Maleficium By Martine Desjardins Fred A. Reed David Homel, Maleficium Martine Desjardins delivers to readers of Maleficium the unexpurgated revelations of Vicar Jerome Savoie a heretic priest in nineteenth century Montreal Braving threats from the Catholic Church Savo
  • Title: Maleficium
  • Author: Martine Desjardins Fred A. Reed David Homel
  • ISBN: 9780889226807
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maleficium By Martine Desjardins Fred A. Reed David Homel, Martine Desjardins delivers to readers of Maleficium the unexpurgated revelations of Vicar Jerome Savoie, a heretic priest in nineteenth century Montreal Braving threats from the Catholic Church, Savoie dares to violate the sanctity of the confessional in this confession within a confession, in which seven penitents, each afflicted with a debilitating malady or struck witMartine Desjardins delivers to readers of Maleficium the unexpurgated revelations of Vicar Jerome Savoie, a heretic priest in nineteenth century Montreal Braving threats from the Catholic Church, Savoie dares to violate the sanctity of the confessional in this confession within a confession, in which seven penitents, each afflicted with a debilitating malady or struck with a crippling deformity, relates his encounter with an enigmatic young woman whose lips bear a striking scar.As these men penetrate deep into the exotic Orient, each falls victim to his own secret vice One treks through Ethiopia in search of wingless locusts Another hunts for fly whisks among the clove plantations of Zanzibar Yet others bargain for saffron in a Srinagar bazaar, search for the rarest frankincense, and pursue the coveted hawksbill turtle in the Sea of Oman Two seek the formula for sabon Nablus in Palestine or haggle over Persian carpets in the royal gardens of Shiraz The men s individual forms of punishment, revealed through the agency of the young woman, are wrought upon their bodies.Baroque in its complexity, Kafka like in its inexorable mechanics, Maleficium by turns astonishes, amuses, and beguiles Then author Martine Desjardins s Vicar Savoie as in any confession worth its communion wafer saves the best or worst for last.Maleficium won the Prix Jacques Brossard and was a finalist for the Governor General s Literary Award French Fiction , the Prix des libraires du Qu bec, the Prix des cinq continents de la Francophonie, and the Prix France Qu bec.
    Maleficium By Martine Desjardins Fred A. Reed David Homel,
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      Martine Desjardins Fred A. Reed David Homel

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    1. Martine Desjardins Fred A. Reed David Homel

      Deuxi me d une famille de six enfants, Martine Desjardins a re u le bapt me et la confirmation Mont Royal, o elle vit toujours avec son mari et leur fox terrier Winnie Apr s des tudes de russe, d italien et de litt rature compar e, elle a travaill pour plusieurs magazines Elle tient maintenant la chronique Livres L actualit Salu e par la critique pour son premier roman, Le cercle de Clara, ainsi que pour L lu du hasard, elle a re u le prix Ringuet en 2006 pour L vocation Elle ne fr quente plus l glise et a horreur de voyager.

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    1. Written very much in the dark and twisted tradition of Guy de Maupassant, Maleficium creates a single story comprised of eight short stories, all charged with sexual deviance, repression, greed and pretty much the embodiment of the seven deadly sins, save for murder It is exotic and reveals an extraordinary imagination For lovers of dark erotica, this is your drug Which is to say, I am a lover of none of these things, and hence this review may be coloured by that prejudice That aside, the transl [...]

    2. I cannot fit this book into any category Just know that it is dark, disturbing and different from anything you ve ever read.

    3. D entr e de jeu, je pr cise un fait ce livre s appr cie comme une pi ce d benisterie v ritable, finement cisel e et travaill e avec l attention d un ma tre du bois Bref, je suis convaincu qu il plaira aux inconditionnels d Alto, aux amateurs de litt rature et tous ceux et toutes celles qui vivent pour le plaisir des sens, la d couverte et le multiculturalisme En ce qui me concerne, je n ai aucunement trouv mon compte dans Mal ficium.Il faut dire d abord mon odorat est plut t dysfonctionnel, que [...]

    4. I m SO far from religious that it surprises me that I picked this book up and then moderately enjoyed it I m sure I missed quite a bit of the symbolism, but I had enough Sunday school as a kid to pick up on the bits that Ms Desjardins hits us over the head with The stigmata, the crown of thorns, the not coveting your neighbor s ass Really, one of the characters is heavy into female behinds The first seven chapters introduce us to seven different men, each of whom are confessing sins to a priest [...]

    5. I read this because it was the 2013 winner for Canadian SFF award, The Sunburst Award It s been nominated for a few awards in its original language, French Maleficium is on the lighter side of Fantasy, I d say magic realism.If you like the unreliable narrators narrative, you ll enjoy this Bonus it s short at 160 pages The confessions the eight chapters are dark and disturbing, sprinkled in the end of each with malevolent magic on the lush backdrop of the Orient the last chapter will certainly th [...]

