Memoirs of a Porcupine

Memoirs of a Porcupine By Alain Mabanckou Helen Stevenson, Memoirs of a Porcupine All human beings says an African legend have an animal double Some doubles are benign others wicked This legend comes to life in Alain Mabanckou s outlandish surreal and charmingly nonchalant Mem
  • Title: Memoirs of a Porcupine
  • Author: Alain Mabanckou Helen Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9781593764364
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Memoirs of a Porcupine By Alain Mabanckou Helen Stevenson, All human beings, says an African legend, have an animal double Some doubles are benign, others wicked This legend comes to life in Alain Mabanckou s outlandish, surreal, and charmingly nonchalant Memoirs of a Porcupine.When Kibandi, a boy living in a Congolese village, reaches the age of 11, his father takes him out into the night and forces him to drink a vile liquid fAll human beings, says an African legend, have an animal double Some doubles are benign, others wicked This legend comes to life in Alain Mabanckou s outlandish, surreal, and charmingly nonchalant Memoirs of a Porcupine.When Kibandi, a boy living in a Congolese village, reaches the age of 11, his father takes him out into the night and forces him to drink a vile liquid from a jar that has been hidden for years in the earth This is his initiation From now on, he and his double, a porcupine, become accomplices in murder They attack neighbors, fellow villagers, and people who simply cross their path, for reasons so slight that it is virtually impossible to establish connection between the killings As he grows older, Kibandi relies on his double to act out his grizzly compulsions, until one day even the porcupine balks and turns instead to literary confession.Winner of the Prix Renaudot, France s equal to the National Book Award, Alain Mabanckou is considered one of the most talented writers today He was selected by the French journal Lire as one of fifty writers to watch this coming century And as Peter Carey suggests, he positions himself at the margins, tapping the tradition founded by Celine, Genet, and other subversive writers In this superb and striking story, Mabanckou brings new power to magical realism, and is sure to excite American audiences nationwide.
    Memoirs of a Porcupine By Alain Mabanckou Helen Stevenson,
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    1. Alain Mabanckou Helen Stevenson

      Alain Mabanckou was born in 1966 in Congo Brazzaville French Congo He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he teaches literature at UCLA, having previously spent four years at the University of Michigan Mabanckou will be a Fellow in the Humanities Council at Princeton University in 2007 2008 One of Francophone Africa s most prolific contemporary writers, he is the author of six volumes of poetry and six novels He received the Sub Saharan Africa Literary Prize in 1999 for his first novel, Blue White Red, the Prize of the Five Francophone Continents for Broken Glass, and the Prix Renaudot in 2006 for Memoirs of a Porcupine He was selected by the French publishing trade journal Lire as one of the fifty writers to watch out for in the coming century His most recent book is African Psycho.Christine Schwartz Hartley is the translator of African Psycho The former deputy editor of Art Auction magazine is a freelance editor, translator, and writer based in Paris and Brooklyn Her articles have appeared in the New York Times Book Review, Village Voice, Interior Design, and Elle Decor, among other publications French born, she holds a licence s lettres English from the Universit Paris IVSorbonne, a diploma from the Institut dEtudes Politiques de Paris, and a masters in journalism from New York University.

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    1. The idea of listening to a porcupine s confessions to a baobab is amusing and light hearted but his story raises the most serious cultural and ethical issues I m reminded of nothing so much as Hannah Arendt s Banality of Evil, with digressions on the relationship between evil, power and the possibility of redemption This is not the first time I ve read a fable written from the point of view of an animal and most of the other recent ones come from outside the English speaking world as well They v [...]

    2. Though I didn t find it necessarily humorous it is very dark humor , I did enjoy this quirky, dark tale its many observations comments on mankind I think it s an excellent mix of very traditional African belief folklore village life mixed with the differences clashes of Western white beliefs The porcupine is an affable, if somewhat evil, narrator who expounds on his life to a Baobab tree Maybe not for everyone, but definitely different definitely one I relished Recommended.

    3. Porcupine this is apparently both his name and his species is the animal double to the boy Kibandi But porcupine is not one of those benevolent animal spirits you usually read about, one assigned to a human child at birth to act as his guardian and spiritual guide When Kibandi is eleven years old, his father takes him into the jungle and forces him to drink mayamvumbi, a home brew so powerful, so evil that it is kept buried in secret locations Porcupine, who until this time has been living the r [...]

    4. Originally published on my blog reallifereading 2016 03 0 Memoirs of a Porcupine is as its title suggests, narrated by a porcupine But not any ordinary porcupine, this porcupine is the animal double of Kibandi At the age of 11, Kibandi s father takes him out into the night and makes him drink something vile that somehow triggers this bond with his animal double, a harmful double , the liveliest, scariest kind of double the humans of whom we become the animal incarnation will cease to feel emotio [...]

    5. Non posso trattenermi dal confessare di essermi lasciato trasportare dalla storia di questo strano porcospino a un tempo accattivante, chiacchierone, agitato, molto addentro alla natura umana e abituato a servirsi della digressione come di un arma allo scopo di tracciare uno schizzo di noi umani, anche biasimandoci senza mezzi termini Dopo averlo letto, ho smesso di guardare gli animali con gli stessi occhi Nei film in genere detesto l antropomorfizzazione degli animali ma la letteratura il mond [...]

