The Mitten: An Old Ukrainian Folktale

The Mitten: An Old Ukrainian Folktale By Alvin Tresselt Yaroslava, The Mitten An Old Ukrainian Folktale Deep in the woods on the coldest day of winter a little boy drops his mitten And that lost mitten stretches and stretches and stretches to provide shelter for many woodland creatures A Ukrainian folk
  • Title: The Mitten: An Old Ukrainian Folktale
  • Author: Alvin Tresselt Yaroslava
  • ISBN: 9780688092382
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mitten: An Old Ukrainian Folktale By Alvin Tresselt Yaroslava, Deep in the woods on the coldest day of winter a little boy drops his mitten And that lost mitten stretches and stretches and stretches to provide shelter for many woodland creatures A Ukrainian folk tale.
    The Mitten: An Old Ukrainian Folktale By Alvin Tresselt Yaroslava,
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    1. Alvin Tresselt Yaroslava

      Alvin Tresselt 1916 2000 was born in New Jersey He was an editor for Humpty Dumpty magazine and an executive editor for Parent s Magazine Press before becoming an instructor and the Dean of Faculty for the Institute of Children s Literature in Connecticut He wrote over thirty children s books, selling over a million copies Although White Snow, Bright Snow won the Caldecott Medal in 1948, his best known book is a retelling of the Ukranian folk tale The Mitten Tresselt was a pioneer in children s writing, well known for his poetic prose style He created the mood picture book, in which the setting and description for a story was even important than the characters and plot.Memoria Press First Grade Enrichment Guide

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    1. Now, let me say from the start that, having read Jan Brett s version first, I prefer it And unless your home library is enormous, you probably don t need both books However, as the comments here show, many people prefer this version, which predates Brett s version by quite a while If you can get your hands on both, do so keep one for yourself and donate the other to a local school This story is a great classic A boy loses his mitten in the woods, a series of progressively larger animals climb in [...]

    2. I was familiar with the Jan Brett version of The Mitten than this book, but there is something distinctly charming about the illustrations in this edition.

    3. Jan Brett s version gets all the acclaim, but this retelling of the wintry folk tale is nothing to sneeze at Yaroslava s illustrations, done with a limited color palette, are quite charming.

    4. A charmingly illustrated version of the tale of a lost mitten, and the animals who try to put it to use Some of the pages have a wash of color over simple line drawings, which was harder for the kids to see at a distance during a read aloud, but there s plenty of detail to interest children who have it in their hands.

    5. A wonderful version of an old folktale We talked about helping others This was a big hit with all three classes this week We are going to try and read Jan Brett s version too before the holidays come.

    6. I liked this version than another one I read Simple and fun story about a mitten left in the woods and how a bunch of different sized animals all try to get warm and fit in it all together.

    7. I found my old copy after Jan Brett signed a copy of her version for me today It s one of the few books I remember really well.

    8. This was a childhood favorite of mine long forgotten I personally think this version of the story is far superior to Jan Brett s, having now read them both as an adult.

    9. Charming retelling of the Ukrainian folktale, The Mitten, in which a little boy drops a mitten in the snow and it becomes a shelter for animals I had previously only read or remember the Jan Brett version before While it has a limited color palette, this is an equally fascinating and warmly told retelling The animals in folk costumes make a strong connection to the story s Ukrainian roots Classic picture book format folktale that is well worth the read.

    10. The Mitten written by Alvin Tresselt and illustrated by Yaroslava is a 40 pages Ukrainian folktale picture book about a young boy who went to the woods on the coldest day to help his grandma to gather firewoods When he was done collecting firewoods, he walks back to his grandma s house and on his way one of his mittens dropped out from his coat pocket A mouse was walking by sees the mitten and walk inside to keep herself warm A while later, a frog hopped over and ask if he can join her and she w [...]

    11. The Mitten is a Ukrainian folktale as retold by Alvin Tresselt and is designed for students in kindergarten and above This folktale tells the story of a young man who is out in the woods, gathering wood for his grandmother, when he unknowingly drops one of his mittens, leaving it behind A mouse finds the mitten, and in order to keep warm, makes a home in the mitten Then a frog walks by wanting the share the mitten, as do various other animals, increasing in size respectively When a bear wanders [...]

    12. Apparently, The Mitten is a popular Ukrainian folktale because a it was the easiest for me to find multiple versions of, and b it was featured in all three of the collections I borrowed in January 2016 Although I could not find an original version in print So I researched online and found this page From reading that page, Evgenii Rachev appears to be the first illustrator of the story, Rukavichka, which was published in 1951 The version I read, translated and retold by Alvin Tresselt, was first [...]

    13. A little boy loses his mitten in the snow while gathering fire wood Some forest animals starting with a mouse and getting larger make the mitten their shelter from the cold.I know I read into things quite a bit, and maybe I m reading into this folk tale too much, but since nobody else that I can see has mentioned itI m wondering if the folk tale is symbolic of Ukraine itself I thought of this most when the bear showed up in Eastern European jokes, the bear almost always represents Russia Ukraine [...]

