The Edge of Town

The Edge of Town By Dorothy Garlock, The Edge of Town Julie Jones is a plainspoken girl working on her father s hardscrabble farm She s not prepared for the Jazz Age roaring through America sweeping a flapper named Birdie Stuart and war veteran Evan Joh
  • Title: The Edge of Town
  • Author: Dorothy Garlock
  • ISBN: 9780446608121
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Edge of Town By Dorothy Garlock, Julie Jones is a plainspoken girl working on her father s hardscrabble farm She s not prepared for the Jazz Age roaring through America, sweeping a flapper named Birdie Stuart and war veteran Evan Johnson into her Missouri town As the summer heats up, life turns explosive A wave of terrifying crimes threatens Evan s courtship of Julie, and Birdie s schemes begin to tearJulie Jones is a plainspoken girl working on her father s hardscrabble farm She s not prepared for the Jazz Age roaring through America, sweeping a flapper named Birdie Stuart and war veteran Evan Johnson into her Missouri town As the summer heats up, life turns explosive A wave of terrifying crimes threatens Evan s courtship of Julie, and Birdie s schemes begin to tear her family apart Soon everything Julie wants and believes is at stake including Evan s freedom and Julie Jones must decide how far she will go to fight for herself and those she loves.
    The Edge of Town By Dorothy Garlock,
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      110 Dorothy Garlock
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      Dorothy Garlock is from Texas, but lived for a long time with her family in Iowa Her romance novels have been translated into over 20 languages.The mother of two and grandmother of three started her book writing career in 1976 after working for 14 years as bookkeeper columnist for the local newspaper She had received 21 awards from various magazines and writer s groups She was selected as Outstanding Western writer for 1986.Pen names include Johanna Phillips Dorothy Phillips Dorothy Glenn

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    1. While into the first chapter, I was thinking that I was not going to like this book at all The main character, Julie Jones is a 20 year old girl living on a farm in 1920 s Ms with her father and 5 siblings The fathers name is Jethro and the siblings are Jill, Joy, Jake, Joe and Jason Silly right I am happy to report, that I loved this story and am glad I went on rather than dismissing it.These people were all very hard working, loving individuals who were all so well defined that I WAS able to k [...]

    2. I love this book The synopsis here is the best one I can think of without giving away all the secrets I bought this today at the library and read it this afternoon and evening Could not put this book down I cannot wait till I can read of her books.

    3. This book really surprised me I can t believe I haven t heard of it before I read a recommendation for it on the Fantastic Fiction website by Sandra Brown and decided it looked pretty good It deserves to be much widely read.It is a story of a family in 1920s Missouri The mother passed away and left 20 year old Julie well, I think she was 15 when her mom died, but 20 when the story takes place to tend to everyone Every single person in the family is lovable and adds to the story, their family dy [...]

    4. After my last serious read, i was ready for a moe or less light romance and this book was it Warm hearted story of a farm family who lives outside of town and the romance that develops between the oldest daughter, Julie, and the returning from WWI, next farm over, young man, Evan There s a mystery about a pedophile, no less but in general this is nice, lite fluffy.

    5. SPOILER ALERT This book delves deeply into the dark side of man and at the same time shows the goodness that can come from tragedy It has humor, family discord as well as mental illness which leads to some really ugly events rape It has family togetherness in the midst of tragedy Once again there is some stuff in this book spousal abuse that some readers will not enjoy, but if you can get past that, it is a wonderful story This is the first book in a series by this author.

    6. this book had several different subplots that kept the book exciting i really enjoyed Julie Jones and her close family

    7. I really enjoyed The Edge of Town it was captivating for the characters, conflict, and the setting This is the first book I have ever read by Dorothy Garlock, and I am very glad I did I am looking forward to reading of her work.

    8. I picked this book up by accident thinking I was getting the works of a different author Turns out it was a good accident I really enjoyed this book.Set in the early 1900 s its essentially a romance novel But Garlock adds plenty of excitement and intrigue to her book as well As a warning though, she does not hesitate to put controversial subject matter in also.The main character is Julie, the oldest sister of six other siblings, whose name also start with J and a father named Jethro After the de [...]

    9. Looking for a read that gives you a glimpse into small town Missouri in the years between World War I and the Great Depression This might fill the bill for you.Julie Jones is in her 20s, and she is very much in charge of the domestic affairs of her family a circumstance that came into existence upon the death of her mother several years earlier Evan Johnson is a veteran of World War I He has moved back to the small community to ensure that his slovenly drunken father didn t ruin the farm promise [...]

    10. The Edge of Town was a very good book It started out slow and i almost quit but I usually give a book 100 pages before stopping By that time I was hooked The Jones s are a large motherless family who live on a farm at the edge of town in the 1030 s They are not really liked by the townies, but they have each other and are a happy family When a new woman,Birdie, moves into town the father, Jethro, becomes infatuated and this causes problems for all the children She wants him, but not all those ki [...]