    6. Even as I m reviewing, I have to return to the feeling that I ve missed something here Or perhaps, better, my hope for as much So many good reviews but I struggle to find the profound Sure Mabanckou asks some interesting origin of evil and origin of life type questions, but both the questions and answers seem tired in their treatment.The narrative is interesting and the world he creates is novel though I couldn t discern any reason for the inconsistent punctuation only uses commas, excludes peri [...]

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    8. Quelle curieuse lecture que ce roman Il s agit d une fable retra ant les aventures d un porc pic, double nuisible d un charpentier qui n aime pas tre contrari A la mort de son ma tre, il se r fugie sous un baobab auquel il raconte les m faits qu il a commis et partage ses pens es sur la psychologie des hommesL criture d Alain Mabanckou peut surprendre, notamment par le fait qu il n utilise pas d autre ponctuation que la virgule Cela donne un caract re d urgence la lecture, comme si le porc pic n [...]

    9. Alright, giving this book reviews I never actually read myself thing a try.This quite short book by a Congolese French author is, as its title implies, in fact narrated by a porcupine The first thing worth pointing out is that the gimmicky dangers inherent in this, as well as in the book s style of not using any punctuation except for commas that is, having everything told in almost neverending sentences by our breathless porcupine do, both, somehow, miraculously work pretty damn well.It is a ve [...]

    10. Everything in this book is a gimmick The porcupine might as well have been a human The lack of punctuation is just so literary The story itself is unoriginal, lazy, too goddamn easy.But what caps it all is the appendix , written by the supposed finder of the manuscript It is literally a couple of pages of the author explaining his meaning behind the story, and complimenting himself for being so clever An actual quote I must confess that I was quite carried away by this tale of the fortunes and m [...]

    11. A fascinating allegorical novel The titular porcupine is a shadowy double created by way of tribal magic Doubles, according to the book, can be beneficial or harmful This one is harmful, so as the book goes on As the book goes on, the porcupine s rampage accelerates and the reasons behind it become frivolous, selfish and hypocritical It s a clear indictment of personal violence while also being a compelling little read.

    12. Il s agit d une fable qui raconte comment certains hommes sont li s un double animal mal fique Le narrateur tant ici un porc pic mal fique C est donc videmment assez d paysant, tout en tant fort amusant.

    13. I found this a compelling read, despite the story not really going anywhere it brings home to me how power corrupts, not in big spectacular ways but through increments of petty jealousy, slights, feelings of inferiority, etc.

    14. This is a good book More than an usual proposopeia altough it has it s moments of I can t understand why the humans do this or that , it s written with a very fluid language, very easy to read, very good French In short, I ve enjoyed it There s a completely useless last chapter, I guess it sort of connects this book with Mabanckou s last but I m only guessing , and maybe the start of the novel is a bit weak the proposopeia thing , but in the end it s a good yarn.

    15. No leo mucha ficci n pero este libro me result bastante extra o.Y adem s nunca voy a volver a mirar de la misma forma a un puercoespin en realidad creo que no voy a ver por primera vez a un puercoespin como pensaba que lo iba a ver, para ser exactos

    16. Drawing upon Congolese folklore, this novel with an attention grabbing title is narrated by a porcupine who has been bound, through sorcery, to an evil man as his agent for murder and other missions Eventually, the porcupine grows to dislike his occupation now, days after the death of his longtime master, he tells his life story to a baobab tree Including frequent usage of the phrase for porcupine s sake , which was amusing the first couple times It can be fairly categorized as African magical r [...]

    17. Written in the same format as Mabanckou s Verre Cass no punctuation other than commas, missing chapter titles , this is a folkloric tale of Kibandi and his double, a porcupine The narrator of the tale is the porcupine itself, who tells us from the beginning that he has, to his surprise, outlived his master and is sure that he will soon die as well He takes refuge at the base of a baobab and tells his story how he became a nuisible or double, becoming bonded to Kibandi as his master, carrying out [...]

    18. Despite the fact that I am not a huge fan of fables, I really enjoyed this tale This is the stream of consciousness memoir of a porcupine , narrated by himself If that doesn t grab your attention, how about the fact that the porcupine is the harmful double of a Congolese boy man Yep Now you must be just a bit curious, right The prose is witty, dark, thought provoking, and engaging The ultimate question appears to be whether man or beast are beastly Given the dark history of the Congo, the autho [...]

    19. Si l amateur de fantastique que je suis continue lire majoritairement des ma tres anglo saxons du genre, force est de constater une petite tendance la r p tition qui peut lasser M me les auteurs les plus r cents ont du mal se renouveler En puisant dans la tradition africaine, Alain Mabanckou il est originaire de la R publique du Congo apporte avec ces M moires de porc pic une vraie fra cheur la litt rature fantastique J avais manqu ce livre sa sortie en 2006, lorsqu il avait obtenu le prix Renau [...]

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