One Last Kiss Goodbye

One Last Kiss Goodbye By N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington, One Last Kiss Goodbye Jacen has always hidden his feelings from the boy he knew he was meant to love while Kayne eighteen and confused married his high school girlfriend and started a family unaware of the trouble loom
  • Title: One Last Kiss Goodbye
  • Author: N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington
  • ISBN: 9781614956129
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
  • One Last Kiss Goodbye By N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington, Jacen has always hidden his feelings from the boy he knew he was meant to love, while Kayne, eighteen and confused, married his high school girlfriend and started a family, unaware of the trouble looming ahead So with one last kiss goodbye, Kayne lied about his feelings for his best friend s brother and let his heart walk away Six years later, Kayne and Jacen must work tJacen has always hidden his feelings from the boy he knew he was meant to love, while Kayne, eighteen and confused, married his high school girlfriend and started a family, unaware of the trouble looming ahead So with one last kiss goodbye, Kayne lied about his feelings for his best friend s brother and let his heart walk away Six years later, Kayne and Jacen must work together to find out who is trying to destroy their lives George, a jealous, unstable ex boyfriend responsible for assaulting Jacen or Teagan, the woman overcome with seething hatred towards the man who stole her ex husband s heart
    One Last Kiss Goodbye By N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington,
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      352 N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington
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    1. N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington

      NJ, is just an ordinary person that has a million stories in her head that she needs to get out and share with the world I began writing at the age of Twelve with a book Called Admetus Gaea Untamed World which I have only recently just found and am almost finished writing it I love reading anything, and I have worked my way through a few over the years My own writing features it all from the paranormal preternatural, fey, demons human I start with just a picture or a title and sit back as the M M stories unfold I do not plot, preferring to write in Utter Chaos I was raised in Gladstone, Queensland and now live in a small country town with my family.

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    1. This was a surprise hit for me There are adorable kids and a gorgeous love story Jacen has been in love with kayne ever since he was 11 years old and Kayne 14 Extremely smart Jacen gets moved up 3 grades because he is a genius so they end up the same batch After graduating high school at 15 he moves away for college to try to get over his unrequited love and Kayne marries his manipulative girlfriend who gets preggers.Six years later Jacen comes back home badly beaten by his now ex boyfriend with [...]

    2. Lackluster story ending from a decent beginning One Star for the premise, the author has some good ideas And one star for me reaching the end I would have given it 2 1 2 STARS but this is what irked meFucken The author used fucken instead of fucking Which lead me to wonder did she mean to spell Jacen and Macen that way too or were their names just misspelled.So just sigh TWO STARS

    3. Sweet, romantic, and very touching, this story has it all With two men who fall for each other when they are still kids, but let misunderstandings and fear come between them over the years, there was just enough will they, will they not to keep me in suspense But what made everything come alive for me was the characters and the feelings they shared.Jacen is in love with Kayne, the wrong boy, one who he is certain is straight He tries to move away, starts another relationship, but nothing helps W [...]

    4. This was book 2 in the series but as the first book featured a different couple I didn t feel I had missed anything.Jacen was in love With Kayde from 11 years old but he was told by his brother not to say anything, so for years he harboured a secret crush.A few weeks before he goes away to university, Kayde takes a chance and kisses Jacen.We then fast forward 7 years Kayde is married with a son and Jacen is still in Melbourne after finishing uni.A series of events leads Jacen home and back to Ka [...]

    5. I expected good things from a book with a four star rating at the time of my purchase and a blurb that reads like it was written with me in mind, but I was so disappointed This story has big characterisation and pacing issues It doesn t flow well and it felt like there was a list of m m fiction cliches and stereotypes being ticked off for inclusion, whether they added anything to the story or not So disappointed.

    6. I enjoyed this but it kind of left me wondering did George start dating Jacen when he was 15 I ginna got the impression that he was a lot older The characters seemed a little young to have gone through all this angst

    7. Wow One Last Kiss is the first book I ve read by NJ Nielsen and it definitely won t be my last I was immediately swept up into these characters lives and the gripping, somewhat bittersweet story they told from the first page to the last word I easily read this book without stopping from start to finish and craved as soon as the story ended.Jacen has always been in love with his brother s best friend, Kayne Although Jacen has been forthcoming about his sexuality to his family and friends, he sti [...]

    8. 4 1 2 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressJacen left to start a new life when he left for college All he had to really remember Kayne by was one last kiss goodbye But, now years later he is back and his and Kayne s lives become entangled again, but this time the truth comes out Kayne hid his feelings, six years ago, to allow Jacen to grow and become the man he was meant to be and is now single with two young children Kayne hopes to make up for the past and mak [...]

