Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague

Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague By T.J. Lantz, Gnit Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague No matter how hard she tries life never seems to go quite right for Gnipper Tallhat an eight year old Gnome determined to receive the recognition her intelligence deserves This time however she s g
  • Title: Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague
  • Author: T.J. Lantz
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague By T.J. Lantz, No matter how hard she tries life never seems to go quite right for Gnipper Tallhat, an eight year old Gnome determined to receive the recognition her intelligence deserves This time, however, she s got it all figured out Finally, her father will have to be proud of her accomplishmentsovided he manages to live through them.
    Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague By T.J. Lantz,
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      191 T.J. Lantz
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      Though new to the world of professional writing, T.J Lantz has been a world class storyteller A.K.A liar for many years Originally forging his craft by creating backstories for each of the lawn gnomes he managed to liberate from the prisons his neighbors called their front yards, lately he has answered to a much higher calling Namely, making up stories to entertain the small children that people refer to as his students Encouraged by his ability to trick ten year olds into believing everything he says is true, Mr Lantz has now decided to offer his amazing manipulative abilities to the rest of the world He plans on world domination within three months.Please like Rosehaven the Hidden City on Facebook facebook RosehavenThe

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    1. Originally posted at aurorareviews 201All Gnipper wants to do is get her hat You have to do something that brings you honor to do that, and somehow all her experiments and projects have just turned to disaster This author has created a punny little story that is both funny and cute at the same time It is a novella, but she s managed to create a full bodied story about gnomes that you won t want to miss She grabs your heart and makes you feel sorry for Gnipper she tries so hard If she doesn t suc [...]

    2. This book was a fun and quirky read which I thoroughly enjoyed I really liked this short story because it was extremely humorous and quick to get through, it came as a nice break between some pretty dark reads and even though I wasn t sure I d enjoy it that much I really did have fun reading it.The story is pretty funny Gnipper is a gnome trying to earn recognition for her intelligence and she poisons her Dad in the process, the result is hilarity and some pretty deep morals i really liked the m [...]

    3. This is my review of Gnit Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague by T.J Lantz Gnipper Tallhat is a girl gnome in a series of books for children aged 6 10 that can be read in any order It s a short book and could be read in one sitting The story started off pleasantly enough but soon took on a gruesome aspect with Gnipper experimenting on her father, a well respected and influential gnome whom she hopes to emulate, with unforeseen results I won t give too much of the plot away but things work out a [...]

    4. Gnit Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague is a fun story about a bumbling gnome who never seems to get her magical acts right The character of Gnit Wit is adorable and her moments of excitement, self doubt and self discovery are easy for any child to relate to The story itself is a fluid read and can be enjoyed in one or two sittings, depending upon the age and reading abilities of the child That said, the premise of this story was a bit unsettling to me as a parent That a child will knowingly po [...]

    5. The first thought I had when I reached the end of this was Oh no, it s over already I wanted of Gnipper and this amazing world the author has created.It s a world of Gnomes, unicorns and I m guessing future volumes will include other mystical creatures A young gnome named Gnipper is trying to find her worldly way and a way out of the consistent nagging of not having earned her place among the other Gnomes her age and beyond It seems even if every idea she has might appear great at first, they a [...]

    6. I loved the first Rosehaven book, and was happy to dive back into its world to learn about Gnipper in this short story.While this story and the main novel are certainly YA, they are also dark and violent as appropriate for the events therein I love that eight year old Gnipper learns a valuable lesson here, but at the same time the world doesn t really change, so the question of whether her lesson will have any real impact is left open ended There are no pat answers, just as there are no pat ans [...]

    7. I liked this book The writing was good and it flowed well Very imaginative I liked that it squeaked in the theme of selflessness as well, although I would of rather liked the part that focused on it to be longer to reinforce the theme better.There was a couple red flags about the story It contains pretty serious stuff in it that I didn t think was appropriate, such as premeditated poisoning, a mention of decapitations and a pretty long scene about blood, none of which was vital to the plot.

    8. I thought this was a really great book that kids would very much enjoy and parents wouldn t mind reading to them I liked how the author explained the world of Gnipper and what her fellow gnomes were like without being boring or tedious I can definitely see this as a series where we learn about all the other people in Gnipper s world You won t be disappointed

    9. I thought this was a great short story Who d have thought that gnomes would be such fun I loved Gnipper and her inquisitiveness Lots of fun I was chuckling the whole story Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to read.

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