    6. I read this book quickly because I had a deadline to meet My book group is discussing tomorrow evening From the first page, my socks were knocked off As I described to a friend, It s gorgeous and shocking, sometimes horrifying but not scary Also, under 200 pages so not much of a commitment I will re read Mostly, this book felt original At some point, I read the author s bio and learned that the author was female Not sure why, but I had felt the author was male Perhaps all the penitents voices we [...]

    7. This title takes on desire and sensuality, framed as a set of 7 tales told in a confessional The book is framed as the dark revelations of Vicar Jerome Savoie, a 19th Century Montreal priest who has broken the seal of the confessional to record these shocking tales and just by opening this mysterious manuscript itself, the reader risks excommunication.If you like strange, disturbing tales of revenge, abuse, obsession, desire, greed and , and can bear reading with equal measures of revulsion and [...]

    8. Dark Disturbing Provocative This book is a collection of short stories in the form of confessionals, compiled by 19th century Vicar Jerome Savoie in Montreal.I personally did not like this book mainly because of its explicit themes As a sensitive reader I m not fond of repulsive sexual topics even if the tone is as good as it is erotic I can only assume all the characters are straight adult males, and how they try to justify their acts of assaults for the sake of their curiousity and greed makes [...]

    9. this book is a few steps past bizarre and a couple steps before fucked up part exotic travelogue, part woeful maladies, part devilish design, the confessions are conversational and best read over a series of nights the denouement of each of the confessions was a bit trite, if still chilling although the narrators varied, by the fourth confessor the plot got a little too similar perhaps if all the locations weren t exotic, it wouldn t seem so the final confession was interesting and changes the w [...]

    10. Decadence in the truest sensewoman as a demonic alliance of nature and against nature, framed in a clever narrative that turns the apparent misogyny on its head In the meantime, you re drawn into the same carnal labyrinths that ensnare the overcurious male narrators, made up of imagery that combines old fashioned exoticism with the than a little disgusting saffron scented effluvia, tails and scales on beautiful women, humanoid parasites, oils of horrifying origin If you enjoy Jan Potocki or Bau [...]

    11. Assez inusit comme livre Il s agit de huit confessions fictives o chacun raconte son r cit blasph matoire impliquant la tentation, le p ch et la punition Le texte est court, se lit la fa on d un conte et est hyper riche en couleurs Mme Desjardins nous fait voir, sentir, gouter, entendre et toucher plusieurs l ments Elle utilise une langue convolut e et recherch e Je peux comprendre que cela plaise beaucoup de lecteurs, mais toutes ces couleurs et tous ces mots extravagants ne m ont pas impressio [...]

    12. Book Title Maleficium Author Martine DesjardinsPublished By TalonbooksAge Recommended 18 Reviewed By Kitty BullardRaven Rating 4Review I never knew that a woman with a birth defect could scare me so much, but this story takes you int the confessional with several men, each one afflicted permanently in some way by a mysterious hair lipped woman The confessions are haunting, the story well written and the warning in the form of a moral supremely executed I definitely recommend

    13. These interwoven short stories, all linked by the presence of a mysterious hare lipped woman, explore themes of excess and obsession in genuinely unsettling ways They are written as confessionals, but mirror Victorian adventure tales with weird erotic elements set in the exotic middle east It perhaps goes without saying that you can t trust the narrators worth a dime Very original, very bizarre, and possibly not for every reader 3.5 stars.

    14. An overall interesting story told in a refreshing way Some of the story seemed well crafted and clear and parts seemed trite and the language not so strong, although as a translation, I can t be sure how much of that is the original or the translation itself I did enjoy it, although the ended left me disappointed in its wrapping it all up the way it did It lacked the skill and style that I had expected from it after its previous chapters.

    15. Lush, titillating, disturbing and amusing, Maleficium is instantly recommendable and hugely enjoyable The stories are chilling, ironic and sacrilegious, each as darkly funny and horrifying as the last Several stand above the others particularly the tale of the Persian rug lover but none are wanting for anything.An excellent book, and an immediate pleasure.

    16. Pour quelqu un qui ne fr quente pas le genre du fantastique, qui s int resse d ordinaire au roman plus r aliste, c est peut tre une belle fa on de flirter avec le sans plus Une jolie plume, conventionnelle mais efficace, par laquelle on peut se laisser porter, mais a ne rach te pas le d j vu, le sujet trop souvent abord du mal fice , et l angle convenu.

    17. I think they re must be a lesson in the book about what we lust for It s very sinister in it s portrayal of the confessional And although the tales can not be taken literally I m sure the lesson is we need to be careful what we wish for.

    18. This brief horror story or nightmare was originally in French, and I read the translation The language is exquisite, but I found the subject matter less than engaging.

    19. I have never read anything quite like this book The author is a descriptive genius The stories are dark yet they haunt you with their beauty.

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