    11. I picked this book up at a library book sale It was a library copy that was stamped discarded, which is a shame because it s too good to be a discard After her mother passes away, Julie Jones becomes the mother figure for her large family in rural 1920s Missouri Her family is very reminiscent of The Waltons Julie falls in love with a neighboring farmer, Evan Johnson, who struggles with his own demons in the form of his drunken father, Walter.Obstacles are set up to keep Julie and Evan apart and [...]

    12. This is my favorite book of all time It s a book for those who are looking for a simple love mystery story It is always popping out surprises that you don t suspect I do warn that there is a lot of cuss words and imagery that may seem offensive to some readers You have to read this book than once, you won t regret it.Julie Jones is a girl who at a young age had to give up school to take care of her family once her mother passes away There are six siblings in the family, each with a unique perso [...]

    13. Finally a five star book I think it may be the first since I ve started reviewing the books on the blog The Edge of Town was a remarkably well crafted story that kept the mystery until the very last chapter I was almost finished reading it and getting very tired toward the end I set the book aside to prolong the reading pleasure for one night The characters were fun Dorothy Garlock can speak for them in voices that ring so true I m looking forward to finding of her books from this Missouri ser [...]

    14. A very simple story but interesting enough to read A story about life on little town A story with values of family This story teach us not to underestimate to ourselves In this book julie thinks that she doesn t mean anything to anyone But she is totally wrong about her thought cause she does mean everything for her family and especially for evan This story also teach us that everyone has a story in their own past But it doesn t matter at all Cause what the matter is now I like this story cause [...]

    15. I had this book on my shelf for yearsterallyars This is a first edition hardcover and it was printed in 2001 I can t believe I kept it for so long without reading it, but we moved a couple years ago and I packed it up and unpacked it and let it sit some .Now I m feeling really stupid for not having read any Dorothy Garlock books before this Colour me embarrassedBut I loved it There s enough suspense to keep me turning the pages and enough romance to make me smile I love the era WWI but before th [...]

    16. I don t typically read this type of book but in my search for a good Missouri book I came across this one I just love the time period, right before the depression, when families work together on the land from morning to night without complaining and spend time together for entertainment and truly enjoy each other Yes, there were spats but overall I just loved the family dynamic The story was predictable and lacks originality but I loved the family and hard work they put into each other and their [...]

    17. This was a good story about a family that persevered in spite of great difficulty I really admired Julie Jones, the main character who ends up spending her late teen and young adult years caring for her family after her mother dies She has a big secret, which is revealed before the end of the story, and has a very satisfying ending I liked the closeness of this family despite the flaws of some of the members of it.

    18. This book was a spontaneous one for me I picked it up and started reading Things I liked the characters and the plot but the things I didn t like, the writing style and the content There were a few times when reading this book that I thought, holy crap did I just read that and than other times when I was so emotionally moved that I had to voice my thought to family members Really this book is up in the air for me but I don t think I ll be reading any of this series.

    19. 3.5 stars because for the first 100 or so pages I wanted to flounce Thankfully, it picked up I didn t feel this was so much a romance as it was a drama with a murder and rape case that needed to be solved and one of the suspects was the romantic lead That being said, there were some crude horrible characters in here that we re at such complete opposites of the Jones family, it was kind of shocking.

    20. This was a wonderful glimpse into small town life in the 1920 s The story kept me turning the pages and it made me wish society today was interested in the simple pleasures and family values that were portrayed in the book My only complaint was that I had a hard time at first keeping everyon s name straight.A nostalgic look at the past A sweet novel

    21. I read this book at the suggestion of a librarian and I am so glad I did The book starts a bit slow, but there is so much drama and excitement in this one book that I had a hard time putting it down I got swept up into the story right from the start and was actually a bit sad when it ended because it was that good and I felt as if the characters were my neighbors I knew quite well.

    22. Excellent written story I love Dorothy Garlock s books She tells the complete story of her characters, which few authors do Goodread for anyone I know I ll not be disappointed with the rest of this Jazz Age series Thanks Dorothy for a great book.

    23. This isn t a time period that I ve read often This was a totally enjoyable book mystery and suspense, a wonderful romance, a warm family with interesting characters I look forward to the second in the series

    24. It started out a bit slow I almost stopped reading it I gave it a little time and instantly got hooked Loved the story and the relationships of the kids to their dad She had me in suspense almost the whole time.

    25. I did not know if this was going to be a book I would enjoy In the end I really enjoyed it It had a lot going on with the story, but I was able to keep up I never saw the ending of the book coming I am thinking of get the next book in the series soon Note Great summer vacation read.

    26. this book was good I liked the story line the one thing I didn t like was the sicko that prayed on girls I geuss that was also part of the story It made me think of when I was young our family was close looked out for eachother

    27. Genial Solo hab a tenido la oportunidad de leer un libro sobre la vida en una granja y este se centraba principalmente en los animales Nunca hab a le do algo parecido a este maravilloso libro, me encanto.

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