Skyfall By Michael Dahl, Skyfall Far above the small town of Zion Falls the stars fall from the sky Deep below the sleepy city an ancient evil awakens Caught in the middle are four teens with hidden powers beyond their wildest drea
  • Title: Skyfall
  • Author: Michael Dahl
  • ISBN: 9781434233073
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Skyfall By Michael Dahl, Far above the small town of Zion Falls, the stars fall from the sky Deep below the sleepy city, an ancient evil awakens Caught in the middle are four teens with hidden powers beyond their wildest dreams.
    Skyfall By Michael Dahl,
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      164 Michael Dahl
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    1. Michael Dahl

      Michael Dahl is the author of over 100 children s books Some of his most popular series are Finnegan Zwake, Library of Doom, and Dragonblood He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a haunted house.He also writes under aliases Chris Carey, Rick Thomas, and Mark Ziegler.

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    1. This was a very enjoyable children s book Very well written although a tad on the short side I felt The story had lots of action to keep younger children enthralled, the illustrations were simply lovely, and the characters were well rounded.I would have loved this book as a child I love it as an adult and feel children s authors should err on the side of caution and take a horror route in their storytelling, it makes them so much fun Can t wait for the sequels to read of the evil trolls and [...]

    2. Skyfall by Michael Dahl is a children s fantasy novel ready for release on January 2 2012 It is the first book in the new Troll Hunters series The story begins as a meteor shower peppers the sky above the small town of Zion Falls Some are watching the display while others go about their normal night However, as the shower takes place something much less pleasant stirs beneath the ground Four children are caught in the middle as creatures begin a battle to gain control over the surface of the pla [...]

    3. I got an eGalley of this book to review through NetGalley It was a fun read and a great spooky beginning chapter book for kids I loved the drawings throughout and thought the book was well written with a good level of spookiness for kids.Four kids discover that there are creepy things hidden in the woods They also discover that they have the power to help save the town from these evil monsters.The premise of this story is simple but well done Definitely intended for a younger audience but still [...]

    4. Skyfall is the latest in Michael Dahl s impressive body of work that consists of over a hundred books for children and young adults This particular story is a thrilling adventure with monsters that is aimed at the junior high age group, but enjoyable for all ages While the juvenile market is always saturated with fairy tale creatures, Dahl s latest is reminiscent of both Stephen King and Tolkien, but for a younger audience.The story revolves around what happens to the residents of Zion Falls dur [...]

    5. In Zion Falls it is the night of the biggest meteor shower of the century, the Draconids For fourteen year old Pablo and his friends, Thora and Zak, it is also the night that is going to change their lives forever Pablo, Thora and Zak are pulled into a real life fairy tale of the Grimm variety They find themselves battling trolls, or gathool , for their lives And this is only the beginning.The premise for this books is very interesting Giant trolls known as gathools are emerging to wreck havoc o [...]

    6. Skyfall is the first book in the new Troll Hunters series The story opens with a meteor shower that has the town enraptured However it isn t just the meteor shower that is happening this night Four children soon discover that something much sinister is going on, and that stopping it is the only way to save the whole entire planet Talk about a big burden to put on their shoulders I loved how this story is the perfect combination of creepy and fascinating It isn t so scary that a younger reader w [...]

    7. This is a short novella written in a very easy style that hits its mark with younger readers I finished this in about forty five minutes, and found I had chewed my nails to the quick in the process The story is about a group of young kids who stay up to watch a meteor shower and get attacked by Trolls Then discover that is just the beginning of a troll invasion Is it just me or are trolls scary I mean really scary, they want to eat you, they live in the woods, underground and did I mention they [...]

    8. Skyfall by Michael Dahl is a children s fantasy novel and the first book in his Troll Hunters series The story begins as a meteor shower lights up the sky above Zion Falls As the shower happens overhead, something sinister is happening beneath the ground Four children are caught in the middle as creatures begin a battle to gain control over the surface of the planet This is a tale that is mildly creepy, with some frightening moments and really nice sepia toned illustrations that add to the tone [...]

    9. Skyfall by Michael Dahl is a middle grade fantasy novel It is the first of a trilogy about troll hunters.I received this book as an egalley from NetGalley.I love children s stories, especially middle grade chapter books.I think kids will love this book, it has just the right amount of creep factor and suspense to engage young children It was a quick, easy, fun read My only problem is that it ended too soon Frankly, I m getting somewhat annoyed with these trilogies, we have to wait so long for th [...]

    10. Received from CapstoneReceived Via NetGalley When weird things start happening four kids discover that they might be the only hope of stopping trolls from taking over their townThis book was far from amazing but I liked it and i m pretty sure kids will like it even .It had just the right amount of creepy and suspense to keep you interested until the very end Even though I think it should ve been longer I liked how it didn t drag and the how I never felt like nothing was happening, since somethin [...]

    11. A nicely creepy story is packed into this little book As a meteor shower falls overhead, three horrible trolls emerge from the quarry and cause a string of tragedies as they attempt to take over the surface Three teens and a little sister form an unlikely team when they are thrown together in the midst of all this I like that this is spooky and suspenseful without being too wordy this will be excellent for younger readers who appreciate scary stuff, or older readers who struggle with longer book [...]

    12. Skyfall by Michael Dahl is a compact, well written, and pretty scary fantasy horror children s book 1 of his Troll Hunters series The books ends with the four children Pablo, Thora, Zak, and Louise triumphant for the moment with some assistance from Dr Benjamin K Hoo, a doctor of several things, but most recently, cryptozoology but the challenges they have to face have only just begun Thank goodness I have Dark Tower Rising Book 2 of Dahl s Troll Hunter series ready and waiting for me so that I [...]

    13. 4th and 5th grade kids will eat this series up, as it combines some favorite things it s scary, it s short, it s written at an easy level This first in a 4 book series will be good for lower, reluctant, and on grade readers Dahl has another winner on his hands that will appeal to grade schoolers Would also be great for older 6 7 readers who are behind grade level in reading It won t feel babyish with its teen protagonists.

    14. Apparently this is an extremely abridged version of another of the same book I don t knowI saw both and though one was a continuation but it turned out to be the samey much shorter Weird and not worth it in my opinion Just find the other one that is about 150 pages longer and is still a quick, enjoyable read

    15. Nice premise, creepy but not too horrific for third grade Felt rushed lots of unanswered questions, but not likely ones that I ll pick up the next in series to answer I will say this it was lots interesting than many third grade series, which tend to be canned I m just not sure that comprehension would be as easy for many in the reading level.

    16. Short, action packed, and majorly creepy No character development, no mystery, no thought required just lots of running from trolls The illustrations were great Would recommend for reluctant readers 3 4th grade There is some very minor bloodshed, and the premise of missing eaten parents might frighten some kids.

    17. This is a chapter book for the young set Fairly quick read, 45 minutes or so for me It was VERY scary though, imo Unfortunately written with big old cliffhangers so that you read the whole series Illustrations periodically in the book make it enjoyable.

    18. 2.5 stars A quick middle grade fantasy that hardly answered anything for the sole purpose of extending the series It was so short, there wasn t any character growth at all But I really liked the drawings They were awesome.

    19. I really enjoyed this book it was a quick read took about an hr for me and was a cute little story cant wait to read number 2.

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