and stick ho [...]

    11. This story is a wonderful twist on the original fairytale Three little pigs live in Japan and this big old mean wolf just saunters into town one day and thinks he ll blow it all apart The little pigs hear of this weapon of mass destruction and start preparing for the thug s arrival at their door The first little pig goes off and takes aikido lessons but it s not long before he loses interest and his I ll make mincemeat out of that wolf is but a fleeting dream The second brother learns jujitsu an [...]

    12. Three little pigs who ve had enough of the town bully s huffing and puffing decide to take martial arts lessons in order to protect themselves Pig One learns a bit of aikido but before long he becomes bored and quits Pig Two develops some jujitsu skills but soon decides he s learned enough Their sister, Pig Three love that it s a girl doing martial arts , studies the art of karate for months, disciplining herself and earning each belt along the way.The first little pig is all talk and no action [...]

    13. Once upon a dangerous time, a wolf loved to huff and to puff He d go around town, and blow houses down till three little pigs cried ENOUGH We ve got to get rid of that bully We re tired of letting him rule We must put an end to this terrible trend Let s train at that new ninja school Each pig learns a different style of martial arts and takes their own approach to training Only sister pig sticks with karate until she is a master and has earned her final belt after a lot of training When the wolf [...]

    14. Opening We ve been talking about twisted fairy tales Can someone remind me what makes a fairy tale twisted Pause for student response The book we are going to read today is The Three Ninja Pigs Can anyone remind me of the original tale of The Three Little Pigs that you may have heard in your childhood Pause for student response This tale is called The Three Ninja Pigs Based on the title and the cover picture plus knowing we ve been talking about twisted fairy tales, can anyone tell me how they t [...]

    15. Standing up to bullies Empowerment The value of hard work Girl Power All lessons you wouldn t expect to see in the book that takes a fresh spin on the story of the three little pigs And, it s all done in rhyme Riding on the wave of bully awareness, The Three Ninja Pigs takes the classic story of whiny, wimpy pigs that get their houses blown down and creates a new version of the empowered pig The three pigs decide to learn martial arts in order to stop the wolf bully who is going around fairy tal [...]

    16. The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz and illustrated by Dan Santat is a tale similar to the original Three Pigs, but it is much, much This modernized, multicultural version will lead to some great discussions either at home or in the classroom.The three pigs live in a town where a wolf has been terrorizing the residents For protection, they each study a different form of Japanese martial arts However, true to the classic tale, the first two piggies soon tire of all the practice and hard [...]

    17. This is a great spin on the classic story about the three pigs There is still a wolf and three pigs only instead of building their houses out of a certain material, they decide they will all learn how to fight back at a Ninja school The first pig gives up in less than two weeks, and here is the surprise, when the wolf comes, his house gets knocked down Next, the second pig stayed for a little longer than the first but still did not complete his program at the Ninja school When the wolf came to h [...]

    18. This humorous version of the Three Little Pigs will be one that children enjoy The pigs are on a mission to stop the wolf from being a bully Pig one trained in aikido but gave up after two weeks of training His brother trained in jujitsu but failed to study his skills Their sister studied karate and worked very hard to master her skills Pig one and two failed to stop the wolf from blowing down their house however their sister was able to scare the wolf away This version reveals the importance of [...]

    19. The Three Ninja Pigs is a cute fairy tale retelling of The Three Pigs The three pigs are getting tired of being bullied by the wolf They decide to take a stand and fight back The Three Ninja Pigs teaches an important lesson to children Never give up The first two pigs give up in their training The third pig persevered and finished her training When the wolf comes to attack, the first two pigs aren t prepared They need their sister to protect them Because the sister finished her training, she was [...]

    20. My youngest 3 kids are all girls, and tend toward the pink and princessy when it comes to picture books In an effort to give them a rounded experience with girls in books, I picked this one up and was delighted by what I found I love so much that it is the sister who works hard to earn her belts, and in the end spoiler alert is the one able to defeat the wolf On top of that, the book is just so well written There are no stumbling over the awkward rhyme moments in this one It flows seamlessly, a [...]

    21. I LOVED sharing this book with my elementary babes We did this right around the Chinese New Year I was able to combo that wondrous event, with Bruce Lee my childhood hero I appreciated the fact that the Ninja principles of self discipline, respect, and harmony with nature were evident Plus, the kids ADORED the illustrations I taught them the proper bow greeting for a sensei and had them all bow and greet their teacher, when she returned to collect them from rotation She was flabbergasted and imp [...]

    22. I would be hard pressed to find a children s book I enjoyed thoroughly than The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz This book is just flat out funny There is a great deal of humor in the story itself, and the pictures are simply priceless I absolutely love the fresh take on the story of the three little pigs this version breathes life into the old story and reminds me why I loved it in the first place Considering the many high points of this book, by far its greatest strength is the moral [...]

    23. I LOVED this book, maybe than I should have, but for a number of reasons As a teacher, this is a great book that shows an old story in a new way Great for showing kids different versions of the same story I love the rhyming.I love the lesson that you can t just quit after a little bit of effort even if it was successful To be really good at something, you keep working at it It s important to always work hard, practice, etc.I really love that it shows a girl being successful even teaching the bo [...]

    24. The three pigs each have a ninja skill that they try to use to thwart the wolf 1st pig learns aikido, but gets bored so he stops 2nd pig learns jujitsu thinks he s a pro before he s a master The 3rd learns karate and earns her belt.Glossary in the backJust read the book to both my first grade classes Here are some reviews Keaton I love it Alexis It s a funny book Molly Good Karate Lesson Will I liked the karate words Delaney It has a good lesson Kaycee I love it Brooke It s punchy Garrett It s a [...]

    25. I love fractured fairy tales and this one takes care of bullies Great rhyming by the author and adorable illustrations Not to mention a play on words that practice and perseverance pays off in the end All three studies, Karate, Aikido and Jujitsu teach discipline Some children actually benefit from gaining the mojo and confidence of these structured classes Not to mention great exercise I say, let s rid the world of bullies Pig three was outside in her gi I m a certified weapon, so watch where y [...]

    26. The Kid and I have read this a couple times this week many repeated readings to come since this was a book fair selection for him , and loved it, maybe even than Ninja Red Riding Hood This of course is the Three Little Pigs set in ninja territory and the rhyming text is spot on and fun to read More girl power in this Corey Schwartz story, as the third ninja pig is a girl and she has what it takes to face down the troublesome wolf A great fun story for girls and boys, and a nice message about pe [...]

    27. I teach 2nd grade and my students LOVE this book How could they not It s funny and the illustrations are sharp, colorful and interesting We teach fairy tales and my students love any spin on the traditional ones they know Kids also like humor and fun words and this one has both Books that are fun to read have kids returning over and over again to reread the book This book is one that is constantly chosen at read to self time I just love it

    28. As a teacher, I love the fun wordplay and the action packed twist on the original story As a feminist, I love that it s Pig Three who saves the day And as a martial artist, I LOVE the way it highlights the basic tenet of perseverance Pig Three ultimately triumphs not because she s the most talented, but because she does the hard, daily work that her brothers shun though I m sure her Bruce Lee gi doesn t hurt, either I m definitely buying a copy of this for my chung sah nim.

    29. I love how Corey Rosen Schwartz s rhymes actually have appropriate meter as well Her writing is really clever and funny and an absolute blast to read out loud My kids love her books.

    30. Don t know which I loved the rhyming, rhythmic limerick text or the fabulous illustrations Win win as it has a strong female and the message of hard work pays off Loved it

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