    9. 3.5 starsThis is a sweet story about Jacen, who has had a crush on his brother s friend Kayne since he was 11 and Kayne was 14 It starts with a quick flashback with Jacen admitting to his father and brother that he may be gay and that he has feelings for Kayne He is warned away from Kayne and is told to promise never to let Kayne know his feelings because Kayne is straight and would not handle Jacen s crush well It then jumps to Jacen at 15 and Kayne at 18 There is an emotional scene between the [...]

    10. This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there LAST KISS GOODBYE is a romantic story that ignores the passage of time as well as distance and provides the reader with that satisfying although somewhat far fetched ending.Jacen has been in love with Kayne since he was barely a teenager, but with each passing day and his crush developing into something stronger, new obstacles keep on popping up and making his dream unreachable.The story starts with a sort of [...]

    11. Didn t realize this was book 2 of series which apparently deals with a group of young men in Queensland, Australia I will have to go back and read the first book and definitely followup with book 3 It would be so nice if all families could be as accepting as Jacen s and Kayne s I love the characters and the story Keep up the good work N.J.

    12. One Last Kiss Goodbye is the second book in the Hidden Hearts series by author N.J Neilsen This book should be read in order They build on each other.For me this book was not as good at the first one Had some let downs for me I still feel there is great character connection, but lots of things get glossed over fairly quickly My thoughts are just do not introduce elements you do not wish to expand on But still it is a good real full of romance and face paced action.Jacen I really was dying to mee [...]

    13. Jacen has always been in love with Kayne since he was a child even though he family knew he was told to keep it a secret BUt the thing was kayne was straight so he thought back then, but just before jacen said he will be leaving town kayne gave him one last kiss goodbye so jacen should stop wondering about the 2 of them And that was the biggest mistake of his life He let him go He ended up married at 18 having 2 kids and to have his wife leave him After 6 years at nearly 21 jacen has returned ba [...]

    14. To me this felt very mediocre at best I really didn t feel any tension or attraction between the characters It also through in a lot of stereotypes like the straight guy getting married to a girl after knocking up The friend of the older brother that is the big crush of the younger brother An abusive boyfriend and a jealous wife The cute kids that bond quickly to the new love interest and the protective supportive family There just weren t any surprises in this book and very little that was orig [...]

    15. 4 1 2 stars There are two subplots to the rest of the story will Kayne come out and accept a gay partnership with Jacen and who is terrorizing Jacen and why The children in the story are adorable, the MCs loveable, their families completely supportive, so there has to be an HEA at the end, right Well, I said it was heartwarming, so you draw your own conclusion LAST KISS GOODBYE is sweet, charming, and a light read that is very satisfying and enjoyable.Please see my complete review July 13, 2012 [...]

    16. This was my first story by this authorbut it won t be my last I loved the whole family feel loved the twist she threw in there and the fact that even though Kayne made bad choices to begin withhe stood by the results his children It was a quick, heartwarming read, that I would recommend to anyone who is in the mood for true love winning in the endoh and really hot sex lol

    17. Ok, I m going to state this right out, some will not agree with me on this book Please remember this is MY opinion I enjoyed the story though it happened so quickly Jacen is a sweet guy that just had a hard time I would have enjoyed a deeper level to this story but as it was it was a sweet, short story.

    18. This was a sweet story Jacen was fifteen when he got his first kiss from Kayne, who was eighteen They ended up going their separate ways, but they never forgot each other They get back together after many years and, after some miscommunication, they try to make a go of it The characters were pretty good and I liked the secondary characters.

    19. The start was pulling and actually pretty solid I liked it a lot But when the story turned into a present time the intensity and the enjoyment with the plot, started to stagnate What do we want , Jacen and Kayne got their HEA and that s what counts.

    20. I loved this novel I liked the characters because they didn t act all fake I m really hoping that NJ does a story for Jacen s brother Micah and his lover Sammy I thought it was cute how Macen adapted so well to the change in Jacen and Kayne s relationship.

    21. Sweet, romantic story and lovable characters I loved the main characters and the supportive families.I didn t gave five points only because the Teagan and George storyline ended a little bit rushed and unfinished.

    22. This book was far too cheesy and unrealistic for my liking as a result, I was unable to suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy it.

    23. 3.5 starsA feel good story with a little dramatic angst thrown in between Nice but not enough spice to keep me back.

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