    14. An imaginative account of what happens when you lose a mitten The story is told as though it has been passed down from person to person, generation to generation I tend to like that element in books It gives them a folkloric or urban legend ic feel In this case, a bunch of animals inhabit this lost item My favorite part about the animals is that they are all dressed in various and sundry Ukrainian outfits Maybe things are different in the Ukraine I also continue to be surprised by how many of my [...]

    15. This folktale book is for children from 3 12 years old The Mitten is about a little boy who went to get firewood for his grandmother and on this way home as he is dragging a sleigh full of wood he lost his mitten The mitten becomes a home to all different kinds of animals because it was cold outside, so the animals were climbing in the mitten to keep warm This book was very interesting to me The plot was letting all the different animals coming together to stay warm in a mitten The colors of the [...]

    16. A young boy looses is gathering firewood for his grandmother The young boy losses his mitten A small mouse finds the mitten and decides to make a home from it, a frog comes along and the mouse invites the frog in since its very cold outside Then an owl comes by and asks if he could join them A rabbit, fox, wolf, boar, and a bear mange to stuff themselves inside the mitten A small cricket comes along and says that she too can fit inside the mitten The mitten came apart and all the animals went fl [...]

    17. This story is a traditional Ukranian tale about a boy who loses his mitten in the woods Throughout the story various animals find the mitten and crawl inside for a warm place to stay I like how in the beginning of the story the author says how a boy could lose a mitten on the coldest day is something he does not know, but that is the way his grandfather told the story This shows the audience that this is a tale that has been passed down from generation to generation Because there are several ver [...]

    18. A keeper This is one library book I hope to add to our home library.A classic Ukrainian folktale told to children I love how the author states this unlikely tale as fact because his grandfather told him it happened and at the very last says his grandfather never knew what happened to his mitten Even children understand this technique The illustrations are both rich and simple The pages are not busy, but the animals seeking refuge are all clad in traditional Ukrainian garb, and speak civilly to e [...]

    19. I was thrilled to see a reprint of this in the bookstore yesterday We had it when I was a kid and I ve been trying to figure out what it was for years I knew it wasn t the Jan Brett version, which I don t really like I loved the illustrations, which have an excellent fairy tale like quality, with a to me exotic and mysterious feel The animals are anthropomorphic but still look like themselves Pick this up for a gift, if you want something that s less typical I have a friend whose baby got four c [...]

    20. Jan Brett gets all the credit but this is my favorite It was one of my favorite books as a child, and I noticed in comparing the 2 stories, that while Brett s animals all move over because each new animal coming to the mitten is predatory and alarms the animals already in the mitten in Tressalt s version the animals are motivated by kindness it is a very cold day and how can they refuse shelter to a fellow beast I also love the cold blue background and wonderfully dressed creatures And there is [...]

    21. Reminded me of the story about the kid who gets a jacket from his grandparent but he outgrows it and they keep making it into something smaller I can t remember the name, it was a really cute story if anyone knows what I am talking about let me know Anyway, back to this book Cute book about a lost mitten and what happened to it after it was lost My little kids thought is was a funny little story.

    22. I enjoyed this book and I think it is a very valuable one for kids to read I think this is a good book to teach kids a lesson on sharing It s about a kid who loses his mitten, and some animals keep warm by getting in the mitten When too many animals get in the mitten, it breaks It s a cute story that could be read to kids around pre K or kindergarten I don t know if I would have this in my classroom but I would recommend it.

    23. I loved this book It shows the creative stories which may be told when you lose something such as the boy who lost his mitten in this book In this book a boy is collecting firewood when he looses a mitten In order to keep warm, animals start crawling inside the mitten to avoid the snowstorm outside However, they push the mitten too far and it tears at the seam It was a fun story to read and funny as well I especially enjoyed the simplistic illustrations in the book.

    24. I love the little animals in this book They all trust each other, when your reading this your like do not trust that fox or wolf but nothing like what your expecting even happens These little animals come together to get warm even though they are all different they help out to stay warm in the thick snow The little boys mitten was just gone to him, but to these little critters it was so much

    25. This is an entertaining retelling of the Ukrainian tale it has an old fashioned feel to it, which makes sense as it was first published in 1964 The illustrations are not nearly as colorful or detailed as the versions of this story by Jan Brett and Jim Aylesworth, but I liked this version, too.

    26. Read to my grandson It was a favorite that I used to read to my story time kids in the public library25 years ago I love the story He wanted it read over many times His folks were sick of the story by the time it was due back at the library They had to read it every day I read it maybe 3 times to him.

    27. This is a story about a boy who loses his mitten Many animals gather together and get inside the mitten to stay warm in the snow Although the animals are all different, they work together and trust each other to get through the hard times.

    28. A little boy goes out to collect firewood and loses one of his mittens Different animals come across the mitten and climb inside to stay warm But will it fit all the animals Great tale to compare with the other versions Maybe have students vote for their favorite mitten story.

    29. Today I read this book to both Xavier and Xander and they both enjoyed it They could relate to the concept of loosing a mitten and not knowing where it was They also liked how the animals worked together inside the mitten You ll be surprised at what happens to the mitten Read to find out

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