A Dark and Bloody Ground

A Dark and Bloody Ground By Darcy O'Brien, A Dark and Bloody Ground An account of the crimes of Benny Hodge and his wife Sherry Hodge describes how the two went on a ten year killing spree that left victims all over the South and explores a killer s psyche
  • Title: A Dark and Bloody Ground
  • Author: Darcy O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780061099724
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Dark and Bloody Ground By Darcy O'Brien, An account of the crimes of Benny Hodge and his wife, Sherry Hodge, describes how the two went on a ten year killing spree that left victims all over the South and explores a killer s psyche.
    A Dark and Bloody Ground By Darcy O'Brien,
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      328 Darcy O'Brien
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    1. Darcy O'Brien

      Darcy O Brien was born in Los Angeles, the son of Hollywood silent film actor George O Brien and actress Marguerite Churchill.O Brien attended Princeton University and University of Cambridge, and received a master s degree and doctorate from the University of California, Berkely From 1965 to 1978 he was a professor of English at Pomona College In 1978 he moved to Tulsa, and taught at the Univesity of Tulsa until 1995.O Brien was married three times and had one daughter named Molly O Brien O Brien died of a heart attack in Tulsa on March 2, 1998.

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    1. Of the three books by Darcy O Brien I have read I must say I like this one the least Not to say it s not a good book It gets a bogged down in places The middle part of the book dragged.We get a little history of the region the crime happened in and a lot of history of the lawyer that got sucked into the case and the girlfriend of one of the men who committed the crime, some considered her the brains of the operation, but in the end she wasn t running things, and some minor details about other cr [...]

    2. I m afraid I m not going to be able to finish this book I m about 1 3 of the way through and I m bored out of my skull At first, I thought it was going to be an in depth expose of the defense attorney who went bad, but it soon switched over to being in depth diary level biography of the girlfriend of one of the suspects the defense attorney was representing I kept hoping it would leave this woman behind, as I have no interest in her at all, but at a third of the way through the book, I don t thi [...]

    3. I don t know if I ve ever read a True Crime book before It s written like a novel, it s just real I found this particular book quite disturbing for a whole host of reasons I ve mentioned before my love of local history Stories of mad scientists trying to raise people from the dead, or riots on my mainstreet orchestrated by the secretary of state, of bodies buried inside the walls of my downtown businesses I love that stuff But when I read such an intimate account of local folks on a crime spree, [...]

    4. I see people who have read this book are not agreeing Some hated it some loved it I guess that in the end I am one who loved it.Yes the main character annoyed me Yes the first few chapters made me think I bought a dud but No it was not a dud at all.So glad I gave it another try paid good money for it but that was mainly because I have read other books by Darcy O Brien and I gave both of them 5 stars.He is such an excellent writer I wish he had written I just googled him and found out he died in [...]

    5. I was friends with the victim in high school and college I knew quite a bit of the real story This book goes on and on an on about the 3 stooges who committed the crime The way the book played up the attorney, Lester Burns was ridiculous The whole story was poorly written and boring with very little details about the crime or trial.

    6. Darcy O Brien s true crime accounts are always a cut above the company in the genre, and this book which tackles the inner workings of a group of Appalachian sociopaths who destroy the lives of a small Kentucky community is no exception.

    7. This is another true crime story written by Darcy O Brien This particular story takes place primarily in three states Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida The eastern part of Kentucky area where sisters Crystal Gayle and Loretta Lynn were born and raised has always been an area of day to day poverty for most people The young men who are the principals in this story also hail from this area Like so many residents, these men turned to a life of crime rather than trying to go to college many did not hav [...]

    8. I enjoy Darcy O Brien s true crime books This is the second one I have read I don t mind at all that he did not interview the perps That does not detract from the story for me I was intrigued throughout and had a difficult time putting it down I have a lot of curiosity about the criminal mind I d love to know what causes a person to split off from their own kind and wreak pain and havoc on them I don t suppose I ll ever find satisfactory answers but the curiosity keeps me reading such books.

    9. A highly rated true crime that I m not rating very high.In 1985, the home of an elderly physician in Kentucky was broken into The doctor was seriously injured and his twenty something year old daughter was savagely stabbed to death What makes this robbery murder stand out is the amount of cash taken from the house, over 2 million.Eventually six people were arrested in connection with this crime Three men were charged with murder, two of their wives girlfriends were charged with a lesser crime, a [...]

    10. The first time I read this book it was loaned to me by a friend who grew up in Clinton, Tennessee It was out of print at the time.This was a fascinating book for me because I lived in Clinton, Tennessee while Dennis Trotter was the Sheriff of Anderson County I know some of the people mentioned in this book and taught karate to some of their family members Mullins Carpet and Upholstery, started by Moon Mullins, was right across the street from where my parents lived I stayed once in the same Rive [...]

    11. Well writtenEntertaining book I do not like his portrayal of Sherry Sheets as if she was some superhero though At best she was a negligent mother who chose a man who beat her and cheated on her over her own child and at worst she s a unrepentant accomplice to multiple murders Her being slightly smarter than her doped up accomplices isn t saying much She was right when she said that she was just a hillbilly.

    12. Kentucky never deserved its Indian appellation A Dark and Bloody Ground than when a small town physician, seventy seven year old Roscoe Acker, called in an emergency on a sweltering evening in August 1985 Acker s own life hung in the balance, but it was already too late for his college age daughter, Tammy, savagely stabbed eleven times and pinned by a kitchen knife to her bedroom floor in Fleming Neon Three men had somehow managed to breach Dr Acker s alarm and security systems and made off wit [...]

    13. Great True CrimeThis is an awesome story with characters that come to life in the pages.A story of love gone wrong ,greed and cursed blood money.

    14. was hard to read to much backtracking and too many people really like the authors other book The Hillside Stranglers thats why I bought this one but really did nt like that much.

    15. I just finished another one of this author s books today, Murder in Little Egypt and remember having read this book a long, long time ago AN UPDATE I JUST REREAD IT I m related to one of the three stooges in the book who commit the crime sprees and it s a dark, hidden family secret, so reading this book was an eye opening experience to say the least That being said, this book is fictional and entertaining than the Little Egypt book, I didn t find this one to have the dark edge and seriousness i [...]

    16. A well researched and well written book about a group of lowlife criminals who staged a series of deadly home invasions This account centers around one of the gun molls arguably the smartest member of the gang though she s also a moron , and the colorful attorney who defended them and got sucked into their criminality The cast of characters is so unsavory that it was sometimes difficult to keep reading one has a tendency to ask who cares about these idiots but the writing is superb and so is the [...]

    17. Good storyEven though I consider this story very good Once I started reading I couldn t put it down I like reading the true crime genre and this author gave just enough background information of the people involved in the story Some authors I think get too involved in painting a back story of characters and end up taking the reader too far from the original story.

    18. I read this obscure story of a true murder because a friend knew the perps but, I have to say, it wasn t worth the time The author couldn t get interviews with the perps so, instead, made the focus of the story the girlfriend of one of them Though mildly interesting, I really can t recommend this book.

    19. Good murder book.This book was as good as the 1st book I read by this author.A very complicated story of murder,love and money.

    20. I read 144 pages of this book about the Hodges worthless people who stole, cheated, and murdered others and that was about all I could stand about them.

    21. Was a very good story about a region of the country with its own ways and culture and how foolish, desperate people can go wrong.

    22. Very long, but well written Not as dramatic as some other true crime writers I enjoyed his style of writing and will read of his books

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